FantasySavvy 2016: Week 1 Film Review & Analysis

This article is a new addition to our site. In the past we have dabbled with this, but this season we plan on bringing this to you every single week. We will rewatch every single game from the previous week, looking at specific players, schemes, etc, so future predictions can be properly forecasted. This type of film review helped us identify players like Keenan Allen, Odell Beckham Jr. and Dion Lewis weeks prior to them being picked up on waiver wires. Our intention is to give you this superior insight so you can be a step ahead in your leagues. All the stats and advanced stats in the world are great, but there is nothing that can replace reality and the tape reveals this reality.

The first two or three weeks will be complimentary to our readers, but as we go on we will require a weekly or seasonal subscription in order to release this article to you. The weekly investment will be $10 and the Seasonal, which extends until week 16 will be $100. We know this information will truly be beneficial for your fantasy teams, helping to put you in a position to contend for your league’s SuperBowl. Please contact if you are interested in either a weekly or seasonal subscription. A paypal account will be required to process. Going forward this article will be released by Friday Night.

Ok let’s get to the video tape, as the great Ed Reed once said “Trust the Tape”.

*For preview purposes, not all games from the previous week will be covered.

Carolina @ Denver

Biggest thing that stands out here is the performance of C.J. Anderson. The Gary Kubiak running system is back and Anderson has returned to his 2014 form. The run blocking was not only excellent, but Anderson made all the proper cuts and broke tackles looking in top form. With the Denver D so dominate keeping Denver in games and giving the offense a lot of opportunities, Anderson should be in for a big season.

Trevor Simien played smart for most of the game. He took what the defense gave him and ran when he needed to. However, there were a few throws that make you worry about him having some implosions in the future. His lack of arm strength is going to surely cause him to throw some bad interceptions. It will be interesting to see how he progresses and whether or not he can maintain the job throughout the year. Paxton Lynch and his big arm are waiting in the wings. In the meantime, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and even Virgil Green should produce, but don’t expect monster production. However it is good that at least there is something with potential at the QB position replacing Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler.

Not much to say about Carolina other than they faced the best defense in the league. This offense will be fine. Kelvin Benjamin of 2016 will be much improved from the Kelvin Benjamin of 2014, which was his rookie season. A few reasons for this. Benjamin hands have improved, his knowledge of the offense has improved and the biggest reason for his future success will be that Cam Newton’s accuracy has improved dramatically. Cam used to overthrow the 6’5 Benjamin, now Cam can hit him on a line. Benjamin should be in for a big time season. Start sending offers while you can.

Trade For: C.J. Anderson, Kelvin Benjamin

Cincinnati @ NYJ

We will start with the Jets, and the two things that stick out most are Quincy Enunwa and the Jets running game. Enunwa not only excelled in Week 1, but he backed it up again on Thursday night with another good performance. The Jets are using him on reverses, screens and he already appears to be a favorite of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Enunwa displays excellent hands and body control and even with Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall, I expect Enunwa to have a very productive season. 1000 yards and/or double-digit TD’s is not out of the question.

The other reason the Jets offense has gotten off to such a great start is the addition of Matt Forte. Forte has helped make this Jets offense completely legit. Also the offensive line and run design have been excellent, creating holes for Forte to run through. The usage for Forte thus far is concerning as he is on pace for over 400 carries, but obviously you expect that to start dwindling down at some point. This makes Bilal Powell, who has looked excellent in limited action an excellent addition and a must have a handcuff if you are a Forte owner.

Bengals will be brief this week. A.J. Green looks beastlyyyyyyyy, it will be impossible to trade for him at this point. Green could be at top 5 Fantasy producer this year. Be patient with Gio Bernard. Jeremy Hill had a nice TD run, but his overall usage will continue to hurt his value. Next we will look more into Tyler Boyd.

Trade for: Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Matt Forte

Add/Trade: Quincy Enunwa, Bilal Powell

Oakland @ New Orleans

Latavius Murray ran well and look improved, but the Saints defense continues to leak holes and be atrocious overall.  Derek Carr, Crabtree and Amani Cooper will continue their upward swing as the Raiders offense will be legit again in 2016.

Saints rookie WR, Michael Thomas had a good first game and ran some nice routes. Brees, now with Thomas, Snead and a developed Cooks, looks to be in for a monster season. The Raiders defense looked unimpressive, but Drew Brees and Sean Payton have a history of making defenses look silly. Be patient with Mark Ingram, the TD’s will come.

Add: Michael Thomas

Tampa Bay @ ATL

Jameis Winston had some excellent throws to Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins and they finished those throws with some great catches. Winston and Evans have a chance to be the best QB/WR combo in the league this season. After an underwhelming year last season, Evans looks like he’s ready for a true breakout season.

On the Atlanta side, if you are a Devonta Freeman owner like me you have to be concerned. Not because of Freeman losing a step or not being a talented player, but the fact that Tevin Coleman played so much in the passing game. Coleman had 5 catches for 95 yards and spelled Freeman frequently. The tape still shows that Freeman is the better overall runner, but Freeman was such a huge weapon in the passing game for the Falcons last year and it looks like Coleman is going to cut into that production significantly. With all that said, Freeman should have another solid season, but at this point there is no way to expect his reception totals to come close to sniffing last year.

Trade for: Mike Evans

Green Bay @ Jacksonville

Eddie Lacy looks to be back in 2014 form. He looks nimble on his feet, explosive and back to breaking tackles. If you banked a rebound season for Lacy this year, it appears you hit the nail on the head. Also James Starks was hardly used in Week 1. Great news for Lacy Owners. Jordy Nelson looked OK, ran some good out routes, and as he continues this year he should only get more comfortable. Also if you didn’t know this already Jared Cook stinks, hopefully you did not draft him. Davante Adams may finally emerge as a solid #3 option for the Pack. Historically Rodgers has utilized and made successful three WR’s for the Pack, so Adams is someone to definitely take seriously this year. Ty Montgomery the 2nd year WR out of Stanford, is another guy to monitor.

T.J. Yeldon looks better thus far in his sophomore season. His running style reminds a bit of two-time NFL rushing leader Edgerrin James. He’s patient, hits holes, and churns yards. Yeldon, in this offense, should be in for a nice year. Ivory is banged up already and has been injury prone in his career, but even with Ivory returning, Yeldon will be the back in the passing game and will still be used around the goaline.

