FantasySavvy 2012: Week 16 Player Rankings (Super Bowl Rankings)

Thanks for following this year everyone, it’s much appreciated. This season flew by, but once again it was another great season. I hope all of you dominate in your Fantasy Super Bowls. Since it is the Super Bowl, I am going to shorten the lists a bit and take out some of the very irrelevant players. I should have some NBA, MLB and College Hoops stuff coming in the next few weeks and of course I will be back next year for Football, but even stronger. If you ever need to contact me you can @FantasySavvy on Twitter. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, God Bless. Go get those Championships!


  1. Cam Newton vs OAK
  2. Tom Brady @ JAC
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs TEN
  4. RG3 @ PHI
  5. Tony Romo vs NO
  6. Drew Brees @ DAL
  7. Peyton Manning vs CLE
  8. Andrew Luck @ KC
  9. Eli Manning @ BAL
  10. Colin Kaepernick @ SEA
  11. Ben Roethlisberger vs CIN
  12. Matt Schaub vs MIN
  13. Sam Bradford @ TB
  14. Carson Palmer @ CAR
  15. Russell Wilson vs SF
  16. Andy Dalton @ PIT
  17. Joe Flacco vs NYG
  18. Chad Henne vs NE
  19. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ MIA
  20. Jay Cutler @ ARI
  21. Nick Foles vs WAS
  22. Brandon Weeden @ DEN
  23. Jake Locker @ GB

Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson @ HOU
  2. Arian Foster vs MIN
  3. DeMarco Murray vs NO
  4. Ray Rice vs NYG
  5. Alfred Morris @ PHI
  6. Marshawn Lynch vs SF
  7. C.J. Spiller @ MIA
  8. Jamaal Charles vs IND
  9. LeSean McCoy vs WAS
  10. Vick Ballard @ KC
  11. Stevan Ridley @ JAC
  12. Frank Gore @ SEA
  13. Darren McFadden @ CAR
  14. Trent Richardson @ DEN
  15. Reggie Bush vs BUF
  16. Knowshon Moreno vs CLE
  17. Darren Mcfadden @ CAR
  18. Darren Sproles @ DAL
  19. Matt Forte @ ARI
  20. BenJarvus Green-Ellis @ PIT
  21. Steven Jackson @ TB
  22. Chris Johnson @ GB
  23. DeAngelo Williams vs OAK
  24. Ahmad Bradshaw @ BAL *questionable, should play
  25. Montell Owens vs NE
  26. Shonn Greene vs SD
  27. Jonathan Dwyer vs CIN
  28. Chris “Beanie” Wells vs CHI
  29. David Wilson @ BAL *bump up 15 spots if Bradshaw is OUT
  30. Ronnie Brown @ NYJ
  31. Mark Ingram @ DAL
  32. Bilal Powell vs SD
  33. Alex Green vs CLE *questionable
  34. Jonathan Stewart vs OAK *questionable
  35. Bryce Brown vs WAS
  36. Shane Vereen @ JAC
  37. Pierre Thomas @ DAL
  38. Brandon Bolden @ JAC
  39.  Jackie Battle @ NYJ
  40. Issac Redman vs CIN
  41. Marcel Reese @ CAR
  42. Danny Woodhead @ JAC
  43. Peyton Hillis vs IND
  44. Dijuan Harris vs TEN  * move up to Greens Spot if Green OUT

