FantasySavvy 2017: Super Bowl 51 Analysis & Prediction

Super Bowl Sunday, an American staple and unofficial National Holiday. It will be official once they make Monday a day off. Everybody is mostly shot out anyway after drinking tons of beer, wine, vodka, coke, Dr. Pepper or whatever. Then add in all the wings, chips, dips, etc. and most people feel like their name is Gorky Tuckens come Monday Morning. Might as well just give everybody the day off. But the Super Bowl is something everybody and their Mother will watch. Well while you are stuffing your face and talking to some guy who you never met before you may miss a big play or two. Or if you’re talking to your Friends Wife’s sisters friend, nevermind just try to have some good laughs with your buddies or close family and watch as much as you can! Also some guy named Tucker Beencorse will leave during halftime because he has a long ride home, has an early flight somewhere or an early meeting. Or another guy will start telling a story about how he grew up in Delaware and be loud as hell about it. Some other young chic might be too drunk and loud. Kids will be running around screaming. Point is the Super Bowl is usually a game you can’t fully focus on because of so many different people being around. For me it’s a time to meet up with my friends I haven’t seen in a while and have a good time, but I def miss a lot of things and can’t fully focus in like I usually do. End of the day it is what it is, enjoy the game and make sure to fully tune in when it matters! Enjoy the orange pasted guacomole roasted pepper bean dip that your Friends wife made from some random internet recipe.  On to the game at hand……………….


I liked Matt Ryan early in his career, but over the last few seasons it looked like he was starting to regress. He would start out hot but flop in the 2nd half the season and in the Playoffs. This year you could notice there was something different when you watched Ryan. His arm looked stronger, he looked much more decisive and was making deep, accurate throws with consistency. Ryan must have taken an off-season approach to really improve his body, arm and mind. Also Kyle Shanahan helped tremendously with his play calling and offensive design. Ryan looks like he has mastered this offense and it has shown all season.

Julio Jones, not much to say other than the play vs the Packers last week where he stiff armed and out ran the defense on his way to a TD shows how gifted and talented he is. The trade the Falcons made for him by giving up all those draft picks was for made for this reason, to win them a Super Bowl. I remember agreeing with the trade at the time, because how many times can you get a sure-fire player like that in the draft. Jones was an animal in College and his game has translated perfectly. We will see if that trade fully pays off today. It will be very interesting to see how the Pats go about covering him.

The Falcons running game is obviously another huge concern for Pats. Freeman and Coleman are both young, fresh, dynamic and extremely talented RB’s. Both are effective out of the backfield and Shanahan uses them in the passing game wisely. Many times throughout the season he had these guys lined up against guys who had no business covering them. Freeman has the ability to make guys miss and is one of the more agile backs in the league. Coleman is more of a one cut straight away runner but he hits holes hard and has good speed.

The Falcons main role players Sanu, Gabriel and Austin Hooper also are solid players. Sanu may have a big game if the Pats really go all out on stopping Julio. Hooper I think has a future in this league and he could have a nice game today, the Pats aren’t great at defending Tight Ends. Gabriel hasn’t done much in recent weeks with a fully healthy Julio, but is still a threat because of his explosive speed.

The Falcons Defense isn’t great statistically but is young, talented and I trust Dan Quinn will have his guys fully prepared. Vic Beasley led the NFL in sacks and obviously creating pressure on Brady will be a huge factor. Normally when you see Brady struggle it’s early and often and that happens consistently throughout the game. Brady just looks uncomfortable all game. I have seen it many times,  the Jets historically have always done a good job at disrupting Brady every now and then. We’ve seen the Giants do it to him twice in the Super Bowl. This is usually when Brady and the Pats lose, when defense create consistent pressure on him. However, I don’t think this will be the case in this game, but the Alanta defense may be able to make a big play or two to swing this game in their favor. Sometimes it just takes one big play.


