FantasySavvy 2012: Week Seven Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

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Bad week in Week six, I over thought some things and went a little too stat heavy which is unlike me. I am anything but a stat dork! So I will mix back a little more intuition this week and that should clean things up. I received a lot of questions last week and I’m open to more, feel free to email me at or ask @FantasySavvy on Twitter.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Tony Romo @ Carolina

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Romo usually is an every week starter and really doesn’t belong on this list, but his rough start has his owners playing matchups. But despite him averaging just one TD a game in his last four, things will certainly improve. Jason Garrett talked about being more balanced on offense coming off their bye week and it showed last week as the Cowboys ran for over 200 yards against the Ravens. This obviously helps Tony Romo tremendously and the Cowboys despite DeMarco Murray being out should be able to move the chains on the ground again as Carolina has one of the worst rush defenses. Look for Romo to stay fairly consistent from here on out and for it to start this week. I expect around 250-280 yards passing with at least two TD’s.

Carson Palmer vs Jacksonville

Palmer is a fairly decent Fantasy QB, let’s face it. The guy isn’t good outside of Fantasy Football anymore, but he can give you those 300-yard two TD type games from time to time. This is a good matchup vs Palmer as he comes home and faces Jacksonville who are giving up an average of 20 points per game to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Palmer to approach 300 yards once again and find the endzone once or twice. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw over two interceptions if your league is subtracting minus two points per INT.

Josh Freeman vs New Orleans

I was impressed that Freeman threw for over 300 yards against Kansas City who had been improving recently. This week he faces New Orleans and should throw it over 35 times as he tries to keep pace with Drew Brees. The Saints have also been bad against the pass giving up 25 points a week to Fantasy QB’s. Look for Freeman to put up Fantasy worthy numbers.

Sit ‘Em

Christian Ponder vs Arizona

Ponder excelled the last two weeks in what were two great matchups against the Titans and Skins, but he faces a much tougher test against Arizona who are allowing the third fewest points to Fantasy QB’s. Ponder will come back to earth this week as he faces a legit Defense.

Matt Stafford @ Chicago

Stafford continues to frustrate owners every week and is still without a multi-TD game. It won’t turnaround on Monday Night in Chicago against the Bears who are allowing just 13 points a week to Fantasy QB’s, which is best in the league.

Joe Flacco @ Houston

The Texans defense hasn’t been as strong as last year, but they still have been good. And even though they allowed six passing TD”s to Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco is a far cry from Rodgers. Sorry Flacco but you are not elite! On the road, I expect Flacco to struggle a bit here and likely will be held to one TD, so explore other options.

Running Backs

Start ‘Em

Stevan Ridley vs New York Jets

Because of his late game fumble in Week five against Denver, Ridley was getting less carries than Brandon Bolden last week before Bolden got hurt. When it comes to fumbling Bill Belichick does not play around. Fortunately for Ridley, Bolden did get hurt and might not play this week. Ridley has a great chance to restore his coach’s confidence against the Jets and should find running lanes against New York who are giving up 25 points per game to Fantasy Backs. He should find the endzone and finish with a nice game. Let’s just hope as Ridley owners he holds onto the ball!

Chris Johnson @ Buffalo

I still don’t like the way Johnson is running this season, going down easily and a little too much east to west, but he has started to pick it up a bit over the last few weeks. This has to be a matchup he can succeed in against Buffalo. The Titans should stay close in this game and Johnson should should find room against the Bills who are allowing 29 points a game to Fantasy Backs, sixth worst in the league. C’mon Chris don’t let us down this week, otherwise you will never be on this list again!

Felix Jones @ Carolina

Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Jones was probably the number one waiver pick up this week with the news that DeMarco Murray will be out in Week seven. Also, with backs like Reggie Bush, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles on a bye this week, Jones makes for a nice replacement. The stars have aligned to start Jones here, good matchup (Carolina 2nd worst in points allowed to Fantasy Backs) and Murray is out, allowing pretty much full reign for Jones, although we will see a little Phillip Tanner. You picked Jones up, so stick him in your lineups this week.

Sit ‘Em

Mikel LeShoure @ Chicago

Good news for LeShoure owners that Jahvid Best will not be returning this season, but bad news this week as he goes against the Bears who have allowed the 2nd fewest points to Fantasy Backs. LeShoure hasn’t succeeded in tough matchups before so no reason to think he will here. Keep him benched if you can.

Frank Gore vs Seattle

Going to be a slow physical game in San Fran tonight and Gore won’t find much running room against the Hawks who haven’t allowed a 100-yard rusher all season and given up just two rushing TD’s.

Marshawn Lynch @ San Francisco

Lynch is one of the few who have went over 100 yards against the 49ers and Bradshaw did it last week, but I still am sitting Lynch if I can. Many of us might not have that luxury, but don’t expect another 100-yard game.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Stevie Johnson vs Tennessee

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills

The Titans D has allowed 77 points to Fantasy WR’s the last two weeks and Stevie Johnson should burn them as well. Johnson is a must start this week.

Vincent Jackson vs New Orleans

Phillip Rivers looked like he could of used Vincent Jackson on Monday Night as he struggled mightily.  But unfortunately for Rivers, Jackson has taken his talents to Tampa Bay and has enjoyed continued success with Josh Freeman. Jackson had two TD’s last week and now has four on the year to go along with two 100-yard games. He will be targeted early and often against New Orleans and should easily produce. Even with ineptitude of Josh Freeman, Jackson is proving to be a every week starter regardless of matchup.

Lance Moore @ Tampa Bay

Outside of last week where Tampa faced Brady Quinn the Bucs have allowed over 37 points a game to Fantasy WR’s, including allowing a whopping 76 points to Giants WR’s in week two. Drew Brees will be tossing the rock all day and I look for Lance Moore and Brees to hook up on those back shoulder throws. Go outside Sunday and try to run a couple of those back shoulders throws 15 yards down the field with a defender on the receiver. These guys make it look easy! Moore should find the endzone at least once, at the very least approach 100 yards in this game.

Sit ‘Em

Andre Roberts @ Minnesota

Roberts is talented and it seemed like he was going to be in for a nice little season, but the last two weeks he has fizzed out. He won’t rebound against the Vikings on the road with John Skeleton now at QB. Let’s see how these two work together before reinserting Roberts back into our lineups. Andre could be a waiver candidate soon if he puts up a few more duds.

Michael Crabtree vs Seattle

This game is going to be a slugfest and both offenses will struggle. Keep Crabtree benched for this tough matchup on Thursday Night.

Steve Smith vs Dallas

My gut is telling me Smith may have a breakout game here, but the numbers say otherwise so I will stick with the numbers and logic here. Smith doesn’t have a TD all year and has been held under 100 yards in his last three games. Dallas has been 2nd best against Fantasy Wideouts so consider benching Smith if you have a more lucrative option.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Jason Witten @ Carolina

Witten had a horrible start to the year, but he has returned to normalcy with two strong performances against Chicago and Baltimore. Last time you will see Witten here, he should remain an every week starter from here on in as he continues to be one of Romo‘s top targets.

Martellus Bennett vs Washington

This game should be a wild, high scoring affair in the Meadowlands and Bennett should play a nice role against the Skins who are allowing the 2nd most points to Fantasy Tight Ends. Bennett has slowed up after a fast start, but he should rebound in this game; it’s a good spot to plug him in.

Heath Miller @ Cincinnati

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers

Heath Miller is actually younger than me! That’s pretty scary as I just turned 30 years old and Miller is only 29. Actually looking at it I’m only eight days older than the guy! It seems like this guy has been playing in the league for 10 years.  So this guy definitely ain’t crusty, although I may have thought that a few times. I know I’m not crusty, although my knee has swelled up from consistently banging it while playing football on Sundays! But dang, being 30 blows. Oh well I made my mistakes, now it’s time to dominate. Ok, back to the youthful and vibrant Miller who started out his first three games with four TD’s, but has slowed down some. Still, he is being targeted often by Big Ben and will be a good play most weeks. This is a matchup he can thrive in against the Bengals who are allowing the 8th most points to Fantasy Tight Ends.