Wide Receivers

  1. Dez Bryant vs NO
  2. Andre Johnson vs MIN
  3. A.J. Green @ PIT
  4. Brandon Marshall @ AZ
  5. Demaryius Thomas vs CLE
  6. Vincent Jackson vs STL
  7. Randall Cobb vs TEN
  8. Wes Welker @ JAC
  9. Reggie Wayne @ KC
  10. Steve Smith vs OAK
  11. Pierre Garcon @ PHI
  12. Victor Cruz @ BAL
  13. Marques Colston @ DAL
  14. Cecil Shorts vs NE
  15. Mike Wallace vs CIN
  16. Steve Johnson @ MIA
  17. Miles Austin vs NO
  18. Michael Crabtree @ SEA
  19. Danny Amendola @ TB
  20. James Jones vs TEN
  21. Hakeem Nicks @ BAL
  22. Eric Decker vs CLE
  23. Lance Moore @ DAL
  24. Justin Blackmon vs NE
  25. Brandon Lloyd @ JAC
  26. Greg Jennings vs TEN
  27. T.Y. Hilton @ KC
  28. Danario Alexander @ NYJ
  29. Torrey Smith vs NYG
  30. Denarius Moore @ CAR
  31. Anquan Boldin vs NYG
  32. Jeremy Maclin vs WAS
  33. Larry Fitzgerald vs CHI
  34. Josh Gordon @ DEN
  35. Antonio Brown vs CIN
  36. Sidney Rice vs SF
  37. Brian Hartline vs BUF
  38. Kenny Britt @ GB
  39. Donnie Avery @ KC
  40. Mike Williams vs STL
  41. Golden Tate vs SF
  42. Brandon LaFell vs OAK
  43. Jason Avant @ WAS
  44. Brandon Gibson @ TB
  45. Darrius Heyward-Bey @ CAR

Tight Ends

  1. Jason Witten vs NO
  2. Aaron Hernandez @ JAC
  3. Jimmy Graham @ DAL
  4. Heath Miller vs CIN
  5. Owen Daniels vs MIN
  6. Jermaine Gresham @ PIT
  7. Greg Olsen vs OAK
  8. Dennis Pitta vs NYG
  9. Antonio Gates @ NYJ
  10. Vernon Davis @ SEA
  11. Brandon Myers @ CAR
  12. Jermichael Finley vs TEN
  13. Kyle Rudolph @ HOU
  14. Marcedes Lewis vs NE
  15. Dwayne Allen @ KC
  16. Scott Chandler @ MIA
  17. Dallas Clark vs STL
  18. Joel Dreessen vs CLE
  19. Jacob Tamme vs CLE
  20. Anthony Fasano vs BUF
  21. Brent Celek vs WAS
  22. Tony Moeaki vs IND

FantasySavvy 2012: Week 10 Player Rankings


  1. Tom Brady vs BUF
  2. Drew Brees vs ATL
  3. Peyton Manning @ CAR
  4. Matt Ryan @ NO
  5. Cam Newton vs DEN
  6. Eli Manning @ CIN
  7. Matthew Stafford @ MIN
  8. Ben Roethlisberger vs KC
  9. Phillip Rivers @ TB
  10. Joe Flacco vs OAK
  11. Tony Romo @ PHI
  12. Andy Dalton vs NYG
  13. Josh Freeman vs SD
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ NE
  15. Carson Palmer @ BAL
  16. Michael Vick vs DAL
  17. Alex Smith vs STL
  18. Ryan Tannehill vs TEN
  19. Jake Locker @ MIA
  20. Matt Schaub @ CHI
  21. Jay Cutler vs HOU
  22. Mark Sanchez @ SEA
  23. Russell Wilson vs NYJ
  24. Christian Ponder vs DET
  25. Matt Cassel @ PIT
  26. Sam Bradford @ SF

Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson vs DET
  2. Ray Rice vs OAK
  3. LeSean McCoy vs DAL
  4. Marshawn Lynch vs NYJ
  5. Stevan Ridley vs BUF
  6. Doug Martin vs SD
  7. Frank Gore vs STL
  8. Michael Turner @ NO
  9. Willis McGahee @ CAR
  10. Matt Forte vs HOU
  11. Arian Foster @ CHI
  12. Ahmad Bradshaw @ CIN’
  13. Jamaal Charles @ PIT
  14. C.J. Spiller @ NE
  15. Reggie Bush vs TEN
  16. Ryan Mathews @ TB
  17. Chris Johnson @ MIA
  18. Mikel Leshoure @ MIN
  19. Fred Jackson @ NE
  20. BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs NYG
  21. Issac Redman vs KC
  22. Jonathan Dwyer vs KC
  23. Jonathan Stewart vs DEN
  24. Shonn Greene @ SEA
  25. Pierre Thomas vs ATL
  26. Steven Jackson @ SF
  27. Taiwan Jones @ BAL
  28. Joique Bell @ MIN
  29. Chris Ivory vs ATL
  30. Felix Jones @ PHI
  31. Mark Ingram vs ATL
  32. Marcel Reese @ BAL
  33. Shane Vereen vs BUF
  34. Danny Woodhead vs BUF
  35. DeAngelo Williams vs DEN
  36. Jaquizz Rodgers @ NO
  37. Ronnie Brown @ TB
  38. Michael Bush vs HOU
  39. Andre Brown @ CIN
  40. Phillip Tanner @ PHI

