FantasySavvy 2012: Fantasy Playoff Schedule Analysis With Target Updates

When trying to win a Fantasy Championship you need to look at everything. You really can’t sleep and rest on your laurels if you want to win it all. You need to be constantly looking to improve your team anyway you can.Looking at Fantasy Playoff Schedules can help you identify which players on your team may have a really tough time producing when you get into the playoffs. You then may want to move a certain player or two in order to not risk having them in your lineup in those difficult matchups and trade for guys who have very nice matchups. This is just another way you can prepare for when it comes down to the come down.  Also included next to each relevant players name is their total targets for the year.  I am using the standard Fantasy Playoff schedule which is weeks 14, 15 and 16.

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Arizona Cardinals

Week 14 @ Seattle, Week 15 @ vs Detroit, Week 16 vs Chicago.

Bad news for Larry Fitzgerald (94 targets) and Andre Roberts (67 targets) going against Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman in Week 14 in what could also be a horrible weather game. Then if you do advance to the Superbowl you gotta deal with the Bears Defense. Also horrible news for Beanie Wells or LaRod Stephens-Howling (18 targets), whomever is carrying the rock at that time.

Atlanta Falcons

Week 14 @ Carolina, Week 15 vs New York Giants, Week 16 @ Detroit

Man, do the Falcons get it any better? Three very nice matchups and all will be in good weather most likely, playing in two warmer climates and in a Dome! Matt Ryan,  Roddy White (67 Targets)  Julio Jones (65 Targets) Tony Gonzalez (64 Targets) and even Michael Turner all got it good, none of these defenses are anything of note.  Go trade for these dudes.

Baltimore Ravens

Week 14 @ Washington, Week 15 vs Denver, Week 16 vs New York Giants

The weather might not be great in these games which works nicely for Ray Rice (44 Targets), but it’s not bad at all for Joe Flacco , Torrey Smith (58 Targets) and Anquan Boldin (57 Targets). These are very nice matchups especially against the Skins in the opening round of the playoffs. Dennis Pitta (53 targets) is off fantasy radars as of now, he had 31 targets through three weeks and they have died down dramatically of late.

Buffalo Bills 

Week 14 vs St. Louis, Week 15 vs Seattle, Week 16 @ Miami

Not a good stretch here for the Bills particularly for Fred Jackson (28 targets) and C.J. Spiller (27 targets). Although the St. Louis matchup isn’t bad the Seattle and Miami Run D’s will be tough. I think Spiller could do fine in these matchups if had the job to himself, but sharing it with Jackson hurts his value. Spiller or Jackson would need an injury to really be trusted in those matchups in Weeks 15 and 16. Although both aren’t bad options, they aren’t strong. Stevie Johnson ( 70 targets) looks like a safe play regardless, Scott Chandler (41 targets) cannot be trusted right now and hopefully you don’t have to rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick in the Fantasy Playoffs.

Carolina Panthers

Week 14 vs Atlanta, Week 15 @ San Diego, Week 16 vs Oakland

If you been reading what I’m writing you know I have been saying trade for Cam Newton. Great weather and in all these matchups he can succeed. Plus in the weeks before the playoffs he gets Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Newton is going to have a strong second half of the season. Steve Smith (70 targets) will also excel and the Panthers run game with Jonathan Stewart has a chance to pick up. Greg Olsen (53 targets) has been very inconsistent, but he’s not a bad option down the stretch.

Chicago Bears

Week 14 @ Minnesota, Week 15 vs Green Bay, Week 16 @ Arizona

Nice end of the season for Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall (90 targets) and Matt Forte (28 targets). Although it’s hard to trust Cutler and he could put up a horrible game at any moment, Brandon Marshall still has a great chance to have a monster Fantasy Playoffs. Weather also will not be a factor besides the Week 15 game in Chicago.

Cincinnati Bengals

Week 14 vs Dallas, Week 15 @ Philadelphia, Week 16 @ Pittsburgh

Some of these matchups are tough for A.J Green (82 targets), but he’s matchup proof and can dominate any corner at any time. Doesn’t bode too well for Andy Dalton however and I don’t trust BenJarvus Green-Ellis in any of these games. Jermaine Gresham (51 targets) can have an impact, none of these teams are top five in terms of points allowed to Fantasy TE’s, the Eagles are highest at 7th best.

Cleveland Browns

Week 14 vs Kansas City, Week 15 vs Washington, Week 16 @ Denver

Trent Richardson (43 targets) is going to have a very strong fantasy playoffs facing the Chiefs, Skins and Denver. All games will likely be bad weather and the Browns will turn to their Rookie stud. Brandon Weeden could be a decent emergency start if you need to go to him. Greg Little (51 targets) and Josh Gordon (44 targets) are tough to count on, but these are solid matchups.