Sit ‘Em

Dennis Pitta @ Houston

So much for Dennis Pitta. This guy was on fire to start the year and has done absolutely jack the last few weeks. I have him in a few leagues and will be holding him for a few more weeks just out of necessity, but he will probably be cut soon, unless he shows some signs. Keep him benched until he proves himself again.

Jermichael Finely @ St. Louis

Finley has been an absolute Fantasy Bust! Let’s face it, this guy is just simply overrated and always has been. Don’t expect a rebound, you will just be disappointed. Try to move him this week before it’s too late, it may already be. He’s going to do nothing again this week most likely. Even when he gets targets he drops the ball! Fughedaboutit!!!

Fred Davis @ New York Giants

I think Davis and Griffin will be a better combo as the season moves on, but right now Davis isn’t providing much (hasn’t scored a TD this season) and this is a tough matchup against the G-Men who are allowing the sixth fewest points to Tight Ends.


Start ‘Em

Chandler Jones vs New York Jets

The Jets have given up the 24th most points to Fantasy DE’s this season and Chandler has enjoyed a nice rookie season with five sacks and three forced fumbles. The Jets will be passing a ton in this game, so Jones will have plenty of shots on Sanchez and should get a sack or two.

Malcolm Jenkins @ Tampa Bay

Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints

Like this spot for Jenkins against Tampa who will be running a lot initially giving Jenkins a chance to rack up tackles. I look for around seven or eight tackles from Jenkins in this game.

Sit ‘Em

DeAngelo Hall @ New York Giants

Hall sees this list a lot because I don’t trust him against good QB’s. Hall exploits bad QB’s not good ones and I think he will struggle to produce going against Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning.

Cortland Finnegan vs Green Bay Packers

Finnegan has been one of the better Fantasy Corners with 34 tackles, three picks and seven pass deflections. But I don’t think he gets any picks this week nor many pass deflections going against Aaron Rodgers. Tough matchup, I would look to bench him.



FantasySavvy 2012: Week 6, Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

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Fantasy Football can be great at times but also depressing, either way you need to keep grinding. Keep active on that wire. Keep following us here at FP911. Even if you have a losing record there is plenty of time to dig your way out. One good pickup or trade can change the direction of your team. If you have a winning record don’t sleep, always look for ways to improve your team. Think ahead, think outside the box. I wish you guys the best and hope you finish strong. If you guys have any questions feel free to email me at I will respond and help you the best I can.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger @ Tennessee

Big Ben put up a doughnut in the TD department last week at home against Philly (correction, today he was awarded a TD on the Mendenhall lateral!), but that was a tough matchup. That’s kind of the way Big Ben is, some good weeks, some bad, that is why he’s taken later in Fantasy Drafts. But this is a week to use him against the Titans and their swiss cheese D which is allowing the 26th most points to Fantasy QB’s. Christian Ponder excelled pretty well against them last week so Ben and his trio of Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Heath Miller should as well. Start Ben tonight with full confidence and expect around 250 yards with 2-3 TD’s.

Kevin Kolb vs Buffalo

Man, I am really thinking about starting Kevin Kolb over Tony Romo in one of my leagues this week. Just how do you justify that? Kevin Kolb? But looking at the matchups, Romo faces Baltimore, hasn’t looked good so far this season and Kolb is going against the team that is allowing the most points to Fantasy QB’s in Buffalo. The Cards have allowed the most sacks so far this year and we saw Kolb get dropped at least eight or nine times last week, but this is just a great matchup at home against an inferior defense. Sad to say, but it looks like I will be rolling with Kolb over Romo! I know my brother, who is my partner in that league and a Cowboy fan won’t be happy about that!

Christian Ponder @ Washington

We rolled with Ponder last week and he paid off, of course Percy Harvin continues to make look Ponder better than he is, but Christian is getting the job done. He should remain fantasy relevant for another week at least as they matchup with the Skins and their brutal secondary which is allowing the the 4th most points to Fantasy QB’s. Ponder should be throwing quite often in this one and as long as he has Percy to pick up that cognYAC for him, Ponder stats should be solid again this week. Look for 230-260 yards throwing with at least 2 TD’s.

Sit ‘Em

Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Arizona

I think Fitzpatrick is starting to head towards his typical mid to late season slide. Either way you can’t use him against Arizona who are allowing just 16 points a game to Fantasy QB’s. With five Int’s in his last two games, stay away from Fitz especially on the road in this tough matchup.

Matt Stafford @ Philly

Stafford has yet throw for two TD’s in a game this season and has just three TD’s overall. Something is going on in Detroit and it probably won’t improve against Philly who are allowing just 14 points a game to Fantasy QB’s. Maybe they figured some things out during their bye week, but if you have a better option I would pass on Stafford in Week 6.

Joe Flacco vs Dallas

After a hot start, Flacco has slowed the last two weeks with just one TD and was held under 200 yards passing against Kansas City last week. Dallas’ secondary had a bit of a setback against the Bears, but I think their corners will match up well with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin and help slow down this Ravens passing attack. Look for Flacco to finish with modest numbers against the Cowboys who are allowing the 5th fewest points to Fantasy QB’s.

Running Backs

Start ‘Em

Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons

Michel Turner vs Oakland

Turner is undervalued every season, but continues to stay healthy, go over 1,000 yards and finish with double digit TD’s every year. He is obviously never a threat in the pass game and doesn’t offer much upside, but this guy is great when the matchup is right. Just expect a few duds during the year when he faces a good defense. Against Oakland, this is a matchup he can exploit. The Falcons will be moving the ball all day and Turner will have plenty of chances to churn out yards. He will also most likely find the endzone once or twice.

Willis McGahee @ San Diego

McGahee had a game to forget last week with a big drop on a 4th and one and then a fumble late just as the Broncos were ready to make it a game against the Patriots. This week I believe he puts it behind him and gets the job done against the Chargers. San Diego is allowing the 20th most points to Fantasy Backs and I expect Willis to finish near 100 yards and find the endzone on Monday night.

Rashard Mendenhall @ Tennessee

Mendenhall returned last week from his ACL injury and looked impressive running for 68 yards on 13 carries while catching three passes for 33 yards. His receiving TD was taken away today, which should impact a ton of fantasy scores, hopefully not yours! But If he looks anything like he did last week, expect a very nice performance on Thursday night. The Titans are brutal at defending every fantasy position and are allowing a 144 yards a game on the ground. Get Mendy in your lineups and expect him to produce.

Sit ‘Em

C.J. Spiller/Fred Jackson @ Arizona

Another week another tough matchup for these two talented backs. Not are only they both hurting each other’s value, these matchups are killing them as well. Arizona boasts the 4th best defense in points allowed to Fantasy Backs, so keep Spiller and Jackson on your benches again this week.

Steven Jackson @ Miami

Did you trade him yet? Or are you still suffering? This guy doesn’t score! And will likely not find paydirt against Miami either. Keep him benched. This is the last time Jackson will be on my sit ‘em list. Go trade this guy now!

Ahmad Bradshaw vs San Francisco

Bradshaw had a joyous game against the Browns last week, going over 200 yards rushing, but you need to bench him this week if you can. As we all know the 49ers are elite against the run. This team allowed 3 rushing TD’s last season and are number one against the run again this year. Bradshaw will likely be held under 50 yards rushing and without a score, don’t be tempted, bench him.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Mike Wallace @ Tennessee

Just two catches for 17 yards last week for Wallace, but don’t let that deter you from starting Wallace this week. This is basically one of my few reminders, Wallace is a no brainer this week against the Titans.

Andre Roberts vs Buffalo

Andre Roberts, Arizona Cardinals

If I like Kolb this week, that means I am going to like his Wides. Andre Roberts has been impressive this year with 4 TD’s so far this season. Roberts also has seen 19 targets in his last two games as his chemistry with Kolb is improving. The Cards run game is a mess so look for Kolb to pass plenty (threw it 52 times last week) and for Roberts to be a good play this week.

