10 Team Auction Keeper League Results and Thoughts

By Mike Cannici

Good day everyone, this past Saturday, August 21st me and my fellow owners participated in our annual Bragging Rights draft.  For the first time, we did a keeper auction league changed from the snakdraft format we had done the two previous years. This year we have just 1 keeper, but going into the 2011 season we will implement 3 keepers, with salaries increasing each year the player is kept.  We will be able to sign a player for up to 3 years. This is a 10 team league.

$230 salary cap

Starting Requirements: 1 QB, 2RB,3WR,1TE,1K,2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 3 Flex Defensive Players.

Standard offensive scoring rules plus 1 point per reception

Def. Player scoring- Solo Tackles=1.5pts, Assisted Tackles= 0.5pts, Sacks=4pts, Interceptions=3pts, Fumble recovery=3pts, Pass defensed=1pt, Def. TD=6pts

Now on to the fun stuff, here’s my squad

QB’s-Donavan McNabb ($5), Josh Freeman ($1)

RB’s- Pierre Thomas ($27), Jonathan Stewart ($27), Joseph Addai($20),Marion Barber($10),Ahmad Bradshaw ($10), Montario Hardesty ($6)

WR’s- Roddy White ($40), Dwayne Bowe ($12), Michael Crabtree ($2 he was my keeper), Legedu Naanee ($3), Julian Edelman ($7), Dexter McCluster ($5).

TE’s- Jermichael Finley ($16)

K- Neil Rackers ($2)

IDP’s- Curtis Lofton ($10), James Laurainitis )($7), Rolando McClain ($4)

Keepers going into draft: QB- Peyton Manning ($25), RB- Shonn Greene ($1), Rashard Mendenhall ($2), Chris Johnson ($29), Ray Rice ($11), WR-Andre Johnson ($23), DeSean Jackson ($11),Miles Austin ($1), Michael Crabtree ($2), Steve Smith-NY($1)

As you can see, I didn’t attack Quarterbacks as I probably should have as I just got outbid on a few guys I really wanted.  However here’s how their schedule plays out if I play the matchups with Mcnabb and Freeman throughout the season.  It looks pretty favorable for the most part and there are still a few quality free agents available to pick up if Freeman isn’t a serviceable backup.


I wasn’t too thrilled by my RB’s at first but I think I built quality depth after I was outbid for Jones-Drew who I planned on getting. My high bid was $70 and when he got bid up to $71 , I cut myself off at $70 because I wasn’t going to go any higher for him.  I feel like I may have overpaid a little bit for Jonathan Stewart and Pierre Thomas but I had the money at the time and needed to get some backs who had quality and upside. I also added some good depth in getting Addai, who nobody ever likes but always puts up solid numbers. Addai will be plugged in as my every week flex.  I also added Marion Barber and Ahmad Bradshaw for $10 each who will end up giving me solid return on my investments.  Even though I didn’t end up with any top 10 backs, I filled my squad out with a few of guys who could finish 15-20th in RB fantasy points by season’s end. I give myself a B+ at the RB position.

Roddy White I acquired for $40 which might be a little too high for him but he was the last of the #1 wideouts and I needed have one. I will pair Roddy up with Crabtree which should make for a solid 1-2 combo at the WR position this year. Coming in with Crabtree as my keeper for $2 represents excellent value because it’s a keeper league and Crabtree has tremendous upside. My #3 wideout spot will be filled by Dwayne Bowe who I got for $12 which is a pretty solid price.  I see about 1,000 yards from Bowe and 8-10 TD’s which is excellent for a 2nd or 3rd wideout. Legedu Naanee was purely an affordable upside pick. Naanee will be the new number two in San Diego and should be able to put up some good numbers with Rivers throwing the ball. I also bought Julian Edelman who is a Wes Welker setback away from being a top 25 PPR wideout.  Some guys at the draft said are you crazy having two Chiefs and taking Dexter Mcluster but I see some improvement in the passing game coming for KC in 2010. He’ll get some carries out of the backfield, catch 45-55 balls and may even have some chances in the return game.  We don’t count return yards but do count return TD’s and that definitely would add to his value if he gets some chances there.  My overall grade at WR is B+ because of the potential of Crabtree becoming a top 10 WR this year and upside of McCluster and Edelman.

My only TE drafted was Jermichael Finley, who could finish as the #1 overall Tight end.  He’s an overgrown wide receiver who Aaron Rodgers loves to look for in the red zone. I owned Finley last season and he was a major catalyst in my championship run.  I give myself an A- with this pick.

No need to discuss kickers, just know that I got one.

I ended up getting 3 of the 4 defensive players that I wanted most coming into the auction.  The player that I wanted but didn’t get was Patrick Willis who was bid up to $20. I didn’t want to spend that much, that early on a defensive player as he was around the 50th player off the board.  Curtis Lofton is an up and coming LB star in this league. He should post over 100 tackles with a few sacks and interceptions. James Lauranaitis will end up ONLY behind Patrick Willis by season’s end in total points by a LB, mark my words.  The Rams defense will constantly be on the field, he’s a ball hawk and is the son of a former WWF wrestler so what’s not to love about this guy. My last defensive player bought was Rolando McClain, who for $4 will end up being the defensive steal of the draft.  This kid will put up huge numbers in the Raider’s defense and finish in the top 20 overall defensively.  Overall grade for my defense is an A+ because I got 3 of the 4  best tackling machines in the NFL.

Our first auction as a league was a tremendous success. We had my Brother as the auctioneer and he did an amazing job. If you want to rent him for your league auction, contact me for bookings. He’ll bring the top hat, creepy moustache and even a cape if need be.  The thing the guys liked the most about the auction format was that you need to pay attention throughout and every guy is available to everyone. Also no sitting around waiting 30-40 minutes for your next pick or being upset that the next 10 guys on your list are gone before your next pick is up.  I highly recommend auction leagues for owners that are looking for something new and different. Also for owners who want to step up to the next level of fantasy.  Please leave comments or questions or feel free to email me at mtcannici@gmail.com at any time.

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