Wide Receivers

  1. A.J. Green vs NYG
  2. Roddy White @ NO
  3. Julio Jones @ NO
  4. Calvin Johnson @ MIN
  5. Victor Cruz @ CIN
  6. Wes Welker vs BUF
  7. Demaryius Thomas @ CAR
  8. Eric Decker @ CAR
  9. Marques Colston vs ATL
  10. Brandon Marshall vs HOU
  11. Vincent Jackson vs SD
  12. Brandon Lloyd vs BUF
  13. Hakeem Nicks @ CIN
  14. Steve Smith vs DEN
  15. Mike Wallace vs KC
  16. Andre Johnson @ CHI
  17. Miles Austin @ PHI
  18. Steve Johnson @ NE
  19. Denarius Moore @ BAL
  20. Dez Bryant @ PHI
  21. Dwayne Bowe @ PIT
  22. Lance Moore vs ATL
  23. Brian Hartline vs TEN
  24. Torrey Smith vs OAK
  25. Kenny Britt @ MIA
  26. Mike Williams vs SD
  27. Malcom Floyd @ TB
  28. Michael Crabtree vs STL
  29. Jeremy Maclin vs DAL
  30. DeSean Jackson vs DAL
  31. Emmanuel Sanders vs KC
  32. Anquan Boldin vs OAK
  33. Darrius Heyward-Bey @ BAL
  34. Jeremy Kerley @ SEA
  35. Titus Young @ MIN
  36. Davone Bess vs TEN
  37. Nate Washington @ MIA
  38. Andrew Hawkins vs NYG
  39. Kendall Wright @ MIA
  40. Sidney Rice vs NYJ
  41. Danny Amendola vs SF
  42. Danario Alexander @ TB
  43. Donald Jones @ NE
  44. Stephen Hill @ SEA
  45. Robert Meachem @ TB
  46. Brandon Stokley @ CAR
  47. Jerome Simpson vs DET
  48. Ryan Broyles @ MIN
  49. Devery Henderson vs ATL
  50. Golden Tate vs NYJ
  51. Randy Moss vs STL

Tight Ends

  1. Rob Gronkowski vs BUF
  2. Jimmy Graham vs ATL
  3. Jason Witten vs PHI
  4. Antonio Gates @ TB
  5. Vernon Davis vs STL
  6. Heath Miller vs KC
  7. Owen Daniels @ CHI
  8. Tony Gonzalez @ New Orleans
  9. Aaron Hernandez vs BUF *questionable reported to be OUT
  10. Jermaine Gresham vs NYG
  11. Dustin Keller @ SEA
  12. Brandon Myers @ BAL
  13. Greg Olsen vs DEN
  14. Brent Celek vs DAL
  15. Brandon Pettigrew vs MIN
  16. Martellus Bennet @ CIN
  17. Joel Dreessen @ CAR
  18. Scott Chandler @ NE
  19. Jacob Tamme @ CAR
  20. Dennis Pitta vs OAK
  21. Kyle Rudolph vs DET
  22. Dallas Clark vs SD
  23. Jared Cook @ MIA
  24. Anthony Fasano vs TEN
  25. Zach Miller vs NYJ
  26. Tony Moeaki @ PIT

FantasySavvy 2012: Week Seven Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

As seen from my article on Make sure to check there for tons of great info. My Rankings will be out late Saturday Night. Everyone enjoy the game tonight. Also make sure to check our radio show tonight at 12:30 est at

Bad week in Week six, I over thought some things and went a little too stat heavy which is unlike me. I am anything but a stat dork! So I will mix back a little more intuition this week and that should clean things up. I received a lot of questions last week and I’m open to more, feel free to email me at or ask @FantasySavvy on Twitter.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Tony Romo @ Carolina

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Romo usually is an every week starter and really doesn’t belong on this list, but his rough start has his owners playing matchups. But despite him averaging just one TD a game in his last four, things will certainly improve. Jason Garrett talked about being more balanced on offense coming off their bye week and it showed last week as the Cowboys ran for over 200 yards against the Ravens. This obviously helps Tony Romo tremendously and the Cowboys despite DeMarco Murray being out should be able to move the chains on the ground again as Carolina has one of the worst rush defenses. Look for Romo to stay fairly consistent from here on out and for it to start this week. I expect around 250-280 yards passing with at least two TD’s.

