FantasySavvy Week 1 Takeaways/Best Free Agent Pickups, Waiver Wire

Titans @ Chiefs

  • Locker looks much improved, I doubted this guy coming into this year, but with Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, and new HC and offensive savvy Ken Whisenhunt, this could be a nice year for Locker. This Titans passing game was impressive to me.
  • The backfield is a miss mosh still with Greene, McCluster and Sankey. Hard to rely on any one guy at this point.
  • The Chiefs need Dwayne Bowe back, without him they really don’t have any legit weapons at WR. It’s obvious though they need to give Travis Kelce more burn. Also Andy Reid needs to give Jamaal Charles more than 11 carries!!! Charles will be fine, but could have some struggles if they are playing from behind. Bowe’s return and more use of Kelce will help.

New England @ Miami

  • Good Sign that Mike Wallace and Tannehill got it going in Week 1. This should be a solid combo all year. The Miami offense looks more impressive with the addition of Moreno, who like Wallace should be in for a nice season. Lamar Miller is is still kind of “eh” while playing behind Moreno.
  • Brady looked awful. Don’t know why but he can not play in Miami. Tough to say who will emerge at the WR position. Edelman should be the mainstay, but they will be looking for that big play guy. Brandon LaFell was the one targeted deep a few times, but Brady missed him a bunch.
  • Vereen has the reigns as the #1 RB here. Ridley has to earn his way back it appears. He’s still best bet to lead team in TD’s at RB, but will see.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

  • Le’Veon Bell looked like the best back in the NFL in week 1. He runs hard, has great agility and runs great routes as well. Big time for year for him is likely. Blount should have some decent games here and there and you still want to handcuff Blount with Bell.
  • Markus Wheaton is the #2 option in Pittsburgh, when Lance Moore returns that could change. Still a bit weary for now.
  • Terrance West did not look good to me in the preseason, but he looked pretty solid against the Steelers. Isaiah Crowell looked good as well. Ben Tate was doing fine until he got hurt, but a sprained knee will likely keep him out a couple weeks. West and Crowell are both worth owning while Tate is OUT. This is a talented Browns backfield, but the Steelers run defense was pretty awful.
  • Andrew Hawkins looked good, should be solid in PPR formats. Miles Austin nowhere to be found, per the usual.

Cincy @ Baltimore

  • Don’t know why people are doubting Steve Smith. He has a more accurate QB now and is playing in a better offense. He actually has someone who can complement him in Torrey Smith. Smith will be solid.
  • Don’t see anything too special in Justin Forsett. Pierce’s fumble led way to Forsett, but there is no way Forsett is going to run away with the job. This will be a timeshare if anything and Pierce is more likely to get the goal line carries. The Rookie Tabaladawaka or however u spell his last name is off the radar as of now. This is not a prolific running game and no player in this backfield is filled with talent.
  • Jeremy Hill should get burn as the weeks go by. He ran well in limited carries. Be patient.
  • I watched way too many plays from this game.

Buffalo @ Chicago

  • Spiller is fully healthy this year and it looks like Doug Marrone finally wants to give him the majority of carries. But I still don’t trust this guy, next week we may see Anthony Dixon and Fred Jackson get more bulk. All three backs were effective last week. Spiller is easily the most talented.
  • Good luck covering Sammy Watkins, Good luck to EJ Manuel getting him the ball.
  • Cutler still makes way to many mistakes, but he has unreal weapons and will be very solid this season

Raiders @ Jets

  • A lot of average play in this game. Don’t expect MJD, McFadden or Chris Johnson to break through somehow this year. All three backs go down like flies. CJ had a decent game however and will likely be fairly solid this year.
  • Derek Carr has a lot of growing pains to go through, this wasn’t an easy matchup, but it will take some time.
  • Gino also still is a ways away. I like the way they used Decker on screens. He should be heavily involved every week.

Vikings @ Rams

  • Finally the Vikings are starting to get Patterson the ball. Jamaal Charles at WR.
  • Need to see more of Brian Quick, looks OK to me and the QB situation is horrible. Nobody else is worthy in that WR corps.
  • Benny Cunningham looked OK, looks like he will def eat into Stacy’s workload this year. Hopefully the Rams can stay in games otherwise these guys will irrelevant all year. Both are talented backs, they need to feed them the ball.

Redskins @ Texans

  • Arian Foster looked healthy and ran well. They still don’t have a good QB however and his TD’s will be limited.
  • DeAndre Hopkins did not do much outside of that huge play, don’t expect too much from him with Fitzpatrick at the helm. Andre Johnson will rack the catches as usual.
  • RG3 was OK, a lot of short passes. He still just looks so unfluid, stumbling, bumbling, tripping over his feet, not sliding correctly, etc. That injury really messed him up, he just doesn’t look like the same player we saw his rookie year. As the season goes on, he should get better and better, he has solid weapons.
  • DeSean Jackson looked explosive and quick, creating a ton of separation on his routes. He is going to have another solid season with RG3.
  • The Skins run game looked good. Both Morris and Helu had holes to run through. Helu needs more burn, he’s simply just talented.
  • Too bad Jordan Reed got hurt, this guy Niles Paul looks fast (a converted WR) but who know as of now.

