Weekend Update with Kevin Lewis

Kenny Britt looks like he’s lost for the season. It looked like Britt was going to make his way into the top receivers’ discussion. He was having a great year and now it looks like he’s lost for the year.

-With the way Ryan Matthews is running the ball, I think he is the featured back for now. Tolbert will still get some touches on third down in passing situations but Matthews will get the bulk. Matthews had 25 touches to Tolbert’s seven in week 3. Expect that to continue.

-How does Adrian Peterson get only 17 carries in a game where they were up 20? Adrian Peterson is the best RB on the planet. He was averaging five yards a carry. McNabb is not a good QB. He did very little in the game. Why not feed Peterson? Yes I’m an angry Peterson owner in fantasy.

Rashard Mendenhall is having a rough go of it this year. He only rushed for 37 yards against a quite suspect Colts defense. 66 yards is his game high for this year. The Steelers offensive line looks quite bad, and I think it’s panic time.

Chris Johnson is going through the same thing Rashard Mendenhall is going through. I’m not sure how much of this has to do with the contract squabble, and subsequent missed time, but Johnson has been bad. He had another bad performance against the Denver Broncos and he gets to see the Steelers and Browns run defenses in the next two weeks. I’m not sure it’s time to sell on CJ, but it might be close.

Wes Welker has put up impressive numbers the first three weeks, and obviously a key part of yesterday’s Patriots gameplan was to get him the ball. He was targeted 20 times on 45 Brady pass attempts. With Hernandez out, Welker should be a great play the next few weeks.

-With Lee Evans out, Torrey Smith stepped in and was impressive. He had five catches for 152 yards and three touchdowns. He caught three TDs on his first three catches. That’s very Mike Vrabel like. If he provides for the Ravens in being an effective deep threat, then it should help everyone on that Ravens offense.

-Six interceptions for Philip Rivers so far. He doesn’t look all that good, and the Chargers look like they usually do early in seasons. I don’t know if this is a trend but Rivers leads the league in interceptions. Keep an eye on that.

-At what point do Donovan Mcnabb and Matt Cassel get benched? Both are struggling and in the Vikings case they have a young first round QB waiting for his opportunity.

Mark Ingram finally reached the endzone this weekend against the Houston Texans. As an unconvinced Ingram owner in fantasy I hope he does some more of that so I can start him in future.

– Well, so much for James Starks being a clearly better back than Ryan Grant. Grant put the kibosh on that line of thinking this week when he carried the ball 17 times for 92 yards. Starks averaged less than a yard per carry and was stifled for much of the afternoon. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long year for every one of us who starts either one of them.

-If you have Mark Sanchez and a “better” QB, but on a shaky team, try to trade that QB and improve your team. Why? Sanchez looks markedly better (albeit it’s to be noted he started off hot the last 2 years and faded), and right now he’s the only form of offense the Jets have. The running game is very uninspiring at this point. Albeit the protection is spotty Sanchez has gone over 300 yards in three straight games including 2 TDs in each contest (1 rushing as well, 7 total). As long as things are going the way they are, Sanchez is a good start.


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