FantasySavvy 2018: Late Night Fantasy Wisdom

By Tim Blender:

Who is Tim Blender? Don’t worry about it. Welcome to possibly a new edition to the FantasySavvy site, a late night thought post. Different names will get credit for this, this time it’s Tim Blender.

Will Matt Brieda or Albert Morris outproduce what Carlos Hyde did last year in San Fran? Doubt it. Neither are as talented. Throw in Kyle Kuskakckekcehechechhcheck and now you have a flurry of guys who are catching random balls. No doubt the niners will look to feed a main guy, but I doubt any of these guys will do anything big this year. McCkinnon was being overvalued as well, much like Lamar Miller has been the past few years and still to this day! I’m passing, do what you want.

Draft Sony Michel and Rex on the same squad? Why not? One of the these guys or perhaps both will produce nicely this year. Especially with the lack of weapons in New England currently. I like Rex, but think he’s a bit injury prone, same goes with Michel, but would draft Michel slightly ahead of Rex. Or take both! They took Sony in the first round for a reason, Pats are looking for him to the be the replacement to Dion and he certainly could be. Of course you could wait forever and add James White as well, definitely worth it, just stays producing when given the shot. BTW, the pats added two WR’s, Chad Hansen and Amara Darboh. I would watch Hansen out of the two, White Man Can Jump. 

The Saints didn’t cut Jonathan Williams for no reason, and that reason was not Mike Giliselee, it was Boston Scott. This guy can play. They announced today he would be returning kicks, but expect him to get a decent amount of touches week 1. If you own Alvin Kamara or are in a deeper league, best ball add this kid. He is going to produce when given the ball.

Whether in a 12, 14, 16, Keeper league or whatever, I have been adding Courtland Sutton, James Washington and Ridley in a ton of leagues and in value spots. These guys are just sitting there. I am adding them over guys like Ted Ginn, Mike Wallace, Amendola, etc. I believe at least 2 of these guys are going to give you solid production this year. All three are legit. I have them in so many leagues, let’s hope this pays dividends. All so talented.

Top 25 Consensus WR’s I am avoiding? Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Jarvis, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, Amari Cooper, Brandin Cooks. Why? Evans is playing with Fitzpatrick and a regressing Jameis Winston. Allen Robinson is surrounded by other weapons and probably playing with a QB worse than Bortles. Landry is not going to get 10290912092 targets anymore, he’s surrounded by a lot more talent now and in a new offense. Josh Gordon hasn’t played much football of late and also has more talent around him. Jones won’t produce the numbers he did last year, Kenny Galladay could put a hurt in some of his numbers. Just going a tad high for me. Cooper scared me last year, let’s see if he and  Carr can bounce back. Cooks has Woods, Gurley and Kupp to compete with. I don’t feel like taking any of these guys within the first 5 rounds.

I think a lot of RB’s are going to produce nice returns this year. But a few backs I have been avoiding are Kerryon Johnson, Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, Rashad Penny, Isaiah Crowell, and Marlon Mack. Johnson reminds me too much of Darren McFadden. Pass. Ajayi is scaring me already with some knee trouble and the Eagles will use Clement and Sproles, possibly Josh Adams. Lamar Miller is too boring to watch even though there is nobody in plain sight behind him and he is playing with Watkins. He will produce his boring 8-12 points a week. Not for me. Rashad Penny gained 20 lbs since the combine? What’s he been eating? Tacos or lots of Fishsticks? Chris Carson I trust to maintain the job. I rather own Bilal Powell than Crowell and Marlon Mack I liked last year, but not much anymore. The Colts added two more backs in the draft showing the they have doubts about him being the guy. Jordan Wilkins is my current favorite to be the man this year there. Matt Forte type.

Stay tuned for Week 1 Rankings and more late night wisdom from random authors.




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