FantasySavvy: 2020 NFL Draft WR Review

I hope everyone is well during these crazy times. Along with the Jordan/Bulls Documentary and the NFL Draft tonight we are getting some recourse and getting a small return of sports and normalcy.

The Following list are WR’s I have got a good look at, there are many I need to further look at, but I have most of the top guys covered. I will be releasing a podcast as well over the next day or two discussing these players and possibly some more. Please Follow me @FantasySavvy on Twitter. Thanks for reading.


Jerry Jeudy- Bama, 6’1 193 (Junior Year- 77 Catches, 1,163 Yds 10 TD’s)

The Majority know that Jeudy excels when it comes to route running, but it really seems like he takes great pride in it and loves the craft. Jeudy excels with post, post corners and other double moves, as well as post outs. His excellent feet and technical skills also allow him to break press coverage. Jeudy is masterful in setting up defenders after the catch and gaining extra yards. He isn’t the strongest WR and he didn’t show to much in making contested catches, but he likely doesn’t need it with his speed (4.4 forty) and route running ability. I would also like to have seen more traditional out routes, comebacks, curls, etc, but I don’t think Juedy will have much issue if asked to run these routes more in the NFL. Jeudy is similar to Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley and Davante Adams. It may take him a half season or so to get fully adjusted to the NFL, but he should only continue to get better and better.

Tee Higgins- Clemson, 6’4, 218 (Junior Year, 59 Catches, 1,167 YDS 13 TD’s)

Higgins is going to be a force in the NFL, you throw the ball up to him, he’s going to come down with it. He will be a great redzone option. Higgins thrives on jumpballs and comeback routes and back shoulder catches. He also has a little wiggle after the catch. He needs to show more towards the inside of the field, but on the Perimeter he is a problem. Route Running isn’t great, but Higgins is easily one of my favorite WR prospects in this draft. He reminds me of AJ Green, Allen Robinson type.

Henry Ruggs III- Bama, 5’11, 188 (Junior Year- 40 Catches, 746 Yds, 7 TD’s)

Ruggs may not have had the best stats among among the trio of WR’s at Alabama, but he certainly showed to be the most explosive. Ruggs has elite speed (4.28 forty) and it shows plenty on film. Ruggs not only can fly, but he has excellent vertical ability Ruggs Serious Dunk here. Ruggs also displayed strong hands on contested balls.  He is also able to break tackles to get extra yards. My comparison is Tyreek Hill. If Ruggs continues to work on his route running and get stronger, he can be an elite WR in this league. His upside is through the roof. There has been talk of KC moving up to draft him, which would just be unbelievable to watch.

Jalen Reagor- TCU, 5’11, 206 (Junior Year, 43 Catches, 611 Yards, 5 TD’s)

Reagor’s stats are not impressive, but the stats as always never tell the whole story. On film, Reagor’s tape is as impressive as any WR in this draft. He combines both power and speed. He’s not big, but he can break tackles and out muscle corners. He recently added some pounds to gain strength. He is not as fast as Henry Ruggs (4.47 Forty) but as a WR I believe he is more skilled. Reagor is a versatile threat, he can return kicks, take screens to the house or go up and out jump a bigger corner for the ball. Reagor worked a lot on the perimeter, beating corners with his speed, but also was able to get off press with his quick feet and good strength. If asked to work inside more often, I’m sure he would have no issue. I really don’t see many weaknesses when it comes to Reagor, I believe he could very well end up being the best WR in this draft class. He reminds me of Steve Smith, DJ Moore, Percy Harvin, Curtis and Deebo Samuel. He has a little bit of all of them in him.

CeeDee Lamb- Oklahoma, 6’2 198 (Junior Year 62 Catches, 1,327 Yards, 14 TD’s) – Lamb displays an exceptional ability to track the Football and finish with Good Hands. He’s not a burner, but his speed is adequate (4.5 forty) and he is very good after the catch, showing agility and strength to break tackles. His route running isn’t great or even very good, but that is certainly something he can work on. However, WR’s like DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Byrant were never great route runners either and both dominated at their position.  Lamb has some Stefon Diggs after the catch ability and DeAndre Hopkins where he can go up and track contested balls.

Byran Edwards, South Carolina, 6’3, 212 (71 Catches, 816 Yards, 6 TD’s)

Edwards displays superior strength, often carrying defenders and out muscling them. His body and strength are made for the NFL. He isn’t the fastest or the best route runner, but his size and strength will allow him to beat corners on slants and jump balls. He is also going to break tackles and gain extra yards. He’s going to be an effective playmaker in the NFL. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin, and to me he’s one of the best WR’s in this draft.

Denzel Mims- Baylor, 6’3, 207- (Senior Year- 66 Catches, 1,020 Yds, 12 TD’s) 

Mims reminds me of a D.K. Metcalf, Michael Gallup type. Strong, physical with great speed (4.38 forty). He’s also a great athlete and has strong hands which help him on contested balls. Much like Metcalf and Gallup coming out, he’s not a completely sound route runner, but certainly can improve much like Metcalf did in his rookie season. I know their is some issues with drops, and Mims could be a bit raw overall, but he should end up being a fairly solid WR in the NFL. Some have compared him to Julio Jones, I don’t see him being that, I see him more in the Gallup, mold. For another great WR comparison, there is some Andre Johnson in there also. If you like Big, Physical WR’s, Mims is your guy.

