Sidney Rice out at least half the season following hip surgery

Obviously Rice moves way down draft boards and is probably only worth about $10-12 in auctions at this point due to his uncertainty.  If you have a IR spot in your league than stash Rice there if you can get good value for him. However, who knows how healthy he will be when he comes back. The good news for Rice is he rode a stationary bike today for 20 minutes following his surgery last night. Benard Berrian moves up dramatically as Rice is out at least til week 8 and Percy Harvin is still a ? with his migraines.  Brett Favre is gonna have to get the ball to somebody and it’s not gonna be Shiancoe allday! Benard Berrian becomes a solid selection for obvious reasons. The Vikings did just sign Javon Walker and who knows maybe he could succeed being with Farve again but it’s not likely. Plus Walker is extremely injury prone at this point in his career. Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson also obviously see a boost from this as they will get more looks.

Other fairly signifcant news of the day

Larry Fitzgerald (knee) might not play again this preseason, but Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said he fully expects the receiver to be ready for Week 1.”I don’t think there is any question in any of our minds he will be ready for the first game,” Whisenhunt said. “He might be ready for the last preseason game, although that’s not something we are pushing to do.”

Dallas Clark (leg) might sit out the rest of the preseason, but he insists he’ll be good to go for Week 1.”The good thing is it’s making improvement and, worst-case scenario, I’ll definitely be there for Week 1,” Clark said. “That’s a reassuring thing.”Source: Indianapolis Star

Kevin Smith said Monday that his surgically repaired knee is “close” to 100 percent.However, he also added that “Some days, I can wake up and wonder how I’m going to get through the day,”. Jahvid Best has pretty much taken over the #1 Job so only take Smith as a handcuff. Also it sounds like Smith is not being fully honest with himself and his injury. Source: Detroit Free Press

Donovan McNabb (ankle) was no longer wearing a walking boot and “appeared to be moving better” when walking around in the Redskins locker room Tuesday, according to the Washington Post’s Cindy Boren.  Mcnabb should be fine for week 1 and is fully expected to play. Source: Washington Post

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