Carson Palmer vs Jacksonville

Palmer is a fairly decent Fantasy QB, let’s face it. The guy isn’t good outside of Fantasy Football anymore, but he can give you those 300-yard two TD type games from time to time. This is a good matchup vs Palmer as he comes home and faces Jacksonville who are giving up an average of 20 points per game to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Palmer to approach 300 yards once again and find the endzone once or twice. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw over two interceptions if your league is subtracting minus two points per INT.

Josh Freeman vs New Orleans

I was impressed that Freeman threw for over 300 yards against Kansas City who had been improving recently. This week he faces New Orleans and should throw it over 35 times as he tries to keep pace with Drew Brees. The Saints have also been bad against the pass giving up 25 points a week to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Freeman to put up Fantasy worthy numbers.

Sit ‘Em

Christian Ponder vs Arizona

Ponder excelled the last two weeks in what were two great matchups against the Titans and Skins, but he faces a much tougher test against Arizona who are allowing the third fewest points to Fantasy QB’s. Ponder will come back to earth this week as he faces a legit Defense.

Matt Stafford @ Chicago

Stafford continues to frustrate owners every week and is still without a multi-TD game. It won’t turnaround on Monday Night in Chicago against the Bears who are allowing just 13 points a week to Fantasy QB’s, which is best in the league.

Joe Flacco @ Houston

The Texans defense hasn’t been as strong as last year, but they still have been good. And even though they allowed six passing TD”s to Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco is a far cry from Rodgers. Sorry Flacco but you are not elite! On the road, I expect Flacco to struggle a bit here and likely will be held to one TD, so explore other options.

Running Backs

Start ‘Em

Stevan Ridley vs New York Jets

Because of his late game fumble in Week five against Denver, Ridley was getting less carries than Brandon Bolden last week before Bolden got hurt. When it comes to fumbling Bill Belichick does not play around. Fortunately for Ridley, Bolden did get hurt and might not play this week. Ridley has a great chance to restore his coach’s confidence against the Jets and should find running lanes against New York who are giving up 25 points per game to Fantasy Backs. He should find the endzone and finish with a nice game. Let’s just hope as Ridley owners he holds onto the ball!

Chris Johnson @ Buffalo

I still don’t like the way Johnson is running this season, going down easily and a little too much east to west, but he has started to pick it up a bit over the last few weeks. This has to be a matchup he can succeed in against Buffalo. The Titans should stay close in this game and Johnson should should find room against the Bills who are allowing 29 points a game to Fantasy Backs, sixth worst in the league. C’mon Chris don’t let us down this week, otherwise you will never be on this list again!

Felix Jones @ Carolina

Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Jones was probably the number one waiver pick up this week with the news that DeMarco Murray will be out in Week seven. Also, with backs like Reggie Bush, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles on a bye this week, Jones makes for a nice replacement. The stars have aligned to start Jones here, good matchup (Carolina 2nd worst in points allowed to Fantasy Backs) and Murray is out, allowing pretty much full reign for Jones, although we will see a little Phillip Tanner. You picked Jones up, so stick him in your lineups this week.

Sit ‘Em

Mikel LeShoure @ Chicago

Good news for LeShoure owners that Jahvid Best will not be returning this season, but bad news this week as he goes against the Bears who have allowed the 2nd fewest points to Fantasy Backs. LeShoure hasn’t succeeded in tough matchups before so no reason to think he will here. Keep him benched if you can.

Frank Gore vs Seattle

Going to be a slow physical game in San Fran tonight and Gore won’t find much running room against the Hawks who haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher all season and given up just two rushing TD’s.

Marshawn Lynch @ San Francisco

Lynch is one of the few who have went over 100 yards against the 49ers and Bradshaw did it last week, but I still am sitting Lynch if I can. Many of us might not have that luxury, but don’t expect another 100-yard game.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Stevie Johnson vs Tennessee

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills

The Titans D has allowed 77 points to Fantasy WR’s the last two weeks and Stevie Johnson should burn them as well. Johnson is a must start this week.