Chase Claypool, Notre Dame, 6’4, 238 (Senior Year, 66 Catches, 1,037 Yards, 13 TD’s)

Claypool is huge and he ran a 4.42 Forty which is impressive. Game tape doesn’t reveal that speed, but Claypool is nimble for his size. Claypool joins Higgins and Pittman Jr. in the Big man category. I see some similarities to Mike Evans, Claypool is a tough cover because of his size and good speed. He has developed as a route runner since he’s been at Notre Dame. You’re not going to have an easy time breaking up a pass thrown to Claypool. Some people are comparing him to Calvin Johnson, that’s crazy, I would say his ceiling is Mike Evans, although that will be tough to match. I think his floor is Tyrell Williams who has been a solid pro.

Michael Pittman JR.- USC, 6’4, 223 (Senior Year-101 catches, 1,275 YDS 11 TD’s)

Pittman had a breakout season last year with USC. He has a big frame, smooth hands and glides when he runs (4.5 Forty). Shows good ability to make go up and track balls and is decent after the catch. Not a polished route runner. There is good potential for Pittman JR. in the right system. He reminds me of former Saints WR Marques Colston.

Brandon Aiyuk, AZ St. 6’1, 206 (Senior Year 65 Catches, 1,192 Yards, 8 TD’s)

Aiyuk is a skilled, speedy WR. At Arizona St. he routinely beat corners deep and also created big plays from screens. Aiyuk had surgery recently, so there are some questions regarding his health, but I’m sure he will be fine. He reminds me of Anthony Miller who the Bears drafted last year out of Memphis. It may take Aiyuk a year or two like Miller to fully develop, but in the right situation with the right QB it could happen sooner. I think he can be an effective No.2, No. 3 WR in the NFL, there is some T.Y. Hilton there.

Laviska Shenault Jr, Colorado, 6’1, 227 (Junior Year, 56 Catches, 764 Yards, 4 TD’s)

Shenault is an interesting player, his speed on film certainly appears faster then his Forty Time (4.58) and he shows a lot big play making ability. He can take screens, reverses to the house and break off short routes for big gains, he packs a punch. He’s sort of a cross between Sammy Watkins and Cordarrelle Patterson, two incredible athletes, but guys who have underwhelmed in the NFL. He’s certainly a weapon, but as far as apure WR and a consistent threat, I’m not sure he’s that.

Justin Jefferson, LSU, 6’3 192 (Junior Year, 111 Catches, 1,549 YDS, 18 TD’s)

Jefferson’s numbers are eye popping, but in my opinion Jefferson is more suited for the College level then the NFL. I think Jefferson can be a fairly solid possession WR in the NFL, but when watching him, I just don’t see a lot of big play potential or upside. I don’t see him making a lot of contested catches, I don’t see him making a lot of big plays downfield. A lot of his catches were against zone coverage where he was wide open and having Joe Burrow helped him tremendously. Jefferson is smooth, runs crisp short to intermediate routes and has good hands, but in the NFL I believe he is going to have a harder time winning matchups. He ran a 4.43 forty, but to me that speed doesn’t fully show on gamefilm. That’s not to say he won’t be a productive WR, but I do not think he is worthy of a 1st or 2nd or even a 3rd round draft pick.  I think his ceiling is Robert Woods and is floor is likely Nelson Agholor.

Other Notables

Gabriel Davis, UCF. 6’2, 216. Big, Physical WR, he could be a better pick than Pittman JR. and Claypool and prove to be a better value.

Van Jefferson, Florida, 6’1, 200. As I stated before I am not high on Justin Jefferson, Van Jefferson can be had later, is a good route runner as well and could prove to be more effective than his LSU counterpart.

Lynn Bowden, Kentucky, 5’11, 204  Like Randall Cobb who also played for Kentucky, Bowden can do many things. He can throw, run and catch. He had 14 total touchdowns running and receiving with almost 2,000 total yards. He belongs in the NFL and if used correctly can be a key contributor.

Tyler Johnson, Minnesota, 6’2, 200. Johnson had 86 Catches for 1,300 yards and 13 TD’s for Minnesota in 2019. He’s not a burner or really explosive, but he’s a sound, smooth WR with good hands who runs fairly good routes. Think Keenan Allen type, who was a 4th round pick.

Antonio Gandy-Golden, Liberty, 6’3, 222. A lot of people are hyping up “AGG” as a sleeper in this draft. Golden had 1,400 Yards and 10 TD’s for Liberty, catching a ton of Jumpballs on inferior defenders. The competition wasn’t great as he played teams like Maine, and he ran a slow forty time 4.68, but Golden is physically and athletically gifted.

I still have many more WR’s to look at and I hope to do another breakdown sometime next month, along with the QB’s, RB’s and TE’s.  Stay tuned for the podcast breaking down these WR’s. Thanks again for reading and please follow me on Twitter @FantasySavvy.

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