Jeremy Kerley vs Indianapolis

With Santonio Holmes out and Stephen Hill questionable again this week, look for Kerley to remain Sanchez’ best target. Kerley saw nine targets last week and caught five of them for 94 yards in a tough matchup against an elite secondary in Houston. He should produce again in a much easier matchup against the Colts who are allowing the 5th most points to Fantasy WR’s.

Sit ‘Em

Denarius Moore @ Atlanta

I like Moore and think he will end up finishing with a pretty good fantasy season, I just don’t trust Carson Palmer against Atlanta on the road. The Falcons are are allowing the fewest points to Fantasy WR’s at just 24 points per game. Moore will probably be targeted a lot in this game, I just don’t expect those passes to come very close to Moore. You are probably looking at a five catch 40 yard game from Moore, something along those lines.

Torrey Smith vs Dallas

I believe Flacco is going to struggle in this game as he is coming back down to earth a bit and that will mean tough sledding for Smith. The Cowboys secondary had one off game so far against Chicago, but Corners Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne will be up and ready for this matchup coming off the bye.

Vincent Jackson vs Kansas City

I trust Vincent Jackson, I just don’t trust Josh Freeman. This matchup also isn’t as good as it would have appeared a few weeks ago. The Chiefs defense is starting to play and their secondary has allowed just 34 points to Fantasy WR’s the last two weeks. They shut down Flacco and his passing attack and they will at least contain the Bucs passing attack. Brandon Flowers is one of the of the best corners in the league and has started to show why the past few weeks. Vjax likely struggles in this game.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Heath Miller @ Tennessee

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers

Get all your Steelers in tonight and Heath Miller is no exception. Ben has been targeting Miller a ton this year and the Heath Bar Crunch should enjoy a nice game Thursday Night against the Titans who are allowing the most points to Fantasy TE’s.

Brent Celek vs Detroit

Celek has been kind of quiet the past few weeks with just around 100 yards in his last three games and has only scored once this year. But the matchups haven’t been fully favorable and Vick has been struggling as a result. This week it eases up a bit against Detroit who are allowing the 6th most points to Fantasy TE’s. I expect Celek to catch around five or six passes for 60-75 yards and a possible score.

Kyle Rudolph @ Washington

Rudolph hasn’t been racking up a lot of yards but he does have four TD”s in his last four games as Ponder loves to look for the guy in the endzone. The matchup is right here to use Rudolph against the Skins who are allowing an average of 20 points per game to the Tight End position.


Start ‘Em

William Moore, Atlanta Falcons

William Moore vs Oakland

Moore is having a breakout year for Atlanta in 2012 with 26 tackles, two Int’s, a fumble forced, a fumble recovery and four pass deflections. He should rack up the tackles against Oakland as they run Darren Mcfadden a bunch and has a good chance to pick off the inaccurate Carson Palmer. Oakland has given up the 8th most fantasy points to Safety’s this season so get Moore in your lineups.

Kyle Williams @ Arizona

Good spot to start the Defensive Tackle here against Arizona who have allowed the most sacks in the league. Williams also has 3.5 sacks this season and five tackles for a loss. Williams should get you favorable fantasy numbers as he should drop Kolb at least once.

Sit ‘Em

Antoine Cason vs Denver

Cason has been one of the better Fantasy DB’s this season with 21 tackles, seven pass deflections and two int’s. I just hate starting any corner against Peyton Manning who is starting to return to the top of his game. I don’t believe Cason will have many opportunities to produce, so keep him reserved.

Justin Houston @ TB

Houston now has 11.5 sacks in his last nine regular-season games after sacking Joe Flacco twice last week. The Bucs however  are not allowing many sacks because Greg Schiano loves to run the football. Houston’s sack chances will be limited this week.

FantasySavvy 2012: Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em 2012

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Sometimes I glance over different sites’ Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em articles out of curiosity just to see who they are recommending or not recommending. This week I stumbled upon a particular site and I really just shook my head in amazement of how obvious a lot of these players were. I try to do my best to provide you with the not so obvious selections, because that is what this article should be about. Otherwise, what is the point of reading? Anyway, this particular site had recommended starts such as Julio JonesJordy NelsonDemaryius ThomasReggie Wayne and then at QB, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning. I mean, do we really need to be advised that these guys should start? Most of these guys were drafted within the first 5 rounds of our drafts and should be started every week regardless. Maybe the author is just trying to make us feel good about our teams? Or maybe he is just thinks the majority of his readers are dumb? If you are a supposed “expert” then give me some expert advice, not something I could get from a 10 year-old! At Fp911 we recognize our readers are passionate, knowledgeable owners and we try to provide them with the best information we possibly can. We hope that you recognize the difference between our site and others and continue to stick with us throughout this season and into the future.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Andrew Luck vs Green Bay

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Luck has averaged 282 yards passing over his first three games in the NFL and should keep it rolling against Green Bay. It’s not a ideal matchup, but the Colts should be passing early and often as they try to keep up with the Packers. Look for Luck to approach 300 yards passing once again and to throw at least 2 TD’s in what should be a high scoring affair in Indy.

Andy Dalton vs Miami

Dalton is emerging in his Sophomore campaign and has 8 TD’s in his last 3 games while going over the 300-yard mark twice. Miami’s Defense has been tough against the run, but inferior against the pass ranked 19th in points allowed to Fantasy QB’s. Dalton is a guy who is out there on waivers in a lot of leagues and a QB I would look to play matchups with if my number #1 option wasn’ t the strongest. This is one of those weeks as I look for Andy to keep it rolling at home.

Christian Ponder vs Tennessee 

Could be a good week to play Ponder if you are a Romo owner and looking for a bye week replacement. The Titans defense is allowing 26 points per game to Fantasy QB’s, tied for last in the league with Oakland and have allowed 10 passing TD’s as well. The Vikings should be moving the ball all game and Ponder will have opportunities to score. I can see Ponder throwing a TD and possibly running one in as well. The matchup is right here, so I believe it’s safe to play Ponder if you need to.

Sit ‘Em

Sam Bradford vs Arizona

Don’t get giddy and try to start Bradford tomorrow night. If you haven’t recognized by now, you should have noticed that Arizona’s defense is legit. Yes, Ryan Tannehill threw for 400 yards against them last week, but that was only because of the man, the myth, the legend, Brian Hartline! Bradford hasn’t thrown a TD in two games and now goes against the Cardinals who are allowing the 6th fewest points to Fantasy QB’s. Keep Sammy benched in all leagues.

Matt Schaub @ NYJ

The Jets did lose Darelle Revis, but their secondary did a nice job against Alex Smith last week holding him under 150 yards passing and without a TD. The Jets were embarrassed last week at home, so I expect them to have an inspired effort back in their building on Monday Night Football. They also still rank 7th best against Fantasy QB’s. Schaub may have a decent day, but will most likely be held under 250 yards passing and could be limited to just one passing TD.

Michael Vick @ Pittsburgh

Not crazy about this matchup for Vick as he goes on the road to Heinz Field with the Steelers coming off a bye week after the loss to the Raiders. This was a Pittsburgh secondary that was the toughest against Fantasy QB’s last year and I think if you have a better option you should bench Vick this week. Vick’s matchups have been brutal so far going against Arizona, Baltimore, the Giants and now Pittsburgh. Things will get easier for Vick, but this is a week to be cautious with him.

Running Backs 

Start ‘Em

Frank Gore vs Buffalo

Gore hasn’t been great this year, but has been his usual steady self, finding the endzone in three out of his four games. The matchup is right here against Buffalo who are allowing the 27th most points to Fantasy Backs.

Ryan Mathews @ New Orleans

I have always felt Mathews was a little overrated, mostly because he’s always getting hurt and never lives up to expectations. Yet every year owners take him high only to be disappointed. There is some concern again this season with the emergence of Jackie Battle and him taking the goal line carries. After recommending Mathews last week, I hope he doesn’t burn us again this week in what is the best matchup he might face all year. We all know the Saints have been brutal against the run and Mathews should get it going, but even if he can’t find running room he should be a factor in the passing game. Either way he should produce for your fantasy teams, if he doesn’t and Jackie Battle continues to steal the show, be worried!

