2015 FantasySavvy: Fantasy Baseball Trade Deadline Deal Article

Here is an article I posted on my league’s site. Thought some of you may enjoy. I am availble for writeups if you are interested!!

Ol Winston n Gerns Strikes Deal w/ La Famiglia, Makes Them An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse

A deal was struck Friday Morning between the two clubs, as La Famiglia sent Adrian Gonzalez and Tyson Ross over to WGBC for Corey Dickerson.

Many wonder why WGBC would make such a deal, sitting at 7-10 and currently on the outside looking in of the 2015 Freehole Playoffs.

” We like this deal, we still have a ton of young talent coming back next year, add a possible keeper in Tyson Ross and also acquire Adrian who will help us for our run this year,” said Co-Owner Winston Furton IV.

With 4 games after this week, WGBC needs to win this week and probably win 3 of their next 4 to have a realistic shot. They will be battiling with Mickey Small Balls, The Va Fongoool Crew, Upton Funk you Up, Leakey Wong and even La Famiglia for the final two spots.

” Why Give up now, we made this run two years ago, we can do it again”, Said Gerns, Winston’s partner.

Time will tell if this was a good deal for WGBC, but one thing is for sure they give their fans something to root for and keep it interesting. It’s the reason they have had such a cult following since their inception 3 years ago.

” We love this franchise, they give us hope and do not throw in the towel too soon. Yes they could put a little more effort into March/April during the NCAA tournament when all the scouting takes place, but once the season starts they are entrenched,” said Local WGBC supporter and Fan Carl Fernpak, a resident of Tempen, Ohio, where the WBGC headquarters is located.

” We don’t like giving up, we are still in it, besides what else are we going to do, we are old Men who need to stay active otherwise we might fall over on a park bench and end up at Perry’s Old Age Home on Rt. 39.

With a questionable pitching staff and Miggy still on the shelf, we will all see if WGBC can make this happen. After the deal struck Friday, Gerns was seen getting into his 1986 Cadillac Deville when a reporter asked, Hey Gerns how those balls hanging? Gerns replied, ” Better than Ever Youngster”.

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