Vincent Jackson vs New Orleans

Phillip Rivers looked like he could of used Vincent Jackson on Monday Night as he struggled mightily.  But unfortunately for Rivers, Jackson has taken his talents to Tampa Bay and has enjoyed continued success with Josh Freeman. Jackson had two TD’s last week and now has four on the year to go along with two 100-yard games. He will be targeted early and often against New Orleans and should easily produce. Even with ineptitude of Josh Freeman, Jackson is proving to be a every week starter regardless of matchup.

Lance Moore @ Tampa Bay

Outside of last week where Tampa faced Brady Quinn the Bucs have allowed over 37 points a game to Fantasy WR’s, including allowing a whopping 76 points to Giants WR’s in week two. Drew Brees will be tossing the rock all day and I look for Lance Moore and Brees to hook up on those back shoulder throws. Go outside Sunday and try to run a couple of those back shoulders throws 15 yards down the field with a defender on the receiver. These guys make it look easy! Moore should find the endzone at least once, at the very least approach 100 yards in this game.

Sit ‘Em

Andre Roberts @ Minnesota

Roberts is talented and it seemed like he was going to be in for a nice little season, but the last two weeks he has fizzed out. He won’t rebound against the Vikings on the road with John Skeleton now at QB. Let’s see how these two work together before reinserting Roberts back into our lineups. Andre could be a waiver candidate soon if he puts up a few more duds.

Michael Crabtree vs Seattle

This game is going to be a slugfest and both offenses will struggle. Keep Crabtree benched for this tough matchup on Thursday Night.

Steve Smith vs Dallas

My gut is telling me Smith may have a breakout game here, but the numbers say otherwise so I will stick with the numbers and logic here. Smith doesn’t have a TD all year and has been held under 100 yards in his last three games. Dallas has been 2nd best against Fantasy Wideouts so consider benching Smith if you have a more lucrative option.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Jason Witten @ Carolina

Witten had a horrible start to the year, but he has returned to normalcy with two strong performances against Chicago and Baltimore. Last time you will see Witten here, he should remain an every week starter from here on in as he continues to be one of Romo‘s top targets.

Martellus Bennett vs Washington

This game should be a wild, high scoring affair in the Meadowlands and Bennett should play a nice role against the Skins who are allowing the 2nd most points to Fantasy Tight Ends. Bennett has slowed up after a fast start, but he should rebound in this game; it’s a good spot to plug him in.

Heath Miller @ Cincinnati

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers

Heath Miller is actually younger than me! That’s pretty scary as I just turned 30 years old and Miller is only 29. Actually looking at it I’m only eight days older than the guy! It seems like this guy has been playing in the league for 10 years.  So this guy definitely ain’t crusty, although I may have thought that a few times. I know I’m not crusty, although my knee has swelled up from consistently banging it while playing football on Sundays! But dang, being 30 blows. Oh well I made my mistakes, now it’s time to dominate. Ok, back to the youthful and vibrant Miller who started out his first three games with four TD’s, but has slowed down some. Still, he is being targeted often by Big Ben and will be a good play most weeks. This is a matchup he can thrive in against the Bengals who are allowing the 8th most points to Fantasy Tight Ends.

Sit ‘Em

Dennis Pitta @ Houston

So much for Dennis Pitta. This guy was on fire to start the year and has done absolutely jack the last few weeks. I have him in a few leagues and will be holding him for a few more weeks just out of necessity, but he will probably be cut soon, unless he shows some signs. Keep him benched until he proves himself again.

Jermichael Finely @ St. Louis

Finley has been an absolute Fantasy Bust! Let’s face it, this guy is just simply overrated and always has been. Don’t expect a rebound, you will just be disappointed. Try to move him this week before it’s too late, it may already be. He’s going to do nothing again this week most likely. Even when he gets targets he drops the ball! Fughedaboutit!!!

Fred Davis @ New York Giants

I think Davis and Griffin will be a better combo as the season moves on, but right now Davis isn’t providing much (hasn’t scored a TD this season) and this is a tough matchup against the G-Men who are allowing the sixth fewest points to Tight Ends.


