A Shootout in Indy- Texans @ Colts Breakdown

By: Rick Findura


Looking at tonight’s matchup between the Colts and the Texans I see one thing above all else.  Points pouring out of the side of Lucas Oil Stadium.  If you’re a fan of low scoring fare such as the Packers/Jets matchup, Or a physical showdown like the Steelers/Saints excellent Sunday Night game, this may not be the game for you.
Let’s start with the Colts offense.  You can probably start and end with the Colts offense actually.  Peyton Manning is coming off a bye week.  The Texans have the worst pass defense in the league. (306 passing yards a game!)  Peyton Manning still has a right arm.  All things that spell bad news for the Texans.  I know the Texans took the opening game of the season against the Colts, but as anyone can tell you, things get different as the season gets going.  I expect big games from both Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon.  Both are players that can work deep down the field, and that’s where the Texans struggle the most.  Jacob Tamme may get some opportunities at the tight end spot, but I feel it’s the receivers on the outside that will do most of the damage. Donald Brown and Mike Hart may get a few carries, but after the Colts stop trying to be cute, Manning will drop back and pick apart the Texans at will.  Anthony Gonzalez might get some looks but not enough in my opinion to warrant a start.  Expect Wayne and Garcon to combine for over 200 yards and perhaps even 3 scores.
In week 1 Arian Foster flat out embarrassed the Colts defense.  Their defense is5th worst in the league stopping the run (137 a week). They can’t let him to do it again.  I do feel as though Foster will have a solid game, at the start.  The problem here is that the Colts will get out to a big enough lead that the Texans will have to air it out.  If you own Foster, hope that he gets a lot done in the first half.  Matt Schaub is no stranger to slinging it around.  The Texans haven’t had to do it much this season with Foster providing a nice balance to the offense.  But when he’s had to (check week 2, 497 yards) he will.  Don’t look for 500 yards, but I do think Schaub will throw it enough to go over 300 yards.  Most of that damage will be to Andre Johnson in the second half.  Expect Schaub to get the ball to his best option about 8 times for 120 and a TD, if not more.  Owen Daniels can have a decent game as well.  When Johnson isn’t getting the ball, it’ll be either Jacoby Jones or Kevin Walter, don’t look for both of them to have a great fantasy week, but 1 of them should…I’m leaning toward Walter, call it a gut feeling.  Look for the Texans to do most of their damage in mop-up time.  And who in fantasy football doesn’t love mop-up time?  When you’re going against a quarterback and the defense goes into a prevent D, and they march down the field and score in 6 plays.  Yeah, I know…it’ll either help you or absolutely kill you.
All in all, this is one of those rare games where there isn’t an obvious bad fantasy play.  Well, besides the Texans and Colts defenses. Manning, Wayne, Garcon are great plays.  Schaub and Johnson are great plays as well.  Foster can be a great play if the Texans can keep it close.  Expect a lot of fantasy implications taking place in Indy on Monday Night.

Prediction:  Colts 38, Texans 27

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