Alfred Morris vs Atlanta

Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins

This guy just continues to beast, running through holes and through defenders. So far in 2012, Morris is averaging 4.6 yards per carry and has 4 TD’s. Atlanta’s secondary has been top notch but their Run Defense is a different story, allowing the 25th most points to Fantasy Backs. It doesn’t look like Morris is going anywhere in the near future and he looks to be a legit option for the rest of the season. Props to all owners who snatched him up.

Sit ‘Em

Steven Jackson vs Arizona

Why did you draft him? I’m sorry but that was a donkey move! Move him if you can or else he will continue to frustrate you! No TD’s and a 3.3 YPC, turrible! This guy is fool’s gold every season.

DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart vs Seattle

When both are on the field, they can be considered flex plays at times, but this is a week to avoid them. The Seahawks have been stout against the run, allowing the 7th fewest points to Fantasy Backs.

Chris Johnson @ Minnesota

Johnson broke out in the unlikeliest of matchups against Houston, but I still want to see more. I would continue to try and see what you could get for him. If Johnson has another good game against Minnesota and their No.2 Rush D, then I may be a believer, but I am banking against Johnson in this game.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Brian Hartline @ Cincinnati

Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins

Hartline is Fo’ Real and Tannehill loves him. Now, he’s not going to produce 200-yard games, but he should get a good amount of catches and come close to 100 yards often. Hopefully you landed him on the wire this week. I would even go out and try to trade for the guy, his value couldn’t be that high. Tannehill loves to hit this guy on comeback routes, which Hartline seems to have perfected. Stick ‘em in your lineups this week and expect production.

Dwayne Bowe vs Baltimore

Don’t be discouraged by the matchup. This guy is the ideal fantasy play week to week because Casselconstantly looks his way and Bowe just reels the passes in. Bowe has seen 43 targets the past three weeks! I kind of feel kind of cheap owning Bowe in Fantasy, because he plays for such a poor team and most of his stats come in garbage time!

Eric Decker @ New England

After a slow start to the season Eric Decker has picked the pace up the last two weeks catching 15 balls for over 200 yards and a TD. Decker could start to distance himself from Demaryius Thomas in the coming weeks, at the very least stay neck to neck. Either way, Decker is for real and needs to be in your lineups this week and pretty much every week going forward. This might be the last time you see him on my Start ‘em list.

Sit ‘Em

Pierre Garcon vs Atlanta

Garcon owners are finally glad to have him back healthy and ready to emerge with RGIII. But he had a slow return last week with just one catch for 20 yards and he gets a tough matchup this week in Atlanta who have been the best against Fantasy Wideouts.  Garcon will start producing soon, but avoid him in this matchup.

Anquan Boldin @ Kansas City

Boldin looked great last Thursday night popping off for 131 yards on 9 catches, but don’t be confident in him in Week five. The Chiefs defense is starting to return to prominence now that they are getting healthier and are ranked 7th best in defending Fantasy WR’s. Brandon Flowers will be a tough matchup for Boldin, so look forFlacco to connect with his other options. Dennis Pitta time?

Andre Roberts @ St. Louis

Andre Roberts along with Brian Hartline were hot pickups this week, but unlike Hartline who I am suggesting to start, consider sitting Roberts. The Rams have been 4th best against Fantasy WR’s, so expect Roberts to be limited somewhat. I do like Roberts outlook for the entire season however and believe the guy is going to remain consistent.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Kyle Rudolph vs Tennessee 

Rudolph along with Dennis Pitta both burnt me last week, but Rudolph at least should bounce back this week. The Titans have been brutal against all offensive players and are the worst at defending the Tight End position. Rudolph should provide for your fantasy squads in Week five.

Scott Chandler @ San Francisco

Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills

The matchup doesn’t look good at first, but if you dig deeper you will see that the 49ers haven’t been great at defending the Tight End ranked 26th overall. Chandler is going to remain Fitzpatrick’s favorite target around the goaline as Chandler continues to have a bit of breakout season in 2012. Look for Chandler to either finish with a TD or have a good game yardage wise.

Jacob Tamme @ New England

Tamme hasn’t lived up to his draft day hype, but this might be the week to plug him back into your lineups. This game will be a shootout and the Pats have been bad against Tight Ends ranked 2nd worst in points allowed. If Tamme doesn’t get it done this week or if we see Joel Dreessen cutting into his production, he could be waiver wire material.

Sit ‘Em

Heath Miller vs Philly

Miller has been one of Ben‘s favorite targets this season, but consider sitting him this week against Philly who are ranked 4th best at defending the Tight End.

Martellus Bennett vs Cleveland

Bennett had a slow game against Philly last week with just one catch and might be in for another off performance against the Browns who are ranked 3rd best in points allowed to Tight Ends.

Jermichael Finley @ Indianapolis

If Greg Jennings is out with the groin injury that helps Finley, but this guy still only has one TD all season and drops way too many passes. The Colts are also are giving up the fewest points to Fantasy Tight Ends, so look to bench Finley.


Start ‘Em

Akeem Ayers @ Minnesota

Akeem Ayers, Tennessee Titans

The young Titans LB has been emerging this season with 29 tackles a sack and three pass deflections. He should continue to rack up the tackles this week as the Vikings will run Peterson a ton and Ponderwill also take off from time to time. Continue to put the talented youngster out there and pick him up and start him if he’s available in your league.

Lance Briggs @ Jacksonville

We saw Briggs pick of Romo, pull of a juke move and take it to the house on Monday Night against Dallas and he should keep the stats pumping against Jacksonville. MJD will be running often which means plenty of tackle opportunities for Briggs, plus Blaine Gabbert could toss him a INT as well. The Chicago Defense is going to dominate the Jags, get Briggs in your lineups.

Sit ‘Em

DeAngelo Hall vs Atlanta

Hall preys upon bad QB play and bad WR’s, but he won’t have that luxury this week against Atlanta. Hall won’t do much guarding Julio Jones and Roddy White, keep him benched.

Devin McCourty vs Denver

Don’t like this matchup for McCourty facing  Peyton Manning. Keep him reserved.

FantasySavvy 2012: Week 4, Fantasy Five

By: Kevin Lewis

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

WR Hakeem Nicks is out. With the way the Eagles pass defense is going this year, this might mean bad news for WR Victor Cruz who will see a lot more attention. If you have WR Ramses Barden, just keep in mind that he’s dealing with Nnamdi Asomugha instead of the rookie CB he was dealing with in Carolina.

I’d still go with Mike Vick this week because I feel as if the Giants secondary is still a problem. While the Cardinals defense stymied him this past week, he should be better. A lot of the sacks against him are due to him holding the ball. Why he’s holding it, no one knows. Maybe I have irrational confidence in Vick, but I think he has a nice game this week.

I don’t know what the plan is with the Giants and how they plan on using Andre Brown/Ahmad Bradshaw in this game but I’d hesitate on starting Bradshaw. Given what Brown has done the last two weeks, I’d start him until given a reason not to.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

Vincent Jackson hasn’t been that good this year. I think a large part of that is that Josh Freeman just isn’t any good. That being said, Washington lost their best defensive player and their secondary is a mess. Start Vincent Jackson confidently this week.

Any QB against a weak Redskins secondary is a tempting play this week but stay away from Josh Freeman. He isn’t progressing and he looks like the same guy he did in his rookie year and last year. His second year is looking like a fluke at this rate.

Doug Martin hasn’t had a “breakout” game yet, but he’s been consistently solid and the Buccaneers continue to feed him. Don’t be discouraged by his workman like performances. Eventually he’ll get 100 yards on the ground. He might not score much but he’s consistently getting touches.

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets

Frank Gore had a rough week against the Vikings but he should rebound well against a struggling run defense. Reggie Bush was having his way with the Jets before he went down last week, and Gore, though he’s a different back, should have success. The Jets have their issues on defense this week.