Jacksonville @ Philly

  • Temper your expectations with Allen Hurns. He did nothing in the 2nd half. He has some talent but he was wide open on both routes he caught for TD’s.  I would still rather have Marquise Lee.
  • Toby Gerhart, eh. But Jordan Todman is nothing great. Denard Robinson is the guy I would want, but Gerhart will get the GL carries.
  • Once Bortles takes over, I think you will get some fireworks in Jacksonville. Chad Henne is what he is, run of the mill.
  • Nick Foles looked awful, fumbling, missing throws left and right. He seems to have games like this every once in a while. He is just surrounded with talent and has no choice but to succeed overall. He’s good, but I do think he’s a bit overrated.

New Orleans @ Atlanta

  • Brandon Cooks, if don’t own him go and trade for him. He’s the new Sproles, but unlike Sproles Cooks can go down field and get up for the ball. He’s in for a juicy year.
  • I like this TE Toilolo. Ryan loves the Tight End, look at what he did with Gonzo. Toilolo is not Gonzo but he’s huge at 6’8 and will get a lot of looks in the Redzone. Jones and Roddy will be gathering a lot of attention and Toilolo will benefit with a lot of short curl and out routes.
  • Devonta Freeman looked pretty good. Jaquizz Rodgers also had a nice run. Steven Jackson had some nice runs. This backfield is way too crowded right now.
  • Just like Atlanta, the Saints backfield is too crowded as well. Khiry Robinson started it off, Ingram finished it and Pierre Thomas was thrown in between. Ingram had two TD’s against Atlanta, but that could easily be Robinson or Thomas next week. Maybe Payton has an idea of who he wants to lead, but he will likely just ride the hot hand. All three backs are worth owning.

Carolina @ Tampa

  • Doug Martin doesn’t look like anything special to me. I think Rainey is just as talented. Pick up Rainey, he’s going to remain in the mix.
  • Mike Evans will get better and better as the season goes on.
  • Kelvin Benjamin is going to be a nice weapon for Cam when he comes back.

San Fran @ Dallas

  • Vernon Davis silenced the haters with two quick scores and another solid performance. Don’t doubt this guy. The 49ers have actually underutilized him in the regular season, I don’t think he’s reached his peak yet.
  • Carlos Hyde reminds a little bit of Adrian Peterson. Go get him asap if you are in a keeper league.
  • The Cowboys were a complete mess in Week 1 outside of DeMarco Murray. That said, the offense will put up points, keep em going.

Indianapolis @ Denver

  • Ahmad Bradshaw is the back to own in Indy. Richardson just doesn’t fit that system. He needs to be on a team like the Rams.
  • Hakeem Nicks finally scored a TD, he should be good this year.
  • Andre Caldwell isn’t good. Maybe Lattimer steps in soon. It’s probably all moot however, because Welker will be back in 3 weeks.
  • Montee Ball isn’t the most talented back to me, but obviously playing with Peyton he will have a good year.
  • Emmanuel Sanders is in for a big year.

New York Giants @ Detroit

  • Sometimes Joique, sometimes Reggie, both are good flexes in that offense.
  • Let’s see on Ebron, they targeted him a few times deep and in the end zone, but Fauria and Pettigrew still remain.
  • Golden Tate will have some big games, but Calvin will EAT and won’t share.
  • Eli has no O-line, he looks lost.
  • Giants need O’Dell Beckham. I think by the time they get him back, this offense will be much improved.
  • I love Andre Williams, but I didn’t see much of him Monday night.
  • Take a flier on Larry Donnell, but historically Eli doesn’t do much with Tight Ends.

San Diego @ Arizona

  • Zona’s D is tough, they had Keenan Allen on lock.
  • Gates dominated the snaps over LaDarius Green. Expect that to remain.
  • Larry Fitzgerald will be fine, but Michael Floyd is the new #1 in Arizona it seems.
  • How will Andre Ellington’s foot hold up? Hopefully it starts to heal, he looked a bit tentative. Dwyer stinks, but Taylor could steal some of Ellington’s role. Still, no player matches his skill set.
  • John Brown will be inconsistent.

Best Waiver Pickups 


  1. Jake Locker
  2. Blake Bortles
  3. Johnny Manziel


  1. Justin Forsett
  2. Ahmad Bradshaw
  3. Terrance West
  4. Bobby Rainey
  5. Chris Ivory
  6. Isaiah Crowell


  1. Steve Smith
  2. Greg Jennings
  3. Andrew Hawkins
  4. Brian Quick
  5. Allen Hurns


  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Levine Toilolo
  3. Larrry Donnell
  4. Dwyane Allen
  5. Niles Paul




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