I have no issue with Blake Bortles. A lot of pundits were down on him to start the season, but I don’t see why. He has so much talent and is surrounded by talent, even more so than last year now with a healthy Julius Thomas and Marquis Lee, both of whom Bortles targeted often in week 1. Thomas looked like a favorite target of Bortles and I see this continuing all year. Lee will likely need a Hurns or Robinson injury as it appears he is 5th in the pecking order. But keep an eye on him.

Allen Hurns ran two great routes. One on a stop and go and another on a stick route, it was all Hurns creating the separation. Hurns appears to be a student of the game and I overlooked him, he is more talented than I originally had thought. You do worry if Thomas, Lee and the emergence of Yeldon overall in the passing game will hurt his value a bit more this season, but the talent is surely there.

Trade for: Julius Thomas, T.J. Yeldon, Eddie Lacy.

Cleveland @ Philly

Carson Wentz was impressive to me. Poise, confidence, accuracy, and solid decision-making. He had a couple of excellent throws. One was to Nelson Agohlor who beat Joe Haden off the line of scrimmage for a TD. Wentz threw a perfect ball. This obviously increases the prospects of not only Jordan Matthews, but Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor. Agholor a first round draft pick last year, did nothing his rookie season, I think that changes this year. Not only does he look better, but he now appears to have a real QB throwing him the ball.

RG3 looked bad, Josh McCown returning will only help Barnridge, Duke Johnson, Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon when he returns. Things are looking up for the Browns offense. McCown looked comfortable in this offense last year and I expect them to get going this week against Baltimore.

Add: Nelson Agholor

Trade for: Gary Barnridge, Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz

Minnesota @ Tennessee

The Titans stacked the box against the Vikings and the Vikings weren’t very creative with how they got Adrian Peterson the ball causing Peterson to have a sub par game. Peterson looked fine as a runner, he just literally had nowhere to run. Be patient, Sam Bradford should help open things up at a bit. Stefon Diggs looked quick, running a bunch of out routes and aggressively working back to the ball. Shaun Hill and him had good chemistry, it will be interesting to see how he and Bradford work together, but Diggs looked solid.

Tajae Sharpe looks as good as advertised. He ran some nice slant routes, showed good burst and hands. He looks like he will be a top target of Marcus Mariota this year. Derrick Henry looked good in the passing game. He caught one screen pass where he crossed the field, stiffed armed Vikings LB Chad Greenway to the ground and broke a tackle, showing off his explosion and power. He was Ok in the running game. The Vikings shot gaps, but did take Henry down by shooting at his legs. I think Henry will adjust to that going forward as he has to realize that opponents will go low at his 6’3 frame. Henry is only going to improve. DeMarco Murray ran with power and looked good. The Titans ran some creative plays to get Murray open in the passing game and open lanes for him in the running game. The Titans should be a solid offense this year.

Add: Tajae Sharpe

Trade for: Derrick Henry

Buffalo @ Baltimore

Dennis Pitta is back. Flacco looked to him often and the past chemistry showed. Look for Pitta to be a solid TE this year. Neither Justin Forsett nor Terrance West were that impressive in the running game. Rookie Kenneth Dixon could easily take this job in a few weeks. Mike Wallace looks reborn in Baltimore. His speed was back on display as the Ravens used him on screens, reverses and down the field. Unlike Tannehill, Flacco has the arm to get Wallace the ball. He’s my bet to lead the Ravens in receiving this season. Breshard Perriman made a great catch early in the game and he is definitely a guy to monitor.  Steve Smith looked a bit slower and not as explosive as usual, remember when Kobe Bryant came back from his Achilles injury, he was never the same.

This is more of a take of the Jets game from Thursday, but Sammy Watkins is not healthy right now. It’s clear to see. The Bills would be smart to let the young man rest for a week or 2 before bringing him back. He does have 10 days to recover , so let’s see what the reports are next week about his surgically repaired foot.

San Diego @ Kansas City

Melvin Gordon looks much improved, at least after Week 1. He is running with more power, more decisiveness and actually broke some tackles and moved piles. These are things he rarely did last year. Danny Woodhead continues to look excellent and with Keenan Allen out again, should be PPR gold again in 2016. Allen’s replacement Tyrell Williams the 6’4 4.4 40 yard Dash prospect looks like has some potential. Rivers has historically favored big WR’s, (Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd) and Rivers likes to toss it up to these big guys. Even before Allen went out, the Chargers were using Williams as he had a 38 yard catch early in the 1st quarter. The guy runs like a deer and with his combination of size and speed he is someone to take seriously.

Spencer Ware had holes to run through, but he ran hard and broke some tackles. He was used extensively in the passing game by Captain Checkdown Alex Smith and that should only continue with Jamaal Charles out. Charcandrick West played a lot of snaps, but was rarely used. It may take Charles a good 6 weeks to get fully up and running so Ware should have continued value for some time.

Add: Tyrell Williams

Trade for: Danny Woodhead, Melvin Gordon









FantasySavvy 2015: Week 6 Waiver Selections


Blake Bortles, Jax

Bortles is coming to fruition this season, making better decisions, looking more accurate and showing off his athleticism and big arm. Allen Robinson is a legit WR and Allen Hurns is coming into his own as well. Add in Julius Thomas and of all a sudden this Jaguars offense is somewhat legit. Their Defense is also going to have them playing catch up a plenty, so Bortles should be slinging it almost every game like we saw against the Bucs last week. Blake is looking like a safe start almost every week at this point.

Josh McCown, CLE

Shockingly, Josh McCown has 6 TD’s and nearly 1,000 yards in his last three games with the Browns. Playing bad defenses has helped, but McCown is making some big throws and now has some legit weapons with Travis Benjamin, Gary Barnridge and Duke Johnson. But tread lightly the next three weeks as McCown plays against the Broncos, Rams and Cardinals and his true colors may begin to show.