Start Santonio Holmes. This isn’t exactly a wonderful option, and he won’t be going up against Richard Marshall again this week BUT against that defense someone has to move the ball. Given that he’s 5th in the league in targets this year, it might just be Holmes.

If your QB is on a bye week, and you can start Alex Smith do so with confidence. The Jets pass defense hasn’t been particularly good either. They just lost Revis and have no answers for Vernon Davis. Smith will never go for 300 yards and 2 TDs because the 9ers aren’t built to do so, but he could post a 225 and 2 TD kind of day.

Seattle @ St. Louis

Sam Bradford caught a dose of reality when he went up against a stingy Chicago Bears defense last week as he threw two interceptions and led the Rams to six points. Avoid him this week.

I’d start Danny Amendola this week simply because he’s basically the tallest kid in the room full of midgets. When Bradford does throw, he has to throw to someone right? Amendola is a good flex play until further notice.

Sit Steven Jackson. Great defense, and he’s hurt. That is a really bad combination for a Jackson owner.


Detroit @ Minnesota

Matthew Stafford, who has an injured hip, looks like he’s ready to go. Start him. Also, if you own Stafford and haven’t picked up Shaun Hill, do so immediately.

Start Mikel Leshoure. He came back from his suspension last week and saw the majority of the snaps at running back. He had 26 carries, 100 yards and a TD. He made Kevin Smith an afterthought and he should have plenty of opportunities to score TDs on a high powered offense.

Detroit’s pass defense has struggled all year. Christian Ponder has been a bit of a revelation and produces a bit with his legs. Kyle Rudolph scored two touchdowns last week against a great 49er defense.  Start both of them. They will put up points this week.

Fantasy Savvy Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Week 16 (Super Bowl Edition)

The final arena, the last duel, the last frontier, the Final Countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Fantasy Super Bowl is here! Congratulations to you for making it. All the hard work has paid off. The hours spent preparing for the draft, getting through the injuries, the constant of picking up new players each week. Analyzing matchups, setting the correct lineups, making the correct trades etc. This is HARD WORK, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. When you make to this stage, you have worked hard in making sure you have fielded the best team possible each week and you have been successful at it.

But there is one more step to take, one more road to travel and that is to WIN the Fantasy Superbowl. Gain the bragging rights over friends, family, girlfriends, wives, grandparents, your next door neighbor Larry Bookavich or Old Uncle Beppy. It’s all about winning this week and finishing the journey. So let’s get it done!!!! Any specific questions , you’re free to email me at

Disclaimer: Kickers and defenses are left out each week and we try to leave the most obvious players out. 

Note: From top to bottom, the players listed below are in order of effectiveness. If they are ranked first in the start category they are the best option. If they are ranked first in the sit category they are the worst option and so on and so forth.

Read More

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QB’s Start ‘Em

Phillip Rivers @ Detroit

Rivers is getting hot for fantasy owners at the perfect time, although some owners have been bounced already because of his poor play early on this season. But he’s on top of his game now with 8 TD’s and 0 Int’s in his last four games. The Chargers are still alive in the division and will playing their hearts out against Detroit in what should be a high scoring affair. Look for Rivers to finish with solid numbers, possibly going over the 300 yard mark with 2-3 TD’s.

Matt Ryan @ New Orleans

Here is another QB who struggled early on and now is putting it altogether as the season winds down. “Matty Ice” has been melting that Ice lately as he has been ON FIRE of late with 11 TD’s in his last 4 games! Ryan has been Money! And he will continue to be money in this spot, on Monday Night indoors against the Saints. This game could be played in the 30’s and Ryan will be tossing the rock all night. Expect a 300 yard game with 2-3 TD’s from Ryan as he connects with Julio, Roddy and Tony G. Also sprinkle in a little Harry Douglas in there!

Tim Tebow @ Buffalo

Of course Timmy Tebow is gonna be in here. Has this guy let you down all year? The answer is NO! So make sure to stick with him once again and be confident in your decision. Tebow should be able to find running room as well as passing lanes in this matchup against the poor Buffalo D. Get Tebow in your lineups and don’t expect anything less than 18 fantasy points with an upside of 30-35 points. I see him finishing somewhere in the middle with around 22-24 points.

Sit ‘Em

Joe Flacco vs Cleveland

Just can’t trust Flacco here, he has been inconsistent all year while the Cleveland Secondary has been consistent ranked #3 in defending QB’s. This will be a Ray Rice type of game, avoid Flacco.

Christian Ponder @ Washington

Ponder has been a littly sloppy lately failing to throw for more than 200 yards in last two outings and throwing 4 interceptions as well. This is not an easy matchup, the Skins have been pretty decent against the pass all year ranked 14th in defending QB’s. We saw what they did to Eli Manning and their passing game last week, forcing Eli into three picks with no TD’s. Also with Adrian Peterson healthy and off the injury report, look for him to be the centerpiece of the offense once again. Can’t trust Ponder right now, been to erratic.

Carson Palmer @ Kansas City

This is gonna be a tough one for Palmer going on the road in Arrowhead in a game which should have a lot of juice, since technically the Chiefs are still alive in the AFC West. The Chiefs are coming off containing the best QB in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers for 3 quarters and playing a hell of a game on defense. Their secondary is underrated and seem to be even more inspired now with Romeo Crennel now the head coach. Look for Palmer to put up decent numbers but to struggle for the most part. There is a chance he could totally fall flat on his face so you want to look for other options.


RB’s Start ‘Em

Reggie Bush @ New England

If you aren’t a believer in Reggie by now, shame on you! Maybe this will make you a believer! This dude has been straight lighting it up for the past month and a half now. He has proved a lot of the doubters wrong, by running between the tackles successfully and taking on an everydown type of role. This is by far and away the best he has played in his career. I see no reason why he can’t keep it rolling here against New England, ranked 19th in defending RB’s Even if they get down early, Reggie will play a factor in the passing game. I see Reggie going over 100 total yards in this game with 4-6 catches and a possible score.  

CJ Spiller vs Denver Broncos

I have always been a fan of Spiller and I’m glad he has finally gotten a true chance to succeed. Spiller has gone over 100 total yards in two of his last three games with 2 TD’s in that span. He also has 15 catches as well in that frame. No matter what the score, Spiller can be a factor. But this game should be a slow moving, low scoring battle, with Spiller getting quite a few carries against the Denver D ranked 23rd in defending RB’s. Start him with confidence, this dude is legit.  

Rashard Mendenhall vs St. Louis

Mendy has had an off year with just one 100 yard game all season. He has also hasn’t really taken advantage of good matchups. But this is one where you just have to use him against St. Louis who have been putrid against the run this year. Also Big Ben could be out, leaving it to Charlie Batch who should be handing off plenty to Mendenhall. Look for Mendy to find the endzone this week.

Willis McGahee @ Buffalo

Willis should be fine for the game against Buffalo in what sets up to be a nice matchup for him. Buffalo is 3rd worst at defending the RB positionand the Broncos will be able to pound the run throughout the game. There is some concern about Lance Ball giving Willis some rest, but there is a good chance McGahee gets near 100 yards in this game and finds the endzone.

Sit ‘Em

Peyton Hillis @ Baltimore

Hillis had a productive game last week against Arizona, but this week it’s a whole different story. If you can, you need to bench Hillis. In his last outing against Baltimore he was held under 50 yards rushing.

Steven Jackson @ Pittsburgh

See Peyton Hillis, Brutal matchup for Jackson, avoid at all costs. His offense may see the redzone once all game.

Donald Brown @ Houston

Brown had a monster game last week rushing for 161 yards and a score, but temper expectations against Houston on Thursday Night Football. Wade Phillips has this Houston D ranked 2nd best in defending the RB position. Don’t get giddy and start Brown Thursday night, look for a safer option if you have it.