Tom Brady wins this game and the talks begin for the next two weeks about him being the best of all-time. It is amazing what he has done throughout his career. Brady has perfected a few things. Accuracy, pocket presence and mastery of this offense. Ryan has mastered his offense this year, but Brady has mastered his offense long ago because he has been in the same system forever. That is why you get all these new guys in the offense over the years and Brady just keeps rolling along with success. The Pats also do a great job of just keeping that continuity within the team, bringing in the same type of players to just plug-in. It’s like a Plug n Play offense. Brady knows his offense like the back of the house he grew up in. This can not be overlooked, this is truly one of the main reasons why Brady is so great. It’s like a book he has read 200 times.

The popular narrative in this game seems to be that LeGarrette Blount having a big role in this game. It makes a ton of sense, since the Falcons haven’t been great at defending the run this year and it will also help keep the Falcons offense off the field. Also Dion Lewis fumbled twice in their Divisional Round matchup vs Houston leading to decreased snaps in the AFC Championship game vs the Steelers. Maybe Bill doesn’t fully trust Dion in this game? No doubt Dion will be used, but maybe Bill is a little more reluctant to rely on Dion. Maybe we see more James White. Either way, the Pats backs will be used in the offense, as they have done historically. Will we see a lot of Blount? The logic says yes. Certainly Dion Lewis is a very talented back and he should be utilized often in this game. But you just never know what the Pats may do.

Julian Edelman is a staple in this offense and he will likely lead the Pats in receiving in this game. The Falcons play mostly man defense and the Pats will be ready for that with a lot of man beaters running rubs, pick plays and using Edelman in motion to free him up. Chris Hogan has emerged recently as a Brady favorite, exploding in the AFC Championship game. He is a good player and should have a nice game as well. I like Malcolm Mitchell as a player and he was coming on towards the end of the season but now with Hogan back healthy and also Danny Amendola he has been phased out again. I think they should utilize him more in this game. Amendola who knows what he will do. Bennett is playing hurt and hasn’t been that effective of late, but maybe he just goes all out in this game. Regardless Brady has a lot of weapons at his disposal and all of these guys seem to be on the same page with Tom.

The Pats Defense has allowed the fewest points in the league, but if  you look at their schedule, they have faced some awful offenses and QB’s. Brock Osweiler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Charlie Whitehurst, Landry Jones, etc. The best two QB’s they faced in the Regular season were Andy Dalton and Russell Wilson and both guys had good success with QB ratings over 100. Yes they did a good job on Ben last week, but Ben was horrible on the road all season, just not the same player he was at home. I don’t think this defense will do much to disrupt the Falcons offense.


I think this is going to be another great Super Bowl coming down to the very end. The Pats have been in some very good Super Bowls and I think it continues today. I also think this game is going to be very high scoring. This is the highest total ever in a Super Bowl at 58 points and I think the score exceeds that. I believe this could be the highest scoring SB ever. The highest ever to date was Super Bowl 29 when the 49ers and Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters, destroyed the San Diego Chargers led by Stan Humphries, Junior Seau and Natrone Means Business. The 49ers won 49-26 for a total of 75 points. I really think this game could exceed that. The reason I believe this is because the mastery of the offenses by both of these QB’s, combined with a lack of a truly elite defense on either side. Both of these offenses are models of consistency and it may come down to whoever has the ball last.

I believe the Pats will be to get mostly anything they want on offense whether it’s LeGarrette Blount or a whole lot of Julian Edelman/Chris Hogan. I also believe the Falcons will be able get what they want with Matt Ryan having an excellent game and the RB’s producing a good amount of combined yards in the running and passing game. This game is going to be a high-powered offensive shootout led by two excellent QB’s.

