FantasySavvy Football: Week 2 Film Review (Part 2)

Seahawks @ Chargers

  • Great Job by the Chargers coaching staff. They used a lot of rubs and man beaters to diminish the Seahawks aggressive Man Defense. Perfectly executed.
  • Big Reason was Antonio Gates. I saw him run a Corner Curl route which got him wide open and another Corner Streak which he caught the one-handed TD for. Both instances he lost the CB. He abused Kim Chancellor twice.  Have to wonder if Gates can stay healthy, but right now he looks perfectly fine.
  • Keenan Allen absolutely turned around Richard Sherman on a slant route, with a little juke fake to the right and then broke off the slant. He runs that route well. Again, good game plan to beat the Seahawks Man D.
  • Robert Turbin got some early burn and turned  it into a TD, but he was unguarded on it. It was unusual to not see Lynch early and often however. Looks like they may want to rest Lynch for later in the season. Turbin is a good idea to keep rostered if you own Lynch.
  • Donnie Brown and Danny Woodhead will split the carries now that Ryan Mathews is banged up yet again. Both should be decent flexes week 2 week.
  • Doug Baldwin had two acrobatic catches, one was called out-of-bounds at the Chargers 1 yard line. Baldwin is talented, but Wilson spreads the ball around so much. Harvin is really the only reliable target as of now, but I do expect Baldwin to have some huge performances this year. Keep an eye on him, he’s definitely out there in a lot of leagues.

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay

  • Zac Stacy ran OK (19-71-1TD). Performed better in the first half, in the 2nd seemed like the Bucs realized Austin Davis stunk and crowded the box more. Cunningham got some burn (6-15), but Stacy is still the feature back. Expect the Rams to keep feeding him, his first 100 yard game is in the horizon.
  • Still not really impressed with Brian Quick (7-74). I will compare him to Jared Cook at WR. Kind of like a poor mans Andre Johnson. But it appears he is the Rams #1 Option, decent start for PPR leagues. Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin were still pretty invisible. The Rams are never going to be explosive with Austin Davis at the helm.
  • Bobby Rainey is a quality RB. The Bucs target him a ton and he can shake defenders and break tackles. Even in tonight’s game against the Falcons, he showed his talents and got a ton of looks. That will change when Doug Martin comes back, but Martin’s injury could continue to linger. Also Rainey will remain in the mix regardless, he has outperformed Martin.
  • Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson will suffer with Josh Mcnown and Mike Glennon under center. Evans getting a lot of looks, but still has not reached pay dirt.

Houston @ Oakland

  • Arian Foster looks fully healthy and is running extremely well.  Try to trade for him. His owners may not be too keen on him, because Foster has lost his luster and has been injury prone of late.
  • DeAndre Hopkins is like Larry Fitzgerald Lite. Doesn’t create a lot of separation but catches balls in close quarters. Caught a Fade for TD in this game, but only finished with 22 yards on 3 catches. Ryan Fitzpatrick is his QB and Arian Foster is getting 20+ carries a game. Don’t expect much.
  • Darren Mcfadden had 12 carries for 37 yards and TD and looked decent with some runs. MJD will be back soon however and neither back is too exciting with the Raiders owning a horrid defense and having a rookie QB. Plus both backs are past their prime. LaTavius Murray was picked up in a lot of leagues this week, I don’t see why.
  • Derek Carr is just growing, just will take time, let’s see how he matures. James Jones went over 100 yards with a TD after doing niente (nothing in Italian) in Week 1. Not sure how much I trust Jones or any Raider for that matter.

New York Jets @ Green Bay

  • Davante Adams looked fine to me. Bigger target than Boykin and likely more talented. 5 catches for 50 yards, was 2nd in yards and catches behind Jordy this week. A worthy pickup, because Rodgers has shown he can make the #3 WR relevant and if Cobb or Jordy goes down he is now a huge piece. Stash him, he should take the #3 spot from Boykin.
  • Eddie Lacy two slow games, but faced two tough run D’s in Seattle and the Jets. Like Kevin Lewis will point out in his Buy Low, Sell High article which will be released tomorrow, now is a good time to make an offer.
  • As a Jets fan, I’m still not a believer in Gino Smith. He does look better than last year and actually has a good WR in Decker, but I am just not expecting much. I hope he proves me wrong. Decker is an every week starter.
  • Chris Johnson is done man, Chris Ivory is the better running back. Johnson just goes down like a fly. I’m sure he will be decent at times, but CJ2k probably will be CJ700 at the end of this year.

Kansas City @ Denver

  • Not much to say about Denver, other than, it looks like C.J Anderson is the proper handcuff for Montee Ball. Start your Broncos.
  • Knile Davis isn’t an overly talented runner, but he hits the hole and runs hard. He averaged just under 4 YPC (22-79) but had two TD’s. He’s a must pickup if you are a Charles owner, and a solid pickup regardless. He will get a ton of carries with Charles out, but Charles may return this week. I just hope the Chiefs don’t rush Charles back too soon only to have him at 75% or re-injure himself.
  • Travis Kelce (4-81) is improving, expect him to remain steady all year and have some nice performances. Nice big target with decent speed and good hands. Much rather own him than Kyle Rudolph, who went higher in almost every fantasy draft.

Chicago @ San Fran

  • Colin Kaepernick cost the 49ers this game with 4 To’s (3 Int’s and a fumble) but he did put a pass right on the money to Crabtree that would have given them a chance to tie.
  • That was a tough catch for Crabtree but he could have come down with it. It does appear (7-82-1TD) he’s back to being the #1 target in SF. Worrisome for Anquan Boldin owners, because the 49ers don’t throw it a ton, but that could change.
  • Carlos Hyde had a terrible week 2 (0 carries 4 yards) after a good week 1. Him and Jeremy Hill swapped places. Hyde will be fine when the 49ers are in control of games, which they should be more often than not.
  • Frank Gore continues to get it done. Keep him going.
  • Not much to say about the Bears other than start them all. We know these guys. Forte had a real stinker (12-21, 5-15) but obviously this is an outlier.

Philly @ Indy

  • Darren Sproles saves the day again. Chip Kelly is just a very smart coach and knows how to utilize talent. Sproles is looking like a very solid every week flex, especially in PPR.
  • Zach Ertz (4-81) is impressive after two weeks. Let’s see if he can remain consistent in a crowded offense.
  • Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews seem like the odd men out so far. Jeremy Maclin is the #1 guy and should remain so, he looks fully healthy.
  • Trent Richardson finally looked good running the ball, but he coughed up two fumbles which won’t help his cause. I still would rather own Ahmad Bradshaw he is more talented to me, but chances are Bradshaw will be out of the lineup with an injury at some point, it happens every year.
  • T.Y Hilton has had a very slow start, he was kind of boom or bust last year as well, that’s the issue with him.
  • I was a believer in Hakeem Nicks (1 -4) a bit coming into the year, now I have my doubts.
  • Dwayne Allen is still blah no catches in this game. Wayne and Hilton are the only options to be trusted in this passing game as of now, Hicks could emerge, will see. Dante Moncrief is somebody to watch.

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