FantasySavvy 2012: Week Seven Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

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Bad week in Week six, I over thought some things and went a little too stat heavy which is unlike me. I am anything but a stat dork! So I will mix back a little more intuition this week and that should clean things up. I received a lot of questions last week and I’m open to more, feel free to email me at or ask @FantasySavvy on Twitter.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Tony Romo @ Carolina

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Romo usually is an every week starter and really doesn’t belong on this list, but his rough start has his owners playing matchups. But despite him averaging just one TD a game in his last four, things will certainly improve. Jason Garrett talked about being more balanced on offense coming off their bye week and it showed last week as the Cowboys ran for over 200 yards against the Ravens. This obviously helps Tony Romo tremendously and the Cowboys despite DeMarco Murray being out should be able to move the chains on the ground again as Carolina has one of the worst rush defenses. Look for Romo to stay fairly consistent from here on out and for it to start this week. I expect around 250-280 yards passing with at least two TD’s.

Carson Palmer vs Jacksonville

Palmer is a fairly decent Fantasy QB, let’s face it. The guy isn’t good outside of Fantasy Football anymore, but he can give you those 300-yard two TD type games from time to time. This is a good matchup vs Palmer as he comes home and faces Jacksonville who are giving up an average of 20 points per game to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Palmer to approach 300 yards once again and find the endzone once or twice. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw over two interceptions if your league is subtracting minus two points per INT.

Josh Freeman vs New Orleans

I was impressed that Freeman threw for over 300 yards against Kansas City who had been improving recently. This week he faces New Orleans and should throw it over 35 times as he tries to keep pace with Drew Brees. The Saints have also been bad against the pass giving up 25 points a week to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Freeman to put up Fantasy worthy numbers.

Sit ‘Em

Christian Ponder vs Arizona

Ponder excelled the last two weeks in what were two great matchups against the Titans and Skins, but he faces a much tougher test against Arizona who are allowing the third fewest points to Fantasy QB’s. Ponder will come back to earth this week as he faces a legit Defense.

Matt Stafford @ Chicago

Stafford continues to frustrate owners every week and is still without a multi-TD game. It won’t turnaround on Monday Night in Chicago against the Bears who are allowing just 13 points a week to Fantasy QB’s, which is best in the league.

Joe Flacco @ Houston

The Texans defense hasn’t been as strong as last year, but they still have been good. And even though they allowed six passing TD”s to Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco is a far cry from Rodgers. Sorry Flacco but you are not elite! On the road, I expect Flacco to struggle a bit here and likely will be held to one TD, so explore other options.

Running Backs

Start ‘Em

Stevan Ridley vs New York Jets

Because of his late game fumble in Week five against Denver, Ridley was getting less carries than Brandon Bolden last week before Bolden got hurt. When it comes to fumbling Bill Belichick does not play around. Fortunately for Ridley, Bolden did get hurt and might not play this week. Ridley has a great chance to restore his coach’s confidence against the Jets and should find running lanes against New York who are giving up 25 points per game to Fantasy Backs. He should find the endzone and finish with a nice game. Let’s just hope as Ridley owners he holds onto the ball!

Chris Johnson @ Buffalo

I still don’t like the way Johnson is running this season, going down easily and a little too much east to west, but he has started to pick it up a bit over the last few weeks. This has to be a matchup he can succeed in against Buffalo. The Titans should stay close in this game and Johnson should should find room against the Bills who are allowing 29 points a game to Fantasy Backs, sixth worst in the league. C’mon Chris don’t let us down this week, otherwise you will never be on this list again!

Felix Jones @ Carolina

Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Jones was probably the number one waiver pick up this week with the news that DeMarco Murray will be out in Week seven. Also, with backs like Reggie Bush, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles on a bye this week, Jones makes for a nice replacement. The stars have aligned to start Jones here, good matchup (Carolina 2nd worst in points allowed to Fantasy Backs) and Murray is out, allowing pretty much full reign for Jones, although we will see a little Phillip Tanner. You picked Jones up, so stick him in your lineups this week.

Sit ‘Em

Mikel LeShoure @ Chicago

Good news for LeShoure owners that Jahvid Best will not be returning this season, but bad news this week as he goes against the Bears who have allowed the 2nd fewest points to Fantasy Backs. LeShoure hasn’t succeeded in tough matchups before so no reason to think he will here. Keep him benched if you can.

Frank Gore vs Seattle

Going to be a slow physical game in San Fran tonight and Gore won’t find much running room against the Hawks who haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher all season and given up just two rushing TD’s.