Start ‘Em

Chandler Jones vs New York Jets

The Jets have given up the 24th most points to Fantasy DE’s this season and Chandler has enjoyed a nice rookie season with five sacks and three forced fumbles. The Jets will be passing a ton in this game, so Jones will have plenty of shots on Sanchez and should get a sack or two.

Malcolm Jenkins @ Tampa Bay

Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints

Like this spot for Jenkins against Tampa who will be running a lot initially giving Jenkins a chance to rack up tackles. I look for around seven or eight tackles from Jenkins in this game.

Sit ‘Em

DeAngelo Hall @ New York Giants

Hall sees this list a lot because I don’t trust him against good QB’s. Hall exploits bad QB’s not good ones and I think he will struggle to produce going against Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning.

Cortland Finnegan vs Green Bay Packers

Finnegan has been one of the better Fantasy Corners with 34 tackles, three picks and seven pass deflections. But I don’t think he gets any picks this week nor many pass deflections going against Aaron Rodgers. Tough matchup, I would look to bench him.


Fantasy Savvy Week 15 Playoff Projections

By: Steve DeAngelo

Listed below are my projections for every game on Sunday including the Monday night game. Use these projections as a guide on who to start and who to sit this week. Every projection factors in the matchup, the players caliber, weather as well as some stats and gut feel thrown into the mix. Thanks everybody for following along with us all season, best of luck this weekend.

New Orleans @ Baltimore


Drew Brees 275 3 TD’s 1 Int, 10 Rushing yards

Reggie Bush-  (If Ivory is out) 5 Catches 40 yards, 8 Carries 36 Yards/ (Ivory Plays) 4 Catches 34 yards 3 Carries 15 yards

Pierre Thomas- (If Ivory is out) 14 Carries 50 yards- 1 TD, 3 Catches 20 yards/ (Ivory Plays) 9 Carries 38 yards, 2 catches 12 yards

Chris Ivory (Questionable)- 12 Carries 45 yards 1 TD, 1 Catch 6 yards

Marques Colston- 8 catches 110 yards 1 TD

Robert Meachem- 2 Catches 70 Yards- 1 TD

Lance Moore- 3 Catches 45 yards

Jeremy Shockey- 3 Catches 30 yards


Joe Flacco- 230 Yds 2 TD’s 1 Int

Ray Rice- 19 Carries 65 yards, 7 Catches 60 yards

Willis McGahee- 5 Carries, 25 yards, 1 catch 10 yards

Anquan Boldin- 5 Catches 50 yards

Derrick Mason- 6 Catches 70 yards 1 TD

T. J. Houshurmomma- 4 Catches 38 yards

Arizona @ Carolina


John Skelton- 170 yards 2 Int’s

Tim Hightower- 17 Carries-75 yards 1 TD, 2 catches 15 yards

Beanie Wells (questionable)- 6 carries 30 yards

Larry Fitzgerald- 6 catches 85 yards

Steve Breaston- 4 Catches 50 yards


Jimmy Clausen- 180 yards 1 TD 2 Int’s

Jonathan Stewart- 22 Carries 130 yards 1 TD

Mike Goodson- 8 Carries 40 yards, 2 catches 15 yards

Steve Smith- 4 Catches 60 yards

Cleveland @ Cincy


Colt McCoy 220 yds 1 TD, 30 yards rushing

Peyton Hillis- 25 Carries 135 yards 1 TD, 3 catches 25 yards

Muhammed Massaquoi- 4 Catches 40 yards

Ben Watson- 5 Catches 60 yards


Carson Palmer- 240 yards 2 TD’s 2 Int’s

Cedric Benson- 17 Carries 70 Yards, 2 catches 12 yards

Benard Scott- 6 carries 30 yards

Terrell Owens-5 Catches 65 yards

Ochocinco- 7 Catches 89 yards 1 TD

Jordan Shipley- 4 Catches 40 yards

Washington @ Dallas


Rex Grossman- 4 yds 7 Int’s

Ryan Torain- 18 Carries 90 Yds 1 TD 1 Catch 8 yds

Keiland Williams- 4 carries 20 yds, 5 catches 34 yds

Santana Moss- 5 Catches 50 yds

Chris Cooley- 6 Catches 70 yds

Anthony Armstrong-  2 Catches 40 yds


Jon Kitna- 250 yds 2 Td’s 1 Int

Felix Jones 16 carries 65 yds, 6 catches 60 yds 1 TD

Tashard Choice (if Barber is out) 15 carries, 75 yds 1 TD , 3 catches 28 yds, (Barber In) 4 carries 20 yds, 1 catch 8 yds