Brian Hoyer, HOU

After Mallet came out because of hit he took, Hoyer stepped in and didn’t relinquish the job back. Mallet was looking like an angry schoolboy, while Hoyer was throwing TD’s and moving the Texans offense. Hoyer finished with 300 yards passing and two TD’s. Hoyer is better than Mallet, but he isn’t very good. However, with good matchups against the Jaguars, Dolphins and Titans the next three weeks, he could but up some decent performances while throwing to DeAndre Hopkins and dropping it off to Arian Foster.

E.J. Manuel, BUF

Manuel stinks, he isn’t accurate and can’t really scramble all that well. Taylor will be out a few weeks with the MCL sprain, but please avoid Manuel at all costs. He is going to hurt the value of this whole offense.


Charcandrick West & Knile Davis, KC

I lost Charles in 6 leagues yesterday, who was the #1 Fantasy RB on the year so far.  Overly invested? Maybe, but I would do the same thing again for a player like Charles. So as you can see, I am analyzing this pickup this week very studiously.

West was playing ahead of Davis the last couple weeks as Davis has taken a backseat and been subjected to Special teams. There isn’t much tape out there on West, just some highlight videos from him in High School and at Abilene Christian University which almost seemed like watching a High School game.

From what I can tell, West is a good athlete, has good speed can break tackles and can make people miss. But this was Division 2 Football and the athletes in the NFL are obviously way better. But Andy Reid seems to really believe in West, praising his work ethic, saying he’s more similar to Charles (which he is) and using him as Charles’ backup over Davis. West has also said in the past that “He will be better than Charles one day”, so the kid is clearly very confident in his ability and is an extremely hard worker. He is better than Davis in the pass game and reportedly has improved his pass blocking. He should be the main guy, but Davis could get the Goal Line work as he is the bigger back and more suited for that role.

Davis has looked impressive at times in Charles absence in the past, but surprisingly is just averaging about 3.5 YPC, which isn’t good. Davis with a heavy workload is better suited to do damage, but with West in the mix, he likely won’t have too much of an impact outside of most likely getting the GL work. Davis has 12 TD’s since the 2013 season.

Charcandrick is the the guy to own, as he seems like he’s has prepared mightily for this opportunity and has the coaches backing. There is a chance he could completely underwhelm, but if you are a Charles owner, like myself, then you need to invest a good amount in FAAB to grab him and put him #1 on your waivers this week. Davis should follow somewhere close behind.

Regardless, Alex Smith is looking pretty awful despite having two very good weapons in Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce, so this offense will likely struggle overall. West could be a nice play in PPR leagues, but in standard he could disappoint with Knile Davis taking GL and short yardage work. Grab West and/or Davis to add to your RB depth and hope that they can help win you some key games down the stretch here.

Lastly, the Chiefs were reportedly working out Pierre Thomas and Ben Tate so that could throw a wrench into everything. If I were the Chiefs I would sign Ahmad Bradshaw and make him the starter tomorrow. If they sign Tate, don’t even bother, he stinks. But Pierre Thomas could be decent.

Antonio Andrews, TEN

Bishop Sankey, Dexter McCluster, and Terrance West all aren’t very good, so Antonio Andrews has the chance to emerge here in a young offense led by Marcus Mariota. Andrews had 55 total yards and TD on Sunday, which isn’t anything mouth watering, but he did get the GL carries and was a factor in the passing game. He could be the next man up here, so give him a shot if you need RB help.


Boobie Dixon, Dan Herron, Zach Zenner


Forte Owners should own Jeremy Langford.


Anquan Boldin & Andre Johnson

Both these guys could be on your wire after weeekssssssss of doing jack. Johnson, silenced some of the haters with two TD’s on Thursday night and there is a chance this could boost him back into relevancy. I would take the shot, I don’t think he’s fully done yet and playing with Luck in this offense, is still intriguing. Snatch him back up, there is a ton of reward here.

Same thing goes for Boldin, he revived this week after doing much of nothing to start the year. Boldin is coming off back to back 1,000 yard seasons with 12 TD’s combined, and looks like he’s got plenty of juice left. Kaepernick looked like he made a few improvements in that Giants game, so there is some hope there as well.

Willie Snead, NO

We have talked about him before, but will bring it up again. Snead is a good WR, has the trust of Drew Brees and is playing over Colston and Brandon Coleman. He is going to be heavily targeted by Brees, go snatch him up if he’s still available in your leagues.

Marquess Wilson, CHI

Wilson was a popular DFS play and pickup last week and he came through for owners with 6 catches for 85 yards and a TD. With Alshon Jeffrey OUT the last two weeks, Wilson has seen 17 targets. But even with the return of Alshon and Royal, Wilson could remain a factor. He is a talented player with good size at 6’4.

Brandon LaFell, NE

LaFell is set to return in Week 7 and should be owned in all leagues at this point, especially if you need WR help. We saw what LaFell did last year with Brady finishing with 950 yards, 7 TD’s in just 13 starts. No other WR has emerged with Edelman, so LaFell, already having a good rapport with Brady, should step in and see success once again.

Be ready to pounce

Dorial Green-Beckham, Jaelen Strong, Philip Dorsett, Stefon Diggs (10 targets in week 4)


Gary Barnridge, CLE

3 Words. Go. Grab. Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    4th word, Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defensive Streamers

Vikings vs KC, Detroit vs CHI

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2015 FantasySavvy: Waiver Wire Week 4

Not a ton on the waiver wire this week that we haven’t already talked about. Devonta Freeman exceeded my initial expectations and if he’s available needs to be picked up asap!! Check out my past waiver articles here for guys that may not be mentioned in this Weeks edition.


Michael Vick, PIT

Big Ben went down with an MCL injury along with a bone bruise and the early report is he will miss 4-6 weeks. I think it could be the full 6 weeks if not longer. At his age, an MCL injury coupled with a Bone bruise could take a while to heal. Granted he will have the best treatment and a QB doesn’t need the full mobility of a skill position player, but nevertheless, I think it will be about 6 weeks. Michael Vick gets yet another shot to try to revive his career after another recent failed attempt with the NY Jets. Let’s face it,, Vick is very inaccurate, can’t read defenses that well and is extremely injury prone. However, this is a pretty nice offense he walks into with Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and a returning Martavis Bryant in Week five. Vick will frustrate with interceptions, overthrown balls, fumbles, but I think he can remain fantasy relevant while playing in this offense. He is also still a legit threat to run the football. This is strictly short term, because Vick could get hurt in the coming weeks, but if you are a Ben or Romo owner and the pickings are very thin at QB, Vick should provide some decent fantasy results.