Marshawn Lynch @ San Francisco

Lynch is one of the few who have went over 100 yards against the 49ers and Bradshaw did it last week, but I still am sitting Lynch if I can. Many of us might not have that luxury, but don’t expect another 100-yard game.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Stevie Johnson vs Tennessee

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills

The Titans D has allowed 77 points to Fantasy WR’s the last two weeks and Stevie Johnson should burn them as well. Johnson is a must start this week.

Vincent Jackson vs New Orleans

Phillip Rivers looked like he could of used Vincent Jackson on Monday Night as he struggled mightily.  But unfortunately for Rivers, Jackson has taken his talents to Tampa Bay and has enjoyed continued success with Josh Freeman. Jackson had two TD’s last week and now has four on the year to go along with two 100-yard games. He will be targeted early and often against New Orleans and should easily produce. Even with ineptitude of Josh Freeman, Jackson is proving to be a every week starter regardless of matchup.

Lance Moore @ Tampa Bay

Outside of last week where Tampa faced Brady Quinn the Bucs have allowed over 37 points a game to Fantasy WR’s, including allowing a whopping 76 points to Giants WR’s in week two. Drew Brees will be tossing the rock all day and I look for Lance Moore and Brees to hook up on those back shoulder throws. Go outside Sunday and try to run a couple of those back shoulders throws 15 yards down the field with a defender on the receiver. These guys make it look easy! Moore should find the endzone at least once, at the very least approach 100 yards in this game.

Sit ‘Em

Andre Roberts @ Minnesota

Roberts is talented and it seemed like he was going to be in for a nice little season, but the last two weeks he has fizzed out. He won’t rebound against the Vikings on the road with John Skeleton now at QB. Let’s see how these two work together before reinserting Roberts back into our lineups. Andre could be a waiver candidate soon if he puts up a few more duds.

Michael Crabtree vs Seattle

This game is going to be a slugfest and both offenses will struggle. Keep Crabtree benched for this tough matchup on Thursday Night.

Steve Smith vs Dallas

My gut is telling me Smith may have a breakout game here, but the numbers say otherwise so I will stick with the numbers and logic here. Smith doesn’t have a TD all year and has been held under 100 yards in his last three games. Dallas has been 2nd best against Fantasy Wideouts so consider benching Smith if you have a more lucrative option.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Jason Witten @ Carolina

Witten had a horrible start to the year, but he has returned to normalcy with two strong performances against Chicago and Baltimore. Last time you will see Witten here, he should remain an every week starter from here on in as he continues to be one of Romo‘s top targets.

Martellus Bennett vs Washington

This game should be a wild, high scoring affair in the Meadowlands and Bennett should play a nice role against the Skins who are allowing the 2nd most points to Fantasy Tight Ends. Bennett has slowed up after a fast start, but he should rebound in this game; it’s a good spot to plug him in.

Heath Miller @ Cincinnati

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers

Heath Miller is actually younger than me! That’s pretty scary as I just turned 30 years old and Miller is only 29. Actually looking at it I’m only eight days older than the guy! It seems like this guy has been playing in the league for 10 years.  So this guy definitely ain’t crusty, although I may have thought that a few times. I know I’m not crusty, although my knee has swelled up from consistently banging it while playing football on Sundays! But dang, being 30 blows. Oh well I made my mistakes, now it’s time to dominate. Ok, back to the youthful and vibrant Miller who started out his first three games with four TD’s, but has slowed down some. Still, he is being targeted often by Big Ben and will be a good play most weeks. This is a matchup he can thrive in against the Bengals who are allowing the 8th most points to Fantasy Tight Ends.

Sit ‘Em

Dennis Pitta @ Houston

So much for Dennis Pitta. This guy was on fire to start the year and has done absolutely jack the last few weeks. I have him in a few leagues and will be holding him for a few more weeks just out of necessity, but he will probably be cut soon, unless he shows some signs. Keep him benched until he proves himself again.

Jermichael Finely @ St. Louis

Finley has been an absolute Fantasy Bust! Let’s face it, this guy is just simply overrated and always has been. Don’t expect a rebound, you will just be disappointed. Try to move him this week before it’s too late, it may already be. He’s going to do nothing again this week most likely. Even when he gets targets he drops the ball! Fughedaboutit!!!

