Growing up, sports was a huge part of my life.  I grew up with two older brothers who loved sports so it was no surprise when my brother, Ken, asked me to do my first fantasy league at the age of 14. A freshmen in high school, I was instantly hooked and can still remember my first draft. I selected the likes of John Elway, Terry Allen and Michael Jackson. I didn’t do to well that first year but as I became more interested and experienced I improved.  That same league still exists today and we are entering our 20th season.  I have since entered other leagues through the years and now currently am participating in ten to twelve leagues a year.

My goal is to provide great value and to help you WIN in your fantasy leagues. I have the experience and the “Savvy” to give you key insights and lead you in the right path. I have learned a lot in my 20 years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge while helping people succeed in Fantasy Football.  I may not have as much content as other sites but I will provide plenty of quality. I will be updating this site weekly with new articles and updates.

My approach isn’t heavily statistical.  Statistics are very important; however, I feel some people rely on them too much and sometimes that can get them into trouble. To me there is no substitute for the eye test and just watching players and knowing what to look for. Also of course a lot depends on a players particular situation. I have watched as much football as I could and over the years I have learned what to pick up on. My site will be different from other sites. I will give my thoughts while throwing in some key statistics here and there that I think are important. I have a different approach than most and it has worked for me for years.

I would like to thank you for visiting and I hope that you will find this site valuable and continue to come back and refer your friends. Feel free to leave comments and if you have any questions or would like to contribute please email me at SteveDeAngelo@gmail.com. Enjoy the upcoming fantasy season and much success. Follow me on twitter @FantasySavvy and follow my season long record among other important news and notes.

All the best this Fantasy Season

-Steve DeAngelo


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