Randy Moss returning to the Vikings? (Potential Fantasy Impact)

Reports are flying everywhere that the Pats are looking to Move Randy Moss in exchange for a possible 3rd round pick to the Vikings.

Moss had 0 catches last night and really hasn’t been a yardage machine this year although he’s been good in the TD department. But the fact is Moss is disgruntled. Jay Glazer reported Moss asked Belicheck for a trade after week 1.

I think this deal goes down maybe not tonight but sometime this week. It’s clear Moss wants out and the Pats have never been shy about letting go of their big names in the past (Richard Seymour, Lawyer Milloy).

Obviously Favre has always wanted Moss dating back to his days as a Packer and the Vikings clearly need help in the Wide Receiver department. Right now it looks the deal is really going to come down to what kind of contract the Vikings give Moss since Randy is in his last year of his current contract.

Make sure to get Brandon Tate in your waiver pickups this week and then Julian Edelman who will now see a bigger role. I think Tate could prove to be a nice addition to your squad because he is extremely talented and explosive as we saw last night with his kickoff return and dating back to his days at North Carolina playing alongside Hakeem Nicks. Also put a bid in for Rob Gronkowski as he is sure to see more playing time.

From a Vikings standpoint it’s probably a little too late to acquire Brett Favre but if you can go do it now!

I look for this deal to go down by Thursday the latest.

UPDATE: The Boston Herald is now reporting that “things are moving quickly” in the Randy Moss trade to Vikings trade and it appears Moss will be traded sometime Wednesday according to a very trustworthy, yet unknown league source. We will continue to update you throughout the day on the wheelings and dealings on the Randy Moss front as well as the rest of the NFL player news.

3 thoughts

  1. I can’t believe that the Vikings are going for another diva receiver. This is not going to bode well for the future of the vikings or the present for that matter. Chemistry, effort and execution are all going to be problems if Moss indeed does go the vikings. Moreover, I don’t think that giving a 33 year old receiver with attitude problems is a good idea. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna know what you think. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/moss-to-the-vikings-say-it-aint-so/

  2. Nice blog Chris, I enjoyed the Yankees column. Hopefully they get it done tonight.

    I disagree with you on Moss. They are clearly going for the title and why not go All-in with Moss. Moss should be re-rejuvenated going back to Minnesota and will be embraced by the fans.

    They also barely gave anything up. Who knows what a 3rd rounder brings it’s hit or miss.

    As far as chemistry I really don’t think that’s gonna be a problem. Percy, AP and especially Farve are all gonna be extremely happy to playing with Randy because he only makes them better.

    After this year I agree there is some concern because maybe when Favre leaves and Tavaris takes over Moss gets bitter again. But at the same time maybe Moss just embraces coming back to Minnesota and retiring there in peace in a couple of years. Maybe Favre stays one more year with Moss but I doubt it, but regardless he still helps the team and Tavaris Jackson going forward.

    To me it’s a no brainer move for Minnesota. They are built to win now and with the absence of Rice and him possibly not coming back at all this season they needed to make a move. Giving up a 3rd wasn’t costly. Like I stated, I think Moss’ attitude will be fine this year and for the remainder of his time in Minnesota.

    As far as the Patriots are concerned it makes sense because if Randy was playing disgruntled and wanted a trade after week 1 it only made sense. It obviously hurts them but then they get yet another pick. Now have double picks in each of the 1st 4 rounds.

    Also Brandon Tate can fill in nicely, I believe, as well as Aaron Hernandez who has already impressed. Edelman is also a solid wideout and Rob Gronkowski can also be a factor. End of the day Pats aren’t as good without Moss but they still will be effective because they have an array of weapons.

  3. Forgot to mention Moss is still one of the best wideouts in the league. You saw that one handed catch against Revis in week 2 right? Haa

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