Fred Davis @ New York Giants

I think Davis and Griffin will be a better combo as the season moves on, but right now Davis isn’t providing much (hasn’t scored a TD this season) and this is a tough matchup against the G-Men who are allowing the sixth fewest points to Tight Ends.


Start ‘Em

Chandler Jones vs New York Jets

The Jets have given up the 24th most points to Fantasy DE’s this season and Chandler has enjoyed a nice rookie season with five sacks and three forced fumbles. The Jets will be passing a ton in this game, so Jones will have plenty of shots on Sanchez and should get a sack or two.

Malcolm Jenkins @ Tampa Bay

Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints

Like this spot for Jenkins against Tampa who will be running a lot initially giving Jenkins a chance to rack up tackles. I look for around seven or eight tackles from Jenkins in this game.

Sit ‘Em

DeAngelo Hall @ New York Giants

Hall sees this list a lot because I don’t trust him against good QB’s. Hall exploits bad QB’s not good ones and I think he will struggle to produce going against Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning.

Cortland Finnegan vs Green Bay Packers

Finnegan has been one of the better Fantasy Corners with 34 tackles, three picks and seven pass deflections. But I don’t think he gets any picks this week nor many pass deflections going against Aaron Rodgers. Tough matchup, I would look to bench him.



FantasySavvy 2012: Week 4, Fantasy Five

By: Kevin Lewis

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

WR Hakeem Nicks is out. With the way the Eagles pass defense is going this year, this might mean bad news for WR Victor Cruz who will see a lot more attention. If you have WR Ramses Barden, just keep in mind that he’s dealing with Nnamdi Asomugha instead of the rookie CB he was dealing with in Carolina.

I’d still go with Mike Vick this week because I feel as if the Giants secondary is still a problem. While the Cardinals defense stymied him this past week, he should be better. A lot of the sacks against him are due to him holding the ball. Why he’s holding it, no one knows. Maybe I have irrational confidence in Vick, but I think he has a nice game this week.

I don’t know what the plan is with the Giants and how they plan on using Andre Brown/Ahmad Bradshaw in this game but I’d hesitate on starting Bradshaw. Given what Brown has done the last two weeks, I’d start him until given a reason not to.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

Vincent Jackson hasn’t been that good this year. I think a large part of that is that Josh Freeman just isn’t any good. That being said, Washington lost their best defensive player and their secondary is a mess. Start Vincent Jackson confidently this week.

Any QB against a weak Redskins secondary is a tempting play this week but stay away from Josh Freeman. He isn’t progressing and he looks like the same guy he did in his rookie year and last year. His second year is looking like a fluke at this rate.

Doug Martin hasn’t had a “breakout” game yet, but he’s been consistently solid and the Buccaneers continue to feed him. Don’t be discouraged by his workman like performances. Eventually he’ll get 100 yards on the ground. He might not score much but he’s consistently getting touches.

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets

Frank Gore had a rough week against the Vikings but he should rebound well against a struggling run defense. Reggie Bush was having his way with the Jets before he went down last week, and Gore, though he’s a different back, should have success. The Jets have their issues on defense this week.

Start Santonio Holmes. This isn’t exactly a wonderful option, and he won’t be going up against Richard Marshall again this week BUT against that defense someone has to move the ball. Given that he’s 5th in the league in targets this year, it might just be Holmes.

If your QB is on a bye week, and you can start Alex Smith do so with confidence. The Jets pass defense hasn’t been particularly good either. They just lost Revis and have no answers for Vernon Davis. Smith will never go for 300 yards and 2 TDs because the 9ers aren’t built to do so, but he could post a 225 and 2 TD kind of day.

Seattle @ St. Louis

Sam Bradford caught a dose of reality when he went up against a stingy Chicago Bears defense last week as he threw two interceptions and led the Rams to six points. Avoid him this week.

I’d start Danny Amendola this week simply because he’s basically the tallest kid in the room full of midgets. When Bradford does throw, he has to throw to someone right? Amendola is a good flex play until further notice.

Sit Steven Jackson. Great defense, and he’s hurt. That is a really bad combination for a Jackson owner.


Detroit @ Minnesota

Matthew Stafford, who has an injured hip, looks like he’s ready to go. Start him. Also, if you own Stafford and haven’t picked up Shaun Hill, do so immediately.

Start Mikel Leshoure. He came back from his suspension last week and saw the majority of the snaps at running back. He had 26 carries, 100 yards and a TD. He made Kevin Smith an afterthought and he should have plenty of opportunities to score TDs on a high powered offense.