As I am writing this, I still don’t have a good feel for who will win this game. My logic tells me the Patriots, but my heart tells me the Falcons, although there is some logic thrown in there as well. The majority are picking the Patriots and rightly so. Part of me wants to say Brady and Belichick have one more in them or maybe even two more. They would really be the greatest ever breaking all records. Records are made to be broken. Another part of me says the Falcons and owner Arthur Blank will get a championship that has been a long time coming for their organization and city. The Braves in 1995 were the last time this city won anything. I could see such a quality coach in Dan Quinn hoisting the Lombardi trophy, with Julio Jones or Matt Ryan being the MVP. But Tom Brady may want this Super Bowl more than any other, since his Mom has not been to one of his games all year as she has been sick with some kind of ailment. She will be there today to watch her son. I could see Tom dedicating this win to his mom at the end of the game.

How will Alex Mack’s broken fibula effect the Falcons offense and running game? Will the Patriots be able to control the game and keep the Falcons offense off the field with LeGarrette Blount? Will Julio be contained? Will it matter? So many questions. But I have decided.

I am picking the Atlanta Falcons to win this game. Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, are just too dynamic for me to pick against. Yes the Pats have Brady and Belichick, but I think the Falcons are the better team. I see Vic Beasley making one huge play in this game that will swing the game. But even with that big play, this game will not be won by defense it will be won by offense. I think the Falcons offense is a well oiled machine even more so than the Pats. This game will be high scoring and exciting. Their will be a lot of lead changes. So let’s go with this, Falcons 41, Patriots 38.

Enjoy the games be safe and have a blessed Sunday. Please follow me on twitter @FantasySavvy. Next season we will have our podcast every week along with our weekly film review, NFL Picks and daily and seasonal league info. In the meantime it’s College Hoops with some NBA here and there. March Madness is almost here!




2015 NFL Postseason: King Of Harpoons Update

Welcome to the King of Harpoons. You think your good? You think your powerful? Are you Obama? Are you Putin? Are you Stanley BentRod? You are now in the Fog, you must find a way out, you must Ride Through Fogs. You will not be helped, there will be no pity, you have packed your tools and now you are going through the forest in your vehicle of choice. Will you come out victorious? Or will you come out a piece of beat up lettuce? Time will tell and Champions will be crowned while the losers will be thrown off a Cliff, only to be mauled by a 600-pound Grizzly Beaver.

Hi everyone, I’m Dingles Batshit. Before you mock my name, know that my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was the King of Scotland for 49 years. Well in the play that they had on Thanksgiving Eve in the year 1478. My name means simply Great Batshit. My Grandfather was a crazy man who helped his people escape persecution from the Ethiopian Invaders.

Thanks Gramps, but enough of my story, Good Ol Dingles will be breaking down the Player Pool we have here in the King of Harpoons and the describe the current standing of all teams. My good Friend and legendary Gary Plonderson, who is traveling through the Bean Forest for the next 9 weeks has left with me with this Glorious duty, so let’s get to it.

Gary Portman holds the #1 spot after the WC round with 96.8 point but just four players remain. He was most notably hit by the heavy investment of the Cincinnati Bengals where he lost four players including A.J Green, Marvin Jones, Mike Nugent and Tyler Eifert. As we all saw, Cincinnati lost in devastating fashion after a fumble and two person foul penalties basically sealed a Pittsburgh win. The Bengals have been a hard luck franchise for some time and it continued this year. Gary is going to need the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to somehow make the Super Bowl with Gronkowski going completely off to have any chance of finishing in the money. But it appears the Cincy Investment will doom him, much like my investment into Canadian BeanSprouts which caused my Wife to leave me for a Jewish Pencil Sharpener Salesmen.

