Road To Glory Part 3




2 Weeks in, and 2 weeks out at SCRUBFEST and the momentum is just getting going.  For some this is a good thing, for others a lot less fortunate its bad, and for some… well its just down right getting ugly.  Which brings us to our theme of week 2: The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY. So lets take a walk through the league and see how things are shaping up for our SF managers.


– Last week my ANGRY PIRATES (2-0) swabbed the deck with the defending chumps TROOPS (0-2) in a classic case of the good vs. the bad. *Final Score: 119-108.

– Meanwhile, CRUSHERS (2-0) upped the tempo on TIEMPO DE GUERRA and won in another case of good week/bad week. *Final Score: 166-156.


– DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (2-0) exploited NYABC (0-2) in a simple case of the Good vs. the Ugly. *Final Score: 159-102.

– Meanwhile, PITT CREW CRUSHERS (1-1) got off on the good foot, while putting STEEL CURTAIN (0-2) in a bad spot by defeating them handily. *Final Score: 174-126


– ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (2-0) gave another good performance showing nothing but bad blood for the PHILLY BAD BOYZ. *Final Score: 186-130.

– Meanwhile, GET OUT THE WAY (1-1) had a good week, and pulled out an ugly win against the MASHERS (0-2). *Final Score: 128-125


– SILVER SNAKES (1-1) raised their ugly head with a good week against a team having an ugly injury plagued year to this point in LARRYS BUCKET STAND (0-2) earning the SILVER SNAKES TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT honors . *Final Score: 208-119

– While the PISSPOORSPORTS (2-0), in another scandalous performance dominated ALL HELL BROKE LOSE (1-1) in another classic case of the good vs. the bad. *Final Score: 152-130



Unfortunately, things got off to a slow start with the presentation of our ROAD TO GLORY SERIES here at, however, this week we’ll be catching you all up to speed on the progress of SF 2011 in a more prompt and efficient fashion.  Stay tuned Tuesday, when I will be submitting the week 3 results of another fantastic week of fantasy football here at SCRUBFEST.  Till then, be good and best of luck with YOUR fantasy teams as well.


~Commissioner Kwiz

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