Road To Glory




Ok my good friends here at  Apologies for the delay in posting, and hopefully you guys haven’t missed me much.  But its all good now because I’m back and on DOUBLE DUTY with another couple of editions of the ROAD TO GLORY series reporting once again live and direct from SCRUBFEST USA.  So grab your pens and note pads because Fantasy Class is back in session.  Unfortunately, here in SF2011 we grade on a curve, and if your team ain’t winning, that’s the same curve you’ll find your team sitting on come round the start of the post season. But enough with the tardy passes and cliff notes already, because if your reading this article you already know what it is.  So without further ado… Lets take a walk around the league and take a look at our week 9 results.



– Last week my ANGRY PIRATES (7-2) took to the high seas once again on yet another panty raid against that sinking ship called MASHERS (3-6), which is quite coincidental being that we literally MASHED them out!!! *Final Score: 135-94

– While the CRUSHERS (6-3) took their red-hot vengeance out on ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (5-4) sending another teams hopes of success up in smoke. *Final Score: 158-147


– DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (5-4) blew up the spot by setting off a couple of landmines during their outing last week on a bombing mission against RODNEYS DANGERFIELD (6-3). *Final Score: 131-109

– While TROOPS (5-4) battled their way to yet another victory last week, cracking the liberty bell across the back and leaving their mark on PHILLYS BAD BOYZ (5-4). *Final Score: 139-129


– Last week, a surprisingly Red Hot STEEL CURTAN (2-6) showed up to topple the tenement known as NYABC (2-7). *Final Score: 128-113

– While TIEMPO DE GUERRA (7-2) concocted a spicy salsa out of the saucy ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH(4-5) earning TIEMPO DE GUERRA last weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOW OUT honors. *Final Score: 156-107


– LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (4-5) continued in its late season run by conquering and CRUSHING  PITT CREW CRUSHERS (5-4) in the weeks tightest match. *Final Score: 116-110

– While SILVER SNAKES (3-6) dished out another deadly venomous strike to the dismay of a staggering team in GET OUT THE WAY (3-6). *Final Score: 182-165



Now that we’re into week 10, the real DOG FIGHT is just beginning and oh man… How I genuinely love this part of the season.  Some of us are playing for pride, some of us playing to secure a spot in the post season, and some are playing simply to hold on to that spot they think they’ve secured by now.  But whatever you find yourself playing for… Be sure to play hard, play wise, and play to win!!!  One thing for certain, the fantasy Gods are watching over us all.  So may the Fantasy God’s shine on you…  For this is what Fantasy legends are made of.  And with that said… I bid you farewell for now, and best of luck to you and YOUR fantasy teams as well.

Till Next Edition…

~Commissioner Kwiz


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