Departure from Fantasy Island- Week 5

Week 5 in the Books! Out of the 4 winless teams (49ers, Lions, Carolina, Buffalo) only one of them got a W and that was the Lions who led by Shaun Hill took down the St. Louis Rams at home. I really thought Buffalo and the 49ers would win this week, but these teams continue to disappoint. Despite the 49ers losing their Owner said today they will still win the division even though they are 0-5. I guess it’s still possible being in the NFC West, but Alex Smith needs to play better and I don’t know if he can. The Chiefs played valiantly at Indy and held Peyton Manning to No TD’s, but lost 19-9 as Matt Cassell is really preventing that team from taking the next step.

A lot of upsets this week as the Saints who showed warning signs by barely beating the Panthers and 49ers lost @ Arizona 30-20 with Drew Brees throwing a ususual 3 picks. I really think the Saints are missing Reggie Bush and his ability to open up things for that offense, not to mention Pierre Thomas. Also 2nd year QB Josh Freeman looked good and was drawing praise from Dan Marino as they beat the Bengals and the Struggling Carson Palmer 24-21. I don’t know if it’s a huge upset but the Skins defended their home field and beat a lot of people’s Super Bowl pick the Green Bay Packers 16-13. After losing 13 straight times by an average of 14 points and despite letting Phillip Rivers throw for 400 yards the Oakland Raiders beat the Chargers 35-27 after blocking two punts and returning one for a TD.  And Finally, with the Vikings loss tonight vs the Jets they are 1-3 and they will take on Dallas next week who are also 1-3 in what is an absolute must win game for both teams.



Finally Risen

Ray Rice

Now we can all exhale as Ray, Ray got it going against Denver on Sunday. Rice went for 133 on the ground with two TD’s  and was a workhorse getting 27 carries. If you landed him in a trade before this week than props to you because now that Rice owner will not move him after this performance. Feels good to be a Ray Rice owner again.


Michael Crabtree

Crabtree had his best game of year with 9 catches for 105 yards and a TD. He showed off his talent all night making nice catches in traffic and providing some nice yards after the catch ( Yac). Like Rice last week, I recommended trying to get Crabtree so hopefully you landed him. He should finish the year nicely.


Felix Jones

Jerry Jones vowed to get him the ball more and that’s just what the Cowboys did as they had their most effective game on the ground this year. Jones rushed for 105 yards on just 15 carries good and it appears he will be the main back going forward as Wade Phillips said “We need to get Felix the ball more,” “We did that (Sunday), and I thought it showed up well. It helped our running game.” Jones is averaging 5.6 yards per touch compared to Marion Barber’s 3.3. Barber could still threaten goal line carries but Jones is now the back to own.


Brett Farve

It sure as Shnike’s (click Snike’s for a laugh) didn’t look like Farve was going to do anything tonight after 2 terrible fumbles and about 30 yards passing early in the 3rd quarter, but Favre stepped up as he ended up throwing for 3 TD’s. Two of them went to Percy Harvin and one went to Randy Moss. All of his TD throws were beauty’s. Unfortunately Favre ended the game with one of his usual bone head throws as Dwight Lowery picked him off and the Jets sealed the game. Still, going forward the Vikings offense is going to be explosive and Brett Farve should put up some good numbers. Check’s Favre’s throw to Moss again, expect to see a lot of this.


Fo Real? You bet your Sharp Harpoons they are


Brandon Lloyd

The guy has always been talented, we’ve seen his highlight catches on Sportscenter before but he has never produced like this. Brandon Lloyd is the #1 Fantasy receiver right now, can you believe that? It’s nuts I know but Lloyd now has 30 catches for 589 yards and 3 TD’s after going for 135 and 2 TD’s last week. This guy is for real and so is his quarterback who I put in this Fo Real category last week as they both just had dead-solid games against the #1 pass defense in Baltimore. Should you sell high on Lloyd? Maybe but I think he continues to be a factor. The guy has great hands and Orton is chucking it right now. Maybe test the market but owners probably won’t be willing to give you much so your best bet is to hold onto him because it does appear this guy is Fo realllllll.


Ladainian Tomlinson

Should of had L.T. in here last week, but he makes it here this week as he looked very good tonight again this time against the tough Minnesota run D as he went for 94 yards on 20 carries. L.T. is looking healthy, turning the corner, making people miss and running with purpose. L.T. should stay healthy running behind this solid offensive line and having Greene coming in to spell him and keep his endurance. There is still some risk for injury at the age of 31 but L.T. is most def for real.


