Significant Player News 9/1

Fred Jackson

Coach Chan Gailey acknowledged Tuesday that Fred Jackson will be “limited early in the year” as he recovers from a fractured hand. Also Jackson has confirmed that he is not comfortable wearing a brace for his broken hand as he can’t handle the ball the way he wants. This just boosts Spiller stock even more. As you know Fantasy Savvy loves CJ Spiller. Beast!

Donovan Mcnabb

Redskins OC Kyle Shanahan expressed confidence Tuesday that Donovan McNabb (ankle) will resume practicing next week. McNabb is out of his walking boot and only wearing a sleeve on the ankle. “We know he’s hurting right now, but we think he’ll be good to go next week,” said the offensive coordinator. Monitor his status but Mcnabb should be ready for week 1 against the Boyz from Dallas. I like Mcnabb this year as I think he has some nice weapons in Moss and Cooley and is playing with Shananhan.

James Jones

James Jones started the Packers’ third preseason game ahead of Jordy Nelson with Greg Jennings nursing a tweaked back. Jones should be the #3 WR. With Driver getting older and having some injury concerns Jones could be a nice late round pick as he is playing with a very talented QB.

Michael Bush

Michael Bush described his thumb injury Tuesday, calling it a “Bennett fracture” and detailing his surgery. The surgery inserted screws in Bush’s left thumb, done to align bone fragments. He did not give a timetable for return. Bush could presumably carry the ball only with his right hand, though the Raiders’ coaching staff may balk at that idea since Bush is a southpaw. His status for Week 1 is unknown. I would just stay away from Bush as well as Mcfadden. If anything take Bush because Mcfadden isn’t good and is always getting hurt.

Matt Leinart

Citing “several sources,” FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reports that the Cardinals are actively trying to trade Matt Leinart. Realy don’t understand this. Do the Cardinals really wanna rely on Derek Anderson? Whisenhunt is taking this too far. Hopefully these are false rumors. I think Leinart can succeed still and should be given a chance.

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