Weekend Update with Kevin Lewis

Andre Johnson is out for three weeks. Given the lack of options otherwise in the Houston pass game, both Foster and Tate should see more touches. Don’t run out there to pick up any Houston WRs. They’re not very good.

Beanie Wells is averaging 107 yards per game this year and has five touchdowns. He’s making himself a very comfortable start weekly.

While the rookie wall gets the best off them, given Cam Newton’s role in the offense and the job Carolina is doing in bringing him along, I don’t see him falling off any time soon. Given his value inside the five as well, start Newton with confidence.

Arian Foster looks like he’s back to last year’s form. Hold on to him. With Johnson out for the next couple weeks, Foster’s value goes up.

Tarvaris Jackson threw for 321 yards and 3 touchdowns this past week against the Atlanta defense. They play against Aaron Rodgers this week. That will get ugly.

Julio Jones is averaging 85 yards per game but he has no touchdowns. That should change however. Jones is a nice #2-3 wide receiver start in fantasy receivers, as is his rookie counterpart AJ Green.

Eric Decker continues to impress. 5 catches, 56 yards and two touchdowns against Green bay this past Sunday. Start him with confidence, as Denver really doesn’t have much else to lean on.

Don’t take too much from Frank Gore’s performance this Sunday. The Eagles cannot stop the run, so that made Gore look better than what he is.

Hakeem Nicks 10 catches, 162 yards and 2 TDs. That’s what I had in mind for him when I drafted him in the second round in one of my leagues. Eli is playing well and he should benefit immensely.

Rashard Mendehall is struggling and hurt. Mewelde Moore is hurt as well. If you can go pick up Isaac Redman immediately. There will never be a better time to do it.

Do not start Shonn Greene until he actually proves something. The Jets line is in shambles right now and Greene really isn’t helping their cause.

I have a good feeling about Titus Young. The Lions are heavily reliant on Calvin Johnson for obvious reasons but with the amount of coverage he’ll see Young should have some nice games. I’m not saying to go out there and start him but stash him just in case you may need him later.

Andy Reid’s refusal to give the ball to Lesean McCoy inside the five is frustrating as all hell.

Steve was right. Steven Ridley is definitely worth picking up. I’m not sure he’s worth starting just yet but if you are in a bind, pick him up. Who knows what may happen with the Patriots?

If you can get anything of significance for Desean Jackson, do it. He’s not doing much and if he’s have any impact it seems like it’s more of the intangible variety.

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