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Hey all you good people here on Here we are again with yet another week of the good old SCRUBFEST shake and bake here on the ROAD TO GLORY SERIES.  This week, I’ve made it a point to bring my oven mitts with me being that a few of the teams in the league I looking all but fresh baked right about now.  Fortunately, the up-coming week presents us a couple of real deal gutter bowl matches to shake some of the crumbs off…  Being that the team with the WORST RECORD does NOT get invited back, you can bet your bank on the competition remaining solid from top to bottom.  And for those who haven’t found something to play for in SF 2011 BY NOW, I’d HIGHLY SUGGEST they figure something out PRONTO before they find themselves figuring their OUT! And for you newcomers to fantasy, banging it out EVERY WEEK CONSISTENTLY is the one and only RIGHT WAY to play, so always be sure to make it a point to do that no matter what.  So without further ado… Lets take a walk around the league and take a loook at our week 8 results.


– This week, Dem Georgia Boyz (4-4) took to the high seas and cannon-balled my ANGRY PIRATES (6-2) this week staking their claim to another victory. *Final Score: 132-117

– While LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (3-5) served up yet another defeat cocktail to the sluggish CRUSHERS (5-3) in our closest match-up of the week. *Final Score: 131-130


– PITT CREW CRUSHERS (5-3) strapped up the seat belts and got off to yet another fast start, taking TROOPS (4-4) for a ride in the infamous corola, earning PITT CREW CRUSHERS this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT honors. *Final Score: 203-90

– While NYABC (2-6) adjusted their fitted, and capped off their week by giving a case of the big city blues to ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (4-4) in rather decisive fashion. *Final Score: 152-110


– TIEMPO DE GUERRA (6-2) gave RODNEY’S DANGERFIELD (6-2) the straight up George Lopez BUSINESS this week and got the last laugh in prevailing in an otherwise humorous win *Final Score: 151-56

– While STEEL CURTAN (1-7) finally unveiled a win and figured out a formula for success in beating GET OUT THE WAY (3-5) like an MPC beat machine. *Final Score: 89-63


– ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (5-3) pulled up to the station, unleashed the hounds of hell, and slapped fire out of PHILLY BAD BOYS (5-3) this week, bringing that faulty Amtrak train of theirs to a screeching halt. *Final Score: 181-139

– While the SILVER SNAKES (2-6) bellied their way to their second win of the year this week, turning their competiton to MUSH and beating the MASHERS (3-5) in an extremely lop-sided victory. *Final Score: 125-35



Being that there is only a 2 game disparity between the #1 team and the #10 team with 3 teams lingering just a game below that, SCRUBFEST is still very much up in the air as far as the playoff race goes at this point.  Just as easily as anybody can win it, anybody can lose it… Which is should usually be the case in most competitive leagues.  So I’m always of the opinion that it is best to stay hungry and driven, as I am most certain most of you are if you are a frequenter of this site and useful resource. Being that the playoffs aren’t too far off in most leagues, I’d seriously advise ALL to begin preparing yourself for that final push of the season if your playoff hopes are in the balance at this point. Just understand, NOW is the time to do SOMETHING if you’re doing ANYTHING!  Thanks again to my partners here at, and be sure to tune in and check out the radio program as well.  The program generally begins promptly at 11PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays so for those interested in calling in and getting some deeper perspective, feel free: (CALL IN SHOW) 714 242-6111. Ok then all my favorite fanatics and freaks, I bid you farewell for now, and best of luck to you and YOUR fantasy teams as well.

Till Next Edition…

~Commissioner Kwiz


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