King of Harpoons 2017: Post Draft Review

The draft was a success. We have some solid owners in this league, with a lot of experience. This is the 5th Annual King of Harpoons tournament and we hope to keep this going for the next century. The games start tomorrow so let’s get some post draft analysis, brought to you by the one and only Gary Plonderson.

Newcomers to the Harpoons are Jake and Dylan who ended up with Zeke as their 1st pick. Their overall draft was fairly solid throughout finishing with Kelce, Cooper, Manning and Sheppard. Their odds went from 25-1 down to 10-1. They love to claim themselves as the G.O.A.T without actually having any history of success or winning. Kids these days mehhhhhhh.

Another newcomer is Mambaday60 Greg Santos who drafted with his sister and fellow Kinnelon Native Sandra Santos. Their Squad is led by Antonio Brown, Alex Smith and Thomas Rawls with some Cole Beasley sprinkled in. They are hoping Jeff ” My Mom is a Irish Nun” Janis can be the sleeper they need. Santos has been new to the Fantasy Football world over the past 3 years, but since has been spotted studying fantasy notes for hours upon hours at his local Starbucks. The obsession has commenced and he has become a well informed and studious Fantasy Player.

The last newcomer but no stranger to Postseason Play mostly in NCAA is Chase Licata who is filling in for his old college Roomate and Harpoons usual Dennis Severino. Chase comes in with a quiet laid back confidence and likes his chances to take the league down. His team is led by Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham with some other solid picks in Mitchell, Hogan, Witten and Zach Zenner.

Evan Swalling a former champ was not happy with his Golden Tate pick during the draft although two veteran Harpoons owners both complimented him on the selection. He said he wanted Santos. Will see how it works out. His team is led by Big Ben and the White Unicorn or whatever his nickname is.

Ken DeAngelo usually a very solid owner had one of the more disappointing drafts in the Harpoons 5th annual. I asked him after the draft what happened and he said, ” 11th pick happened.” Well no excuses Ken. Another league member stated during the draft “Ken DeAngelo knows what he’s doing right?, why is his team so bad.” We will not reveal that owner other than she is a woman. But that could be any on yous, so it doesn’t reveal much. All jokes in the Cookie Jar, Ken will need Devonta Freeman to get to the SB and the Packers to make a serious run with Jordy and Randall Cobb. He could also get a big two game performance out of Brock ” the 70 Million dollar man” Osweiler. Chances of that happening however are very slim. Good luck to Ken, his Odds have now dropped to 16-1. Maybe Lucky Whitehead will return a few punts and save the day.

Gary Portman the biggest sh*t talker in the league and self proclaimed Champion of everything including most doubles and triples in Softball that should have been Homers, comes in with a pretty well rounded squad. Matt Ryan was his 1st selection and he followed that with a KC theme selecting Spencer Ware and the ever explosive Tyreek Hill. As Gus Johnson says, Tyreek has run from the cop speed. Gary however does not. Gary came through with some nice selections in Aaron Ripowski and then again in the 11th round with C.J. Prosise who could resume practicing next week. Gary is a solid Fantasy Player and is always a threat to take down any league. He will be looking for his 1st Harpoons title.

Zeroooo or Espo has been a Harpoons member since the start if I am not mistaken. He is also a veteran to the FantasyPostseason site from the NCAA pools over the years. He hates this site with a passion and has nightmares at night about it after the draft. Espo always has some of the most Savvy Selections. He always seems to start out strong and finish in the money, but never seems to be able to be crowned upon the hill of majesty. Maybe this year he will be crowned Harpoons champion. His team is very good with Aaron Rodgers, Dez Byrant, Ty Montgomery and C.J. Fedorwicz who should have a nice opening round game.

Joe P doesn’t seem to be able to hit in Fantasy like he can in Softball and Baseball, but maybe I am mistaken. Maybe he proves us wrong here. Joe’s key strategy seemed to be to guarantee himself the 5% by waiting for the last QB and taking Connor Cook. However he will still need to beat out a Andrew Franks, a Defense and of course Jeff “My Mom Likes to make me WhiskeyCakes” Janis. And while Joe aka Plunker may have a solid shot at the 5% he also has a shot to take the entire pool down with picks like Julio Jones, Julian Edelman Pats D and Jay Ajayi.

Bob Portman who always has the worst internet connection in the league, finally had 0 issues this year. Last year in the NBA league Bob’s connection caused a squabble between him and Commish Steve D which led to some question of Bob ever returning to postseason play. However he is back and all is good.
Bob’s sport of skill may be Basketball where he has claimed a few titles, but has yet to claim any Harpoons. Maybe that changes this year and he reps the Portman Bros in 2017. He ended up with Le’Veon Bell as his 1st pick and followed that with Davante Adams, Latavius Murray, Matthew Stafford and Michael Crabtree. We like it, he will just need to put up some points before those Men bow out.

Robby D , Freehole 23, another Harpoons Vet ended up with the 1st pick. A glorious spot indeed. After some reports revealed by Getch Getch hoons from that he was taking Le’Veon Bell, he ended up switching to the secure and pure pick in Tom Brady. After all the the AFC side does look like the New England Invitational. He followed Brady with Coleman, Miller, Sanu and Giants D. Looks like he has Atlanta in the SB. Robbie’s sport like Bob P seems to be Basketball as well, as he has claimed many titles in that sport, so will see if he can rock down a Football title here, Harpoons style.

Frank, Griplip, it’s not a Thoma selected LeGarrette Blount with his 1st pick and he smoothed out his team with Doug Baldwin, DeAndre Hopkins, and Seattle D. Of course Frank a bigtime Dolphins fan he has 3 Phins in Matt Moore, DeVante Parker and Kenyan Drake. Maybe Miami can go to Pittsburgh and pull the upset. But we do not forsee that happening. No.

Steve DeAngelo returns to the Harpoons looking for his 3rd tile in 5 years. He appeared to have a solid draft and will need a Cowboys/Pats SB with picks like Dak Prescott, Dion Lewis, Gostkowski and Dallas D. He also has O’Dell Beckham and Jarvis Landry, the LSU Boys. If he can get two games from ODB, watch out. Steve was the favorite coming in with Ken and Gary at 4-1 and now is the solo Favorite post draft moving to 3-1.

That’s it for now, expect a follow up report after the Wild Card round with some projected scores and updated odds the divisional round.

Updated Odds:

Steve D 3-1
Joe P 5-1
Robbie D 9-1
Espo 5-1
Kenny D 16-1
Bob P 5-1
Frank 10-1
Gary P 7-1
Greg/Sandra 11-1
Dylan & Jake 8-1
Evan 12-1
Chase 10-1

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