Team by Team breakdown for best fantasy playoff Matchups (weeks 14-16)

By Mike Cannici


Best Passing Matchups Going forward. (use this to decide your QB’s and WR’s in order from best to worst)

This is just a gauge for your team, this is by no means telling you to start Derek Anderson over say a Matt Ryan or Tom Brady, just shows who has better matchups by the numbers in the upcoming fantasy playoff weeks.


1.       Redskins (Bucs, Cowboys, Jags)

2.       Broncos (Cardinals, Raiders, Texans)

3.       Bills (Browns, Dolphins, Patriots)

4.       Cowboys (Eagles, Redskins, Cards)

5.       Bucs (Redskins, Lions, Seahawks)

6.       Seahawks (49ers, Falcons, Bucs)

7.       Panthers (Falcons, Cards, Steelers)

8.       Dolphins (Jets, Bills, Lions)

9.       Ravens (Texans, Saints, Browns)

10.   Colts (Titans, Jags, Raiders)

11.   Bears (Patriots, Vikings, Jets)

12.   Cardinals (Broncos, Panthers, Cowboys)

13.   Raiders(Jags, Broncos, Colts)

14.   Titans (Colts, Texans, Chiefs)

15.   Packers (Lions, Patriots, Giants)

16.   Jaguars (Raiders, Colts Redskins)

17.   Bengals (Steelers, Browns, Chargers)

18.   Chargers (Chiefs, 49ers, Bengals)

19.   Lions (Packers, Bucs, Dolphins)

20.   Steelers (Bengals, Jets, Panthers)

21.   Eagles (Cowboys, Giants, Vikings)

22.   Texans (Ravens, Titans, Broncos)

23.   Browns (Bills, Bengals, Ravens)

24.   Saints (Rams, Ravens, Falcons)

25.   Patriots (Bears, Packers, Bills)

26.   Giants (Vikings, Eagles, Packers)

27.   Rams (Saints, Chiefs, 49ers)

28.   49ers (Seahawks, Chargers, Rams)

29.   Jets (Dolphins, Steelers, Bears)

30.   Falcons (Panthers, Seahawks, Saints)

31.   Chiefs (Chargers, Rams, Titans)

32.   Vikings (Giants, Bears, Eagles)


Rushing Matchups Best to Worst (weeks 14-16)


1.       Raiders (Jags, Broncos, Colts)

2.       Redskins (Bucs, Cowboys, Jags)

3.       Cardinals (Broncos, Panthers, Cowboys)

4.       Broncos (Cardinals, Raiders, Texans)

5.       Jaguars (Raiders, Colts, Redskins)

6.       Browns (Bills, Bengals, Ravens)

7.       Bucs (Redskins, Lions, Seahawks)

8.       Dolphins (Jets, Bills, Lions)

9.       Cowboys (Eagles, Redskins, Cards)

10.   Colts (Titans, Jaguars, Raiders)

11.   Titans (Colts, Texans, Chiefs)

12.   Falcons (Panthers, Seahawks, Saints)

13.   Texans (Ravens, Titans, Broncos)

14.   Packers (Lions, Patriots, Giants)

15.   Patriots (Bears, Packers, Bills)

16.   Lions (Packers, Bucs, Dolphins)

17.   Steelers (Bengals, Jets, Panthers)

18.   Ravens (Texans, Saints, Browns)

19.   Bills (Browns, Dolphins, Patriots)

20.   Chargers (Chiefs, 49ers, Bengals)

21.   49ers (Seahawks, Chargers, Rams)

22.   Seahawks (49ers, Falcons, Bucs)

23.   Bears (Patriots, Vikings, Jets)

24.   Eagles (Cowboys, Giants, Vikings)

25.   Vikings (Giants, Bears, Eagles)

26.   Giants (Vikings, Eagles, Packers)

27.   Panthers (Falcons, Cards, Steelers)

28.   Rams (Saints, Chiefs, 49ers)

29.   Saints (Rams, Ravens, Falcons)

30.   Chiefs (Chargers, Rams, Titans)

31.   Jets (Dolphins, Steelers, Bears)

32.   Bengals (Steelers, Browns, Chargers)


One thing that you need to realize with this is that some of these rankings can be skewed by playing one cup cake defense or one tremendous defense. Six teams are ranked in the top ten in both categories which I found surprising. The Redskins actually have the number one most favorable pass schedule and the number two rush schedule which sounds great, unfortunately they have so many players that you just can’t trust week in and week out. One team I am very intrigued by that is in both top tens is the Buccaneers. They have a lot of young talent which can really help you in your playoffs. If your in a QB by commitee , I really like Josh Freeman over the next few weeks as well as LaGarette Blount who showed me a lot yesterday against the Falcons and their 6th ranked run defense. Rookie wideout Mike Williams should also be in store for a strong finish. A few teams with a lot of talent that finished in the bottom 7 in both categories are the Giants, Chiefs, Vikings and Jets. They both have players that you are not going to be sitting in your playoffs, but it might make you take a step back and think for a second. Don’t do that, if you have a healthy Hakeem Nicks or Sidney Rice or Dwayne Bowe, your starting them period, end of story. You cannot bench those guys for a Anthony Armstrong or Jabar Gaffney because they have a more favorable matchup, nine times out of ten talent will win out. What these stats can help with most are last minute waiver adds to help bulk up your roster depth in case of injury. I hope this helps you guys and gals out and any questions please feel free to leave us comments or shoot us some emails @ or







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