Team Recovery List- Week 10

Week 10 Fantasy Football Team Recovery

By Alan Squatrito

1.Mathew Stafford
2.Stephen Gostkowski
3 Jonathan Stewart
4.Jason Hansen
5.Matt Moore
6.Lee Evans
8.Heath Miller
9.Tom Brady
10. Roddy White
11.Anthony Gonzalez
12. Austin Collie
13. Roscoe Parish

In the NFL, you are considered to be very fortunate if you finish out the whole season going unscathed.  Each week goes by in the NFL and the chances of getting injured or hurt have only will only increase. There are athletes who play with lingering injuries while there are others who go on i.r. The NFL is a game played by only warriors and in a game of inches. Only the strong survive. During the games each week we as fans only wonder which teams are going to win but we rarely ever wonder which of the players will survive. Whether or not they’d like admit it, this is in the back of every player’s mind, survival. It’s a battle each and every week. New opportunities emerge for some players, while existing ones diminish for others. The bottom line is, no matter what injuries plague the NFL each, you should never be surprised. Be prepared, and get your waiver picks ready because you will never know who is going to be next on the NFL HIT LIST.

Mathew Stafford is on top of the NFL HIT LIST this week as he may be out for the year with a separated shoulder. Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz is keeping things under wraps because he doesn’t want to make a false statement too early. It seems as though Shaun Hill will suit up in week 10 and start against the Buffalo Bills. Stephen Gostkowski pulled a quad muscle and will be out for the year while Jason Hansen injured his knee against the Jets and will have to miss two or three weeks. Dave Birkett will most likely fill the role for Hansen while he is out instead of Ndamukong Suh, whom, for those who have watched the game on Sunday, replaced Hansen and missed a key extra point vs. the Jets. Matt Moore and Jonathan Stewart both suffered injuries during Sunday’s game vs. the Saints; the only difference is that Matt Moore will be out with a torn labrum for the rest of the season while Jonathan Stewart may miss a game or two from a concussion. Anthony Gonzalez can’t catch a break and seems to be like the Cadillac Williams of wide receivers as he will be placed on i.r. once again with a knee injury. Austin Collie also made it to the list again but this time he suffers from a concussion and will not be ready to play in week 10 vs. the Bengals. Ochocinco, Lee Evans, Roddy White, and Heath Miller are all questionable with ankle and knee injuries. Check back on their status before you plug them in for your week 10 fantasy lineups. Roscoe Parish is out for the year for the Bills with a broken wrist. Tom Brady may use his minor foot sprain as a scapegoat to explain why their offense has been struggling without Randy Moss. They play the Steelers this weekend and if they couldn’t get things done against the Browns last weekend, I wonder what they think will be in store for them this weekend. Good Luck Mr.Brady. Chad Henne isn’t on the hit list this week but maybe he ought to be.  With a quarterback rating of 78.2 Head Coah Tony Sparano will give Chad Pennington the start at home vs. the Titans this week. Anyway, below are waiver wire fantasy players I think you should take a look at and plug into your lineups this week if you need help at that position.

Wide Receiver Recovery List


1. Bernard Berrian –Finally the Minnesota Vikings are seeing what kind of use they can get out of Bernard Berrian who signed a contract for 42 million dollars for 6 years, with 16 million guaranteed. Bernard had a product full game on Sunday’s win vs. the Cardinals (9 receptions, for 89 yards). I can see Bernard Berrian playing big again against the Bears in week 10 and looks like a nice start before Sidney Rice (hip) joins the starting lineup.

2. Earl Bennett – I said it last week, and I will say it again this week. Earl Bennett has been taking a bigger role in the offense and will continue to do so going forward. Earl Bennett had a touchdown and 52 yards receiving in Sunday’s win against the Bills. Devin Hester’s role has diminished in the first team offense because the coaching staff wants to keep Devin fresh for punt and kickoff returns. With the Vikings ranked 7th against the run, you can expect the Bears passing team to continue to just pass. Now I can’t lie to you, the Vikings pass defense is ranked tenth overall but it still doesn’t matter, the Bears are going to be passing all game regardless. Keep in mind I don’t think the Bears are going to win this game and will have to throw anyway. In a point per reception league, Earl Bennett will be a solid start in week 10.

3. Michael Jenkins – With Roddy White questionable for Thursday night, I can picture Michael Jenkins getting more looks his way. With or without Roddy White in the lineup I still like Jenkins to have some opportunities to put up decent fantasy numbers.

4. Jordan Shipley – This rookie wide receiver looks like a decent start against the Colts this weekend with their backs against the wall. Are the Bengals going to lose 6 in a row? Ochocinco is also milking an ankle injury and Shipley can be in line for an expanded role for a desperate Bengals team.


Running Back Recovery List 

1. Mike Goodson – Jonathan Stewart is out with a concussion, and Deangelo Williams is still out with an ankle injury. I’m sorry but this may be the best I can do for you this weekend. The Buccaneers rush defense is ranked 30th in the league or else I’d say don’t even bother. Mike Goodson is a decent flex play this week as he will be used extensively with Jimmy Clausen back behind center. Not too much on Mike Goodson. He was a beast in high school averaging 11.4 yards a carry but during college he wasn’t given a full role. He did get honorable mentioned however. He runs a 4.5 forty and was drafted in the 4th round by the Panthers. LOL, Mike Goodson scored a touchdown against the Giants in the preseason of 2009 and was flagged for making a throat slashed gesture to Giants fans, maybe he will pretend to gun some fans down this weekend if he finds pay dirt against the Buccaneers.

2. Kevin Smith – With the Lions leaning more towards a 50-50 split with their running game, I can’t picture Kevin Smith not having a solid day running against the worst run defense in the NFL. Smith is a solid flex start this week!

3. C.J. Spiller – Why not. When is this stud going to get a chance to break loose? Lions let up 3.7 yards a carry last week to Ladanian but Shonn Green averaged 4.8. If the Bills were smart they would give Spiller a bigger role over Fred Jackson because Spiller is a bruiser.

Quarterback Recovery List

  1. Josh Freeman – This kid seems to impress me week after week and I would love to root for him if I needed to plug him in as my QB comes Sunday. Freeman has a favorable matchup against the Panthers in week 10.
  2. Shaun Hill – He can’t be that bad of a start this weekend against the Bills. I know he has a broken forearm but if he says he is going to play he will sure give it his all. Throw the deep ball to Megatron this week.
  3. Troy Smith – Troy Smith will get the nod over Alex Smith and for a few darn good reasons. The 49ers are looking for revenge at home this weekend from what happened to them on opening day against the Rams. I expect the 49ers defense to play huge in this game and Troy to have a solid number 2 fantasy quarterback day.
  4. Matt Hasselbeck – Is back from his concussion and is ready to have a decent game against the Cardinals.


Tight End Recovery List

1.Jermaine Gresham –The Bengals need a win in the worst way and Jermain could be a part of that win. He is a low end fantasy option but worth the risk if it is a back and forth game against the Colts in week 10.

2.Anthony Fasano – He’s been playing well and consistent all season. The Dolphins the Titans at home this week and will look to find their first home win with Pennington as their quarterback.

3.Rob Gronkowski –Tom Brady definitely feels the offense slipping without Randy Moss. With two tight end sets out on the offensive side of the ball for the most of the game, I could picture Rob having a decent day against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

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