Johnny Manziel, CLE

We have talked about Manziel already, but I am bringing him back up, because he’s probably back on your waiver wire after the Browns mistakenly decided to go back to Josh ” I am better off as an Insurance Salesmen” McCown. Just be ready, because Manziel should have this job back in a few weeks, once Mike Pettine comes to his senses, if he has any, they did sign McCown in the first place, expecting him to be a viable starter. But my gut tells me, Pettine knows this team is still a few years away and he wants to teach Manziel a lesson after last year and doesn’t want to hand him the reigns just yet. He will be forced to soon though.


Karlos Williams, BUF

I’m not sure who Williams reminds me of, he’s got a fairly unique running style. Maybe a mix of Darren McFadden and Rashard Mendenhall? Not sure, but Williams, is a no-nonsense type of runner. He hits the hole hard and finishes runs with power. RB’s who play with Mobile QB’s have a history of success since the threat of the QB run opens up lanes for the RB. Williams, a rookie from Florida State, has opened the year averaging 7.8 YPC with three TD’s. He is expected to start this Sunday against the Giants, as LeSean McCoy is out this week. This is a pretty intriguing pickup, and it seems like it could pay out for Fantasy Owners. He has pretty good burst, isn’t the most agile guy, but I like his physical running style. Maybe a mix of Knile Davis/Priest Holmes type. Somewhere in between.

Thomas Rawls/Fred Jackson, SEA

Jackson is likely the back sitting on benches as he was assumed to be the clear handcuff for the prestigious Marshawn Lynch, but Rawls was the one getting the rock last week after Lynch went out. Rawls finished with 104 yards on sixteen carries, while Fred Jackson did little. Lynch is a question mark this week against the Lions, so I wouldn’t advise going all in on Rawls or Jackson this week. If Lynch is out, I would expect Freddie J to get a little more burn then what he got last week. The Seahawks liked Rawls enough to release Christine Michael, but with Jackson there, I don’t think any guy will provide significant return, also Lynch could be fine.

Charles Sims, TB

Sims isn’t great, but he’s the preferred option when the Bucs are trailing, which will be often. Doug Martin was fools gold this preseason and he stinks. Sims could take the job outright, then again we may see Bobby Rainey soon.

Chris Thompson, WAS

Matt Jones owner were burned last week, partly by his fumble in the endzone, but mostly because of the gameflow. Kirk Cousins stinks and so does the Redskins defense. The Skins are going to be trailing a ton of games and that is why I am worried about Matt Jones and especially Alfred Morris. In games where the Skins are playing legit offenses, they will be forced to throw, leaving Thompson as the main cog. He played nearly every snap down the stretch as the Skins went into comeback mode, finishing with a TD and around 100 yards. He is the Skins version of Lance Dunbar. He’s for very deep leagues only 14-16 teams and when the Skins are playing a superior opponents, which could be every week actually!!


Just a quick overview of the WR’s, since it’s pretty slim pickings this week. DeSean Jackson could possibly return this week, if not next, so if he’s out there, go snatch him up. Robert Woods, eh. Marvin Jones, Eh, I don’t trust Dalton long-term. I would still be stashing Breshad Perriman, the Ravens desperately need him. I mentioned it before, but I will mention it again, Dorial Green-Beckham out there in your league? Grab him NOW!!! Guy is slowly emerging and looks pretty beastly. Not sure what Whisenhunt is doing by holding him back, maybe he’s making him very hungry. Victor Cruz is another add if he’s out there as he should return this week.The talent is still there as well as the rapport with Eli. Giants offense should improve as season goes on.


Max Williams, BALT

The talented rookie got his shot when Crockett Gilmore went down against the Bengals, finishing with three catches for 44 yards. Gilmore is highly questionable against Pittsburgh, and Williams could get his shot to earn more playing time with a good performance. The Ravens are so thin with weapons that Williams should get a decent amount of looks and could be a mainstay this season. It’s worth a shot, there is legit talent here.

Charles Clay, looks for real with Tyrod Taylor, also if Antonio Gates is still lurking in your league, he needs to be snatched.

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2015 FantasySavvy: Waiver Wire Week 3

One note regarding pickups in this column. You won’t see me repeat the same guys twice over the course of a season unless I see a need. Also I won’t state obvious guys. This column is mostly for 12 team leagues and up. 10 team leagues can be in the discussion.

One quick strategy when it comes to pickups. Think a week or two or even three ahead. Depending on how your team is positioned in the standings and the whether you can afford to accommodate on your bench, you should be creative with your pickups. Ex: Beckham Jr. last season. He didn’t return til week 5 and was out there on many waiver wires until then. The talent was there all along and if you would have thought ahead, instead of say keeping two defenses, two QB’s or Brandon Bolden on your bench, you could have put a Dynamic talent like ODB on your bench and reaped the benefits.

Another example would be to stash a talented backup. Last year this was C.J. Anderson. I think I had Anderson from Week 2 last year, but when Hilllman took over and when Anderson got absolutely no burn, I was forced to cut him. In this case I suppose I had him too early. But Hillman’s injury led to Anderson’s domination down the stretch last season. So look for RB’s, TE’s, WR’s, even QB’s  that can step in case of injury, etc and showcase their talent. Trust your gut if you truly like a guy and stick with him on your bench for as long as you can.

Scope your leagues wire, it may look bare at first, but if you look again you may see some opportunities that won’t help you right away, but in a few weeks they could be gold.


I listed Alex Smith, Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Manziel, etc, last week, so there isn’t much to add. I will say that Tyrod Taylor could be in for a pretty nice season with the Bills. The running yards will be there and he should put up some decent numbers week to week. Same with Manziel, once the Browns realize he is their best option.

