Fantasy Savvy Start Em’ Sit Em’ Week 11

Fantasy Playoffs are nearing and depending on the type of league you’re in they could start next week, in two weeks or like in most leagues in Week 14 which is just three weeks away. We hope you have continued to follow this article each week and have come away successful as a result. I strive to provide as much value as I can for our readers. If you ever want to contact me directly email me at if you want to me elaborate further on a particular player or situation.


Disclaimer: Kickers and Defenses are left out each week and I try to leave the obvious choices out, Start DeMarco Murray!!


QB’s Start Em’

Vince Young, Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Michael Vick will probably do everything in his power to play Sunday, but just in case Vince Young starts, I am suggesting you stick him in your lineups. He should be added if you are a Matt Schaub, Matt Cassel, Michael Vick owner or if you are just having QB trouble in general. Young has been waiting for his chance to show his talents again and it could come this Sunday in the Meadowlands where has has seen success before. Who remembers this game? That was Young’s rookie season in 2006 when he led the Titans back from 21-0 to beat the Giants. If you listen to the Naysayers many have given up on Young, despite the fact he has only been progressing as a QB. In his last 18 starts he has 20 TD’s to just 10 Int’s. The reason he is a backup isn’t because of his poor play, but because of his poor attitude. Him and Jeff Fisher just needed to be separated and Vince just had worn out his welcome in a Titans uniform. Vince knows this could be his only start of the year, this is his chance to showcase for teams to become a starter next year. I think Vince fares well, look for around 250 yards throwing, with 2 TD’s passing and around 30-40 rushing yards, making him a fairly solid start.

Tyler Palko, Kansas City Chiefs @ New England

Tyler Palko? Some of you might be laughing and I don’t blame you, but you could do worse this week. First New England as we know has been brutal against the pass all season, and second the Chiefs will be forced to pass in this game to keep up with New England. I also like Palko a bit, he can move around, make plays with his feet and in the end of that Bronco game last Sunday he looked pretty accurate. Dare I say it, that I saw a little bit of Steve Young in the young Palko? I’m serious!!! Haaa. Ok, let me calm down. But the point is, Palko will put up numbers in this game. I would expect around 250 yards passing with at least 2 TD’s. He also might run for another 20-30. I am going with my gut a bit on him and Vince Young, but I feel confident in both this week. Like Vince, give Palko a shot in Week 11.

Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota

Carson Palmer has a terrific matchup in Week 11

After Palmer’s first game many believed the trade the Raiders made for him was moronic. It may still prove to be the wrong move giving up a 1st and 2 round pick, but what were the Raiders supposed to do? Play the rest of the season with Kyle Boller? I can see where they were coming from and last week Palmer made the Raiders Front Office look good by throwing for 299 yards and two TD’s leading them to victory over the Chargers in San Diego. Palmer will continue to toss interceptions, but he will also continue to throw TD’s as he has 5 of them in his last two starts. This is a great matchup for Palmer as he heads to Minnesota who are allowing the 2nd most amount of points to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Palmer to finish with close to 300-yards passing once again while tossing at least two TD’s.


Sit Em’

John Skelton, Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 

Skelton had a great Fantasy performance last week throwing for three TD’s and 300-yards against the disappointing Eagles, but don’t think you can trust him. The 49ers are going to stifle this offense, yes the 49ers secondary hasn’t been great allowing the 20th most points to Fantasy QB’s, but Skelton is not going to do much in this game. I say around 220-yards and 1 TD tops. I expect the Cards to be held under 14 points in his matchup.

Andy Dalton, Cincinatti Bengals @ Baltimore 

I love the way Dalton has been playing this season. He has been very impressive as a rookie QB. But he needs to be avoided this week. AJ Green is banged up and might not play and the Ravens are allowing the 11th fewest points to Fantasy QB’s.

