Road To Glory Series- Week 4






Hello fantasy fanatics and freaks. Welcome back for another edition of THE ROAD TO GLORY series, we we bring you week by week comentary live and direct from good old SCRUBFEST US of A.  Last week, a couple of managers found themselves trying to right the ship of a tanking season, and this week was pretty much more of the same.  So here we find ourselves at Week 4, and the results were interesting to say the least.  But truth be told, any week that you look and see YOUR TEAM at the tail end of the Toyota Biggest Blowout you’re certainly going to be scratching your head and rethinking your game-plan as was the situation presented to myself this past week.  But not withstanding myself, just from taking a quick glance around the league I’d say most of the managers in SF 2011 pretty much did their numbers this week.  So as the fall sets in and the competition heats up, lets do somethig cool here and… without further ado… Lets take a walk around the league and distinguish between who BROUGHT THEIR SHIT this week, and WHO GOT THEIR SHIT HANDED TO THEM!!!



– Naturally, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (2-2) on my ANGRY PIRATES (3-1) as we were sent walking the plank after being mollywhopped on the deck, earning ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT HONORS. *Final Score: 160-108 Ouch!!!

– Meanwhile, CRUSHERS (4-0) kept right on Steamrolling the competition, flattening THE MASHERS (1-3) & serving them up with extra gravy. *Final Score: 161-125


– DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (3-1) treated GET OUT THE WAY (2-2) to a real coming out party this week leaving them exposed this week. *Final Score: 139-124

– While TROOPS (2-2) proceeded to march through the SILVER SNAKES (1-3) in their field of grass. *Final Score: 165-144


– TIEMPO DE GUERRA (3-1) infiltrated the ghetto slums, and brought down the property value of NYABC (0-4) once again this week . *Final Score: 170-130

– While PITT CREW CRUSHERS (3-1) gave an anatomy lesson showing his foot to the behind of ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (2-2). *Final Score: 146-127


– This week LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (1-3) finally got out of the gates with their first win, serving the agony of defeat to STEEL CURTAIN (0-4). *Final Score: 149-139

– While PHILLY BAD BOYZ (3-1) cheesed their way to another win this week against THE PISSPOORSPORTS (3-1), giving them their first loss of the year. *Final Score: 176-166




Last week was an awesome week all across the board here at SF 2011.  Lots of tight match-ups, high scores, and portions of humble pie to go around with abundance. Next week promises to be even better now that these division races are beginning to round out around here.  Naturally, its still entirely too early to tell, but typically, SCRUBFEST is the type of league where its ANYBODY’S GAME for pretty much the entirety of the season, so be sure to stayed tuned to more fun and exciting comentary from SF 2011 next week as we proceed with our series here on  And on that note, look out for our next article where I’ll be presenting our SF 2011 managers picks for thier personal MUST HAVE FANTASY PLAYER.  Until then, be good and best of luck with YOUR fantasy team as well.


~Commissioner Kwiz

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