Road To Glory- Part 7



Hello again my FantasySavvy Football fanatics and freaks.  Keeping in the tradition of SCRUBFEST, here we are again with another edition of The Road To Glory series.  After all is said and done, there’s a thin line between fantasy wins and losses, which is typically defined by the management decisions an owner chooses to either make, or neglect.  Ultimately, it can be debated over which is the more necessary fantasy attribute between those having skill, and those having luck.  However, there is zero dispute over which is the worst fantasy quality to posses and that is having BAD LUCK and MISFORTUNE!  Week 6 proved to be a week that exemplified the difference between the fortunate and the soldiers of misfortune here in SCRUBFEST.  So without any further ado, lets take a walk around the league and see our week 6 results.


– This week my ANGRY PIRATES (5-1) set sail once again, mapping out a course to victory and finding our fortunes of burried treasures in prevailing over the previously undefeated CRUSHERS (5-1). *Final Score: 147-138

– Meanwhile, TROOPS (3-3) took their soldiers of fortune and paraded their way to victory to the misfortune of DEM GEORGIA BOYZ (3-3). *Final Score: 160-142


– PITT CREW CRUSHERS (4-2) took NYABC (0-6) and their winless record on a ride in the Toyota Corola of misfortune straight to the quaries of fantasy obscurity, earning PITT CREW CRUSHERS this weeks TOYOTA BIGGEST BLOWOUT honors. *Final Score: 133-102

– While TIEMPO DE GUERRA (5-1) polished off an unfortuately defenseless bunch in LARRY’S BUCKET STAND (2-4) like a breakfast burrito at McDonalds. *Final Score: 120-106


– ASOMUGHA TO MOUTH (3-3) reclaimed their fortunes this week after stuffing, gagging, and muffling the wimpers of STEEL CURTAN (0-6), commencing in yet another senseless act of brutality to steal a win from this struggling proliferation of misfortune. *Final Score: 131-110

– While PHILLY BAD BOYZ (5-1) brought the heat straight to the stash house, and made off with the goods finding their fortunes this week by jacking another victory off of a hapless and quarterbackless team in GET OUT THE WAY (2-4). *Final Score: 89-73


– This week, instead of stinking up the joint, THE MASHERS (2-4) mashed their foot on the gas and turned the corner on their misfortunes by shatting out a much needed win in their defeat of ALL SMELL BROKE LOOSE (3-3). *Final Score: 91-67

– While RODNEY’S DANGERFIELD (5-1) laughed their way to victory and beheaded the SILVER SNAKES (1-5), who managed to slide their way to defeat and belly out once again in their failed quest to find fortune in an ever elusive win. *Final Score: 149-140



Since each week brings you either closer or further from fantasy glory it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, and take advantage of every opportunity to win.  Ultimately, its the games you let slip away that come back to bite you in the ass late in the year should you find yourself battling it out for that last playoff spot.  This is one of the real secrets to attaining success in fantasy so always play for the win.  Figured I’d just put that out there being that this is the knowledge of every Fantasy Savy vet out there.  Naturally, there is always going to come a game where the projections aren’t in your favor, but there are too many intangibles in this game for you to ever just lay down, roll over, and play dead.  Hopefully you find this information useful to yourselves at some point as well.  So I bid you all farewell for now, hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of The Road To Glory Series, and wish you the best of luck with YOUR fantasy team as well.


~Commissioner Kwiz

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