Weekend Update with Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis will be doing this article each week discussing some of the important happenings from the previous weekend. If you have any questions or want him to add certain things to the article shoot him an email at Kevlew24@gmail.com. Thanks for reading FantasySavvy.com and make sure to check out our radio show at Blogtalkradio.com/FantasySavvy. We did a show last night and were looking to do another on Thursday night. Stay Tuned!



Jamaal Charles is out for the season. That’s such a shame for a variety of reasons but this is a fantasy website so I’ll keep it fantasy based. I took him top five in two different leagues and one of those leagues is a 16 teamer with a good 10 bench spots. I’m screwed. On a more personal note, a speedy recovery for Jamaal Charles.

Roscoe Parrish is on IR. The Buffalo Bills passing game looks good and their pass defense looks bad. David Nelson should get plenty of opportunities to do his thing.

With Jamaal Charles out, and Thomas Jones being a fossil, the smart thing for Kansas City to do would be to give Dexter McCluster a good amount of touches. He’s explosive and their offense is struggling. If he is available, go grab him.

If you can do so, trade Knowshon Moreno. Besides the fact that he is immensely overrated, he doesn’t help in the receiving game and is always hurt. McGahee looks better than Moreno as he went for 101 yards last week. I avoided Moreno like the bubonic plague in every league and I am thankful I did.

CJ Spiller has me in a total conundrum. I don’t know whether to drop him or hope that he comes around. It’s Fred Jackson’s team, he’s the main back, and Spiller got four carries this past week. Unless you’re in a deep sixteen team league it’s hard to say to keep the guy. I’m finding it hard to do so myself.

Daniel Thomas made his NFL debut with a bang. 18 carries, 107 yards. The Dolphins don’t have a good RB on their roster, so who knows what this guy can be? He should be an integral part of their offense.

Take a chance on Mike Sims-Walker. He looked good Monday night, Amendola is out and Walker is a reliable target. Bradford is a good developing QB as well. He won’t put up superstar production but he should give you a little something every week.

Pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick. If he somehow is still available, pick him up.

Do NOT drink the Cam Newton koolaid. I’m not saying you can’t start the guy and be well off. I’m saying don’t trade a steady to great QB you have, thinking you can get by. Newton bound to slip eventually. He’s human and he’s a rookie in the NFL.

Arian Foster reinjured his hamstring. If you were smart enough to take Ben Tate, you should now reap the benefits. The more he performs the more playing time he will get, regardless of how healthy Foster is.

Roy Helu got 10 carries Sunday and managed 72 yards. I know it was against the Cardinals, but Helu is just flat out the best Redskins RB (albeit that isn’t saying much). Eventually Shanahan will realize this, I believe.

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