The Road To Glory Series: Introduction

Editors Note:

I am a brand new member to the Scrubfest league, headed by the prestigious commish Kwiz. Me and Kwiz met on a plane two years ago while flying back from Florida. As passionate sports fans usually do, we hit it off quick, talking about sports and other topics throughout the flight. I mentioned I ran a fantasy football website and he mentioned he had some good ideas for the site and would like to contribute. We exchanged numbers and have kept in touch over the past couple years. This year Kwiz invited me to his Fantasy Football League. At first I was hesitant, because I am in a lot of leagues this year, too many, but Kwiz insisted I HAD to join this league. He said if I won this league then he would really give me a ton of respect because he had assembled some of the best Fantasy Football owners he knew. I could sense he took a tremendous amount of pride in his league and he truly believed it was an extremely tough league to win, because of the owners he had gathered. Always up for a challenge, I accepted, even after becoming aware of some unique scoring rules. 10 Pts for rushing/rec TD, 7 for a passing TD and also points for completions!! It’s also a 16 team league, which I had never attempted before and I have to admit I enjoyed doing this format. So here I am, in the Scrubfest league ready to represent FantasySavvy. Kwiz will bring updates weekly as the season goes on and keep you up to date on my status as well as the league. I am thoroughly convinced this will be an extremely tough league to win and I am looking forward to the quest. Too bad I took Peyton Manning as my Starting QB!! I got some Work to do! So follow along if you like, as we give you an inside look into a Top-Notch Fantasy Football league.

              SCRUBFEST 2011: A League History:Commissioner Kwiz

I’ve been an astute fan of NFL Football for as long as I can remember. Ever since a little boy I’ve bled the orange and aqua blue of my beloved Miami Dolphins. Be that as it may, there is a HUGE difference between being a fan of an NFL TEAM and a fan of the NFL GAME itself as a whole, which doesn’t always easily translate over into the fantasy game. After years of playing and commissioning fantasy football leagues, I have well distinguished that particular difference and implemented my experience into assembling one of the most competitive Fantasy Football leagues I’ve had the privilege of playing, SCRUBFEST 2011.

Although NFL Football has always been my first love in sports, my interest in Fantasy Sporting first began back in the year 2004 when I entered my very first public Fantasy league.  At the request of my brother (Kenetic) who had already begun playing and winning Fantasy leagues by then, it was suggested that I join him in a league to see what this Fantasy thing was really all about. Knowing the dedicated sports fan that I am at heart he insisted that once I’d played I would absolutely LOVE IT.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join him then, but I entered a public league of my own anyway just to share and compare experience.  That year, my brother secured several titles (as usual) while basically walking me through a Fantasy season with him and consulting with me on my team as well. He showed me the ropes, shared a couple of basic resources he was using for himself, and I enjoyed myself and did relatively decent in my first year. Aside from that, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Fantasy game greatly enhanced my pro sports watching entertainment value. I can honestly say that I’ve been hooked on Fantasy Sporting ever since.

In 2005 I assembled and commissioned my very first Fantasy league, a basketball league tournament titled the KWIZ CLASSIC. Here I began the nucleus of what was to eventually become the SCRUBFEST Fantasy Football tournament. The premise behind my first league is the very same that I’ve carried over with me into ALL my Fantasy league ventures even to this day; to invite the MOST sports savvy, knowledgeable, and competitive individuals I know personally, and assemble a challenging tournament to sufficiently test their sports knowledge and Fantasy skill.

Naturally, I knew one of the most important challenges for myself in putting together a successful league was going to be developing some Fantasy Sports experience of my own, and getting some players to join who had a strong sports knowledge base, competitive drive, and activity level to accommodate my league. I started that year with a simple league of 6 people who I knew extremely well and were all perfect candidates to form an intensely competitive environment. Of course I invited my brother with all his Fantasy sports experience (No less than 41 certifiable yahoo trophies to date on just ONE of his profiles alone), and reached out from there to my good friends Eric, Buddah, and a couple of cousins of mine, all of whom are former athletes and notable sports junkies. I communicated with them each individually and collectively from there my desire to grow our league and discussed a simple strategy of each of us reaching out to at least 1 other verifiably worthy candidate for our leagues expansion. My strategy worked like a charm and today I credit all these very same initial participants as being co-founders of the SCRUBFEST Fantasy Football tournament today as we know it.

The SCRUBFEST Fantasy Football tournament began unofficially back in 2007 under the then title of Poor Sportsman’s League. It started as a 12 team league initially and as a branch off of a league I encouraged my friend Buddah to establish the previous year (2006) titled The STFL (Shit Talkers Football League), which he still runs and I actively participate in even to this day. The title Poor Sportsmans League was appointed then due to the obstacles we had encountered the previous year in the STFL where we found certain individuals had distinct difficulty NOT taking the shit talk personally, beyond the boundaries of Fantasy, and outright just behaving like Poor Sports. Interestingly enough, my brother’s team name remains The PissPoorSports til this day, and was derived from this glory era of our league history when we were pretty much banging our heads against the walls with this stuff. Since then, I’ve implemented a few simple rules and guidelines to keep the league civilized and fair to all participants which has greatly helped the continuity of the league.

Today, in 2011 I am proud to say that SCRUBFEST has grown into a 16 team league chock-full-of some of the best Fantasy players I’ve known personally and played with. Beyond the nucleus we began with, I’ve actively sought over the years to add managers with more and more Fantasy experience. I am proud to say that in 2011 we’ve got TONS of extremely active and certifiable managers fully equipped with shelves full of Yahoo hardware to prove it. The average manager in SCRUBFEST today comes with no less than 5 fantasy trophies in their case. Despite meager beginnings, SCRUBFEST has truly transformed into an ELITE league. From the scoring mechanism at 10 pt TDs, to the participants being VERIFIABLE vets with an average of about 4 years of Fantasy playing experience, this league FAR exceeds the yahoo standards. Here in 2011 it is safe to say that it will truly take a gifted and FantasySavvy competitor to walk out of this thing in possession of the coveted CHIP. This year we intend to take our Fantasy play to the entirely next stratosphere by combining with our buddies here at and present you ALL an opportunity to see exactly what it takes to become a TRUE Fantasy champion here in our ROAD TO GLORY SERIES.

~Commissioner Kwiz

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