Evening Player News with Ted Daniels the Seventh

Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Jahvid Best

Nothing new to report on Steven Jackson and Jahvid Best as of yet but it appears Ray Rice looks OK to play this week against Pittsburgh. A source close to him reported to the Baltimore Sun that Rice was walking around fine and his injury isn’t that bad. Will keep you updated.

David Garrard

Head Coach Jack Del Rio appeared to call out Garrard today saying “Obviously we can’t function as an offense if were that poor in the passing game”.  Some people are saying Garrard might hit the bench if he doesn’t produce this week against the colts. Garrard won’t help fantasy teams regardless but his success will only help Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Sims-Walker. Stay tuned with this although the Jaguars don’t have much else on the bench. They just signed Trent Edwards who is turrible himself.

Garret Hartley

Go and Cut the Saints kicker as John Carney will kick for the Saints this week. Again this is why you never spend more than $2 on a kicker.

Steve Breaston

Had surgery on his knee after he torn his meniscus. Looks like he will be out at least until week 7. This only makes Derek Anderson and the Cardinals offense even worse. Early Doucet remains hurt as well so more attention will be paid to Larry Fitzgerald but it’s not like Anderson can get him the ball anyway. Look for the Cardinals to give the Beanie and Hightower the rock often in the next coming weeks.

Dez Bryant

Besides having to pay a $54,000 tab last night at a Steak House in Dez Bryant has been playing with a Stress fracture in his ribs since week 1. The Cowboys have a bye week this week however and Bryant should be fine in Week 5.  Bryant will probably looking for a way to get his money back during the bye week.

Shonn Greene

Bad sign for Greene as he only played 17 snaps compared to L.T’s 42. L.T. is clearly outplaying Greene at this point but be patient with Greene he should remain in the mix and should warm up as the season goes on. However you have to wonder about his confidence, will see.

Marshawn Lynch

After the Bills lose this week to the Jets look for them to try and get something done for Marshawn Lynch. There are already rumors that the Bills are now willing to listen to offers for the back. The Packers and Redskins are the most likely suitors.

Demaryius Thomas

Looks like he is fine as he didn’t even need X-rays for his wrist. He should be fine for week 4 against the Titans.

Ryan Matthews

Looks like Matthews could be a go for Sunday as he said he felt no pain after working out on Monday. Matthews was saying he was going to play last week so monitor this. Like Drake, Ankle sprains ain’t nothin to play with. Let me change that Drake is wack so maybe Matthews plays this week.

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