Projected Points Divisional Round: 62

Joe Portman, Gary’s Big Bro, is just 2 points behind with 94.2 points but with 7 players left. The Chiefs D was the star of the WC round for him scoring 33 points. Jordan Reed also turned in 28 points and it would have been huge if he advanced but the Skins much like the Bengals haven’t Won anything significant in a very long time. Joe will need a Peyton Manning SB ticket along with solid performances from Larry Fitzgerald to have a legit shot at taking this title. With the rest of the team comprising of Luke Goldilocks Wilson, Fitzgerald Touissant, Markus Wheaton and Danny Amendola, he will need Peyton and Larry Fitz to be the strongholds.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 76

Matt Stone a former Champion of this tournament sits in 3rd place with 78.55 points and 9 players, tied for 2nd most. Stone is heavily invested in the Steelers with Big Ben, Martavis Bryant and Chris Boswell. He will need a banged up Big Ben to go into Denver and take down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The team also comprises of Seattle D, Christine Michael, Greg Olsen, Charcandrick West and Andre Ellington. Ellington will take a backseat to David Johnson, but thoughts around these parts are that he may have a nice impact in these playoffs. Olsen in the SB will also produce a ton of points for Stone, so if he can get that Steelers victory this week he will be in fairly good shape.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 87

The Eldest of the Portman Bros, Robert Portman, finished in 4th place after the WC round with 74.5 points and 7 players left. Emotions may have got the best of him as he went with his Favorite Team’s Emotional QB Kirk “You Like That” Cousins, while also selecting Pierre Garcon. The Skins looked to be in control after an early safety, but despite Aaron Rodgers struggles this year, the Skins D was just not good enough to contain him and the Pack. Bob def didn’t like that shit. But the worst part had to be seeing his kicker Blair Walsh miss a chip shot FG which was a pure choke job. After you watch that, you figure you are pretty much stuck in a wheelbarrow full of Wet Geese Crap.  Bob will need Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders, Spencer Ware and the Panthers D to put up big points the rest of the way. However, it’s not likely and the first round gamble of sticking with his Skins will probably prove to be his downfall.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 56

Frank “it’s not a tumaa” Thoma holds the 5th spot with 73 points and 8 players left. Frank lost Teddy poufy hands Bridgewater and Stefon Diggs in devastating fashion and it would have been a nice bonus to have had them advance to the next round. Antonio Brown is the lifeline of this team. And despite reports of him not looking good for this weekend, Ol Dingles has learned that from his local sources that Brown will indeed play and play well in a matchup vs the Denver Broncos and their talented secondary. Thoma will also be looking for a Packers upset of the Cards as he looks to maintain James Jones and the Packers D. Frank also will need good performances from James White and Steven Jackson as they lead the NE backfield. If Antonio Brown can advance Frank will have a legit shot, but he will live and die with Brown, much like I lived and died with my Running Fade away, Left Handed, 27 foot, Three Point Hook Shot in High school. Here is a highlight of my students successfully attempting my hookshot in Thailand in 2012.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 68

Steve D the champion from 2 years ago, is currently in 6th place 38 points back of the leader with 58.2 points and 8 players left. Steve got a big advancement with Alex Smith and two Packers Davante Adams and James Starks pressing into the next round. Tyler Lockett moved on as well but was disappointing with just 4.5 points. This team is Broncos heavy with Demaryius Thomas, Broncos D, and Brandon McManus. The other key piece to this team is David Johnson. With a Broncos win and Cardinals win, Steve will be in a nice position with some solid point producing players going into the Championship round. Even if the Packers win he will be looking fairly good. A win by the Chiefs will obviously put Steve in prime position, but this team is basically reliant on Denver making a run to the SB. Steve is the commish and a good friend of Plonderson, so from my Family to his, Happy Freaking New Year Pal, hope to see you at the Eagle Conference in Idaho next Winter.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 105

Petey C 2nd place finisher last year is currently in the 7th slot with 57.5 points and 5 players left. DeAndre Hopkins was the biggest loss of the 1st round. Travis Kelce had a nice 1st round 22-point performance and he will most certainly need a KC upset of New England to have any chance of winning this. Cam Newton will also need to make the SB as the rest of his team is pretty weak. He had both the Texans D and Texans kicker so those were big losses in the 1st round. He will also need Eddie Lacy to lay off the FlapJacks and Chitlins in preparation for Sundays Game.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 62