Detroit’s pass defense has struggled all year. Christian Ponder has been a bit of a revelation and produces a bit with his legs. Kyle Rudolph scored two touchdowns last week against a great 49er defense.  Start both of them. They will put up points this week.

Player News 12/14

Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson is not on this weeks injury report and will be available in week 15. TE Antonio Gates (foot) didn’t practice Tuesday and his week 15 status is still unknown.

Bills receiver Lee Evans (ankle) has been placed on IR thus ending his season.

Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson suffered a turf toe injury and his week 15 status is not yet known. With Brett Favre also ailing, rookie Joe Webb would get the start Sunday unless they sign a veteran immediately. WR Percy Harvin (migraines) is expected to return to practice by Thursday but they haven’t quite committed to him playing this week just yet.

Steelers TE Heath Miller (Concussion) has passed all his neurological tests and is expected to play this week against the Jets.

Giants wideout Steve Smith injured his hamstring Monday in a win over the Vikings and the Giants believe it is very unlikely that he plays this week against the Eagles. Fellow receiver Mario Manningham (hip) is very unlikely to play as well this week against the Eagles in a game that could decide the division. Derek Hagan and Hakeem Nicks will start.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers(concussion) is listed as day to day but he believes he’ll be able to go Sunday in a big game against the Patriots. If Rodgers were to miss another game that would be a severe blow to their playoff hopes with the Saints at 10-3 and the Giants at 9-4. If Rodgers can’t play then Matt Flynn would make his first career start.

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel (appendectomy) is listed as day to day but says he plans to play Sunday against the Rams in a game they must win with San Diego hot on their heels now. They need him back as coach Haley seems to have zero confidence in Brodie Croyle doing much of anything.

Browns QB Colt McCoy (ankle) is very optimistic he will be ready to go this week. It looks like Coach Mangini is feeling McCoy is ready to get back in their as well but we’ll have to see how he practices the rest of the week.

Jets RB Shonn Greene suffered a neck injury during Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins and his week 15 status is not yet known. We’ll monitor this throughout the week but even if he can go, he has to go up against the league’s best run defense in the Steelers.

Saints rookie RB Chris Ivory suffered a hamstring injury Sunday but it not considered serious. Luckily for the Saints Pierre Thomas returned but thats not good news for Ivory has he could start to lose carries to Thomas if this injury lingers. We’ll keep you updated on his status as the week goes along.

Promising Seahawks receiver Deon Butler suffered a devastating leg injury during Sunday’s loss to the 49ers and his season is over. He has been diagnosed with a leg fracture and he will need many months of offsesason rehab to hopefully be ready for the start of the 2011 season.



11/30 Player News

49ers RB Frank Gore was placed on I.R. Tuesday with a fractured hip. Brian Westbrook, who shredded the Cardinals defense for 136 yards and a touchdown will start this Sunday. Rookie Anthony Dixon(54 yards, 1 TD) will take over back up duties and is worth a flier in deeper leagues in case Westbrook’s health becomes an issue.

Raiders QB Bruce Gradkowski’s season is now over after reinjuring his throwing shoulder during Sunday’s home loss to the Dolphins. Jason Campbell will retake the starting job.

Colts QB Peyton Manning suffered a stinger during Sunday’s loss to the Chargers. The injury is considered minor however and we fully expect him to play in week 13.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger suffered a sprained foot during Sunday’s contest against the Bills. Big Ben played through the injury and will be placed in a walking boot this week. I’d bet he plays Sunday night against the Ravens but stay tuned for updates.

Raiders TE Zach Miller actually has been dealing with a torn plantar fascia the last few weeks and then preceded to leave Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins with a badly bruised fibula. Miller seems to be quite the mess at this point with leg injuries, and i’m not so sure he’ll get back to 100% any time this year.

Texans TE Owen Daniels(hamstring) is fully expected to return Week 14. Joel Dreessen is expected to make at least one more start and is a borderline TE1 for one more week.

Cowboys RB Marion Barber(calf) is expected to miss the next two weeks. This means Felix Jones touches will increase and this will be Tashard Choice’s chance to overtake Barber as the number two back going forward.

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s MRI revealed that his ankle is only sprained which is a great sign. He is currently expecting to start Sunday but we’ll monitor his status as the week goes on.

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson’s return Sunday night was ended quickly when he left the game with calf injuries. After missing the first 11 weeks, he will now be out until at least week 15 now with the double calf ailment. It’s a shame as many owners felt he would be a HUGE addition to their lineups, now will have to go back to their previous options.