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

I am a Tim Tebow fan, I am a defender and a believer of Tebow. I do feel he can be a competent QB in this league, I believe Tebow will give it everything he has to become a successful passer and I believe he will succeed, in the meantime his rushing skills will help him to get by. They are already helping him to get by, he is 3-1 as the starter this year and is the only QB to run for 100-yards this season. But I think he needs to be avoided on Thursday Night. I expect him to attempt more than two passes!, but he will be facing a Jets secondary that has been excellent against the pass all year. Tebow probably will rush for around 60 yards in this game, and may run one in, but I don’t think he throws a TD and is held under 100-yards passing. I like Tebow for the stretch run, just not this week.


RB’s Start Em’

Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo

That’s three solid games in a row for Bush who has three TD’s in his last three games. The Dolphins finally have smartened up and started to give the ball to Bush more often. It shouldn’t stop this week against Buffalo who has been brutal against RB’s ranked 25th in points allowed. Bush has always had the talent, injuries and lack of opportunity have held him back, but right now Bush is healthy and is getting the chance to shine. There is no reason to think he won’t continue to produce as long as he continues to get the rock and avoids the injury bug.

Kendall Hunter, San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona

Hunter is one of the best backups RB’s in football and I believe his role will continue to expand in this offense as the season moves on. Frank Gore has been the focal point of this offense and I believe it’s starting to wear on him as injuries have started to mount up. Gore didn’t practice on Wednesday and is questionable for Sunday. Even if he does play, Hunter is going to get a good amount of work in this game. I do expect Gore to miss a game or two down the stretch here, but even if he doesn’t, I believe you’re going to see Hunter start getting a bigger workload in order to keep Gore fresher. Look for that to start this week against Arizona in what is a great matchup for Hunter. Kendall could get into the endzone multiple times in this game or go over 100 total yards. If he is available in your league he is a must-add and a very good start this Sunday.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis

I have to give credit where credit is due and it goes to Marshawn Lynch who has proven me and a lot of other people wrong this season. Lynch has been running very well and it’s not just versus Swiss cheese defenses, he tore up the Ravens for 109 yards last week and a score. Can you believe Lynch has five-straight games with a TD. Lynch has been very impressive. There is no reason to believe he can’t do it again this week against St. Louis who has had trouble stopping the run all season. Stick Lynch in that lineup once again.


Sit Em’

Beanie Wells, Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco

Wells was on his way to a very nice season, but injuries have slowed him. This week he runs into a complete roadblock against Patrick Willis and the 49ers #1 Rush Defense. Completely avoid Wells this week, he probably will be held under 50 yards rushing.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta

I’ve been hitting it on the head all year with Johnson, knowing exactly when to sit and start him. Last week I said you have to give him a shot against Carolina’s weak Run D and he exploited it. But the challenge is much greater this week against Atlanta who is ranked 6th in points allowed to Fantasy RB’s. I think Johnson is held in check this week, avoid him.

LeGarrette Blount, Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay

Blount has done next to nothing since his return from injury and needs to be avoided in this matchup. Green Bay is going to blow Tampa away leaving little chance for Blount to contribute.


WR’s Start Em’

Damien Williams, Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta 

Williams has been the best wideout on the Titans the last couple weeks as him and Matt Hasselback have built a nice rapport. Williams has now scored in his last four games and has a good chance to find the endzone again this week in Atlanta. Williams has good speed, makes tough catches and Hasselback trusts him. I believe Williams could end up being a pretty valuable wideout for the rest of the year.

Vincent Brown, San Diego Chargers @ Chicago

We’ve seen this before in San Diego, wideouts coming out of nowhere to produce. Whether it’s Legedu Nanee, Siry Arijitututututut, or Malcolm Floyd, San Diego and Phillip Rivers have a history of making these no name receivers relevant. But Brown is talented, showing off his talents last Thursday night with some very athletic catches. He finished the game with 97 yards and a TD. It looks like Malcolm Floyd will be out once again, leaving Brown as the second wideout. The Bears haven’t been great against wideouts ranked 20th, so Brown makes for a fairly decent start in this matchup. Rivers will be throwing the rock and with with Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates gathering a lot of attention, Rivers should find Brown open.