Robby D aka Hack is in 8th place with 53.3 points and 9 players left. Brian Hoyer was completely devastating as he was a turnover machine, finishing with -.8 points. DeAngelo Williams not playing in the 1st round was also costly and reports are he may miss the matchup vs the Broncos. Rob is going to need a Seattle, New England ride to the SB with his Doug Baldwin and Julian Edelman WR combo to have any shot of finishing in the money. Problem is, there isn’t much firepower coming from the rest of his squad. Most likely during the draft Rob was hitting the electronic pipe researching the last 10 and watching highlights of Spurs C Boban Marjanovic as he looks to maintain his Excellence in Fantasy NBA.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 80

Kenny D sits in 9th place with 45.4 points and 9 players left and has a decent roster remaining. Russell Wilson’s 12-point performance was surprising but at least he advanced with the Blair Walsh miss. Ken maintains Wilson, Michael Floyd C.J Anderson, and K Catanzaro as his top weapons. Ken will need a Seattle Run to the SB along CJ turning into the old CJ and Denver getting back to the title game. In the meantime, maybe he can get some more contributions from Jordan Todman, Albert Wilson and Heath Miller as most likely none of them will advance past the divisional round. Stranger things have happened however, like when I lost my cooking apron and then found it hanging in my neighbors closet 41 years later. Pretty strange if you ask me.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 85


Michael Esposito “Espo” sits in 10th place with 40.7 points and just 6 players left. Heavily invested into the Bengals much like Gary Portman, Espo lost 3 Bengals in horrid fashion by losing A.J. McCarron, Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard. Word is, his neighbor, Chuck Tekels, who lives 6 houses down heard him screaming at his TV relentlessly, shouting multiple obscenities throughout the Bengalis game. Also a old lady was hit with a Chocolate Chip Cookie and fell onto his lawn while walking her dog in the neighborhood. No cops were called or charges pressed, however. To make matters worse, Marshawn Lynch, his #1 pick, was ruled out for the game against the Vikings. Whelp, that pretty much seals it for Espo, but I’m sure he will use this as heavy motivation for the NCAA Players Pool upcoming in March. Hope to see you at Miami Mike’s!!!

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 68

11th place goes to the brand new Pops Dennis Severino. Receiving one of the lowest draft grades by my colleague Gary Plonderson, Severino escaped the WC round with just 35 points while keeping 7 players. The Cordarrelle “I’ve smoked more weed then all you did in your lifetimes combined” Patterson selection proved to be terrible as he was solely relying on his kick return prowess. However, Patterson went nowhere, much like Severino’s team appears to be going. That is however unless pretty boy Tom Brady can lead the New England Patriots to the promise land once again. He will then pair Brady up with K Steven Gostkowski on that journey. He will also need good performances from Ronnie Hillman and Randall Cobb, along with Cameron Artis-Payne doing something whether Jonathan Stewart plays or not. It doesn’t look good for Severino but this may have been foretold from the start as he emailed Commish Steve DeAngelo back saying “I’m Shot, but I’m in” when responding to his participation in this year’s tournament. New found fatherhood can do that to a man.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 74

Last year’s Champ Evan Swalling sits in last place with just 23.3 points, but does boast having the most remaining players with 10 left. Evan, who was doubted by many even after winning last year’s title had the #1 pick and selected Carson Palmer who he will need to make a run to the SB. He also has the Cards D, so this is vital for his team. He will need Jonathan Stewart to return healthy this week against the Seahawks and then advance to play the Cards in the NFC Title game. Losing Adrian Peterson, his 2nd pick was tough, especially when only finished with 6.3 points. The rest of the team is completely suspect other than the great Brazilian sensation Cairo “Barry” Santos. If KC can make a miracle run to the SB, coupled with Carson, Zona D and some good performances from Jonathan Stewart, Evan may have a shot at the money. It just doesn’t seem likely this year.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 79

That’s it, we hope to have an update after the Divisional round, as we will have a much clearer picture of who will be truly contending for the title. We will discuss the contenders and briefly discuss the losers. In the meantime, have a great week and enjoy the games this weekend.

