Road To Glory Series- Week 3 Review and Results




Hello ladies and gents. Welcome back to another exciting edition of THE ROAD TO GLORY series, broadcasting live and direct from SCRUBFEST USA.  Last week we highlighted the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly around the league, and for some, this week was even UGLIER.  Fortunately, we’re only at about the quarter season marker, so there’s still time for some these struggling, nail biting managers to get a grip before completely gnawing their nubs into oblivion.  Unfortunately, everybody in the league can’t be blessed with the same good fortunes as my ANGRY PIRATES, but as I’ve said repeatedly in my league, reality tends to have a way of smacking people in the face in a rather rude and abrupt fashion.  Ultimately, perhaps New Edition was on to something when they shared the REALITY of their wisdom on that classic record where they sang… “Mamma always told you it was gonna happen, but she never told you WHEN!”  And on that note, without further ado, lets take a walk around the league and see how everything is shaping up over here for our SF managers.


– This week my ANGRY PIRATES took our 2-0 record and walked it right through the STEEL CURTAIN (0-3) and came out victorious at 3-0 in another marvelous display of fantasy excellence. *Final Score: 170-146

– Meanwhile, CRUSHERS (3-0) brought their Rob Gronkowski Express and rolled right over the SILVER SNAKES (1-2) in another outstanding victory. *Final Score: 182-149


– PHILLY BAD BOYZ (2-1) beat the peaches out of DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (2-1) this week in a dominating exhibition of fantasy bravado. *Final Score: 136-91.

– While TROOPS (1-2) got back on track, rolling through NYABC (0-3) like a freight train, earning TROOPS this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOW OUT honors. *Final Score: 140-68


– TIEMPO DE GUERRA (2-1) raised pure hell on ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (1-2) this week securing themselves another fantastic win. *Final Score: 168-157

– While THE MASHERS (1-2), pitted against PITT CREW CRUSHERS (1-2), got their act together and earned themselves a much needed victory. *Final Score: 157-117


– This week, GET OUT THE WAY (2-1) toughed it out againt LARRYS BUCKET STAND (0-3) in the leagues tightest match of the week, much to the dismay of our favorite fantasy guru. *Final Score: 95-92

– While THE PISSPOORSPORTS (3-0) gave ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (2-1) a real mouthful this week in their pissing match. *Final Score: 111-77



Now that we’re all caught up and up to date on our league progress, look forward to our next edition of THE ROAD TO GLORY series, where I’ll go through the league each managers opinion on their MUST HAVE FANTASY PLAYER here on  Until then, be good and best of luck with YOUR fantasy team as well.


~Commissioner Kwiz


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