Derek Carr, Oak

Carr had a good rookie season using Rookie standards and added to that success this week against what was supposed to be a stingy Ravens secondary. Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree both went over 100 yards and Carr finished with three TD’s and 350 yards passing. The Raiders, dare I say it, are “Due” for a turnaround after so many miserable years. Maybe this is the start of it with Carr, Cooper, Crabtree and Murray on this offense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ

I hate to ever recommend this guy, but this is probably the best offense he’s every played in with Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall at WR. 244 yards against the Colts last night, four TD’s in two games? As of now I would stay away unless you are forced to use him like I am in a 16 team league, because Gino Smith still looms and Fitzpatrick does this every year, starts out hot then fades like a silent fart in the wind.


David Johnson, ARI

Johnson the rookie out of Northern Iowa, had two TD’s on Sunday, one on a kickoff return to start the game and another on a toss where he went untouched into the endzone. Three TD’s already this year. Please don’t bank on Chris Johnson, he is a shell of his former self and has had his time in this league. The back to own is David Johnson, despite him technically being the backup. The Cards have already stated they will give him more burn this week. He has a solid speed/power combo and could be effective the rest of the year. Ellington has been injury prone the last two seasons so he is no sure bet to maintain the job. In this explosive offense with a healthy Carson Palmer, Johnson is a must-add this week if he is available in your league.

Matt Jones, Skins

If somebody dropped him after last week, YOU NEED TO GRAB THIS GUY ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this guy coming into the year. The skins ran the ball 37 times last week, so there could be room for Jones and Morris here. Plus Jones has better hands and his blocking is fine, so he will most likely be the guy playing when they are trailing, which should be often.

Ronnie Hillman, Broncos

Anderson was the guy last year, but he doesn’t look like the same back thus far, while Hillman has looked better. We will see what happens here, but Hillman is a must-own playing in this Denver offense, with the potential to possibly take his job back. RB’s with Peyton Manning are almost automatic to produce nicely.

Devonta Freeman, ATL

Tevin Coleman looked like he had the strangle hold on the job, but it looks like he will be out a few weeks with a rib injury. Freeman steps in as the #1 and while I am not overly excited about him, he does have the body to take the punishment in this league. A Maurice Jones-Drew type build (not nearly as talented) Freeman has decent quickness, good agility and runs with a little bit of power. Good offense, great opportunity for Freeman to showcase his talents. I just don’t think he will show enough to keep the job when Coleman comes back, but I hope I’m wrong. Regardless, starting RB’s are a commodity in Fantasy Football and he should have the job for at least the next 2-4 weeks.

Backups to keep an Eye on

Jeremy Langford seems to have a secure hold as the backup to Matt Forte and is a solid handcuff for Owners. Karlos Williams also is another solid handcuff for McCoy, who has been somewhat iffy with injuries lately. Others that could step in and produce nicely with an injury. Josh Robinson, Indy……Damien Williams, Miami, ……Bobby Rainey, TB, …Khiry Robinson, NO……..Antonio Andrews, TEN


Dorial Green-Beckham, TEN

Slow but steady wins the race. Beckham, 6’5, 225, could slowly creep up more and more each week and eventually take reigns as the top WR on this Titans team. Think A.J Green. A ton of upside here, he needs to be added after showing promise in his 2nd NFL game by beating Joe Haden for a TD last week.

Michael Crabtree, OAK

Crabtree is still young, talented and has been forgotten about. Over 100 yards last week, playing with Carr who could be on his way to a successful season, the reward heavily outweighs the risk here.

Doug Baldwin, SEA

Baldwin has always been a pretty talented WR. He fits somewhere along the lines of a fair mans Steve Smith, Hines Ward/Golden Tate type. The Hawks are playing more uptempo this year and Baldwin is seeing about 8 targets a game so far. I like the prospects of this. Also Seattle’s D doesn’t look to be as dominate as years past, so the Hawks could be throwing a lot more this season. I think Baldwin is going to have his best season to date.

Aaron Dobson, NE

Probably the Patriots lone true deep threat, Dobson had 87 yards on seven catches last week, after doing nothing in Week 1. Probably will remain inconsistent all year, but they did draft this kid expecting him to have an impact. You could do much worse, there is some promise here.

Ty Montgomery, GB

Davante Adams where are you? Davante Adams who I read last year was better than Randall Cobb, where are you? This guy has been so hyped, much like Jermichael Finley was and for no good reason. Adams could be a disappointment this year, although it’s still too early to really tell. Aaron Rodgers can work wonders for anyone. I like what I saw out of Montgomery last week and I don’t think it’s that bold to say he could out perform Adams this year.

Travis Benjamin, CLE

Super Speed. Similar to a Dante Hall type, but looks to be a better WR overall. Josh McCown would hurt him, but playing with Manziel I am willing to bank on it. Six catches this season, three for TD’s.

Soon it’s time to pickup

Breshad Perriman, BAL Perriman is sitting there, forgotten, while people scramble for the hottest thing from last week. You may be able to wait one more week, but after that I think you have to move. Reports will come out, he’s running full speed, etc, etc, . Ravens #1 draft pick this year, Legit QB in Flacco, limited weapons on offense, the ROI potential is crazy here.


Crockett Gilmore, BAL

Kind of slow, but somewhat athletic, I think Gilmore’s performance was more of a result playing Oakland then anything. Rookie TE Max Williams still looms in the background, but I guess if want to take a shot on Gilmore, go hed, just don’t expect much.

Antonio Gates, SD

Time to stash, He will be back in 3 weeks and things should return to normal with him and Rivers.

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FantasySavvy 2015: Week 2 Waiver Wire


Alex Smith (KC)

It appears Travis Kelce will finally be utilized in this offense and that is certainly excellent news for Alex Smith and this KC offense. Smith looked crisp Week 1 throwing for 243 yards with three TD’s. Jeremy Maclin draws real attention away from Kelce and vice versa. Andy Reid as the signal caller, Jamaal Charles in the backfield, this could be a career year for Alex Smith. He might be looking at 30+ TD’s for the first time in his career. That may be lofty, but there is a lot of upside with this Chiefs offense this season.