Dallas Cowboys 

Week 14 @ Cincinnati, Week 15 vs Pittsburgh, Week 16 vs New Orleans

Romo owners such as myself remember his Week 16 injury which killed their SuperBowl hopes, but he could payback his owners with a dream matchup against the Saints on SuperBowl week this year. The Bengals matchup is nice, Pittsburgh isn’t great but if Romo is playing to his potential he can succeed in that game. Dez Byrant (66 targets), Miles Austin (67 targets), and Jason Witten (81 targets-leads all Tight Ends) will all need to be in Fantasy lineups. When DeMarco Murray comes back he will enjoy a nice playoff schedule outside of the Pittsburgh matchup where you might want to keep him benched. The Steelers are currently allowning the 2nd fewest points to Fantasy RB’s. Felix Jones (24 targets), if starting, can only be somewhat trusted against New Orleans and not at all in the others.

Denver Broncos

Week 14 @ Oakland, Week 15 @ Baltimore, Week 16 vs Cleveland

Go Grab them Broncos, if you still can! These dudes are on fire and right now can be trusted regardless of matchup. Peyton Manning will eat up all three of these teams, although Cleveland was the number one team against Fantasy QB’s last year and have been playing at a high level since Joe Haden returned. Still no sweat for these guys, Demaryius Thomas (65 targets) and Eric Decker (70 targets) are stud options, while I trust Joel Dreeseen (29 targets) over Jacob Tamme (46 targets) at Tight End despite Tamme getting more looks. Joel has three more TD’s and is the better redzone option. Brandon Stokley (30 targets) is worth rostering in case of an injury and he could be used in deeper leagues if you need to go with him. Willis McGahee (25 targets- same as Reggie Bush) has good matchups all around and will have the opportunities to get it done. He’s a nice trade target and of the top Broncos he could probably be had the easiest in a trade.

Detroit Lions

Week 14 @ Green Bay, Week 15 @ Arizona, Week 16 vs Atlanta

Very nice for the Lions, just hope that Stafford can get back to a consistent level. He can thrive in all these matchups. Calvin Johnson (82 targets) will be fine and Titus Young (43 targets) and Ryan Broyles (16 targets) are decent options. Young could be nice if he can stay healthy. Brandon Pettigrew (60 targets) is frustrating and is hard to count on. Mikel Leshoure (27 targets) has a chance to really have an impact for fantasy teams in the playoffs. Joique Bell ( 30 targets) has also played nicely and isn’t a terrible flex option with all the looks he’s getting. Also a solid handcuff to Leshoure.

Green Bay Packers 

Week 14 vs Detroit, Week 15 @ Chicago, Week 16 vs Tennessee 

The Chicago matchup could be problematic, but you are never sitting Aaron Rodgers. Greg Jennings (22 targets) should be back for the playoffs and it will be interesting to see how it effects Randall Cobb (59 targets) and James Jones (63 targets). My bet would be Jones’ role diminishes more because of Cobb’s versatilty and big play ability. Jordy Nelson (58 targets) will be fine. Jermichael Finley (46 targets) is done as far as I’m concerned. Cedric Benson could be back by Week 14, but he remains a big question mark. He’s worth a pickup in a few weeks though. Forget about Alex Green he stinks, James Starks has a chance to be the top back come Playoff time but even he isn’t very talented, plus the Pack love to throw in the redzone. Hard to trust any of these backs.

Houston Texans 

Week 14 @ New England, Week 15 vs  Indianapolis, Week 16 vs Minnesota

Arian Foster (26 targets) is matchup proof, and he has a pretty good go here. Matt Schaub could be used as a starter in three very nice matchups and Andre Johnson (63 targets) and Owen Daniels (56 targets) are looking like very strong plays. The Colts are number one against Tight Ends but Daniels is too good to sit.

Indianapolis Colts 

Week 14 vs Tennessee, Week 15 @ Houston, Week 16 @ Kansas City

It’s looking pretty nice for Mr. Luck outside of the Houston matchup. There is a chance Kansas City could get there act together but I doubt it. Reggie Wayne (112 targets) is the most targeted player in the NFL and even Donnie Avery (75 targets) and T.Y. Hilton (45 targets) could be nice options in the playoffs as Luck continues to emerge. I like Dwayne Allen to have a Marcus Pollard type feel for the Colts down the stretch. Coby Fleener is going to see less snaps when he returns. Donald Brown is the starter but he can’t stay healthy, but either way Vick Ballard has earned a role regardless. Neither are strong options in the playoffs while in a timeshare with each other.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Week 14 vs New York Jets, Week 15 @ Miami, Week 16 vs New England

Maurice Jones-Drew is talented enough to overcome tough matchups against the Jets and Miami and he should be involved regardless of the score in New England. Rashard Jennings (23 targets) can’t be trusted in any of these matchups. Justin Blackmon (59 targets) seems to be making progress, but it’s happening very, very, slowly. Blackmon, Laurent Robinson and Cecil Shorts (58 targets) can’t be started in Fantasy Playoffs as of now.