Marion Barber (questionable) – 10 Carries 40 yds 1 TD, 2 catches 10 yds

Miles Austin- 7 Catches 80 yds 1 TD

Jason Witten – 8 Catches 76 yds 1 TD

Roy Williams (questionable)- 5 catches 40 yds

Jacksonville @ Indy


David Garrard- 289 yds 2 TD’s 2 Int

Maurice Jones-Drew- 22 Carries 110 yds 1 TD, 5 catches 40 yds

Mike Thomas- 6 catches 70 yds

Mike Sims-Walker- 4 Catches 60 yds 1 TD

Mercedes Lewis- 4 Catches 30 yds 1 TD


Peyton Manning- 343 Yds 3 TD’s

Javarris James- 13 Carries 40 yds 1 TD

Donald Brown- 9 Carries 38 yds, 3 catches 30 yds

Reggie Wayne- 10 catches 159 yds 1 TD

Pierre Garcon- 5 Catches 60 Yds 1 TD

Austin Collie- 5 Catches 48 Yds 1 TD

Jacob Tamme- 7 Catches 67 yds

Buffalo @ Miami

Ryan Fitzpatrick- 210 Yds 1 TD, 1 Int 25 Yds rushing

Fred Jackson- 20 Carries 67 Yds

C.J. Spiller- 6 Carries 38 yds, 2 Catches 15 yds

Steve ( I want your love) Johnson- 5 Catches 87 yds 1 TD


Chad Henne- 220 yds 1 TD 2 Int’s

Ronnie Brown- 18 Carries 89 yds 1 TD, 2 catches 15 yds

Ricky Williams- 15 carries 70 yds 1 TD, 2 catches 20 yds

Brandon Marshall- 6 Catches 77 yds

Davone Bess- 5 catches 55 yds

Anthony Fasano 2 catches 20 yds

Philly @ NYG


Michael Vick- 260 yds 2 TD’s 1 Int, 40 yds rushing 1 Fumble

Lesean McCoy- 16 carries 77 yds, 4 catches 51 yds

Desean Jackson- 5 catches 60 yds

Jeremy Maclin- 5 catches 90 yds 1 TD

Jason Avant 4 catches 38 yds

Brent Celek- 3 catches 27 yds


Eli Manning- 240 yds 2 TD’s 2 Int’s

Ahmad Bradshaw- 15 carries 75 yds 1 TD, 3 catches 31 yds

Brandon Jacobs- 14 carries 58 yds, 1 catch 10 yds

Hakeem Nicks- 6 catches 80 yds 1 TD

Mario Manningham- 4 catches 55 yds

Derek Hagan- 3 catches 27 yds

Kevin Boss- 5 catches 50 yds 1 TD

Kansas City @ St. Louis


Matt Cassel- 220 yds 2 TD’s 1 Int

Jamal Charles- 20 carries 87 yards, 3 catches 57 yds 1 TD

Thomas Jones- 10 Carries 50 yds, 1 catch 10 yds

Dwayne Bowe- 6 catches 60 yds 1 TD

Tony Moeaki- 4 catches 40 yds

Sam Bradford- 220 yds 1 TD 1 Int, 15 yds rushing

Steven Jackson- 19 carries 87 yds, 4 catches 38 yds

Danny Amendola- 6 catches 70 yds

Laurent Robinson- 2 catches 40 yds

Danario Alexander- 4 catches 55 yds 1 TD

Detroit @ TB


Drew Stanton- 221 yds 1 TD 2 Int’s, 38 yds rushing

Jahvid Best- 10 carries 46 yards, 2 catches 15 yards

Calvin Johnson- 8 catches 120 yds 1 TD

Nate Burleson- 3 catches 40 yds

Brandon Pettigrew- 4 catches 40 yards

Tampa Bay

Josh Freeman- 230 yards 2 TD’s , 25 yards rushing

LaGarette Blount- 19 carries 89 yards 1 TD, 2 catches 20 yards

Mike Williams- 6 Catches 78 yards 1 TD

Arnelious Benn- 4 catches 55 yards

Kellen Winslow- 4 catches 50 yards 1 TD

Houston @ Tennessee


Matt Schaub- 265 Yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

Arian Foster- 20 Carries 115 yards 1 TD, 4 catches 40 yards

Andre Johnson- 7 catches 90 yards 1 TD

Jacoby Jones- 5 catches 50 yards

