2015 FantasySavvy: July 10th MLB Daily League Lineups

Three Lineups tonight. 1st one has Hector Santiago vs the Mariners, who has absolutely dominated them in the past. Cruz, Cano and Seager all hittng under .200 vs him. The 2nd has Gerritt Cole vs the Cardinals without Matt Holiday. Only Matt Carpenter has good success vs him (.300) while Peralta, Heyward are both hitting under .250 vs him. The last lineup goes with the value in Kendall Gravemen who has been lights out since his return from the Minors. 90% of the batters in my lineup have a proven track record vs the opposing pitcher with the majority hitting .300 or better. Rain doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem tonight. All lineups are FanDuel.

Lineup #1

P- Hector Santiago

C- Matt Wieters

1B- Joe Mauer

2B- Dee Gordon

3B-Alex Rodriguez

SS-Eduardo Suarez

OF-Jose Bautista, Marlon Byrd, Brett Gardner

Lineup #2

P- Gerritt Cole

C- Matt Wieters

1B- Billy Butler

2B- Stephen Drew

3B-Adrian Beltre

SS-Jordy Mercer

OF-Steve Pearce, Lorenzo Cain, Jose Bautista

Lineup #3

P- Kendall Gravemen

C- Russell Martin

1B- Joey Votto

2B- Jose Altuve

3B- Alex Rodriguez

SS- Carlos Correa

OF- Jose Bautista, Kevin Pilar, Yasel Puig

Bonus Lineup

P- Kendall Gravemen

C- Evan Gattis

1B- Adrian Gonzales

2B- Scooter Gennett

3B- Aramis Ramirez

SS- Jean Segura

OF-Cameron Maybin, Yasel Puig, Brett Gardner

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