Fantasy Savvy Week 15 Playoff Projections

By: Steve DeAngelo

Instead of Start Em Sit em’s I will be providing my projections for each game this week. This way you can see exactly what I expect for each significant player and then you can start or bench them based on this information. All this information takes into account the player’s caliber, the matchup, weather, coaching, as well as some stats and gut feel thrown into the mix. GL to all this week!

San Francisco @ San Diego Thursday 8:20 est


Alex Smith- 220 yards- 1 TD’s 1 Int, 20 Rushing yards

Brian Westbrook- 6 Catches 40 yards, 9 carries 32 yards

Anthony Dixon- 12 Carries 43 Yards, 1 Catch 7 yards

Vernon Davis- 7 Catches 75 Yards 1 TD

Michael Crabtree- 3 Catches 40 yards

Josh Morgan- 3 Catches 30 yards


Phillip Rivers- 275 Yards 3 TD’s, 10 yards rushing

Mike Tolbert- 13 carries 40 yards 1 TD, 1 Catch 6 yards

Ryan Matthews 16 Carries 52 yards, 2 catches 20 yards

Darren Sproles- 2 Carries 8 yards, 4 catches 38 yards- 1 TD

Vincent Jackson- 5 catches 89 yards  1 TD

Malcolm Floyd- 4 Catches 76 yards

Antonio Gates (game-time decision) 6 catches- 60 yards 1 TD

Sunday’s Games will be released Friday

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