FantasySavvy 2013: Tim Tebow Should Be Signed

Blaine Gabbert, David Carr, Christian Ponder, Kyle Orton, Kellen Clemens, John Skelton, Jamarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, Thad Lewis.

These are just some of the names that GM’s and Coaches are continuing to give chances and looks, yet Tim Tebow can not get a shot?

Especially Gabbert, Ponder, Skelton, Clemens, Freeman, Palmer. These guys are certified Same Ol’ Same Ol’ bums at this point. Can anybody seriously with a straight face say that Gabbert and Kellen Clemens are better than Tebow? LOL

There is no reason why he shouldn’t be signed over these guys.

So what is it? Any reasonable person has to admit he can elevate a teams play much more than these guys; he has already shown it in Denver when he got the chance.

Are teams just not wanting to deal with the so-called distraction? Are they afraid it will cause too much media attention in their small market background? Take away from the other stars on the team and create jealousy? Are they afraid that because he’s a devout Christian it will make people on the team uneasy?

Are they afraid to back Tebow and support  him since basically every single “expert” in the world has written him off and goes out of their way to keep his name out their mouth. If they do bring him up, it’s always in a negative manner. Are they afraid to be associated with Skip Bayless?

What is going on here? We have a guy who has proven to elevate his team’s play, improve the performance of his team, improve morale and win games, yet he continues to be ignored. Meanwhile proven losers, proven guys who have shown to make their team worse, in David Carr, John Skelton, Kellen Clemens, Blaine Gabbert etc, still get chances.

Why would you give these guys a chance? These guys have done absolutely nothing to improve their team’s performance, they have zero upside and are just stagnant players. Are these GM’s lost?

This is truly perplexing to me and ridiculous. Tebow only succeeded as a QB in Denver, he never got another chance to start after he was replaced by the best QB in the NFL. Until Tebow proves that he can’t win anymore or elevate a team’s play he deserves a chance to start or at least be a backup that has a chance to start. Not be a backup like he was with the Jets  and then be held hostage. Tebow may never be anything more than he was in Denver, but he deserves another chance.

There is something going on here, it’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s a mixture of cowardice, fear of going against public opinion, and complete lack of sense and direction. It’s really shows that a lot of these GM’s and some coaches either have no clue what they are doing or like a lot of our politicians and many in society are just going along to get along.

FantasySavvy 2012: Thoughts on the Jets and Tebow

Prior to 1997 my allegiance didn’t belong to any team, although I did root for the Giants when I was 8 years old in 1990 when they won the Super Bowl, but quickly gave up on them when Parcells left and Ray Hanley came around. I blame Ray Hanley for all my misery, if it wasn’t for him, I probably still would be a Giant fan. I did dabble in rooting for the Cowboys for a few years, since both my big Bro’s were diehard Cowboy fans, but they never fully had my endorsement.

