Road To Glory




Now that week 10 is a WRAP… Looks like we’re finally coming down the pike of another phenomenal year here in SCRUBFEST.  Hell, just between 2 of the divisions alone there are 5 teams in contention for the top spot in their respective divisions with IDENTICAL records.  Furthermore, all of the teams seated in the 3rd spot in their respective divisions, and even a couple of others seated at 4th STILL have a LEGITIMATE shot of earning a playoff berth.  And as if that weren’t enough, my ANGRY PIRATES are currently sitting on top of the world here in SF 2011 with sole possession of the #1 spot with the best record in the league.  INSANE!!!  Honesty, I couldn’t have scripted a better season than this if I wrote it out myself.  Oh yeah… Don’t get it twisted, its real in the field my people.  And the only thing I’m hearing up in the league is the chattering teeth of the scary and nervous biting their fingernails… But that’s a good thing because at the end of the day, even the church-mouse bottom feeders gotta eat. ROFLMAO.  So without further ado… Lets take a walk around the league and check out our week 10 results.



– This week my ANGRY PIRATES (8-2) made way for land and snatched another treasure chest of glory away from the weak and weary PITT CREW CRUSHERS (5-5). *Final Score: 147-102

– While DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (6-4) showed us exactly what time it is by peddling their way to victory and beating the bootleg watches off of the CRUSHERS ( 6-4). *Final Score: 168-105


– ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (5-5) made another faint effort to resuscitate their season this week by taking no prisoners and gunning down some POWs after seeing that white flag was waived by TROOPS (5-5). *Final Score: 114-92

– While GET OUT THE WAY (4-6) danced all over BROADWAY NO and his band of New York Let Downs in a decisive win over NY ABC (2-8). *Final Score: 149-95


– THE MASHERS (4-6) clocked off on the illegal migrants of TIEMPO DE GUERRA (7-3) this week, packing up the whoe bunch in the COROLA and earning the MASHERS this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT honors. *Final Score: 193-92

– While ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (6-4) brought their fiery fury to some lifeless low lives burning in the eternal flames of a wretched fantasy purgatory season proving yet again that YES, they are STEEL CURTAN (2-8) in our closest match of the week. *Final Score: 147-133


– This week SILVER SNAKES (4-6) reared their ugly heads once again to squeeze out yet another win by constricting their will upon PHILLY BAD BOYS (5-5). *Final Score: 150-80

– While LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (5-5) gave another killer performance and officially buried their opponent this week after conducting a death march funeral procession over RODNEYS DANGERFIELD (6-4). *Final Score: 177-136



Although the playoffs haven’t officially begun, for many the reality is that YOURS have already started.  For those of you in doubt, my best advice would be JUST WIN BABY… JUST WIN!!!  Last year I made a particular point in one of the leagues I was in to show another manager just how vulnerable their chances of making the playoffs were after talking extra confidently after losing a much-needed match against me.  But, for the record… I will share MY PHILOSOPHY and bottom line the whole point I emphasized last season RIGHT NOW.  Simply stated, WINNING CURES ALLl!!!  Don’t wait with your destiny in the hands of ANOTHER MANAGER to decide your fate.  With 3 to 4 weeks left before the start of these fantasy playoffs be very much mindful.  If YOUR FUTURE is in the balance, step your game up… NOW, HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS… NOW, and simply WIN… NOW!  When you do that, your future is much more certain than biting your cuticles and praying on the wins and losses of others.  At the end of the day… Winning is what it’s ALL ABOUT!  So make sure to take a proactive stance about WINNING because if thats what you’re doing, when all is said and done your less likely to find yourself in a desperate situation on the outside looking in.  Unfortunately, the reality is that NOT EVERYBODY is going to make the playoffs… So if I may quote myself here… “You doing something my people… THEN DO IT NOW!!!”  And with that said… I bid you all farewell for now, and wish you the best of luck with your fantasy teams as well.


Till Next Edition…


~Commissioner Kwiz


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