Packers WR Greg Jennings(foot) is not expected to practice until Thursday at the very least after being diagnosed with a foot strain. He’s likely to suit up Sunday but we’ll see how he responds when he returns to practice.

Bills rookie running back C.J. Spiller(hamstring) is expected to return this week after missing the last three games. I don’t think he’ll eat into Fred Jackson’s touches too much, but it’s really anyones guess as to what the Bills will do at this point.

Brandon Marshall(hamstring) who missed his first game due to injury every during Week 12, is considered day-to-day for the time being. If he is unable to go this week, Davone Bess and Brian Hartline would make solid flex options especially with Chad Henne back under center against the Browns.

Lions QB Shaun Hill has a broken index finger and it is feared that his season may be over. Matthew Stafford is still trying to come back from yet another shoulder injury meaning Drew Stanton could be under center this week which would decrease the value of almost all the Lions offensive players against the Bears.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has declined to name a starter at running back for week 13. Keiland Williams barely received any carries and James Davis got some second half carries. This right now appears like something you’ll want to avoid going forward because Coach Shanahan can just never make up his mind and leave it to him to ruin a decent run the rookie Williams had been on.

Colts RB Joseph Addai(neck/shoulder) is unfortunately unlikely to retun in Week 13. He will be limited to non contact practices once again this week which further enforces people’s belief that he won’t return this week. Donald Brown will likely get another start and while Brown has been ineffective in the running game, he has actually been productive in the passing game so he’s a solid start in PPR league’s this week.

Week 12 Start Em Sit Em

By Mike Cannici





Shaun Hill vs. NE- Hill has been solid in every game he has started thus far and the Patriots are 30th against the pass. Hill has also played very well at home and in a game where the Lions are likely to play from behind, Hill is a solid start. I have him ranked as my 9th QB this week over guys like Big Ben and Eli.

Matt Ryan vs. GB- Ryan has a 19-1 career record at home and draws the leagues 11th ranked pass defense there this Sunday. He has thrown 11 of his 18 touchdowns at home and is a solid start against the Packers. I have him as my 8th QB just ahead of Shaun Hill this week and really like the matchup.


BenJarvus Green Ellis @ DET-The Lions are 24th against the run and Green Ellis is coming off a very productive game against the Colts who are ranked 28th vs. the run. The Law firm, BJGE, has been a little inconsistent since taking on the starting role but has now posted double digit points in three of his last four, and Thursday against the Lions shouldn’t stray from that stat. He’s a very solid flex play with some RB2 upside this week.

Mike Tolbert @ IND- Tolbert ran for 111 and a touchdown this past Monday night against the Broncos and draws the 28th ranked Colts who BenJarvus Green-Ellis just tallied 96 yards and touchdown against last week. Tolbert is likely to get the bulk of the carries again with Ryan Mathews still nursing that ankle injury so Tolbert is a great flex start this week.

Keiland Williams vs. MIN- Williams is now the every down back it would appear with Portis being placed on IR Wednesday and Ryan Torain still nursing injuries. In his last two outings he has totaled 157 rushing yards and two touchdowns to go along with ten catches for 77 yards and a receiving score. For PPR owners, this is even more attractive with those ten catches. There isn’t any one skill about him that makes you think this guy is going to be great, but he is a great pass blocker and plays smart out there and that’s a big key into staying on the field and he’s done everything he’s been asked thus far. He’s a must start flex play with RB2 potential in PPR leagues.


Mario Manningham vs. JAC-Mario has been a little hit or miss thus far in 2010 but is now going to be asked to be the “guy” for at least the next two weeks with Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith on the shelf with injuries. He has a tremendous matchup this week at home against the 27th ranked pass defense in the Jaguars. I really like this guy for the foreseeable future and I have him as my number eight ranked receiver this week. You’re probably starting him as a WR3 or flex play but you’ll likely get WR1 numbers out of him this week. Start him with confidence.

Vincent Jackson @ IND- Jackson will make his long awaited return Sunday night against the Colts and should pick up right where he left off. There are not a lot of players in this league you could really think that about after missing 11 weeks, but this guy is one of them. Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates are not likely to play and Patrick Crayton has a dislocated wrist so Phillip Rivers will be down to Jackson and Arijotutu as his main threats. He’s a quality WR2 start this week with WR1 upside as I have him as my 13th ranked receiver which makes him the best of the WR2’s in 12 team leagues.

