FantasySavvy 2020: NFL Playoffs Player Rankings

Fantasy Playoffs? More to play for? It’s not over with the Regular season? Not just Draft Kings and Fanduel, Yahoo daily leagues? I don’t have to pick 1 guy from each team or have a certain constricted lineup? No this is not the ideal way to play Fantasy Posteason Football or any sport for that matter. Sites like and allow you to create leagues and drafts so you can play throughout the playoffs and make sure nobody else has the same player as you. I will certainly play some Daily stuff and do a few pools where I am picking 1 guy from each team etc. I know sites like have some different things also, but to me, drafting is the best way to go at all times. To me, when you can have a player exclusively that is the best and purest form of Fantasy. Not playing for 1 day or 2 days, but for the entire NFL Playoffs from Wild Card Weekend all the way up to the SuperBowl. Of course there is a entirely new twist with Playoff play since you not only need to select the right players, but also select the right teams who will advance the furthest. I hope to see more sites have bigger contests this way, I would also like to see some Fantasy Postseason auctions.

My rankings below won’t be traditional safe rankings. It’s goes by who I feel will win and how many points they will put up, with some sprinkle of craziness, hedging and balance in between. Use at your own risk. If you want safe rankings go check out,, or Larry’

* Favorite WC DFS Selections at the End




Wild Card Matchups and Lines 

Saturday: 4:35 #5 Bills @ #4 Houston (HOU-2.5/43) 64 Degrees No Rain or Wind in Forecast

8:30 #6 Titans @ #3 Pats  ( Pats -4.5/44) 42 Degrees, 38% chance of rain, 4 Mph Wind

Sunday: 1:05 #6 Vikings @ #3 Saints  (Saints -8, 49) Dome

4:40 #5 Seattle @ #4 Philly (Philly +2/45.5) 40 Degrees, 5 MPH Winds, 7% Chance of Rain. 


  1. Lamar Jackson
  2. Patrick Mahomes
  3. Drew Brees
  4. Jimmy G
  5. Russell Wilson
  6. Josh Allen
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Aaron Rodgers
  9. Carson Wentz
  10. Kirk Cousins
  11. Ryan Tannehill
  12. Deshaun Watson

You can see here I obviously like the Bills to beat the Texans. Bettors seem to agree as the line has went from 3.5 to 2.5 since opening. The Bills have the D to slow Watson and Allen and the Bills should be able to move the ball on a below average Texans D, even with the return of J.J. Watt. The Titans and Ryan T certainly can be the Pats, but it’s still a brutal matchup for him, so even if he advances he may not have many points to show for it and then goes to play Baltimore. I don’t see the Vikings beating the Saints in New Orleans, it looks like the Saints will get full redemption here from that disaster loss a few years ago with that infamous Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs pass to end the game. Kirk Cousins just doesn’t win big games, Cook isn’t fully healthy and either is Adam Theilen. Wentz could bump up here with a win vs Seattle but I don’t see them winning.


  1. Kamara
  2. Williams
  3. Ingram
  4. Henry
  5. Mostert
  6. Jones
  7. Edwards
  8. Singletary
  9. Sanders
  10. Murray
  11. White
  12. McCoy
  13. Homer
  14. Cook
  15. Scott
  16. Tevin Coleman
  17. Williams
  18. Michel
  19. Lynch
  20. Kyle J
  21. Darwin Thomp
  22. Brieda
  23. Hyde
  24. Duke J
  25. Burkhead
  26. Gore
  27. Hill
  28. Dion
  29. Mattison
  30. Boone
  31. Abdullah
  32. Yeldon
  33. Ricard
  34. CJ Ham
  35. Anthony Sherm
  36. Jordan Howard
  37. Turbin

Mostert has taken the clear lead in the 49ers backfield and should have a steady playoffs. Travis Homer is a quality back and could play two games. Boston Scott will get a good amount of burn whether or not Sanders is fully healthy or not. Rex Burkhead could lead the Pats backfield in touches and be their most productive back. Good value there. Alexander Mattison may get 10 touches or so and maybe more if Cook proves gimpy. 49ers threw a deep route to FB Kyle J vs Seattle and they could stay creative with him offensively in the playoffs.


  1. Mike Thomas
  2. Deebo Samuel
  3. Tyreek Hill
  4. Emmanuel Sanders
  5. TreQuan Smith
  6. John Brown
  7. Watkins
  8. Metcalf
  9. Lockett
  10. A.J. Brown
  11. Beasley
  12. Adams
  13. Hopkins
  14. Diggs
  15. Edelman
  16. Taysom Hill
  17. Harry
  18. DeMarcus Robinson
  19. Hardman
  20. Greg Ward
  21. Sanu
  22. Ginn
  23. Bourne
  24. Theilen
  25. Stills
  26. Lazard
  27. Scantling
  28. Corey Davis
  29. David Moore
  30. Myers
  31. Deonte Harris
  32. Fuller
  33. DeAndre Carter
  34. Arcega
  35. Duke Williams
  36. John Ursua
  37. Coutee
  38. Bisi Johnson
  39. McKenzie
  40. Allison
  41. Lazard
  42. Robert Foster
  43. Pettis
  44. Jaron Brown- ?
  45.  Adam Humphries- OUT for WC
  46. Agholor- OUT FOR WC

The Saints have the best shot to play more games than anyone which is why Mike Thomas is the easy #1 and also the reason I have TreQuan Smith so high.  I like Deebo to outscore Sanders. John Brown and Cole Beasley could prove nice selections with a defeat over the Texans, which is highly likely. Duke Williams could be a sleeper for them. If your league rewards return yards like mine does, take a chance on Hardman, DeAndre Carter (Will Fuller likely out as well) and Deonte Harris. I have Taysom Hill here at WR, hopefully your league allows a position change or allows you to flex him, a solid selection.


  1. Andrews
  2. Kittle
  3. Kelce
  4. Cook
  5. Hollister
  6. Goedert
  7. Ertz ?
  8. Boyle
  9. Josh Hill
  10. Hurst
  11. Rudolph
  12. Knox
  13. Irv Smith
  14. Fells
  15. Perkins
  16. Kroft
  17. Graham
  18. Watson
  19. Akins
  20. Lacosse
  21. Conklin
  22. Dwelley
  23. Marcedes Lewis
  24. Luke Wilson
  25. Jordan Thomas

Indications are Ertz is likely to play but how much and how effective will he be? Best to hedge with Perkins, who may play even if Ertz is out there, since his health will not be 100% and due to the fact the Eagles are so banged up at WR. Nick Boyle and Hayden Hurst could prove to be huge values.


  1.  Saints
  2. Ravens
  3. KC
  4. 49ers
  5. Bills
  6. Pats
  7. Seattle
  8. Titans
  9. Packers
  10. Eagles
  11. Vikings
  12. Texans


  1. Lutz
  2. Tucker
  3. Butker
  4. Gould
  5. Hauschka
  6. Greg Joseph
  7. Myers
  8. Crosby
  9. Elliott
  10. Folk
  11. Fairbarn
  12. Bailey

All these Saints and I failed to get any of them in my big draft. Big Mistake. I have a smaller one tomorrow, which I will be loading up on them! Somehow I ended up with 4 Eagles!! Best to all in your leagues.

Favorite Value DFS Picks

Josh Allen, Boston Scott, Travis Homer, Rex Burkhead, Miles Sanders, Greg Ward, Diggs, Beasley, John Brown, Metcalf, Hollister, Goedert, Perkins, Dawson Knox, Irv Smith, Fells

No Brainer: Mike Thomas probably needs to be in every one of your lineups.

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