Kevin Walter- 3 catches 26 yards

Owen Daniels 6 catches 61 yards 1 TD


Kerry Collins- 249 yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

Chris Johnson- 17 carries- 76 yards 1 TD, 5 catches 60 yards

Kenny Britt- 7 catches 78 yards 1 TD

Randy Moss- 3 Catches 75 yards

Nate Washington- 4 catches 38 yards

4 O’clocks

Atlanta @ Seattle


Matt Ryan- 230 yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

Michael Turner- 20 carries 100 yards 1 TD

Roddy White- 8 catches 110 yards 1 TD

Michael Jenkins- 5 Catches 40 yards

Tony Gonzalez- 4 catches 50 yards 1 TD


Matt Hasselback- 210 yards 2 TD’s 2 Int’s

Marshawn Lynch- 16 carries 55 yards, 3 catches 20 yards

Mike Williams- 6 catches 89 yards 1 TD

Ben Obama- 4 catches 45 yards

Denver @ Oakland


Tim Tebow- 188 yds 1 TD 1 Int, 36 rushing yds

Knowshon Moreno 19 Carries 90 yards 1 TD, 3 catches 27 yards

Brandon Lloyd- 4 Catches 30 yards

Jabaar Gaffney- 4 catches 40 yards

Eddie Royal- 5 catches 55 yards


Jason Campbell- 230 yards 2 TD’s 1 Int, 20 yds rushing

Darren Mcfadden- 20 carries 145 yards 1 TD, 4 catches 50 yards 1 TD

Michael Bush- 10 Carries 40 yards 1 TD

Louis Murphy- 5 catches 50 yards

Zach Miller- 5 Catches 56 yards

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh


Mark Sanchez- 200 yards 1 TD 1Int, 1 Fumble

Shonn Greene- 10 Carries 38 yards, 1 Catch 7 yards

L.T.- 12 carries 40 yards , 2 catches 10 yards

Santonio Holmes- 5 catches 70 yards 1 TD

Braylon Edwards- 3 catches 30 yards

Jerricho Cotchery- 5 catches 40 yards

Dustin Keller- 5 catches 60 yards


Ben Rothlisberger- 210 Yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

Rashad Mendenhall-  18 carries 66 yards, 2 catches 20 yards

Mike Wallace- 4 catches 40 yards

Hines Ward- 7 catches 86 yards 1 TD

Green Bay @ New England  8:20 Sunday Night

Matt Flynn- 210 yds 1 TD 2 int’s

Brandon Jackson- 9 carries 37 yards, 1 catch 10 yards

James Starks- 11 Carries 44 yards 1 TD, 2 catches 15 yards

Greg Jennings- 6 catches 60 yards

James Jones- 3 catches 30 yards


Tom Brady- 230 yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis- 15 carries 60 yards 1 TD

Danny Woodhead- 7 carries 30 yards, 4 catches 30 yards

Deion Branch- 4 catches 48 yards

Wes Welker- 8 catches 99 yards 1 TD

Aaron Hernandez- 5 catches 60 yards

Rob Gronkowski- 4 catches-40 yards 1 TD

Chicago @ Minnesota 8:30 Monday Night


Jay Cutler- 180 yards 1 TD 2 Int’s

Matt Forte- 16 carries 50 yards, 3 catches 15 yards

Chester Taylor- 5 carries 20 yards, 3 catches 30 yards

Johnny Knox- 5 catches 60 yards

Earl Bennett- 3 catches 40 yards 1 TD

Greg Olsen- 2 catches 30 yards


Joe Webb- 150 yards 2 Int’s, 35 rushing yards

Adrian Peterson- 22 carries 90 yards 1 TD, 4 catches 40 yards

Toby Gerhart 10 carries 30 yards

Sidney Rice- 5 catches 60 yards

Percy Harvin- 3 catches 30 yards

Visanthe Shiancoe- 2 catches 10 yards