FantasySavvy is back for 2012!

Hello Everyone, hope everybody is enjoying their summer, BBQ’s, Wiffleball, Beach, Pool, all that. But last night we got a glimpse of Football and I’m sure it got a lot of you pretty amped up. It definitely got me pretty excited. Julio Jones, Evan Royster, Doug Martin, tonight Tim Tebow goes off, which will cause a ton of hate/love and media hysteria. Tons of hype and news going on right now, including the big Dwight Howard trade.

But thanks for following the site over the past 2 seasons as we head into our third year. We are ready to rock and will start releasing a couple articles a week as well as bringing back our radio show once or twice a week. The Tab at the top of the page has the connecting link, our first show will be next week. so stay tuned for that. Make sure to follow us on Twitter as well @FantasySavvy.

Starting next week you can expect QB, RB, WR, TE Tiers, RB Breakdowns, Rookie Breakdowns, and other very valuable info. Check out my auction guide that I put up last year if you haven’t already, if you are still new to the auction/keeper game.

For now check out my RB Breakdowns that I have putting on once a week. You can find them here. I will be with throughout the season and will be putting my posts on here for you guys to follow. Also get on that site as well, Paul Greco and the rest of the guys do an excellent job providing  great info.

That’s it for now, if you guys have any questions or ideas for me, or if you want to possibly write for the blog send me an Email

-Steve D.

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