Quarterback Tiers

Fantasy Savvy’s Tiers are released just in time as most Fantasy Drafts kick off in the next 2 weeks. Use these with the up most confidence. Also continue to check our site during the season and listen to our radio show at blogtalkradio.com/fantasysavvy

(Tier 1)
(Tier 2)
Matt Ryan
Ben Rothlisberger
Matt Schaub

(Tier 3)
Sam Bradford
Eli Manning
Joe Flacco
Jay Cutler
Matt Stafford
Josh Freeman

(Tier 4)
Kyle Orton
Kevin Kolb
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Matt Cassel
Mark Sanchez
Donovan Mcnabb
Colt McCoy

(Tier 5)
David Garrard
Matt Hasselback
Cam Newton

(Tier 6)
Vince Young
Chad Henne
Alex Smith
Charlie Whitehurst/Tavaris Jackson

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