Marcus Mariota (TEN)

The Titans and Ken Whisenhunt appear to be using Mariota the right way. Some read option type O with quick reads and Mariota showed he could get the ball out fast. The kid is athletic, can throw on the run and at 6’3 has a good view of the field. The weapons aren’t elite, but Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker and some others (Dorial Green-Beckham down the line) and MM could have a nice rookie year. Most definitely worth snagging in two QB leagues, keeper and deep leagues. Or if your starter is a Matt Stafford, Cutler, Tannehill, Eli type, then snatching up Mariota and playing match-ups is a great idea. So far, so good, for the rookie, the upside and talent is there and after going 13-16 with 4 TD’s in Week 1, he’s worth taking a shot on.

Andy Dalton (CIN)

Dalton is usually fools gold, but there are some changes in this offense this season. Jeremy Hill takes a lot of pressure off Dalton and helps moves those chains putting the Bengals in scoring position. Tight End Tyler Eifert is now healthy and it gives Dalton another legit option in this passing game to go along with A.J. Green. Marvin Jones and Mohammad Sanu also aren’t bad options. Dalton will certainly have his terrible throws and ups and downs, but don’t forget he threw a combined 60 TD’s in 2013 and ’14. I would still pair him with another QB and play match-ups, but Dalton should be in for a bounce-back year.

Colin Kaepernick (SF)

The 49ers looked rejuvenated, like they did a 360 from last years disappointing season under Jim Harbaugh. A ton of three TE Sets with a power running game from Carlos Hyde, brought back visions of Old school ground and pound type football. Lombardi Like, and it was refreshing to watch. They seemed to make things simple for Kaepernick, a lot of roll outs, layered routes that he could use his athleticism to makes plays on. Kaepernick still seems a bit uneasy throwing the ball, but Carlos Hyde aka “Los Los” looked like the next up and coming back in the NFL and Kaepernick is only going to benefit tremendously from his presence. The weapons are still there also with Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. With Hyde and this power running game look for Kaep’s running stats to increase as well as scoring opportunities.

Other Possibles

Johnny Manziel and Tyrod Taylor could be decent pickups granted they gather enough rushing yards to pay dividends. Taylor has much better supporting cast with Watkins, Clay and McCoy and a Defense that will give him many of possessions, but Manziel has more potential. If you’re in a 16 team or 2 QB league, snatch these guys up if you need the assistance.


Dion Lewis (NE)

When I watched Lewis in college, I was impressed by his agility and quickness. The Eagles drafted him, but it just never worked out and he really never got a full opportunity with LeSean McCoy there. The first time I saw Lewis in that Pats uniform wearing #33, I immediately thought of Kevin Faulk, and it appears the Pats are going to use him in that type of role. Yes, LeGarrette Blount returns this week and should be the main RB, but Lewis should still have a solid year. I don’t see how BB could have Lewis ride the bench after his Week 1 performance. Lewis did fumble at the GL, which is scary when it comes to BB, but he put Lewis back in the game after. Brandon Bolden stinks and Tavaris Cadet doesn’t seem to be in the mix as of yet, so Lewis should be on the field plenty and Brady loves to checkdown to his backs. PPR leagues especially, go grab this guy.

Darren Sproles (PHI)

Sproles just continues to get it done year and year out. Even with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews sharing the backfield, Sproles went off for 126 total yards with 7 catches. He needs to be rostered if you’re having RB depth issues. An injury to Mathews and/or Murray would open a world of opportunity for him and we know that he would easily seize it.

Benny Cunningham (STL)

Benny!!! Benny!!! The king of catching dump off passes and going for 10+ yards is Benny Cunningham. It looked like he was St. Louis’ entire offense at some points. Why weren’t the Seahawks giving him any attention? I really couldn’t believe how easily St. Louis was moving the ball on them. Cunningham finished with 140 total yards with four catches on Sunday. He actually is a fairly talented player and should be quite useful for your fantasy teams while Tre Mason and Todd Gurley remain out. He seems to be the third favorite however, so once these two talented backs come back, Cunningham will prob be fantasy irrelevant. He’s good temporarily and could have full reigns again in Week 2.

Lance Dunbar (DAL)

Dunbar looked shifty and was a key piece in the Dallas offense on Sunday Night in their defeat over the G-Men, finishing with eight catches for 70 yards. With the injury to Dez Bryant who could be out until November and Dunbar’s performance Sunday night, he could remain a useful pawn in this Dallas attack. Dunbar should see an uptick in snaps come week 2.


James Jones (GB)

JJ came back to Green Bay and in his first game back, it appeared he never left, catching two TD’s from Aaron Rodgers. One of them was a really nice snag and you can tell that Rodgers trusts him in the redzone. Three years ago Jones was the one who had 14 TD’s on just 64 catches. Davante Adams everybody and their Mothers fantasy favorite was outplayed by Jones, which frustrated a ton of Adams owners. Adams doesn’t seem to have the full trust of Rodgers as of yet, especially in the Redzone and this is an area where Jones should continue to thrive. The Rodgers, Jones combo is worth investing in.

Donte Moncrief & Phillip Dorsett (IND)

With T.Y. now 2-4 weeks , one of these guys will certainly emerge. I like the prospects of Dorsett, even with is muffed punt and dropped pass, but Moncrief could be the safer pick after finishing with six catches for 46 yards and a TD on 11 targets. Dorsett had two catches for 45 yards on three targets, but coach Chuck Pagano said ” He is more than ready”, indicating he has a lot of confidence in the youngster. There could be room for both in this offense with T.Y. out, so snatch em up!!

Terrance Williams & Cole Beasley (DAL)

Williams is a no brainer add with Dez out, as he can get downfield, should get a good amount of looks in the Redzone and has a good rapport with Romo overall. Beasley I’m not as sold on, but he could be pretty useful in PPR leagues. I don’t see a lot of TD’s, but Romo is playing at such a high level, Beasley may be worth an add just based on that and the fact that Beasley emerged towards the end of last year.

Tyler Lockett (SEA)

This kid has so much talent , if he is still out there and you have room for him, I would snatch him up. He could be Seattle’s version of Percy Harvin/Randall Cobb.


Two 2nd Year TE’s

Austin Sefarian Jenkins could be Jameis Winston’s best friend as he struggles through his rookie season. 2nd year Tight Ends tend to blow up and Eric Ebron is another candidate as well. Both guys are talented and worth adds if your TE is suspect. Both guys could have big years, I like it. Ebron I like more.