Blair White vs. SD- White has been very good in Austin Collie’s absence this season and will be asked to do big things once again this week with Collie out once again. White hauled in five passes for 42 yards and two touchdowns during Sunday’s comeback attempt against the Patriots. The Chargers do have the league’s best pass defense but those type of stats you can usually throw out the window when talking about Peyton Manning playing at home especially. He’s a solid flex play and a WR3 in PPR leagues.




Carson Palmer @ NYJ- The Bengals have been struggling and being down big in a lot of games which has made his fantasy numbers look pretty good, but against the Jets and a healthy Darrelle Revis, I can’t see Palmer getting too much going at all Thursday night. Last year in week 17 Palmer was just 1 for 11 for 0 yards ( I know the Bengals didn’t play starters for long but still 11 attempts should have yielded something) and in the first round of playoffs vs. the Jets Palmer was just 18 for 36 for 146 yards and 1 touchdown and 1 interception. I don’t see those stats improving much this week as I have Palmer as my 24th ranked QB this week so even in 2 QB league’s he barely makes the cut.

Jay Cutler vs. PHI- I don’t love Jay Cutler this week either, even though he’s at home, the Eagles pass defense has improved lately and Cutler just hasn’t quite been getting it down through the air. If possible, keep him on benches this week, look at a guy like Matt Cassel or dare I say Jon Kitna before starting Cutler.


Fred Jackson vs. PIT- Jackson has been great the last two weeks since CJ Spiller went down, but this week draws the league’s best rush defense(63ypg) and is barely a flex play this week unless you’re in a PPR league.

Cedric Benson @NYJ- Benson has been struggling as of late besides last week against the Bills, but everyone runs on them and is averaging just 3.7 ypc this season. The Jets will come out and try to build a big lead early and Benson will be left in the dust since he’s not much of a pass catcher. He’s a below average flex play at best this week, so if your roster allows, sit Benson.

Marshawn Lynch vs. KC- Lynch is a guy I was high on when he got traded, but has yet to really get it done and is being outplayed by Justin Forsett right now. Lynch’s lackluster play can somewhat be blamed on the Seahawks O-line, but Forsett has been able to get some solid runs so that can’t be all there is to blame. The Chiefs rank 12th vs. the run so far this year and I think they’re going to really step up against the banged up Seahawks line. Keep Lynch on your benches until further notice.


Steve Smith @ CLE-The Browns defense is played much better than the numbers might tell you (23rd vs. pass, 21st vs. run) especially at home. The Panthers QB play is just a mess right now and Smith doesn’t look like any more than a flex play the rest of the way. It’s a sad situation for Smith owners who were expecting a big year but he must be on benches and dare I say it, could be the time to cut ties with him.

Terrell Owens @ NYJ- Owens and Revis have been talking trash back and forth all week and when that happens, Revis is usually the one who backs it up. Revis allowed just 32 yards to Andre Johnson last week who is arguably the NFL’s best receiver so I can’t imagine the 36 year old T.O. to out produce that. If you have other options use them this week as I can’t see Owens getting more than 30-35 yards against a healthy Revis.

Donald Driver @ ATL- Driver appears to be back from his injury but also seems to be losing targets and snaps to James Jones who has been very good as of late. Jones has hauled in 11 passes for 174 yards and two touchdowns the last two weeks and Driver seems to be more of a third option for Rodgers. I’m not quite ready to tell you to cut ties with him as Jones needs to stay consistent, but keep him on your bench until further notice.


11/23 Player Updates

Colts Receiver Austin Collie(concussion) has already been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Chargers as a “precaution”. Blair White will fill the slot receiver role and is a solid flex play especially in PPR leagues. Teammate Joseph Addai(neck) will be participating only in non contact work this week during practice. Many believed he’d be able to return during week 12, but this news leads us to believe week 13 is more likely. Donald Brown, who looked much better this past week, would draw another start if Addai is inactive.

Chargers activated Vincent Jackson from the roster exempt list and he is expected to play a significant role in the offense Sunday in Indy. RB Ryan Mathews(ankle) is unlikely to play as well, meaning another start for Mike Tolbert against the leagues 30th ranked run defense. Malcom Floyd(hamstring) tweaked his hammy Monday night and is likely to be a game time decision Sunday. With the game being Sunday night, if you have other options i’d use them instead of holding out hope of Floyd playing. TE Antonio Gates(foot) is still unsure if he’ll be able to come back week 12. Gates is such a tough competitor, I can’t rule his return out completely in a big game like this, but we’ll have to take a wait and see approach. As with Floyd, if you have another  option use him with the game being late.