Then in 1997, with Bill Parcells heading the Jets and Vinny Testaverde, Curtis Martin, Keyshawn Johnson all in NY, I took a seriously liking to the Jets. After 97, I decided this was my team. 98 was a great season, and we had great hopes for the 99 season until Vinny Testerverde went down and was out for the year. Parcells left, and Herm Edwards came in and I liked Herm from the day he came in until the day he left. He was a good coach in my opinion who won a division title and brought us to the playoffs multiple times. I never did like Eric Mangini, but he did build up our offensive line and brought in Darelle Revis, so maybe he was onto something and we should have kept him. He probably deserves a lot of credit for Rex’s early success. But after 4-12 and 9-7 seasons without seeing the playoffs I was happy to see him go. Then along came Rex Ryan, who I thought was a terrific hire and with him came Mark Sanchez who I thought would be a good QB for this organization. The first two seasons were absolutely incredible with the Jets reaching the AFC Championship game in back to back seasons and we even beat the Patriots in the playoffs. It was a pretty good feeling to be a Jets fan, our defense was pretty dominate, our run game was strong and we had what appeared to be a very good coach, a young emerging QB and a bright future ahead of us. I was proud to be a Jets fan, and despite them not winning a Super Bowl, I was still experiencing a lot of success. That would soon change.

Last season was not the season I expected, Sanchez regressed, the defense got worse and our running game dwindled as well. We finished at 8-8 and my confidence in this team and in Mark Sanchez was shaken. In the offseason we brought in Tim Tebow and I thought it was a great move on a few levels. First, it would show Sanchez that he had some competition, hold him accountable and possibly raise his level of play. If Sanchez couldn’t handle the pressure and couldn’t respond to the challenge then it would show that he doesn’t belong in a NY Jet uniform. We would then have a backup QB in Tebow who showed he could lead a team, come through in clutch moments and win games. But my allegiance was always to Sanchez first, he deserved to be the starter, but if he faltered about halfway through the season I was ready for Tebow to come in and take the reins. Unfortunately, Tebow never got a shot and even though it was obvious that Mark Sanchez could not lead this team anymore, Rex Ryan time and time again refused to turn to Tebow.

After Sanchez ran into Brandon Moore’s ass and the Jets got demolished on Thanksgiving night against the Pats, I was truly sad and embarrassed to call myself a Jets fan. Yet up until last night, this team actually still had a chance to make the playoffs. Despite their offense being totally inept, this team still had a chance. Yet even though it was clear Sanchez’ confidence was shaken and he should have been benched weeks before Rex Ryan started Sanchez last night with the Jets playoff hopes on the line. While the Jets defense battled continuously and admirably throughout the night and Sanchez threw interception after interception, Rex refused to go to Tebow who could have possibly saved the Jets season. How could you in your right mind after Sanchez had thrown his fourth even third interception, not bench him? Wasn’t it clear he was completely incapable of winning the game? Wasn’t it clear that he needed to be benched? If there was ever a time for a QB to be benched, last night was it. But Rex Ryan did not go to Tebow, the question is why?

Over the past two seasons I’ve lost respect for Ryan, but I might have lost all of it last night. He showed he has no guts, no balls or maybe no sense at all by refusing to go Tim Tebow. Is Tim Tebow so bad that he couldn’t have played better than Mark Sanchez last night? No, of course not and I think deep down, Ryan wanted to go with Tebow he was just simply afraid to do so. Since 95% of the media, sports fans and the majority of his team most likely believe Tebow can’t play QB at all, Rex stayed with what was safe. He could stick with Mark Sanchez and not be bashed for doing so. Your pretty much seeing it today, nobody is calling him out for keeping Sanchez in. Steve Young and Trent Dilfer made no mention of benching Sanchez last night, which is absolutely pathetic. Instead Dilfer made excuses for Sanchez and blamed the Jets for not grooming him properly. Listening to Sports radio this morning, they are saying go to Greg McElroy? No mention of Tim Tebow, despite what the guy showed last season. He turned one team around already why couldn’t he turn around another. He has the track record, might as well see if he could do it again, no? Yet people are skipping over Tebow and saying go with McElroy? But you know what, going with McElroy would be better than sticking with Sanchez for another game. However at this point with just two games left you need to see what you have in Tebow. WE MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING!! GIVE HIM A SHOT!!! But most likely, regardless if the Jets play Tebow or not, he will probably not be back and go on to have success somewhere else. Because this is the Jets and yes they are that pathetic.