Others to consider but need to see more (Malcolm Floyd, Mike Williams (TB)


Shockers of the Week

Arian Foster

Foster was completely shut down by the Giants Defense on Sunday as he only ran for 25 yards on 11 carries for a 2.3 average. After 4 consecutive solid weeks Foster killed owners this week. Also he hurt his knee but Foster and the Texans both say he should be fine for Sunday and Foster will be fine going forward running the ball, don’t panic if you are.


David Garrard (on the road)

Like I pointed out in my Start Em Sit Em’s Garrard had only 4 TD’s in his last 13 road games. But, Garrard played well at Buffalo throwing for 3 TD’s on 178 yards. So basically he was one TD shy of his Total TD’s in his last 13 games on the road. I still think Garrard is teasing us though but Jacksonville is now 3-2 and Garrard is getting it done after being terrible in the first couple of weeks.


Matt Forte

161 Yards Rushing with Two TD’s? Where the heck did that come from? Mike Martz was FORCED to run the ball this week with Todd Collins at the helm and Forte stepped up with a giant game. When Cutler returns, if Martz doesn’t start running the ball more to take some heat of his QB then he’s a dope. Mike Tice and Martz supposedly had a riff last week because Tice wanted to run more so hopefully this game by Forte will help Tice’s opinion a bit more going forward. Will see, Chester Taylor also had 18 Carries for 43 yards so it could mean more running for the Bears.


Other Shocks ( Phillip Rivers throwing for 431 yards with 2 TD’s, 0 picks and the Chargers still losing, Peyton Manning throwing No TD’s, Drew Brees throwing 3 Picks, Malcolm Floyd 200 Yards receiving)



Go and Trade for Now!!!!

It’s probably too late on the guys I recommended last week in Ray Rice, Malcolm Floyd, Michael Crabtree and Terrell Owens as well as Brett Farve but still give it a shot. Continue to try to get Mike Wallace, Jamal Charles, C.J. Spiller, Ryan Matthews, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Tate, Beanie Wells.


Go Trade


Steven Jackson

I said it last week but Now is the time to move Steven Jackson coming off a 100 yard game against the lions. The Rams just lost their best wideout for the year in Mark Clayton so that means two things. Teams will gear up on Steven Jackson even more and now he will get a bigger workload which is bad because the guy is injury prone. He’s going to get beat up. So go out and trade Jackson for a need on your team and pickup Kenneth Darby, Jackson’s backup because Jackson won’t find the endzone and he’s not a good bet to stay healthy.


Cut the cheese

Benard Berrian

Berrian was demoted tonight against the Jets and only played a couple snaps to give Moss a breather. You can safely cut him this week he won’t be a factor, Greg Lewis was playing over him.


Mark Clayton

Out for the year so it’s obvious, even in keeper leagues I would cut him.


Legedue Naanee

As I stated last week cut Legedu,  Naanee got hurt in the 2nd quarter and barely played in week 5 but he won’t do anything anyway, cut him.


Others to consider but maybe hold for now- Mario Manningham (back to back 0 catch weeks), Darius Heyward-Bey, Harry Douglas, Joel Dreesen (Cut him) , Joey Galloway, Chris Chambers

Big Injuries in Week 5

Calvin Johnson (Shoulder)

Left the game early after a sideline catch where he landed on his shoulder. Didn’t need X-rays after the game but the Lions however say they are very concerned. It could be a separation which could keep him at least a couple of weeks. Lions have a bye in Week 6. Stay Tuned.


Jahvid Best (Toe)

Left game early Sunday, and appeared to re-aggravate his turf toe before he left. He didn’t return but most likely because the Lions were easily beating the Rams. The Lions have a bye in Week 6 and they haven’t reported anything about it so he should be fine when they return in two weeks.


Aaron Rodgers (Concussion)

Rodgers left the game right before overtime with a concussion. He is questionable so far for Week 6. Stay tuned but there is a good chance Rodgers misses the game.


Mark Clayton (Knee)

Out for the year with a Patella Tendon tear in his knee. Feel bad for this guy, finally steps up and then gets hurt for the year.


Clay Matthews (Hamstring)

For IDP leagues, The beast Matthews hurt his hammy but reports are positive so far that he will be able to return in week 6. Monitor it.


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