Week 5 Team Hit & Recovery List

Week 6 Fantasy Football Team Recovery

By Alan Squatrito

1.Mark Clayton                                   (Mustafa)
2.Jermichael Finley
3.Joseph Addai
4.Calvin Johnson                               (Megatron)
5.Peton Hillis            (The Great White Buffalo)

Injuries plague the NFL once again in week 5.  You never know who is going to be next on the NFL HIT LIST but it still is never a surprise.  Jermichael Finley is out for 3-6 weeks for the Packers. Word is out on the street that Clinton Portis may miss the rest of the 2010 season. Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion in week 5 against the Redskins, but the team is optimistic that he will play next week against the Miami Dolphins. Similar news for Bruce Gradkowski as Coach Tom Cable predicts he will start if healthy in week 6. Calvin Johnson landed on his shoulder in week 5 and said he couldn’t go back in the game if he had to.  Mark Clayton took the biggest hit and will be out for the rest of the 2010 season due to a serious knee injury. He tore his Patellar Tendon against the Lions on Sunday early in the game.  This is a serious blow for the St. Louis Rams and Mark Clayton fantasy owners but not to worry, I got you covered. Below are waiver wire fantasy wide receivers I think you should take a look at to plug in your lineups this week if you need help at that position for week 6.

Wide Receiver Recovery List

  1. Anthony Armstrong – I said it last week! Did that fat chick ask you out on a date yet? This week Armstrong sees pay dirt and catches a 48 yard bomb from Donovan Mcnabb. What a catch it was too! This guy has a very good ability and can clearly stretch the field. He is my favorite waiver wire wide receiver pickup in general and he will go up against the Colts this weekend for the Sunday Night game. What an exciting game to watch this Sunday Night and………..this game has potential to be a high scoring one. Pick Anthony Armstrong up fast.
  1. Brandon Tate – He shouldn’t be on the waiver wires anymore however if people are sleeping in your fantasy league, definitely pick him up before Anthony Armstrong if he is available. You’ll still be able to pick Armstrong up right after him!!! Armstrong is under the radar more so than Brandon Tate, however I still like Armstrong over Tate in general. Ed Reed comes back for the Ravens this week and the Patriots will surely be tested. I do like Tate as a decent WR 3 play in week 6.
  2. James Jones – With Jermichael Finley out for 3-6 weeks Aaron Rodgers is going to have to find someone else to pick up the slack. Assuming Aaron Rodgers plays, expect all of the Packers wide receivers to get better fantasy play. Jones has a team high 65 yards on 4 grabs on Sunday. Packers are home against the Dolphins in week 6.
  1. Lee Evans – Believe it or not, Lee Evans is on the waivers in three of the eight fantasy leagues I am in. I know they are on a bye this week but Fitzpatrick’s play isn’t too shabby and you may want to pick him or Steve Johnson up if they are still on the waivers. Stash them on your bench.
  1. Devery Henderson/Robert Meachem/Danny Amendola/Marty Gilyard/Harry Douglas – Oh man, these are your desperate plays at Wide Receiver this week. Robert Meachem and Devery Henderson are your coin tosses. However, Drew Brees needs a comeback week and they might put up satisfying wide receiver numbers at your third wide out spot.  Marty Gilyard is supposed to play for the injured Mark Clayton but Danny Amendola seems to be the go to guy at this point. Wow, using go to guy and Amendola in the same sentence is frightening, don’t tell people I told you to plug either one of these guys in your lineup next week. I expect the Rams to play worse and worse on offense and rely on their defense to win some games, despite that Rookie qb Sam Bradford has nothing to lose. Take your pick there. Harry Douglas is definitely under the radar but he has God given ability over your average wide receiver in the NFL. This would be a very BOLD move to start him against Philly next week, but take a look at him anyway. He’s got some skill to keep your eye on for future moves.

Running Back Recovery

Peyton Hillis had only ten carries for 28 yards in Week 5 but he still managed to catch a touchdown pass through the air against the Falcons. I do not doubt that the Great White Buffalo won’t play on Sunday but it will be a hard start against the Pittsburgh Steelers D. Also, Big Ben is back and he could be chewing up the game clock all day long. If any running back can bruise a stout Steelers defense it is Peyton Hillis but he is suffering from a pulled quad muscle and you need to monitor his status ‘til game time. Jerome Harrison should get more carries this week, Coach Mangini may want to play it safe with Hillis considering Hillis can win you games in the NFL by himself.