Something to think about: Benching Marshawn Lynch

We all know how good Lynch has been this year, he’s been a must-start practically every week, even proving to be matchup proof against the studly Ravens D by running for over a 100 yards with a score against them. But the 49ers D is a different animal. This D hasn’t allowed a rushing TD ALL YEAR! Why would we expect Lynch to see the endzone? I agree with the Motto go with what got you there, but If I owned Marshawn and had a guy like CJ Spiller or even a Kevin Smith, I would bench Lynch. I just don’t trust anybody against that 49ers D, especially if Patrick Willis returns, which is possible.


WR’s Start ‘Em

Brandon Marshall @ New England

Ok this is fairly obvious. We know how bad New England’s secondary has been and how their offense dictates their opponents to throw early and often. Marshall will produce nicely in this game, let’s just hope he doesn’t drop any TD’s this week!

Julio Jones @ New Orleans

Jones has come alive with 3 TD’s in the last two games and looks to be fully recovered from the hamstring injury. Matt Ryan is on full go right now and he should connect with Julio in this game. Very good chance Jones finds the endzone for a third straight game, get him in your lineups.

Demaryius Thomas @ Buffalo

I’ve recommended him earlier in the season and been burnt, but Thomas is now finally showing some consistency. Tebow looks better throwing the ball and Thomas has now overtaken Decker as his favorite target. Favorable matchup here against Buffalo, Thomas makes for fairly safe play in the Super Bowl. I’m thinking 5 catches for 80 yards with a possible score.

Nate Washington vs Jacksonville

Washington has had a career year in 2011. Matt Hasselbeck finds him often and that shouldn’t change this week against Jacksonville and their secondary which has been decimated by injury. They have now lost five Corners. Look for Washington to put up very nice numbers in this matchup.

Sit ‘Em

Darrius Heyward-Bey @ Kansas City

Heyward-Bey has been great the past two weeks going for over 200 yards with a score, but the matchup gets REAL this week. Brandon Flowers is one on of the best corners in the league and will be assigned to Heyward-Bey. Also as noted above, I believe Carson Palmer struggles in this matchup. Heyward-Bey has been solid the past two weeks but I think he gets contained here and held under 50 yards, Flowers matches up with him perfectly.

Anquan Boldin vs Cleveland

Joe Haden, Cleveland Browns stout pass defense, Boldin and Joe Flacco’s inconsistencies all year, leave Boldin on the bench!

Hakeem Nicks @ New York Jets

It’s uncertain who Revis will be covering, but there is a good chance he could be on Nicks for a good portion of the game. The Jets secondary looked brutal last week, but they have been sound the whole year and I think they step up here and give Eli problems. Nicks is still a stud and needs to be considered, but if you have safer options you may want to keep Nicks benched.


TE’s Start ‘Em

Brent Celek @ Dallas

My bad for not suggesting this guy last week, that really was a golden start against the Jets who simply cannot stop the Tight End. Hopefully you got Celek in your lineups and watched him go off for 155 yards and a score. Look for more production this week against Dalllas who have their own problems covering the Tight End giving up the 4th most amount of points to the position. Celek has been on the fantasy radar for the past month and a half and you need to stick with him again this week, he will produce.

Dustin Keller vs New York Giants

I like this spot for Keller against the G-men. The Giants, like their NFC rival Dallas, have had problems covering the Tight End as well ranked 22nd in points allowed the position. Must win game for the Jets, they need to get Keller involved. Keller should have a fairly productive game with around 5-6 catches and 60-70 yards.

Anthony Fasano @ New England

Fasano has been a decent option for the past month or so and this is another matchup to consider him in. Again the Phins will be tossing the rock, Fasano has been targeted midfield and around the goaline, we saw him score last week, let’s ride him again.

Sit ‘Em

Jacob Tamme vs Houston

Looks like Dallas Clark will miss another game, but you can’t use Tamme here. This isn’t last year, keep him benched against Houston who cover the Tight End very well ranked 3rd best.

Heath Miller vs St. Louis

Miller had a nice game on Monday night against the 49ers, but I have serious doubts about him this week. It appears Charlie Batch may play and that most likely means the Steelers will be very run-heavy. Also I’m not sure Batch can get Miller the ball. Lastly, St. Louis is the best when it comes to defending the Tight End.

Brandon Pettigrew vs San Diego

Pettigrew has been better the last two weeks after slumping a bit, but I would be weary of him this week. San Diego ranks 5th best in defending the Tight End. Also, Stafford has been spreading it around to Calvin, Titus Young and Nate Burleson. At this point of the season, I don’t trust Pettigrew.


IDP Start ‘Em

James Harrison, LB Pittsburgh Steelers vs St. Louis

James Harrison, coming back from suspension is very mad right now and he’s going to take it out on the Rams. What a perfect matchup for Harrison as the Rams are allowing more sacks than any other teamKellen Clemens will draw the start for the Rams at QB and he has terrible pocket presence. He will be a sitting duck when Pittsburgh throws blitzes at him. Look for Harrison to get 2-3 sacks in this game.

Aldon Smith, LB, DE, San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle

Smith was a animal on Monday night causing havoc on Big Ben all night. Look for Smith to add to his 13 sacks on the year as he is playing with a ton of confidence right now.

Jarius Byrd, S, Buffalo Bills vs Denver

Tim Tebow comes to town and that means plenty of tackle opportunities for Byrd and the Buffalo defenders. Byrd should get 8+ tackles easy in this matchup.

Sit ‘Em

John Abraham, DE, Atlanta Falcons @ NO

Abraham had 3.5 sacks last Thursday night against Blaine Gabbert, but it won’t be so easy against Drew Brees and his quick release. Keep in mind that was Abraham’s first multi-sack game since Week 1. Look for another option.

Jabari Greer, CB, New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta

Greer is a deflection machine, but has a rough matchup against two premier wideouts in Roddy White and Julio JonesMatt Ryan has also been on top of his game. Leave Greer reserved.

Fantasy Savvy- Start Em’ Sit Em’ Week 10

Playoffs are nearing, some are fine tuning their stud team(s), some are just trying to maintain and hold on, and some need a pure miracle. Whether your coasting to victory or are close to the edge of the cliff, I advise and remind you to not waiver, but stay focused. The best teams could go out early and the worst teams could end up getting hot at the right time. For in the end you want to know, just like in any other endeavor, that you gave it your all.

Disclaimer: Kickers and Defenses are left out each week, also I try to leave the most obvious choices out. Start Adrian Peterson!!!


QB’s Start Em’

Mark Sanchez vs New England

You know the drill, New England’s pass defense still hasn’t figured it out, still ranking dead last against the pass through 8 games. Sanchez and this offense have been playing much better since their Week 5 matchup @ New England where he threw for just 166 yards. Expect Sanchez to approach the 250-yard mark in this game and throw 2-3 TD’s.

Tim Tebow @ Kansas City

After his game against the Lions two weeks ago, most “experts” were bashing Tebow relentlessly. I heard things like, “He has no chance”, “The worst QB in the league” and that him starting was “A joke”. Talk about overreaction, I understand the guy has an ugly release and the odds are against him to fully succeed, but give the guy a chance. I have always maintained the position that Tebow will become a competent QB in his league. I believe Tebow won’t stop until he becomes a successful passer and do everything in his power to succeed. In the meantime, his running skills will help him to get by. We saw that last week against the Raiders, with the Broncos suiting the offense even more to Tebow with a bunch of zone read plays. Tebow erupted by rushing for over 100 yards, the first QB to accomplish that feat this year, before Vick or Newton. White Boy dominating!!!  So were riding with Tebow this week. Romeo Crennel will probably have something for the zone read this week, but I still think Tebow rushes for between 50-80 yards while finishing with 2 total TD’s. At this point, Tebow is a must-start every week because of the potential rushing yards and TD’s.


Christian Ponder @ Green Bay

Ponder has played pretty well in his first three games as a rookie QB. He played GB earlier this year and finished with 219 yards passing with 2 TD’s as well as 31 yards rushing. Ponder and the Minnesota offense will be playing catch up for the majority of this game, so expect Ponder to put up pretty respectable numbers once again.


