Fantasy Playoffs Overview

By Mike Cannici

Hey guys its crazy how quickly the season is coming to a close but going into week 14, many of your league’s playoffs are starting and hopefully you are a part of it. One great improvement the NFL has made for us fantasy owners this season is making divisional games be played in December, thus helping us owners make lineup decisions easier. For example, in years past, your studs like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and a host of others have played sparingly during weeks 16 and 17 as their divisions were wrapped up and didn’t have big games to play for. Now that you have the Falcons and Saints playing in week 16 and the the surprise Jaguars and Colts playing in week 15, during your playoffs, it allows for you to plug in guys like Peyton and Brees and Roddy White into your lineups without worries, knowing these guys will be in their from beginning to end.

Their are different playoff systems that many leagues apply, but the one i’m most fond of at this point is the 6 teams in, top 2 get a bye in first round. This way rewards the league’s best two teams the advantage of only having to win one game to make it to the finals, while the teams who limp into the playoffs have to win two games. Its very similar to how the NFL works and each year fantasy league’s try to be more and more in sync with the real NFL rules. I have switched two of my leagues this year into this format from first four teams make the playoffs while the rest are done. I like the 6 teams more because it allows a bigger chunk of the league to stay involved longer as their is now two extra spots. In my one league that Steve(our site founder) is in with me, up until last week (week 12) 9 out of the 10 teams in our league still had a shot at the playoffs. Thats almost unheard of at that point in the season you only have one team eliminated from contention.

Well folks this was just a few thoughts i have on the playoffs and good luck to you all going in. I will be posting my last waiver wire article tomorrow as well as a fantasy playoff team by team ranking as to what teams/players have the most favorable schedule the rest of the way for your league’s playoffs. Enjoy!!

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