Kansas City Chiefs

Week 14 @ Cleveland, Week 15 @ Oakland, Week 16 vs Indianapolis

If Jamaal Charles (28 targets) struggles against the Steelers this Sunday, which is likely, make sure to put in some offers for him. This playoff schedule is perfect for the Charles. K.C. shouldn’t fall to0 far behind in any of these games and all are weak at stopping the run. Dwayne Bowe (82 targets) needs Matt Cassel to be his QB to be fully trusted, Brady Quinn or if they turn to Ricky Stanzi will kill his value. If Cassel is his QB the only time you would think of sitting him is versus the Browns and Joe Haden.

Miami Dolphins

Week 14 @ San Francisco, Week 15 vs Jacksonville, Week 16 vs Buffalo

Reggie Bush (25 targets) needs to be on benches in Week 14, but if you can advance he should thrive in the Semi’s and SuperBowl. Brian Hartline (70 targets) could be started in all these potential good weather matchups. Tannehill has some good matchups once past the 49ers, but isn’t putting up big enough numbers right now to be trusted.

Minnesota Vikings

Week 14 vs Chicago, Week 15 @ St. Louis, Week 16 @ Houston

Peterson (32 targets) also gets Chicago in Week 12, but he’s one of those guys that can run against anybody. The guy is a straight animal. It just sucks his matchups are so rough, the good news is that the Vikings should be able to stay in these games and get him the rock. Percy Harvin (85 targets) is another guy who is started regardless of matchup. Kyle Rudolph (49 targets) has fell off the map and Christian Ponder has been showing his true colors of late.

New England Patriots

Week 14 vs Houston, Week 15 vs San Francisco, Week 16 @ Jacksonville

Not ideal matchups for the Pats, the player this effects the most is Stevan Ridley . You might want to think about moving him, Houston and the 49ers are two very tough matchups and I don’t see him doing much. Brady, Gronkowski (64 targets), Hernandez (24 targets), Welker (83 targets), Lloyd (69 targets) are all a go, although they could be somewhat limited in the 49ers game, especially playing at home in a potential bad weather game. SuperBowl week will be a blowout.

New Orleans Saints

Week 14 @ New York, Week 15 vs Tampa Bay, Week 16 @ Dallas

Pretty nice for the Saints, Dallas isn’t a great matchup, but Brees will be fine. Marques Colston (74 targets), Lance Moore (55 targets), Darren Sproles (52 targets) when he returns all are fine. Once Sproles does return it’s tough to rely on Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram or Chris Ivory. They all offset each other. Jimmy Graham (63 targets) is a no brainer at all times.

New York Giants 

Week 14 vs New Orleans, Week 15 @ Atlanta, Week 16 @ Baltimore

Eli has went through a rough stretch, but should right it by the playoffs. He’s a good buy-low and has all good matchups in the playoffs. Nicks (47 targets) is another good buy-low. Cruz (100 targets, 2nd most) is fine, Martellus Bennett ( 49 targets) is off fantasy radars. If Ahmad Bradshaw (18 targets) is healthy Andre Brown is irrelevant. It looks like David Wilson won’t ever get a chance to make an impact.

New York Jets

Week 14 @ Jacksonville, Week 15 @ Tennessee, Week 16 vs San Diego 

These matchups bode very well for Shonn Greene (20 targets). He has a solid chance to have a very solid playoff run. Target him in trades, he can be had for cheap. Jeremy Kerley (51 targets) and Dustin Keller also look good, and keep an eye on if Stephen Hill starts to emerge over the next few weeks. Sanchez can’t be relied upon, he might even lose his job by this time. If Tebow starts, Shonn Greene gets an ever bigger boost.

Oakland Raiders

Week 14 vs Denver, Week 15 Kansas City, Week 16 @ Carolina

Now with a high ankle sprain, Darren McFadden (48 targets) could be had on the cheap. He can produce in these matchups, regardless of how bad he has looked. Denarius Moore (60 targets), Darrius Heyward-Bey (36 targets) and Brandon Myers (50 targets) all look good as well. Carson Palmer can definitely be a useful play come Fantasy Playoff time.

