Best Waiver Adds- Week 11

AHHHHHHHH, Sorry had to get some built up emotions out. This fantasy season has been kind of nutty, especially when you’re in as many leagues as I’m in, which is way too many. Some of these guys I have drafted, dropped, picked back up, dropped again, picked up, dropped and then they finally go off. Case in point, Denarius Moore. I’m sure a lot of you share the same frustration as me. I also get mad at myself for not trusting my instincts more. I own Murray in some leagues, but to me I should own him in every league! Anyway time is winding down, only 3 weeks left to the playoffs in most leagues where the post-season starts in Weeks 14, 15 and 16. I have mentioned some of these players in past editions, but will repeat them again. We also will go in-depth about two 1st round QB’s that many consider busts from the 2006 draft. I have a lot to say about these two guys and they both sway from the popular opinion, feel free to comment below. I will try to talk about just the most noteworthy guys and will rank them according to how valuable I believe they will or can be.

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Kendall Hunter, San Francisco 49ers

Kendall Hunter needs to be picked up asap if availble

Have loved this guy all year and as the 49ers continue to pound the run, I think Gore, who is already nicked up with the ankle, will continue to wear down as the season goes on. I do think we will soon be looking at Frank Gore missing some games ahead or at the very least Kendall Hunter starting to become more of a factor and getting more carries. The bottomline is, Hunter needs to be added in all leagues where available. He is a very talented, multi-dimensional back. If Gore does miss time, Hunter will become a rock-solid RB2. Add him, stash and don’t let go.


Matt Leinart, Houston Texans

95% of people have written Leinart off, pretty much every so-called Fantasy “Expert” is saying he really doesn’t have much value. I disagree. It’s not that I am saying Leinart will start producing at a high rate, but the guy deserves a fair chance. Has he really ever gotten one? No, Leinart has 16 career starts! That’s one season. But because couldn’t beat out Kurt Warner, arguably a Hall of Fame QB and SuperBowl MVP and Ken Whisenhunt completely gave up on him without giving him a fair shake, he’s done. It’s just ridiculous and it shows you how people just latch onto the popular opinion and run with it. Again the guy has had 16 games as a starter, granted the numbers stink 14 TD’s to 20 picks, but again he deserves a chance.

The question is, did Leinart mature after we heard about his poor work ethic and lack of interest. Leinart would have retired, if he just wanted to give up, he knows this is his chance to prove people wrong. He comes into an excellent situation in Houston with Arian Foster, Ben Tate and this dominating offensive line. Andre Johnson will also return. Leinart has no excuses now, he’s went through or should have went through the maturation process, has been on the sidelines long enough and has plenty of talent around him. This Texan team has a shot to big things and Leinart has the chance to do big things. I’m not completely sure how Leinart will do, but I for one still have faith in this guy. I still think given the surroundings and what he’s been through, that he can succeed. The reward heavily outweighs the risk here. Leinart could really prove to be an excellent add during this stretch run. If you are a Schaub owner or have problems at QB, you must add Leinart and hope that he can revive his career here. Don’t listen to the naysayers, make sure you add Leinart, I think the chances of him succeeding are higher than the chance of failure. Give Matt Leinart time, a good play action game and he can hurt you and that opportunity awaits him.


Denarius Moore, Oakland Raiders

How frustrating is this guy? Hyped up in the pre-season, we heard tons of good things about him. Many owners drafted him as a sleeper. The early signs were promising, but then he disappeared and did absolutely nada for 4 weeks. Mostly everybody, including myself dropped him from their roster only to see him go off last Thursday night and catch two TD’s and go over 100-yards. Simply put, Moore needs to be added now with Carson Palmer at the helm. He could finish this season fairly strong. He has the speed, and athletic ability to produce. He will be heavily targeted by Palmer. If you dropped him, make sure you try to get him back this week. If you held onto him, well props to you for sticking to your guns and staying patient. Moore could also proved to be a protectable in keeper leagues.


