FantasySavvy2020: Week 4, Important Player Assessments

Just a few players to discuss this week, but I thought it was important I put this out for you guys. Please follow me on Twitter @FantasySavvy and stay tuned for my weekly podcast releasing early Sunday Morning.

Rams Football:

I drafted Darrell Henderson in basically every league last season, unfortunately playing behind Gurley, Darrell never got a chance to display his talents. This year, because of Cam Akers, he was very undervalued, sitting there in drafts waiting to be taken. I took him where I could, although I wish I had him in more. I lost out on him in FAAB in one league (initially getting him but ended up being over the Cap, so I lost him) and it was heartbreaking. I am a fan of Darrell and was calling for Fantasy Owners to be patient on him as I thought there was a good chance he could take this job. I was never high on Cam Akers and knew he could beat out both Akers and Brown. His chance came in Week 2 and he capitalized again in Week 3. He is now the number 1 guy and I expect him to keep this job and be a solid asset the rest of the season for a few reasons. First, the Rams are opening holes for him and he is a great fit with his small frame and great acceleration. He also gets even smaller by getting low when he runs. He can also run with some pop, as evidenced by his TD runs the last two weeks, notably last week running for a TD by running over Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds. Henderson is also fairly capable catching balls out of the backfield and the Rams no doubt will start utilizing him in the pass game more often. He is for real, hang onto him and enjoy the benefits.

I never realized how good of a runner Robert Woods is, he has legit moves. Last week vs the Bills he put this on display on his TD catch, juking out the defender and also on a reverse carry. He had 30 yards rushing.

Cooper Kupp finally got going last week, this is why you drafted him. He is very good at Football, guy is a solid route runner, tough, has good hands and is also good after the catch.

Jared Goff’s biggest strength is his accuracy. With the way the Rams are able to run the ball with Henderson, McVay is able to dial up his playaction passes for Goff and Goff is delivering the ball on point. This team needs to be able to run the ball to have a successful passing game and so far that has been the case.

There was a Gerald Everett sighting last week, Higbee is still the main guy but Everett could start to scrap into that production from Higbee a bit. Make sure you are ready to pounce on him (especially in TE Premium) if he’s starts to pop or gets more of an opportunity. The talent is still there and the Rams love using their Tight Ends. Pound for Pound, Everett arguably is the more talented player.

Bills Football:

I am a Jets fan. I haven’t felt anything positive about this since the Butt Fumble. However, I did want them to take Josh Allen over Sam Darnold and had they done that, I may have been feeling very good at this point. The Jets are a tragedy, until they get new ownership, and a new coach, it’s going to be hard to ever root for this team again. Thank God I am a Yankees fan. Josh Allen continues to amaze. He is doing a lot of the same things he showed in college, just now he is smarter, has improved his accuracy, and is playing with much better weaponry. The way Allen fights off rushers and breaks free is really unseen in the league. Big Ben used to show that early in his career, but Allen is stiff arming and throwing defenders to the ground. Some of his throws look like they teleport through the air, traveling 20 yards within a nano second. This kid is in for big things and has a real shot to win a SB and/or win MVP this season.

Devin Singletary looks better in his 2nd season in the NFL. Patience, burst, agility, he had some great runs last week vs the Rams. Zack Moss has yet to show out and has been injured so for now, Singletary is the main guy, and it should remain that way, although Moss is still a threat to take future GL work. I faded him this year when they drafted Moss and thinking his upside was sort of capped from what he showed last season, but I think I was wrong about that, it looks like he’s getting better. I would expect consistent production from him.

John Brown got hurt somewhere in the late 2nd/early 3rd quarter but didn’t have a catch before exiting. Even when Brown was in the game, rookie Gabriel Davis was seeing decent playing time playing in 4 WR sets. Davis looked good showing off his size and speed. Brown has a calf injury that he could easily re-aggravate, so Davis is a guy that is not only worth owning because of potential opportunity, but for his talent as well. Davis is the biggest WR on the team and is seemingly a good fit with Allen and this offense.

Tyler Kroft a thing? Maybe not, especially with Dawson Knox coming back this week, but I thought Kroft played his ass off last week making a few nice catches. He only had 4 grabs on 5 targets for 24 yards, but two of them went for TD’s. I don’t think he’s worth adding yet, but I think he’s definitely someone to keep on your radar.

Falcons Football:

Matt Ryan seems to start strong but fades when the game matters most, this is now a pattern with him. The pass to Ridley that got picked was just a head scratcher. Missing Julio certainly hurt, also Gage getting hurt, but he needs to finish stronger. What is also hurting Ryan is teams aren’t really scared of their running attack. Todd Gurley continues to look like he has a load in his pants, although on his TD run he stiffed armed the defender for the TD, his best run of the year. His best runs came mostly out of Shotgun, as that is where Brian Hill’s 50 yard TD came from. Hill did nothing of note on the rest of his carries, but caught a screen pass where he was wide open which turned into a big play. As I said last week, If you can trade Gurley do it, he’s losing playing time to Brian Hill, Ito Smith and really does not look impressive. It seems like the Falcons need to get Hayden Hurst a little more involved, he’s been scoring TD’s, but hasn’t been a consistent option for them. I noticed him running a lot of drag and curl routes, I think they should start using him downfield more and also on screens and delay routes. Try to get him in the open field to utilize his strength which is his speed. Looks like Gage and Julio will return this week and Ridley should be fine despite an ankle injury. Deep dive WR for the Falcons is Olamide Zaccheaus who had 4 catches for 40 yards with Gage and Julio both hurt last week.

Daaa Bears

I thought Mitch was playing decent before he got pulled for Nick Foles early in the 3rd quarter. Mitch threw an awful pick on a pass to Jimmy Graham, although Graham who was running a drag route, wasn’t even looking for the ball and kind of slowed up. Before that, Mitch had threw a TD to Graham in the 1st quarter, but missed a bunch of deep balls. Nick Foles took over and had two TD’s called back, one to Miller and one to Robinson on a jump ball. He had a miracle throw to Jimmy Graham over three defenders and could have been picked at least three times in this game. What Foles did that Matt Ryan did not was finish strong. Foles is always going to give his players a chance to make a play and usually the pass will be somewhat accurate. He’s slow as molasses however and is prone to turnovers. The Bears are going to lose Mitch’s playmaking ability but will gain Foles clutch gene and accuracy. It certainly helps Robinson, Miller, Mooney and Graham. Miller dropped a TD in this game and Mooney also had two drops. Miller might finally become a consistent producer with Foles under center and Mooney may pop some weeks as well. Jimmy G is going to remain a factor in this offense, they are really relying on him in the redzone. He now has 3 TD’s in three games.

Quick Notes:

Stay patient with Kenyan Drake, the Cards really aren’t opening many holes for him and haven’t used him in the pass game nearly enough. His best runs last week came on toss plays where he had room to create and utilize his speed. He’s still in a great offense and is a talented runner.

Grab Andy Isabella if he’s available in your league. Possible DFS play this week, especially if Hopkins is out. Kingsbury has got to realize by now that this kid needs to be much more involved. I really don’t know what he’s waiting for. IMO he’s the 2nd best WR on the team.

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