Philadelphia Eagles

Week 14 @ Tampa Bay, Week 15 vs Cincinnati, Week 16 vs Washington

These matchups are awesome for the Eagles, but it’s really hard to trust Michael Vick after he couldn’t even really produce against the Saints. His offensive line is just awful and he’s getting no time. If he starts to turn it around somehow, he arguably has the best matchups of any Fantasy QB in the Playoffs. LeSean McCoy (38 targets) should finish very strong, and DeSean Jackson (68 targets) and Jeremy Maclin (50 targets) could finally step up for Fantasy Owners. It all depends on Vick and that offensive line. Brent Celek (55 targets) has a chance to recover from his slump and bounce back in the Playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 14 vs San Diego, Week 15 @ Dallas, Week 16 vs Cincinnati

The Steelers enjoy a fairly nice playoff run, although the Dallas game is probably where you want to avoid Big Ben and probably Antonio Brown (66 targets). Again, the Dallas CB’s have been extremely tough on opposing QB’s and WR’s.  Mike Wallace, (63 targets) I think you stick him in there no matter what, same with Heath Miller (53 targets). By this time we could have a full rotation of Issac Redman, Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Dwyer. It’s Mendy’s job to lose when healthy, but whoever is getting the rock come playoff time has some nice matchups.

San Diego Chargers

Week 14 @ Pittsburgh, Week 15 vs Carolina, Week 16 @ New York Jets

You could probably use Rivers in Week 15, but that’s if you get past the opening round against the Steelers. The opening round and  SuperBowl matchups are brutal and the San Diego boys are not going to like that brutal Northeast Weather. Pitt is # 3 and NY is #6 in points allowed to Fantasy QB’s. It’s time to start making other plans if you are a Rivers owner. This also hurts Antonio Gates (41 targets) and Malcom Floyd (49 targets) and with their inconsistency all year they are hard to rely upon. I don’t even like Ryan Mathews (29 targets). Overall it does not look good for San Diego.

San Francisco 49ers 

Week 14 vs Miami, Week 15 @ New England, Week 16 @ Seattle

With the way the 49ers have been run blocking I trust Frank Gore (20 targets) despite the tough matchups against the Phins and Seahawks. Kendall Hunter (9 targets) is still only a handcuff, but needs to be held onto. These matchups bode well for Vernon Davis (36 targets) and Michael Crabtree (55 targets) outside of the Seattle game. Against Miami and New England they should both get it going.  The 49ers just need to open their offense up like they did in the playoffs last year and throw the ball to Davis. Hopefully you don’t have to use Alex Smith, but the opening and semi round matchups are good.

Seattle Seahawks

Week 14 vs Arizona, Week 15 @ Buffalo, Week 16 @ San Francisco

Marshawn Lynch (17 targets) is fine even against the 49ers. Lynch has run for over 100 yards against the them in their last two games . Sidney Rice (48 targets)  and Golden Tate (40 targets) are risky options even against Arizona and Buffalo.

St. Louis Rams

Week 14 @ Buffalo, Week 15 vs Minnesota, Week 16 @ Tampa Bay

Maybe this is what Steven Jackson (15 targets) owners were looking at when they selected him on draft day? Three very nice matchups against three bad defenses. Sam Bradford is also very usuable along with Danny Amendola (49 targets) when he returns. Chris Givens ( 31 targets) and Brandon Gibson (42 targets) are decent options with these easy matchups. Only concern for Rams passing game is the weather in Buffalo a month from now. Daryl Richardson (19 targets) looks to have earned a role as well, and could pay off come playoff time.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Week 14 vs Philadelphia, Week 15 @ New Orleans, Week 16 vs St. Louis

Josh Freeman should be able to keep up his solid play as he reaches the playoffs. None of these defenses scare you and the New Orleans matchup is golden. Vincent Jackson (70 targets) and Mike Williams (55 targets) are safe and Doug Martin (33 targets) is all systems a go as well. Dallas Clark (29 targets) is not involved enough in the offense yet, but could emerge.

Tennessee Titans

Week 14 @ Indianapolis, Week 15 vs New York, Week 16 @ Green Bay

Chris Johnson (30 targets) has got the job done against the Steelers, Texans and Bears, so at this point, you can trust him against any team. It looks like he’s finally turned a corner, although that doesn’t mean he won’t have some dud games. Jake Locker returns this week and as long as he stays healthy he will start. You don’t want to use him in the playoffs unless he starts to really go off in the next couple weeks. Kenny Britt (48 targets) doesn’t look like the same player we’ve seen in the past, but maybe he heats up over the next few weeks. The playoff matchups are solid, but against the Jets he needs to be benched. Nate Washington (48 targets) is a decent option against the Colts and Packers. Maybe Jared Cook (46 targets) starts to play better with Locker back, but I doubt it.

Washington Redskins

Week 14 vs Baltimore, Week 15 @ Cleveland, Week 16 @ Philadelphia

RG3 has regressed the past couple weeks, but as of now he’s matchup proof. That could change. Alfred Morris (9 targets) looks safe in all three games and outside of Morris and Griffin no other Redskin player can really be trusted. Santana Moss (38 targets) and maybe Leonard Hankerson (41 targets) would be the only wideouts worth using as of now. Possibly Aldrick Robinson ( 17 targets) emerges with his increased role, but it’s highly doubtful.

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