Brandon Lloyd, St. Louis Rams vs Seattle

I doubted Lloyd last week in what was a very tough matchup against a stout Cleveland secondary, but Lloyd came through by finding the endzone. It looks like Lloyd is going to be matchup proof for the rest of the year. Bradford is going to continue to target him consistently and Lloyd will respond. Get him in your lineups this week against Seattle.

Denarius Moore, Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota

Bonus start here, Moore’s burners will be in full effect on that Minnesota turf, should have another nice game, Love this dude, have all year, just now he will finally start to be relevant week to week, Start Em!


Sit Em’

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

Since Tebow has taken over Decker doesn’t have many yards, but he has scored in three straight games. But that streak will come to an end this week against the Jets. Tebow’s favorite wideout will most likely be covered by Revis and we know all know what that means.

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons vs Tennessee

Really was hesitant putting White down here, but just having a tough time picking against wideouts this week. White hasn’t been what many owners expected, he’s really been hurt by Matt Ryan’s bad play. White only has one 100-yard game all year with just 3 TD’s. I would say so far White has been a fantasy bust. I’m still waiting for that breakout game for White, I think it will come and he will start to turn it around, but it won’t come this week against Tennessee and their secondary allowing the 6th fewest points to Fantasy WR’s. If you have better options, you might want to sit White in Week 11, I am expecting a scoreless 5 catch 60-yard type of game from White, which is similar to what he’s done all year.


TE’s Start Em’

Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati

Flacco has been been terrible this season, but at least Ed Dickson is having a fairly nice season. Last week Dickson had 10 catches 79 yards and 2 TD’s. Look for the struggling Flacco to find his safety net Dickson, once again.

Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons vs Tennessee 

The Ol’ veteran is still getting it done in 2011 and it will continue this week against the Titans who are 27th worst in defending the Tight End. Gonzo will most likely find the endzone in this game.

Visanthe Shiancoe, Minnesota Vikings vs Oakland

Shiancoe has been a bit better with Ponder under the helm, but still has been underwhelming. However, let’s take a shot on him in Week 11 vs Oakland. Minnesota should be right in this game and have plenty of redzone opportunities, leaving a good chance for Shank to find the endzone.


Sit Em’ 

Jermaine Gresham, Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore

In his first game back from a hamstring injury, Gresham found the endzone against Pittsburgh last week, but you need to avoid him against Baltimore who is #1 at defending the Tight End, allowing just eight points a game. 

Dustin Keller, New York Jets @ Denver

It happens every year, Keller starts out hot then dies out in the middle of the year only to pick it back up again towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. Well it’s the middle of the year and Keller is proving to be inconsistent once again, but the bigger issue is Denver being 4th best in guarding the Tight End. 


IDP’s Start Em

Earl Thomas, S, Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis

I noticed today that Thomas is owned in only 16% of Yahoo leagues, which is not really doing him justice. Thomas has been the Seahawks best defensive player in 2011 and needs to be added if available in your league. Give him the start this week against St. Louis and watch him play if you can.

Cliff Avril, DE, Detroit Lions vs Carolina 

Avril picked up another sack and forced fumble last week against Chicago and now has 6 sacks in nine games this year. He’s been heating up the past two weeks and I expect him to continue it this week against Carolina. If he can bring Tim Tebow down which he did multiple times in Week 8, he can bring Cam Newton down as well.

David Harris, LB, New York Jets @ Denver

Harris is going to have plenty of chances to rack up tackles against Denver and their extremely run heavy offense. Harris will finish with 10+ tackles in this matchup.


Sit Em’

Darelle Revis, CB, New York Jets @ Denver

Tim Tebow has protected the ball pretty well this year throwing just one interception in four starts. He’s going to make sure to keep it that way by avoiding Darrelle Revis. Revis will rack up some tackles, but he won’t have any pass defelections or Int’s in this one.

Richard Seymour, DE, DT, Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota

Seymour is a bit banged up right now and has been ice cold the last few weeks, failing to do much of anything. Keep him on your bench until he shows he’s fully healthy and starts to produce again.


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