Vince Young, Philadelphia Eagles

Another QB many have given up on, but again I question why? If you look close or have watched Vince play as much as I have, you would realize he only has progressed as a QB since he came into the league. In his last 18 games, Vince has 20 TD’s to just 10 Int’s. The reason Vince got shipped off was his attitude and injuries. Ever since that Incident in 2008 when he was on supposed “suicide watch” Jeff Fisher lost faith in him. It was obvious time and time again, first in 2009 when Kerry Collins and the Titans started 0-6 and Fisher refused to go to Vince, it took the Owner Bud Adams to get Vince in there. What did Vince do? He led the team to five straight wins and the Titans won 8 out of their last 10 games finishing 8-8 and nearly making the playoffs. Young might of saved Fisher’s Job. However last year in week 2 Vince was struggling vs one of the best defenses in the league in the Steelers and Fisher benched young in the 3rd quarter to go with Collins. In Week 2!!!! Vince started to build resentment for Fisher at this point, he knew the coach had lost faith in him, but why? Didn’t he just save your job pretty much the year before? A couple of weeks later, Vince was hurt again. Most believed Vince was ready to go the following week, but instead Fisher went with Collins and then finally back to Vince again. Then we all remember Vince got hurt once again against Washington, Vince wanted to come back into the game, but Fisher denied the request and Vince blew up. Now he shouldn’t have blown up, that was just an immature move, but at the same time his frustrations had reached a boiling point with Fisher. These two needed to be separated and Vince was the first to be let go and then Fisher left as well. Bottomline is Fisher never wanted Young, he lost faith in him after the suicide incident and never regained trust in Young. Young couldn’t deal with the constant doubt and blew up, he was wrong, but I can understand where he was coming from.

Vince then landed in Philly, behind another QB people had left for dead in Michael Vick. This was best for Vince, take a year to relax learn from Vick’s successes and absorb the game from the sideline. But now it looks like Young might get a chance to start in Week 11. This will be his chance to showcase himself and possibly land a starting  job somewhere else next year. I don’t believe Vince Young sucks or his done like many do. I do admit I have probably defended Vince Young more than anyone, but the defending is just and fair. He only has gotten better as a QB, watch the games, look at the stats. The one thing I would like to see Vince do is run more, he needs to be more of that instinctual player he was in Texas and his rookie year. He became so concerned with becoming a pocket passer that he stayed there too much and didn’t run as much as he used to.

So Vince might get the start and will take the Giants on, Sunday night in the Meadowlands. Remember the last time he faced the Giants? Check out that clip, you should all remember when he led that comeback. Vince Young is a champion, he has that “It” the question iscan he find that “It” once again. Vick owners, Grab Young if you haven’t already, keeper league owners, grab Young as well. You also never know with Vick, he could get hurt again when he returns and Young could finish this season. If he gets lengthy playing time he should produce nicely.


Vincent Brown, WR, San Diego Chargers

This guy came out of nowhere last week to go for 5 catches 97 yards and a TD. He really could end up being a nice option going forward on this Chargers team. Malcolm Floyd is always hurt, Gates could end up hurt again and Brown should does have talents. He should have had another TD last Thursday, but it was called back because the refs said Lito Sheppard had a hand on the ball while he was out-of-bounds. Made no sense to me, Brown had true possession of it. But I like Brown, he’s athletic and Rivers was targeting him heavily. He has a good offense around him, Norv likes to throw, Rivers can get him the ball, pick up Brown, I think he emerges as a consistent option going forward.


Mark Clayton, WR, St. Louis Rams

Clayton returned from injury last week and only received 10 snaps as he was eased back in. As most of us know, Clayton was tearing it up as Bradford’s favorite target before getting injured last season. With the injuries to Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander, Greg Salas etc. Clayton will have a legit chance to be a factor again. He’s always been talented and finally seemed to be putting it together last year before the injury. He’s worth an add, and I would stick with him, even if he struggles for the next two weeks. I think he could start to emerge down the stretch year as Bradford gets more comfortable and starts finding Clayton once again.


Rest of the Rest

Ed Dickson, TE, Baltimore Ravens, Flacco is showing he stinks, but at least he’s still hitting Dickson who had two TD’s last week. Could be available on wires after some owners gave up on him.

Damien Williams, WR, Titans– Starting to heat up with scores in 4 of last 6 games, good route runner, definitely worth a pickup with a competent Hasselback throwing him the ball.

Jacob Tamme, TE, Colts– Painter is the worst and could be benched this week, but last week Tamme showed his talents like he did last year and finished with 70 yards receiving. Could be nice little add while Clark continues to be out, even with the terrible QB play.

Lance Ball, RB, Bronc0s– Might never see 30 carries again in his career and I have doubts that he will ever really be productive, but if McGahee and Moreno keep getting hurt, he will produce a bit.

Dion Lewis, RB, Eagles, If McCoy goes down Lewis will be the back to own not Brown. Lewis has some of the skillset that McCoy has.


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