Fantasy Football Team Recovery – Week 8


Week 8 Fantasy Football Team Recovery

By Alan Squatrito

1.Tony Romo
2.Alex Smith
3.Brett Favre
4.Deangelo Williams
5.Knowshon Moreno
6.Donald Driver
7.Antonio Gates
8.Vernon Davis

Injuries plague the NFL once again in week 7.  You never know who is going to be next on the NFL HIT LIST but it still is never a surprise.  This past week in the NFL was a fresh of breath air compares to last week as a lot of players walked off the field safe and sound. Tony Romo and Adam Jones seem to be the most significant injuries that went down this weekend as Tony Romo is out for 6-8 weeks with a broken left clavicle and Adam Jones is placed on injured reserve with a serious neck injury. It has been reported that Adam Jones will need surgery. Alex Smith will be out for a few weeks with a left shoulder sprain and Troy Smith will be given the nod to take his place. Troy Smith, who beat out Darren McFadden and Brady Quinn for the Heisman Trophy award in 2006 with Ohio State University, is ready to show the world what he can do again. I believe in Smith and his ability to get it done this weekend vs. the Broncos in London.  Brett Favre hasn’t been ruled out just yet despite the stress fractures in his left foot. He seems to battle through pain every week and the Minnesota Vikings may tag Favre as a game time decision against the Patriots this week. I would definitely have a backup plan if I were you. Deangelo Williams suffered from an ankle injury against the 49ers this past week and is listed as questionable for week 8. He has a favorable matchup against the Rams this weekend as Matt Moore has been giving the Panthers a boost but Deangelo Williams needs to start playing the way we know he can regardless. It would be a shame to see him on the sidelines vs. the Rams this week, despite that I think he will come out and play; you should still monitor his status accordingly.   Knowshon Moreno tweaked his hamstring in Wednesday’s practice; right after Coach Josh McDaniels was talking about giving Moreno a heavier load. Where is Peyton Hillis (who was given up for a 5th round draft pick) when you need him Coach? The Denver Broncos are on the decline. Sell them in your fantasy leagues while you still can! Donald Driver, Vernon Davis, and Antonio Gates shouldn’t really be on the Hit List this week. I just wanted to scare all of you who own them.  I would keep an eye on Donald Driver regardless. He was a go last weekend and was used as a decoy against the Vikings. Hopefully he will be ready to scare opposing fantasy teams this weekend on Halloween Sunday. Anyway, below are waiver wire fantasy players I think you should take a look at and plug into your lineups this week if you need help at that position.

Wide Receiver Recovery List


1. Anthony Gonzalez – With Austin Collie out for a few more weeks to say the least, the Colts are going to do whatever it takes to get a win, even if they don’t. Anthony Gonzales was supposed to a big part of their game plan when they acquired him but he has been injured a lot more than they would have liked. Opportunity will now knock again for Gonzalez and I can’t see him not taking advantage of it. Pick Gonzalez up and talk smack about your waiver wire add going into this week’s Monday night game vs. the Texans. Trust me. If he gets hurt on the field however, don’t blame me.

2. David Gettis – David Gettis, 6 foot 3 inches, runs a 4.35 forty, had a huge day as a rookie against the 49ers in week 7. Gettis racked up 125 yards with two touchdowns on the day, and was heavily relied on in the clutch. I know it’s only one game, but one of the Panthers’ goals this offseason was to accompany the Real Steve Smith with notable wide receiver talent around him and I think they made the right choice in Gettis.  

3. Dexter McCluster – Chris Chambers has been complaining about feeling unwanted and feels he is in a similar role to his previous role on the San Diego Chargers last year, right before they released him. I don’t blame his frustration but I do blame Dexter McCluster for putting on such added pressure. This guy is electric. Despite the fact that the Chiefs run the ball 40 times a game, they will definitely find a way to get the ball in McCluster’s hands. Each week he impresses me more and more. Chambers will always be a guy you can count on, but in the right circumstance. Maybe Chambers should start looking for a new home.

4. James Jones – With Donald Driver’s thigh injury and Jets stellar defense coming back to full strength (Darrelle Revis is @ 100%), James Jones may get the Packers out of some tough situations in week 8. James Jones is definitely capable of making huge plays.

5. Legadu Naanee/Patrick Crayton – With Malcom Floyd still out (Hamstring) and Antonio Gates still struggling to keep his ankle out of harm’s way, Crayton and Naanee will start and continue to take some of the load off. Naanee is back at practice and ready to roll vs. the Titans. I like Crayton in ppr leagues and Naanee in touchdown heavy leagues this week. Naanee is a bigger target and the red zone while Crayton can dice up the field, pick these players up accordingly.