Sit Em’

Jay Cutler @ Detroit

Cutler is doing the best he can with a weak wide receiver corps and inconsistent offensive line. The Bears have actually helped Cutler of late, by switching to 3-step drops and running the ball more often. But while Cutler has been efficient, his numbers have been average with just 11 TD’s. Cutler only has two 300-yard games this year and hasn’t thrown for 3 TD’s in a game yet. This week is a tough matchup for Cutler, the Lions are allowing the 6th fewest points to QB’s and as we know have an extremely good defensive line. I’m not sure how Cutler’s offensive line will hold up in this one, so your better off just sitting Cutler this week, I would rather give Christian Ponder the start.


Sam Bradford @ Cleveland

Rough matchup for Bradford in just his second game back from injury. Cleveland’s secondary led by CB Joe Haden has been excellent all year ranked 3rd best in points allowed to QB’s. Bradford’s favorite target from last year, Mark Clayton returns this week, but it doesn’t matter, you need to keep Bradford benched.


Josh Freeman vs Houston

Freeman has regressed in his Sophomore year with 8 TD’s and 10 Int’s through 8 games. Houston is ranked 4th in defending Fantasy QB’s. Keep Freeman benched.


Something To Think About: Sitting Tom Brady

The Jets have been great against the pass allowing just 11 pts a game to Fantasy QB’s. It’s still Tom Brady, but it’s something to consider. Maybe Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez over Brady this week? I think I would do it.


RB’s Start Em’


Willis McGahee @ Kansas City

McGahee has found new life in Denver, blasting through holes and running strong. Last week he rushed for 163 yards and 2 TD’s against Oakland and is becoming a very reliable starter with four 100-yard games on the season. It should only continue now with Tebow under the helm creating lanes for McGahee. The zone read opened up two of those big runs for Willis last week and I think we will continue to see more of that going forward. McGahee is a very good trade target right now and he needs to be in your lineup each week.

Reggie Bush @ Washington

I could probably write a 50 page column just about Reggie Bush. I was one who remained faithful to him year in and year out, only to be disappointed time and time again. Bush has cost me countless fantasy wins and probably a few fantasy titles as well. Even this year, he burned me a few times. But the last two weeks, Reggie has heated up, as Miami is smartly starting to use him more. It hasn’t been all Reggie’s fault, even Sean Payton towards the end of his Saints run wasn’t using him correctly. Sporano was doing the same, but the last two weeks he has woke up and gotten Reggie the ball. Miami realizes they need to increase his touches and hopefully they will continue to. With that, I am recommending Reggie Bush for the first time all year. The offensive line is playing better and Reggie is running well. Keep him in there while he’s hot and Sporano and Co. are wisely feeding him the rock.


Chris Johnson @ Carolina

Still not a fan of Johnson, still don’t think he’s the same back, but I gotta suggest him this week against Carolina. I did see some positive signs from Johnson last week and I think he can take some of that momentum into Carolina who is dead last in points allowed to Fantasy RB’s. I still would sell Johnson if you can, and maybe after a good performance this week, you can formulate a nice deal.


Sit Em’

Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacobs @ San Francisco

Jacobs stepped up in Bradshaw’s absence last week and could get the nod again this week as Bradshaw’s status is in doubt. However, neither back is worth starting against the stellar 49ers Run D, keep em both on your bench.


LeGarrette Blount @ Houston

Under new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips, this Houston D has been much improved, especially against the run ranked 3rd in defending Fantasy RB’s. Blount just came back from injury last week and had 13 carries for 72 yards with no TD’s against New Orleans. I would expect something similar this week, not really making him worthy of a start. Blount only has one game over 100-yards this year and hasn’t been as good as owners had hoped, coming off a fairly good rookie season. Keep him on your bench this week.


Roy Helu vs Miami

Helu had an absolutely ridiculous stat line last week with 14 catches for 105 yards. John Beck just kept dumping off and dumping off to him. Really that is just pathetic offense by the Skins. Shanahan early this week said that Helu would now only come off the field when he was tired, but then changed that and said he needs to rest guys so they can stay fresh. Who knows what Shanahan is going to do, maybe he gives Tashard Choice 10 carries this week, or splits Choice, Helu and Torain. The point is, once you think you can trust Shanahan, he burns you. So even though Helu appears to be the back on this team, I suggest you take a wait and see approach.


WR’s Start Em’

Laurent Robinson vs Buffalo

Robinson was already out producing Miles Austin when Austin was healthy, it just seems Romo and Robinson have a nice rapport. So Robinson makes for a nice little start this week against Buffalo. Robinson has 10 catches for 135 yards and two TD’s in his last two games, give him a shot this week.

Julio Jones vs New Orleans

I can’t think of a corner on New Orleans that matches up with Jones, then again I can’t think of any corners who match up with his size and speed. Jones came back last week after his hammy injury which kept him out several weeks and exploded for 131 yards and two TD’s on just 3 catches. In a high scoring affair such as this should be, look for Jones to finish with around 5-6 catches with close to 100 yards and a possible score.


DeSean Jackson vs Arizona

Jackson has been brutal the past three weeks being held under 50 yards receiving without a score. But this week he will get behind the poor Arizona secondary. Andy Reid knows he needs to start getting the ball to Jackson more, so look for that to happen this week. Jackson will have a rebound game, get him in your lineups.


Sit Em’


Brandon Lloyd @ Cleveland

Lloyd has gotten off to a fast start with the Rams with three straight games over 50 yards receiving. But this week you need to sit him. Again we mention Cleveland CB Joe Haden who is an emerging as a shutdown corner. Bradford and Lloyd will both be contained by this impressive Cleveland secondary.


Reggie Wayne vs Jacksonville

What a disappointment the Colts and Reggie Wayne have been. Peyton Manning’s absence really has effected this whole team. Curtis Painter started out playing fairly well, but has just been pure brutal the last couple of weeks. You just can’t trust Wayne at this point and most likely for the rest of the year. Keep him benched, especially in this matchup against Jacksonville ranked 2nd best in points allowed to Fantasy Wideouts.


Pierre Garcon vs Jacksonville

Like Wayne, Garcon can’t be trusted right now with the way Painter is playing. That guy has been absolutely brutal. Again, Jags have one of the best pass defenses, Keep Garcon benched until Painter shows he doesn’t stink like your neighbor Gary’s feet.


TE’s Start Em’


Heath Miller @ Cincy

Love the way Miller has been playing of late. I told you to think about sitting him last week since he was facing Baltimore who was #1 against Tight Ends and he still tore em up for 5 catches and 73 yards. Miller is matchup proof, make sure he is in your lineups every week from here on in.


Fred Davis vs Miami

Davis had a bit of a slow week in Week 9 with just 45 yards, but he still remains the #1 target in Washington as of now. Unless of course Roy Helu catches 4887878 passes again. Look for Davis to rebound this week as Beck wants to prove he can throw the ball more than 3 yards downfield. Miami is also 27th worst in defending the Tight End.


Brent Celek vs Arizona

Celek is another Tight End who has come on the Fantasy Radar of late with 14 catches in his last two games for 154 yards and a score. As defenses are trying to take away the deep ball, Vick is finding Celek underneath. The Eagles are also starting to realize they need to utilize Celek. That will continue this week against Arizona, as Vick and the Eagles will shred this defense.


Sit Em’


Jacob Tamme vs Jacksonville

Tamme stepped in for Dallas Clark last year and was one of the best pickups, producing week in and week out. He will step in again this week with Clark out, but against you can’t trust any Colt with the way Painter is playing.


Dustin Keller vs New England Patriots

Keller was shut down in their Week 5 matchup against the Pats finishing with just 1 catch for 7 yards. I suspect that Belichick will try to take Sanchez’ safety blanket away once again.


Zach Miller vs St. Louis

Pete Carroll said he wants to get the talented Miller more involved in the offense. That’s a good plan, but they don’t have a reliable QB to get him the ball and this is a bad matchup against St. Louis ranked 2nd in defending the Tight End. Plus Miller has done zip all year.


