Road To Glory



Week 7 proved to be yet another fun and interesting week here at SCRUBFEST and from the looks of things, seems as though a couple of the guys have already checked out on their pathetic season.  And though I say that in jest, I’ve always said that my league isn’t one for the faint of heart and when you check in and see your team sitting there eating a big fat fantasy DONUT after 7 weeks, fainting may be likely, and checking out may seem logical.   But all joking aside, fantasy football is closer to a marathon than a sprint, so you’ve got to be prepared to endure through the agony of defeat if you ever expect to experience the joys of victory.  The only TRUE LOSER is a quitter, so if not for anything else, ALWAYS play for pride no matter what.  Furthermore, this marathon called Fantasy Football is all about Streaks and EVERY so-called savvy Vet knows this.  At the end of the day, winning a fantasy league is really all about 2 things… The STREAKS YOU GO ON, and the STREAKS YOU STOP!  So without any further ado, lets take a walk around the league and see our week 7 results.

– This week, my ANGRY PIRATES (6-1) continued their quest for the chip by sailing through PHILLY BAD BOYZ (5-2), weathering the storm of a close match and quieting the restless seas while taking our win streak to 3 games. *Final Score: 132-131

– While NYABC (1-6) finally found a way to conquer their concrete jungle and send the CRUSHERS (5-2) crashing down to earth on a 2 game losing streak faster than the stock market during the recession. *Final Score: 121-120


– The MASHERS (3-4) kicked ass and gave DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (4-3), currently on a 3 game losing streak, a lesson in manhood this week by earing themselves a much-needed win and showing little southern hospitality in the process. *Final Score: 118-74

– While TROOPS (4-3) rallied their forces and mopped the floor with a struggling, 7 game loss streaking STEEL CURTAN (0-7), and took them for a long ride in the Corola from hell and earning TROOPS this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT honors. *Final Score: 141-48


– GET OUT THE WAY (3-4) wasted no time in deporting TIEMPO DE GUERRA (5-2) this week, sending them back south of the border of fantasy victory. *Final Score: 167-141

– While RODNEY’S DANGERFIELD (6-1) literally CRUSHED the PITT CREW CRUSHERS (4-3) in an otherwise comical performance resulting in the continuation of the Dangerfield win streak now at 3 games. *Final Score: 148-95


– ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (4-3) took their skills to task this week by defeating your very own LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (2-5) and defending their accumulating win streak now at 2 games. *Final Score: 118-89

– While ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (4-3) played the role of Cain and slew his brother Abel, conquering his demons in the form of the SILVER SNAKES (1-6), now on a 5 game skid. *Final Score: 123-99



Since each week brings you either closer or further from fantasy glory it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, and take advantage of EVERY opportunity to win.  Ultimately, it’s the games you let slip away that come back to bite you in the ass later in the year should you find yourself battling it out for that crucial last playoff spot.  This is one of the real secrets to attaining success in fantasy… ALWAYS play for the win!  Figured I’d just put that out there being that this is basic knowledge to every Fantasy Savvy vet.  Naturally, there are ALWAYS going to come the games where the projections aren’t in your favor, but there are too many intangibles for you to EVER just lay down, roll over, and play dead.  Hopefully, you find this information useful yourself being that this is an ULTIMATE TRUTH of the fantasy game.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of The Road To Glory Series as much as I have in presenting it to you, and wish you the best of luck with YOUR fantasy team as well.


Till next edition…

~Commissioner Kwiz

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