Running Back Recovery List


1.Donald Brown/Mike Hart – With an offense that always moves the ball regardless of who they play and with Joseph Addai listed listed as doubtful, Donald Brown and Mike hart should take advantage of the opportunities given to them on Monday Night, there should be plenty.

2. LeGarrette Blount – Cadillac Williams is averaging 2.5 yards a carry while Blount is bruising his way to 4.9 yards a carry. Blount seems to be a solid down-hill runner while Cadillac Williams has been becoming more of a pass catcher out of the back field on third downs. If Blount steps up his pass blocking game and continues to play well he will overtake Cadillac and become a true number one running back. Blount is more of a long term pick up and I would pick him up over Mike Hart this weekend because I think he is a safer start.

3. Mewelde Moore – Wow, am I really suggesting putting this guy on your team this weekend against the Saints? In a ppr league, it may be the right thing to do, especially if there is no one else on the waivers to take a risk on. With Big Ben in the game it is no longer a surprise when the Steelers pass forty times and run 20 times. I like the Saints in this game and if the Steelers are trailing throughout the game, Moore might give you some points. It’s time to take a gamble. Especially if you haven’t picked up Danny Woodhead like I said three weeks back!

Quarterback Recovery List

1. Jon Kitna – The Cowboys are hurting deep down inside with Romo out for 6-8 weeks. It’s time to swallow their pride and start planning for the 2011 draft. Who is going to be their Head Coach next year? That should be interesting. Oh yeah, about Jon Kitna……………he won’t win too many games or find the same amount of courage he had with the Lions by making playoff predictions with the Cowboys, but he will still be a good fantasy start for a lot of games, especially this week. The Jags are one of the worst passing defenses in the league and the Cowboys are frustrated, angry, and shell shocked. Look for Jon Kitna to put up solid numbers at home this week and pull out a much needed victory vs. the Jags.

2. Matt Moore – He looked pretty good last week and in my opinion, Jimmy Clausen never should have started for the Panthers when Moore was healthy enough to start. John Fox is probably still having nightmares of Jake Delhomme throwing picks to the house left and right and can’t seem to think straight. Sometimes coaches just think too much, but starting Moore is the wise choice coach. Young talented receievers are seemingly emerging and this can start a trend. I believe the Panthers will win this game so Matt Moore should have a decent day.

3. Troy Smith – I mentioned before that this guy was the Heisman Trophy Award winner in 2006. He beat out Brady Quinn and Darren McFadden for the award. This is obviously a risk going into Sunday but I love all the variables that limit the risk. Troy Smith is hungry to show what he can do, the 49ers are desperate for a win, Coach Singletery  is on the hot seat, they flew to London early to be prepared for week 8, the Denver Broncos are on the decline, and last but not least, I am not a fan of Josh McDaniels. This sounds and is a little biased but for good reason. Unless Mathew Stafford is still on the waivers, which he shouldn’t be, and would be on top of the quarterback recovery list for this week, try Troy Smith on for size. 

Tight End Recovery List

1. Jacob Tamme– With Dallas Clark out for the season, Tamme may be the guy to take a risk on in week 8 vs. their division rivals, the Texans. Peyton will give all his playmakers a chance to make a play; he will turn my father into a playmaker if he is wide open on the field, all’s Peyton needs is a window. Why the heck not. Peyton Manning will not go down without a fight as they lost on opening day against the Texans in Reliant Stadium. This game has a good chance to be high scoring as well, Tamme may be a good start this week.

2. Anthony Fasano – With Adam Jones on injured reserve and Jonathan Joseph listed as questionable, Fasano could have a good game. He is a reliable pass catcher indeed; however Chad Henne and the rest of the Dolphins are probably licking their chops to pass all over the Bengals in their injury prone secondary and give the ball to Bess and Marshall all game. Then again, the Bengals are giving up 4.4 yards a carry. The focus is on how well can the Begals respond having three straight losses. I think Fasano could have another good game this weekend because I expect the Bengals to blitz more to make up for a weak secondary and Fasano could be an excuse for a quick throw and get the Dolphins out of a tight spot. It’s going to be a difficult game for Miami and if they don’t get the running game going early, this game may turn into a blow out.

3. Dante Rosario – Matt Moore is finding the open guy, this kid can also make a play. There were flashes of Rosario last year making big time clutch plays, athletic too. I like Dante Rosario as an athlete and if the Panthers eventually start feeling comfortable in their own skin forming an identity, this guy will be fun to watch. Start him as a last resort this weekend.

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