IDP’s Start Em’


Cliff Avril, DE, Detroit Lions @ Chicago

Avril played like a monster two weeks ago at Denver with a couple sacks, a forced fumble and a defensive TD. He was getting pressure on Tebow in less than 2.5 seconds consistently. I know the Broncos offensive line isn’t good, but I think Chicago’s offensive line has a tough time with him and the rest of the Detroit Lions defense just like the Broncos did.

Chris Long, DE, St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland

Long really has stepped up his game becoming a force on the D-line with four sacks in his last two games. Look for him to get to McCoy and have another strong game.


Yermiah Bell S, Miami Dolphins @ Washington

Bell has a nice matchup this facing John “I throw the ball 2 yards downfield” Beck and the Washington Redskins who will be running the ball often. Bell will get plenty of chances to rack up tackles in this game. He should finish with at least 8 tackles, making him a solid start.


Sit Em’


Vince Wilfork, DT, New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Tough matchup for Wilfork this week against one of the best centers in the league in Nick Mangold. Plus the Jets should change their gameplan a bit and pass the ball more often then they did in the Week 5 matchup leaving less tackle opportunites for Wilfork.


Jabari Greer, CB, New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Greer will have a tough time defending both Roddy White and Julio Jones, two wideouts who have a big size advantage over him. Greer has the 2nd most pass deflections with 13, but it will be a tough task getting in position against these two physical wideouts.


Best Waiver Adds-Week 7 Edition

Last week we discussed the likes of Tim Tebow, Doug Baldwin, Steve Breaston all who had bye weeks, but if they are still available make sure to go grab them. Others like Darrius Heyward-Bey, Donald Brown played,  produced and hopefully helped your fantasy team. If you missed last weeks article you can check it out here.  Every Tuesday night we discuss the best pickups on our radio show as well so make sure to check that out at   This week some injuries and some trades open up some spots for newcomers to come in and contribute. Nothing too exciting on the market this week, but definitely some guys that are worth picking up. The following players are listed in order.


Carson Palmer, QB, Oakland Raiders

The only reason I am ranking Palmer first is that he is going to be the starter for Oakland for the rest of the year and possibly into the future depending on how he performs. The Raiders went out and traded a 1st and 2nd rounder for him, so there is no doubt he will be the starter as soon as he is ready. Reports are that Palmer is back to 100% and his arm strength has returned to its old form. But I have serious doubts about Palmer and how effective he will be. He still can’t move in the pocket and has proven to be very turnover prone in recent years. However, if you need to add a QB desperately, then Palmer is your guy. Who’s to say he won’t rejuvenate his career and have a good year with the Raiders. I would think he would increase the value of Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore and Kevin Boss. He will step into a nice young offense with a strong running game. If Palmer is at least somewhat back to his old self he is easily better than Jason Campbell. Again, I am banking against Palmer to do anything significant, but I do believe there is a good chance he will out perform Campbell and improve this offense. If you are having serious QB trouble, go pickup Palmer as he will be the starter for the rest of the season.

Ronnie Brown, RB, Detroit Lions

I’m ranking Brown second for a couple of reasons. As you all should know by now, Brown was traded to the Lions for Jerome Harrison. Jahvid Best suffered yet another concussion, which is his 3rd concussion in the last 5 years. I haven’t believed in Best because I doubted his durablitly and I was mad because last week he seemed to be proving me wrong, but here we go again, Best with another concussion. Concussions are nothing to play around with and although Best could possibly play this week, there is also a chance he could be out multiple weeks. If he suffers another concussion he could be out for the year, who really knows. Based on all that, I think Brown is a solid add. Yes he had that dopey pitch on the goal line a couple of weeks ago, but if you’re asking me to pick between Ronnie Brown and Maurice Morris, I am going with Brown. Brown, I believe, if given the chance, will show that he’s deserves to start over Morris and if Best is out for a long period of time that will happen. So if you have a spot on your roster and if you’re a Jahvid Best owner, make sure to grab Brown, because he could end up being very valuable this year.

DeMarco Murray, RB, Dallas Cowboys

The Oklahoma rookie will now take over the starting spot as Felix Jones will be out for 2-4 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Jones, like Best is also very fragile, with a history of being hurt throughout his career. Tashard Choice will also be in the mix, but it appears that Murray will get most of the touches. The Cowboys offensive line hasn’t opened up many lanes and Murray hasn’t looked very good, but if your a Jones owner or need a Running back in the short-term, Murray is a must add. The Cowboys still have an explosive offense, despite what we saw from them last week and Murray will get a good amount of chances around the goal line. There is also a chance that Jones could be out longer than 4 weeks or maybe come back and re-aggravate his injury leaving Murray to take the reins for a good amount of games. For the short-term I like Murray better than Ronnie Brown but for the long-term I only rank Brown over Murray because of Jahvid Best’s concussion history and how that could possibly keep him out for a longer time than Jones.

Danny Woodhead, RB, New England Patriots

After Woodhead got hurt two weeks ago, a lot of owners cut him so he should be available in most leagues. The Patriots will continue to us Woodhead, although it could be more sparingly due to the slight emergence of Stevan Ridley. But if you’re in a PPR league, I believe Woodhead will still have some value as he usually is good for around 3-5 catches and 30-60 total yards per game. If there is an injury to Ridley or Ben Jarvus then Woody earns a bigger role, playing in one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. Woodhead is just a guy that is a good add because of the situation he is in.

Maurice Morris, RB, Detroit Lions, Tashard Choice, RB, Dallas Cowboys

I think both of these guys will take backseats in their respective backfields, but nonetheless they are worth adding if you can’t get DeMarco Murray or Ronnie Brown. Maurice Morris really isn’t anything special at all and even if he somehow ends up getting more reps than Ronnie Brown, don’t expect him to produce much. Choice hasn’t looked good at all this season, which is surprising because at one point he was a pretty talented runner. That said he still has a chance to earn the #1 role while Felix Jones is out and is worth adding, again if you can’t land Brown or Murray.

Sneaky Picks- Mark Clayton, WR, St. Louis Rams, Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos, Lance Kendricks, TE, St. Louis Rams

Both Thomas and Clayton are returning from injury to play in Week 7. Clayton as we remember was Bradford’s favorite target last year before getting injured and being ruled out for the year. Thomas was a talented rookie who had some big games but also was knocked out for the year. Thomas has a chance to be the #1 wideout as Lloyd is now gone and Eric Decker and Eddie Royal really aren’t #1 types. The biggest factor is Tebow, how well will he connect with Thomas and how effective will he be throwing the football. Clayton on the other might not be the #1 because of the presence of Brandon Lloyd and Danario Alexander, but he has the rapport with Bradford and Bradford is definitely more capable when it comes to tossing the rock. Either way, both guys are very talented wideouts who are worth adding. There is a very good chance that one of these guys could prove to be very valuable for the rest of the year.

Kendricks was on everybody’s radar to start the year after a strong preseason. But after week upon week of doing zip, many owners let him go. Last week Kendricks had a fairly good game hauling in 4 passes for 71 yards. There is no questioning his talent and maybe with the Rams schedule starting to ease up, Kendricks will start to produce like most owners thought he would.

Should be owned already but if not go add- Montario Hardesty, RB, Cleveland Browns

Call it the Madden curse or Hillis just breaking down after taking a big workload last year, but Hardesty might soon take over as the #1 back in Cleveland. If he’s out there go grab him as Hillis left last week’s game with a hamstring injury and has not run well at all this season.

Risky options but worth a shot- John Beck, QB, Washington Redskins, Christian Ponder, QB, Minnesota Vikings, Arrelious Benn, WR, Tampa Bay Bucs

Beck and Ponder both step into the starting role as Mcnabb and Grossman have both been benched. Ponder likes to run a lot, but I really have little faith in his throwing ability. Beck has Shanahan behind him, so I think he’s the QB to own of the two. Benn has always been talented and now looks to be fully healthy from his ACL injury, there is a chance he emerges as a good option in Tampa.