Coby Fleener (IND)

Fleener should be out there in a ton of waiver wires. This is the guy who led the Colts in TD’s last year with eight and he could return to relevance the next few weeks with Hilton out. The Jets have been historically terrible at covering the Tight End and then the Colts play the Titans and Jacksonville in weeks three and four.

Ladarius Green (SD)

Gates will be out the next three weeks and Green stepped up in his absence in week one with five catches for 74 yards and a TD. Always athletic, Green was a bit of an afterthought since he was starting the season coming off a concussion. Rivers loves his Tight Ends and Green just got it done versus a legit Lions Defense.  Green should be fairly productive until Gates returns.

Heath Miller (PIT)

What can you say about this guy, he just continues to have productive seasons. Always a bit inconsistent however, he’s better left as a matchup play. However, Markus Wheaton still looks somewhat unimpressive, Le’Veon Bell will be out another week, Bryant not coming back til Week five, so Miller looks nice a nice spot start in Week 2 against the 49ers.


Guys like Stevie Johnson, Tyler Eifert, Dwayne Allen, Duke Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, etc I am assuming are not on your waiver wire, if so your league is Weak!!!. But snatch these guys up!!!

FantasySavvy Football: Week 5 Film Review and Recap, Part 1

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Minnesota @ Packers

  • Eddie Lacy got back on track after struggling the first four weeks of the season. Lacy displayed his power and strength in this matchup and shined for fantasy owners running for 105 yards on just 13 carries, finishing with two TD’s. Playing against Minnesota did indeed help and Lacy probably will not be the monster fantasy back many expected, but he plays with the Packers who will have many scoring opportunities and double digit TD’s is in the horizon. In other words, there shouldn’t be need to worry about him, but there may be some duds along the way.
  • Davante Adams got his first TD of the year. Will he become more of a factor in the offense as the season goes on? Despite that I don’t believe he is overly talented, he does play with Aaron Rodgers which means he will be in for some good performances along the way. Rodgers also did just praise his route running and ability to get open after watching the Week 5 tape. However I did hear one well known expert say he was better than Randall Cobb and will emerge over him which I completely disagree with. Keep in mind this was said about two weeks ago, which in the meantime Cobb has 3 TD’s to Adams’ one while also having more than a 100 more yards receiving.
  • There seemed to be some doubt and hating on Cobb. Yes he won’t keep up his TD rate, but if he doesn’t score he will make up for it in yards and catches. The guy is just a talented and versatile player, I have no clue why people were even getting on him. Just awful analysis.
  • What to do with Cordarrelle Patterson? First, Patterson is not the best route runner in the world. But there were several times where he was open in this game and Christian Ponder was just completely lost out there just dinking, dunking, throwing awful passes. Second, Patterson had 3 carries for 104 yards in the first game of the year. Since then he has one carry. It’s an absolute joke. Patterson said he wants the ball more then Mike Zimmer said he needs to get open. How about creating more opportunities for him Zimmer? Zimmer is defensive minded coach and looks clueless on how to use Patterson. I am also surprised Norv Turner hasn’t developed anything. I will give Turner the benefit of the doubt however and except him to create more ways to get Patterson in space. Bridgewater is returning, Patterson is going to become relevant very soon. Patience is a virtue, remember how Patterson came on last season.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville

  •  Markus Wheaton just can not be relied upon at this point. Just one catch for 17 yards against the Jaguars? Ultimately his lack of progression is what is preventing Big Ben from becoming an Elite Fantasy QB. Ben only has so many weapons in the passing game. Their is still time for Wheaton to emerge but right he now he needs to be on your bench.
  • Bortles made some good throws, but faced a lot of heat and made a lot of bad decisions. He is a rookie and is still learning the position. When Marquise Lee and Cecil Shorts return healthy he should become Fantasy Relevant. I would hold Lee, he may become the go to guy in this offense. Allen Hurns is still average and Allen Robinson doesn’t wow me. Although him and Bortles have the best rapport so far.
  • Rookie and 7th round pick Storm Johnson got some burn this game (4 carries for 27 yards) but he instantly looked better than Toby Gerhart and Denard Robinson, although that’s not saying much. Still he’s worth a stash to see what he does. I think his workload is only going to increase and this offense is only going to get better. Could be a nice pickup for you. You can never have enough Running Backs. Johnson kind of runs like Knile Davis from Kansas City. Straight ahead with power, no nonsense, is not afraid of contact.

Houston @ Dallas

  • Cowboys are talking about limiting DeMarco Murray’s carries and for good reason, he’s on pace for over 400 carries. Joseph Randle is a good handcuff, but still isn’t worth owning otherwise. However, it may help Jason Witten get more looks as well as Terrance Williams. Dez will be Dez. Nobody else is relevant on this Cowboys offense from a fantasy perspective. Be patient with Witten for another week or two. Playing Seattle this week won’t help his cause however.
  • Dez Bryant’s catch to seal the game. That is all.
  • Arian Foster when healthy has looked like one of the best backs in the league. Last week was a great week to target him, but his owners still may be in doubt about him. Keep trying to trade for this guy. The injury risk is there, but I believe the reward outweighs the risk and you may not have to give up an arm and a leg for him.
  • Andre Johnson still has it, he’s just playing with a very average QB.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