On the other hand had Rex went with Tebow and the Jets lost, he risked being bashed since all the Tebow doubters and hawks would all come out to harp and bash Ryan for putting in the horribleness that is Tim Tebow, the “Gimmick” QB. Did Rex really think that Tebow was going to play worse than Sanchez was playing last night? One of the dumbest things I hear when people talk about Tebow is when they say, ” Good football player, but not a good QB”. How can anybody possibly say that when all Tebow has done is play the Quarterback position! Yes he’s not the conventional QB, but for Denver last season he played QB! So if all he has played is QB, how then could he be a good football player but not a good QB?

Or maybe Rex Ryan has absolutely no faith in Tim Tebow as a QB whatsoever. If that is the case why the heck did they bring him here? Why is he the “backup” QB? If this was a dog and pony show to bring Tebow which I still doubt, that is absolutely just pathetic and Tannenbaum, Woody Johnson and Ryan all need to go, they all need to go regardless. The have all worn out their welcome here after this season which has been an absolute disgrace.

Whatever the reason Ryan chose not to go with Tebow last night, he needs to go. If you can’t have the sense or the guts or the boldness, vision to put bench Mark Sanchez last night and go with Tim Tebow then you need to go. The Jets season could have potentially been saved last night and you ruined it, there is no doubt you ruined it. That loss is on Rex Ryan. I hope that Tannebaum is gone as well and Woody Johnson sells the team. Mark Sanchez will be here next year most likely because he’s guaranteed 8 mil, but he should not be able to start another game unless the Jets are forced to use him. And no, Greg McElroy shouldn’t start the next game, Tim Tebow should start. But if the Jets choose not to start Tebow and do go with McElroy that is at least better than going back to Sanchez. Sanchez can not play another game this season. But I hope Ryan has enough sense to give Tebow a shot, he deserves it after what he did with Denver last year. Start Tebow the last two games, if he does well ,make him the starter next year, if not, move on, draft a QB and have a competition with McElroy and the Rookie. Then Let Tebow go where he can have a true shot, and be treated with respect.

So maybe after this season I can call myself a true jets fan, because I have now suffered deeply and immensely like all the other veteran 20-40 year Jet fans. After a decent amount of success I have seen nothing but misery this year. I wonder how Jets fans stack this year up compared to other seasons, but after the Thanksgiving game and what happened last night, this might be the worst season of all-time.

Lastly, I truly wonder why there is such a lack of faith in Tim Tebow. I know a lot of people doubted him from the start and continue to doubt him because his passing numbers have never been anything of note. Not that he has been given much of a chance. But in an NFL where we are seeing QB’s like RG3, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, all dynamic QB’s who run the read option play and and are having great success, why can’t Tim Tebow continue the success that we have already seen from him? Yes, he still needs to get better at throwing the Football, but with his work ethic and drive, determination, if anybody could improve, it would be him. In the meantime he could continue to use his legs which he displayed last year which allows him to pick up first downs, avoid sacks, create something from nothing and extend plays. There is no doubt he has the mental game down pat, has the leadership skills and has the physical stature to thrive as a starting QB in the NFL. Tebow is not just a QB who can run, but run with Power, similar to Cam Newton, but maybe even more so. So I’m not sure exactly why so many people are so quick to dismiss Tebow, it could be they just think he will never be able to throw, or their opinions have been shaped by so called “experts” or they are turned off by the fact he wears his Christianity on his sleeve. Whatever the case one thing is clear, Tim Tebow has only had success as a QB in this league. When everyone doubted him he turned a 1-4 team around, got them into the playoffs and the supposed worst passing QB in the league defeated what was statistically the best pass defense in the league in Pittsburgh. For that, I think he deserves more respect, deserves another chance to start and is why I had hoped the Jets would turn to him if Sanchez failed. But being a Jets fan, I guess I should not have expected any good to come from the Tebow signing. I still will hold out hope and keep the faith.