King of Harpoons 2017: Divisional Round Analysis

Welcome back everyone as we get geared up for the divisional round of the playoffs. Hope everyone had a great week. It’s time to kick back and enjoy some great games this weekend. Screw the politics and all the banter, set that all aside this weekend, as this is what makes America great and enjoyable. […]

The Gary Is Back

Yes, Ohhhh yes, Yes, Oh yes, Pears? Yess, No, Larry stop eating my Crumbcake!!!!  Who? Where? Who is this? Mitt Romney? Gloria Vanderbilt? Lance? Blair? Toops? Linda Connors? The extra in the Cave from Batman Returns? Ronnie Turiaf’s Cousin? Mark Eaton’s Ex Schoolmate? Nooooooo, Oh yes you know who this is, you Have Guessed it…..It… […]