Chargers wideout Patrick Crayton, had a decent game Monday night until he dislocated his wrist. Crayton finished with 3 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown but is now likely to be sidelined at least two weeks. If Crayton and Floyd can’t go, look for Vincent Jackson and Seyi Arijotutu to get the start in a good matchup in Indy.

Giants WR Hakeem Nicks is going to be out at least three weeks with compartment syndrome in his lower right leg. With fellow wideout Steve Smith already on the shelf for at least another week, look for Mario Manningham and Derek Hagan to start Sunday. The Giants also signed former Bucs wideout Michael Clayton from the UFL today. Clayton showed some flashes while in Tampa but never put it together consistently, maybe some time away from the NFL helped him develop and hopefully be able to help the Giants depleted receiving corp.

Dolphins wideout Brandon Marshall, who suffered a hamstring injury during last Thursday’s home loss to the Bears, says he will “do everything in my power to play Sunday.” Marshall has never missed a game because of injury and hopefully that streak continues, but hamstrings are very tough to recover from without the proper amount of rest, so stay tuned.

Browns QB Colt McCoy is believed to have suffered a high ankle sprain during Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars. If he is unable to go this week, look for Seneca Wallace to return as the Browns starter. TE Ben Watson, was in and out of the lineup Sunday after suffering an ankle injury and was held without a catch. There currently is no updates on this matter and as soon as we have one, we will be sure to pass it along to you.

Lions RB Jahvid Best(turf toe) is having more and more issues with it and was outproduced by Maurice Morris during Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. Best is not likely to suit up Thursday against the Patriots and with Kevin Smith placed on IR, Maurice Morris would get the start and is a decent flex play in PPR leagues.

Saints RB Reggie Bush(leg) is likely to go Thursday against the Cowboys while Pierre Thomas(ankle) was held out of Tuesdays practice and Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Time-Picayune assumes there has been a setback in Thomas’ recovery. A Thursday afternoon return is even more unlikely return date for Thomas if he’s unable to practice at all just two days prior. We will continue to monitor this but don’t give up on Thomas just yet has he could be a juggernaut for you during your fantasy playoffs.

Redskins RB Clinton Portis(groin) who started Sunday’s game against the Titans, reaggravated it and was unable to return, leaving Keiland Williams to shoulder the load. Portis, in my estimation is done this year and Ryan Torain(hamstring) is more than likely to be ruled out this week as well, leaving Williams to carry the load once again, against the Vikings.

49ers TE Vernon Davis left Sunday’s home loss to the Bucs after aggravating the same ankle he sprained a few weeks back. Davis states that its not that serious but we’ll keep an eye on this going into Monday nights game with the division rival Cardinals.

Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart(concussion) was unable to practice Tuesday and his week 12 status is uncertain. Stewart has missed the last two weeks with this concussion and Mike Goodson has filled in admirably. Stewart still has a ton of talent, but in re-draft leagues it is almost time to cut bait completely.

Titans WR Kenny Britt(hamstring) has been ruled out for Week 12 already. Britt more than likely won’t return until at least Week 14, if he’s lucky. With the Titans loss of Vince Young however, Britt is looking a little less attractive even if he does return if rookie Rusty Smith is under center.

Cardinals receiver Early Doucet has been diagnosed with a concussion after leaving Sunday’s game in the 2nd quarter. Doucet will be monitored throughout the week but I wouldn’t count on him suiting up Monday night against the 49ers.

Seahawks receiver Mike Williams, after posting a 6-109 day Sunday left the game in the third quarter after feeling something pop in his foot. He was unable to return to the game and his status for going forward is dependent upon his response to treatment according to coach Pete Carroll. Week 12 at the very least seems to be a wash as far as Williams is concerned so make other plans.

Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker has now been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, which kept him out of Sunday’s win against the Browns. Sims-Walker is unlikely to play this Sunday against the Giants too, so make other arrangements if he’s in your current lineup.


Week 12 Waiver Adds

By Mike Cannici



Jon Kitna– Kitna has now put together two straight solid starts, totaling 7 touchdowns including one rushing. He seemed to just need a few games to adjust after not playing in two years and has now found a groove, plus the new team “attitude” with Wade Phillips gone. He’s a solid backup add and must add in 2QB leagues.

