FantasySavvy 2013: Tim Tebow Should Be Signed

Blaine Gabbert, David Carr, Christian Ponder, Kyle Orton, Kellen Clemens, John Skelton, Jamarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, Thad Lewis.

These are just some of the names that GM’s and Coaches are continuing to give chances and looks, yet Tim Tebow can not get a shot?

Especially Gabbert, Ponder, Skelton, Clemens, Freeman, Palmer. These guys are certified Same Ol’ Same Ol’ bums at this point. Can anybody seriously with a straight face say that Gabbert and Kellen Clemens are better than Tebow? LOL

There is no reason why he shouldn’t be signed over these guys.

So what is it? Any reasonable person has to admit he can elevate a teams play much more than these guys; he has already shown it in Denver when he got the chance.

Are teams just not wanting to deal with the so-called distraction? Are they afraid it will cause too much media attention in their small market background? Take away from the other stars on the team and create jealousy? Are they afraid that because he’s a devout Christian it will make people on the team uneasy?

Are they afraid to back Tebow and support  him since basically every single “expert” in the world has written him off and goes out of their way to keep his name out their mouth. If they do bring him up, it’s always in a negative manner. Are they afraid to be associated with Skip Bayless?

What is going on here? We have a guy who has proven to elevate his team’s play, improve the performance of his team, improve morale and win games, yet he continues to be ignored. Meanwhile proven losers, proven guys who have shown to make their team worse, in David Carr, John Skelton, Kellen Clemens, Blaine Gabbert etc, still get chances.

Why would you give these guys a chance? These guys have done absolutely nothing to improve their team’s performance, they have zero upside and are just stagnant players. Are these GM’s lost?

This is truly perplexing to me and ridiculous. Tebow only succeeded as a QB in Denver, he never got another chance to start after he was replaced by the best QB in the NFL. Until Tebow proves that he can’t win anymore or elevate a team’s play he deserves a chance to start or at least be a backup that has a chance to start. Not be a backup like he was with the Jets  and then be held hostage. Tebow may never be anything more than he was in Denver, but he deserves another chance.

There is something going on here, it’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s a mixture of cowardice, fear of going against public opinion, and complete lack of sense and direction. It’s really shows that a lot of these GM’s and some coaches either have no clue what they are doing or like a lot of our politicians and many in society are just going along to get along.

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