Road To Glory Part 6




Hello all you FantasySavvy Football fanatics.  Here we are, right back at you, live and direct from SCRUBFEST USA with another spectacular edition of the Road To Glory Series.  Week 4 proved to be a pretty intense week in general, but week 5 proved to be even more so. With a couple of managers finding their way to the message board to turn up the heat a bit, a couple of managers finding their way back into the realm of competitive relevancy, and a couple of managers just straight up LOST in the dark abyss of an abysmal season, its no wonder why the theme of this week I present to you here is the case of the LOST and FOUND.  So without any further ado, lets take a walk around the league and see our week 5 results.


– This week my ANGRY PIRATES (4-1) fastened thier eye patches and found thier way back on track blind-siding the SILVER SNAKES (1-4), never losing sight of the fact that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is King! *Final Score: 151-100

– While CRUSHERS (5-0) found themselves in perpetual motion, adding yet another hershey stain to their accumulating win streak and defeating a team suddenly lost spiraling off into space in ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (2-3). *Final Score: 125-96


– ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (3-2) found their hot hand and took it to slap fire out of  DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (3-2) this week, who suddenly find themselves cooling off. *Final Score: 132-83

– While TIEMPO DE GUERRA (4-1) found thier stick and beat the candy out of a lost team in TROOPS (2-3) like a Pinata in Julios school yard celebrating fiesta. *Final Score: 203-136


– This week LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (2-3) found thier way back to the land of the relevant by serving the lost and winless NYABC (0-5) like a Hot Dog combo at Greys Papaya. (A New York thang) *Final Score: 153-100

– While PITT CREW CRUSHERS (3-2) found thier foot lodged in the anus of GET OUT THE WAY (2-3) only to lose a shoe in the process of thier National Coming Out Day massacre, earning PITT CREW CRUSHERS this weeks Toyota Biggest Blowout honors. *Final Score: 191-89


– The newly named RODNEY’S DANGERFIELD (4-1), formerly known as The PISSPOORSPORTS, showed little respect in finding thier way to the message board, turning up the heat, and mercilessly STEELING off on the lost and winless STEEL CURTAN (0-5) like a  cripple in Seattle. *Final Score: 163-118

– While PHILLY BAD BOYZ (4-1) found themselves victorious once again stomping out the MASHERS (1-4) like a skinhead in a mosh pit and extending their winning streak to 3 games in week 5’s closest SF2011 match. *Final Score: 119-99



Hope you’ve all enjoyed this weeks edition of The Road To Glory, and have also managed to find your way to the article I did last week about My Personal Must Have Fantasy Guy.  This week was certainly a chippy one here at SCRUBFEST with all the yap on the message board and what not, but what can you say… Just another regular week on the fantasy grid iron in the spirit of competition and good fun.  So I leave you here today with a little Poem I submitted in my SF2011 commissioners note this week, dedicated to the wonderful managers of my league playing for the Chip, while playing with a Chip on their shoulder. Enjoy, and good luck with YOU fantasy teams as well.


Just 5 weeks in and 5 weeks out and everything’s up in the air

There’s managers beefing, and teams are competing, the tempers are starting to flair

Since fall is the season, football is the reason you fantasy managers dare

Forget what you’re speaking, respects what your seeking??? You want it… DO SOMETHING IN HERE!!!


~Commissioner Kwiz



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