1.Danny Woodhead – With Fred Taylor out and Green-Ellis picking up his running game, the Patriots are still a pass happy offense. If you are in a ppr league try Danny Woodhead out this week against the Ravens. He is fast, electric, and powerful at five feet nine. I forgot to mention, the kid runs a 4.3 forty! Try ‘em out on me A? This game should be a great game considering the fact that the Ravens destroyed the Patriots in the playoffs last year.  Look for Tom Brady to do what it takes to find a way to win the game including letting Danny Woodhead to provide a spark for the team. I consider Woodhead a good flex start this week. Pick him up now!

2. Earnest Graham – Well he did carry the load for the Buccaneers when Gruden was coaching, why can’t he do it again? He seems to be the go to guy for goal line carries despite the emergence of LeGarrette Blount. I think he’s got a decent chance to put up decent numbers this week against a New Orleans run defense that ranks  22nd against the run.

3. Brandon Jacobs – Finally! Despite the fact that he stutters every time he talks the talk is over. He is actually putting his wheels into motion and averaged 4.1 yards a carry with a score against the Texans last week. Believe it or not he is on the waiver wire in ten team leagues. I’d pick him up and try him out against the Lions this week if he is available. Ahmad Bradshaw is going to play but is still a little banged up so B-Jack may see more carries against a Lions defense that ranks 26th against the run.

4. Mike Hart/Ladell Betts/Chris Ivory/Derrick Ward/Jerome Harrison – If Joseph Addai gets ruled out by any chance in week 6, Mike Hart is your guy. Ladell Betts fumbling problems can’t get any worse and he may be a last chance to get you any decent running back play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend. Chris Ivory, Derrick Ward, and Jerome Harrison are your risk takers this week. Uhm………….try not to start any of these guys.


  1. Shaun Hill – I was right last week as the Lions battered the Rams. Shaun Hill is the best backup quarterback to have in the NFL, besides Kevin Kolb. That’s a totally different debate but look for Shaun Hill to compete once again in week 6. Giants like to play down to competition and Shaun Hill will get his.
  1. Alex Smith –This kid’s job is on the line. He threw for three touchdowns despite the loss in week 5. He can’t get any worse on an 0-5 team. He needs to rebound in the biggest way or else he may never start for a team in the NFL again. He doesn’t want to be in David Carr’s shoes, besides they were both number one overall picks in the draft. So what if the Raiders defense ranks ten against the pass, Alex’s career is on the line. They will run the ball a lot but this will set up the play action and Alex will get some love. Win or go home Alex!
  1. Josh Freeman – This kid is a winner. If you give him opportunity he will take it in stride. Josh Freeman can scramble, buy time, and make a play. He is a decent Qb play this week against a division rival, the New Orleans Saints. Despite that the New Orleans Saints are 7th against the pass, Freeman as athletic enough to move the chains. If Bruce Gradowski is out this weekend pick up Freeman and give the Buc a chance.
  1. Bruce Gradkowski – If he is healthy, pick him up and start him. He goes all out every week and even if you lose with him in your lineup you admire the guy’s play.  However, he may have the worst play of his season considering the Niners are in desperate need of their first win. Be cautious of Bruce this week if you do pick him up.

Tight End

  1. Mercedes Lewis – He shouldn’t be on the waivers but if he is pick him up. Garrard is loving him this season and this is Mercedes Lewis’s best season of his career, he will continue to pick up fantasy points weekly.
  1. Jeremy Shockey – His play gets better and better each week, give this guy a chance as the New Orleans look to rebound this week against the Bucs.
  1. Greg Olsen – If Jay Cutler is back, which he is supposed to be, give this guy a chance this week as the Bears play Seahawks home at Soldier Field. Mike Martz was forced to give Olsen the ball despite hating to throw to tight ends. This guy is too good not to give the ball too week in and week out. Pick him up if he is on the waivers.

2 thoughts

    1. Hey RJ, first off thanks for checking out the site. As far as your question, Colston is not injured so your just wondering about his value i’d assume. He’s averaging 5 catches for about 58 yards thus far so he hasn’t been too bad, especially in PPR leagues. The problem with him is the amount of weapons Drew Brees has which prohibits him from having week to week big games. Don’t get it twisted though, he still is Brees #1 receiver and is definitely a must start week in and week out. Because of the bits of inconsistency, I wouldn’t be counting on him as more than your #3 receiver going forward but he does have #1 upside. Hope that helps any other questions you can email me at mtcannici@gmail.com

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