Sam Bradford– Bradford has been pretty solid throughout most of the year, averaging a little less than 16 points per week. He has a favorable schedule the rest of the way with the Saints being his only tough matchup going forward. The rest of the pass defenses he faces are all ranked outside the top 15 in the league. The next few weeks are all on the road but two of them are very favorable at Denver and at Arizona. If you’re in need jump on board, especially in deeper leagues and keeper leagues. This kid is going to be a good one.


Mike Goodson– Goodson has compiled two straight hundred yard efforts in games where the Panthers were getting trampled. With DeAngelo Williams done for the year and the ineffectiveness and now concussion suffered by Jonathan Stewart, this could be Goodson’s job the rest of the way. He’s a must add in all formats at this point.

Keiland Williams– This is a guy from preseason I said by midseason would be the Redskins starter the rest of the way. Goshdarnit, now he is. Portis reaggravated his groin tear during his return Sunday and Ryan Torain who knows when he’ll be back at this point. If Williams is still somehow available in your league, he must be a top priority, especially in PPR leagues.

Maurice Morris– With Kevin Smith placed on IR and Jahvid Best still hurting from his turf toe, Morris is likely to handle the bulk of carries Sunday against the Patriots. Morris had 10 carries in Sunday’s loss vs. the Cowboys along with four receptions. The Patriots are a decent matchup for him especially at home in the dome so if you need some help in your backfield, grab this guy as he does have some talent.


Vincent Jackson– I hope for your sake, your league mates have still left him on the waiver wire, as VJax will return this week for San Diego. I’d expect him to make an immediate impact as he has been practicing with the team and should be very well rested. The way that Rivers flings the ball through the air, Jackson could immediately become a legit WR1.

Sidney Rice– Rice returned to the lineup last week and hauled in three passes for 56 yards. He’s being worked back in slowly, and with the firing of Brad Childress, the reemergence of the Vikings offense might have the same effect as the Cowboys offense did after they fired their coach. Rice probably isn’t available if you’re in any type of competitive league, but if he is grab him ASAP.

Blair White– With Austin Collie potentially missing this week’s game, White is a solid pick up after finishing with 5 catches for 42 yards and two touchdowns. Peyton Manning loves his slot receivers and that’s exactly where White fits in. If you’re starving at receiver, especially in PPR leagues, White is your man.

Brandon Gibson– The Rams receiver was targeted and caught 5 of them for 42 yards and a touchdown. Gibson has had at least 5 catches and 40 yards in three straight and seems to be Bradford’s second option just after Amendola. Gibson is a solid add especially in PPR formats.

Ben Obomanu– With the foot injury suffered by Mike Williams now potentially being serious, Obomanu seems to be the new number one target for Hasselback. Sunday, Obomanu finished with 5 catches for 87 yards and a touchdown. Obomanu stepped into the starting lineup for the first time last week and definitely didn’t disappoint. He’s a must add in all 12 team or deeper leagues, and worth a look in shallower leagues.

Derek Hagan– Hagan was a cast away after training camp for the Giants, but after the Steve Smith injury, was brought back in last week. He caught three balls for just 10 yards, but did get into the end zone Sunday against the Eagles. The guy knows the offense like the back of his hand, and with Hakeem Nicks expected to miss the next 3 weeks, Hagan will be forced to step into the starting lineup. The Giants like to pass the ball and Hagan is a better red zone threat than Mario Manningham. In deep leagues he’s definitely worth a look on an offense that is 7th in the league in passing yards.


Joel Dreessen– He’s a guy I’ve liked for a while now, and with Owen Daniels status week to week being totally up in the air, Dreessen is a worthy pick up. Dreessen picked up four catches for 104 yards and a touchdown during Sunday’s loss to the Jets. He hasn’t been a complete model of consistency, but with all the injuries to tight ends this year, he’s not a bad replacement, if the Marcedes Lewis’s and Todd Heaps of the world are rostered.

Jimmy Graham– Graham is a big rookie tight end out of The U. of Miami(6’6 260lbs) who has struggled to get playing time as his blocking abilities having quite caught up to his receiving abilities. He got his chance Sunday with Jeremy Shockey out with a rib injury. Although his size might fool you, he is very quick and has great hands and he showed it Sunday with 5 catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. He’s the future at tight end for the Saints, and the future might just start now. If you’re in deep or keeper league’s he’s a very solid prospect with tons of upside. Watching some highlights of him from Sunday, he reminds me a bit of a young Antonio Gates.