FantasySavvy 2021: SuperBowl LV Pick

Brady and Mahomes are 2-2 against each other, this will break the tie. Arguably the greatest QB of all-time vs one of the most athletic, unique, strong armed QB’s we may have ever seen. KC will look to be the first repeat champion since Brady and the Pats did it back in 2004.

The KC line has issues. Mahomes can negate that with his arm, elusiveness and quickness. He will drop back an extra 3-5 yards to gain more time and he has the arm to still deliver the ball on time with accuracy. He can also get outside the pocket and then create 2nd chance plays. The Bucs Pass rush is good, but Mahomes can overcome it, he does it all the time.

Tyreek Hill might be the fastest and quickest WR I have ever seen. The Bucs will not have an answer for him and if they somehow do, it will open up Kelce, who can’t be covered one on one with any sort of consitency, not only because of his talent and strength, but because Reid will create natural rubs and flood zones to get him open vs man and zone respectively.

Andy Reid is a master of creating offense. The motions, the rubs, the creative plays like we saw with Mahomes and his skeeball type toss to Kelce in the middle of the line for the TD last week. Andy Reid has two weeks and and that just makes him even better. What’s his record on a bye? 47-3? 🙂

Sprinkle in Hardman, Watkins, even CEH who I hope shines in this game. I think he can, they have skilled talented weapons that can break big plays all over the field. The Bucs D has a great front 4, Great LBs with David and White, solid corners with Murphy Bunting, Carlton Davis, etc, but they can’t play with this offense for 4 quarters. Carlton Davis has an issue of getting his head turned around, getting beat deep often. We saw that in their matchup in Week 12, Hill abusing him, and even last week with MVS getting deep on him for a score.

Tom Brady is unreal. He is amazing. He still has it after all these years, he still throws dimes, even in the face off pressure. I doubted him when he left New England and came to Tampa. I was wrong, he came in and changed this organization and led them to a SB, he is a true champion and truly one of the best players and athletes, QB’s, I have ever witnessed. I have so much respect for him.

I think Tom will find holes in this KC D, he will get the ball into the endzone three or four times. However, I also believe that KC will get pressure with their blitzes and Tom will have some errant throws. He will take shots and he will miss and get picked off a couple times. Maybe Tom is more careful in this game, maybe instead of throwing it up to his WR’s to make the play, he takes the sack, but I doubt it. Tom is going out in a blaze of glory, he is going to let his WR’s have a shot, even in the face of a heavy blitz and pressure in his face.

I love the way the KC D covers. I love their rookie CB out of LA Tech, L’Jarius Snead. I saw him run with Diggs for 50 yards toe to toe last week, he is PFF’s highest rated rookie CB. He can play. Breeland is sound, unlike Davis, he gets his head around, evidenced in the Week 12 matchup when he picked off Brady while covering Scotty Miller deep. He can run with guys and get his head around, no Kevin King here. Juan Thornhill is solid, and of course they have the Honey Badger in Mathieu. Chris Jones has an advantage inside and him and Frank Clark can cause havoc, especially in the biggest game of the season. I think KC will limit big plays, Tom will take his underneath stuff, Drags, curls, screens, delayed routes, quick outs, etc. This will create points, but there will be some mistakes mixed in. I think Tampa will really need to have an effective Run and Play action pass game to really create big plays in the passing game.

I think Ronald Jones can have close to 100 yards here. Gameflow could easily take him out of the mix and then we will most likely see “Playoff Lenny” Fournette doing work in the pass game, we will probably see some of that regardless. I would like for the Bucs to get Jones more looks in the pass game also, remember he took a flat route pass 37 yards to the house in their Week 12 game, outrunning the LB and hurdling over Sorensen’s tackle.

I don’t think Evans will have a lot of yards, but he could have 1 to 2 TD’s. Godwin should do most of the yardage and reception work. Will the Bucs utilize Gronk like they did in the first matchup when he had 100 yards? Brate and Gronk can both create mismatches on the linebackers and safeties.

In the end, I just believe the combination of talent on the offensive side of the ball, with Andy Reid’s mastermind and artwork, chess like gameplans and play designs will just be too much for the Bucs. The underrated factor here is the KC Defense, they are not getting enough credit. They showed it last year and I think they will show it again. I am looking forward to watching this D play. I am also looking forward to watching the Bucs D play, Devin White is really fun to watch fly all over the field.

This will be a great game, the Bucs may lead for a time, but I think KC will get the lead at some point and will not relinquish it. This Superbowl could be one for the ages, either way with the year we had in 2020, with Brady and Mahomes and guys like Kelce, Tyreek, Etc, this is already one for the ages. Just enjoy every ounce of the game and appreciate the beauty of the offensive and defensive strategies and designs. The players and coaches put in a tremendous amount of work and will into this sport and it will all be on the line, as both teams give it everything they have. We may be witnessing the next dynasty with Kansas City, if they win this game, they will be the favorites to pull off a 3-peat next season.

Final Score KC 34, Bucs 27.

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