  • Khiry Robinson, Pierre Thomas and even Tavaris Cadet all played well. That is the problem however as this is a very crowded backfield. And coming off their bye this week, Mark Ingram may return for Week 7. Robinson has ran well in Ingram’s absence, but no doubt Ingram will get looks again once he returns. Pierre Thomas caught a ton of his infamous screen passes and ran hard and broke tackles like he usually does. Cadet ran a great in and out ” Gates” route for a TD. Robinson is truly the only one worth starting with Ingram out. When Ingram returns both are worth owning and using as decent flex plays. Pierre Thomas will probably remain the odd man out along with Tavaris Cadet. All 4 backs have talent it’s just so crowded and the Saints spread it around more than any other team.
  • Brandin Cooks continues to be a factor in the offense. Screens, fake reverse screens, quick slants, etc. He still hasn’t broken many big plays however, but I am sure they are coming soon. Interested to see if they start targeting him deep a bit more. Expect some new wrinkles after the bye.
  • Marques Colston seems to start slow every single year. Slow, but still has the big body and if you own him you might as well just keep him on your bench until he starts to heat up. He has heated up every year and this one should be no different. He’s a low-end WR2 at best however.
  • Jimmy Graham shoulder sprain is not considered serious and he should be back for Week 7. Expect the Saints to return to form after the bye. Brees doesn’t look as sharp as he usually does, but that should change. He’s due for a 4 TD game.
  • Thank God for Mike Glennon, because the Bucs were doing nothing with Josh McCown. Makes you question how the GM and Coaches evaluate talent. Glennon keeps Vincent Jackson relevant. Mike Evans also might make his return this week. Louis Murphy played admirably filling in for Evan with two TD’s, but that will come to an end now. Austin Seferian-Jenkins might take a little while to get going but by the end of the year could be worth using. Big Body, athletic Tight End who should only get better. Just not really usable at the moment.
  • Doug Martin I thought ran decent in this game, but still only averaged around 3 YPC and his longest carry came on a 16 yard run came when the Bucs ran the clock out before overtime. Bobby Rainey I believe is better, although not by that much. He still deserves more playing time and seems to always to do more with his touches than Martin. Both backs will continue to kill each other’s value. If Rainey got the looks Martin got, he would be usable, but the Coaches seem to think Martin is way better than Rainey just like they thought Josh McCown was better than Mike Glennon.

Buffalo @ Detroit

  • First, Was Alex Henery trying to throw this game? Every one of his kicks wasn’t close and wobbled in the air. I don’t think I have ever seen so many bad kicks by a kicker in one game. It looked like they hired somebody of the street to kick for them.
  • George Winn looked OK to me. He hit holes hard but doesn’t possess any legit explosiveness, and is not really a threat in the passing game. I picked him up in one or two leagues and after watching the game tape I am not too ecstatic. Also that Lions offensive line does not seem to be creating many holes.
  • Reggie Bush is going to be average this season, leave him on your bench. Unfortunately and I hate to say it because I used to love Reggie Bush, but the decline is on it’s way. He can still be a threat in the passing game, but will not get enough carries and the Lions O-line will not create the holes Reggie will need for success.
  • Matthew Stafford just doesn’t impress me. Without a healthy Calvin I would never start him. Calvin is his crutch and the key to his success. Golden Tate will benefit from Calvin’s Injury and must stay in lineups. Tate is just a gritty player who has always been good after the catch. Targets have been up and he has taken advantage.
  • Eric Ebron had a TD called back, and with Calvin banged up, they need to start utilizing his talents more. He did however say he felt like a ” Zombie” trying to learn this offense. May take time and may not happen for him at all this year. It’s tough to assess, but the talent is obviously there.  End of the day I don’t trust Stafford to get Ebron the football consistently at this point.
  • Sammy Watkins benefits a lot with having Kyle Orton at quarterback, because unlike Manuel, Orton can actually throw comebacks, outs and slants with some consistent accuracy. Although, Watkins saved Orton at least 3 times on passes that were thrown either behind or over his head. Especially on the last drive of the game Watkins snapped back his hands to catch a pass that was thrown behind him to put the Bills in FG range. Watkins is going to be excellent in PPR leagues. Hopefully the TD’s follow.
  • I still blame Doug Marrone for the way he uses C.J. Spiller. They ran one stretch play in this game and Spiller had absolutely nowhere to go. The rest of the runs were handoffs right up the middle. Spiller could have been a little more patient on some of them, but Marrone needs to be way more creative with how he uses him. It’s really pathetic. Fred Jackson is a power runner who can move bodies and hit the hole hard, Spiller could hit the hole a bit harder himself , but Marrone can’t use Spiller like he uses Jackson. Spiller had just 10 carries for 8 yards. Just awful and it’s really frustrating. He came into this game with 10 targets and got 4 in this game. One was an awful throw by Orton, another they threw to the short side of the field and there was defender right when he caught it. The other two Spiller had space and got a first down on both. Marrone needs to get Spiller in space more often and get him matched up with LB’s in the passing game. He has no idea how to use him, Chan Gailey did. Spiller can not be trusted at all right now and should be on your bench until the Bills coaches come to their senses. Fred Jackson is the play in this backfield, since they throw him more screen passes and he is better suited for Marrone’s up the middle runs. Seriously the run play is the same almost every time.





FantasySavvy Football: Week 5 Waiver Wire Advice

By Kevin Lewis


Eli Manning, Giants– Fresh off the thrashing of the Redskins defense, Eli has quietly put together three straight solid performances. In the last three weeks, Manning has completed 70% of his passes for 811 yards with eight touchdowns and three interceptions. Who knows if this is a sign of things to come for Eli, but it seems like the new system in place is reviving his career. In the short term, Manning gets to deal with the defenseless Falcons in week 5. Going forward he has five games with the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins. Maybe, just maybe, Eli is a QB1 this season.

Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings– I suggested to start Bridgewater in a pinch in the “Start Em, Sit Em” column and he made me look smart with his exploits against the aforementioned defenseless Falcons. He threw for 317 yards, ran for 27 and a TD and committed 0 turnovers. I’m not suggesting to start him on a short week against the Packers but long term he is a QB2 with some upside.

Blake Bortles, Jaguars– Bortles also made his first career start on Sunday and didn’t fare as well as Bridgewater did on Sunday. Bortles faced a far tougher assignment and it showed in his play and in the Jaguars game plan as he only threw three passes further than 15 yards down the field all game. He threw two INTs but also threw for 253 yards and a TD. This week, Bortles is a good play against a weak Steelers defense that made Mike Glennon look like 1996 Drew Bledsoe. Long term, his running ability combined with his throwing ability and the garbage time appeal in Jacksonville make him an intriguing prospect.


Jerick McKinnon, Vikings– Jerick McKinnon is one of the most physically gifted RBs in all of football. He showed this on Sunday on some of his long runs against the Falcons. He has struggled in pass protection and in the passing game and that’s kept his playing time curbed. He did manage 135 yards on 18 carries on Sunday however. As long as he keeps flashing that kind of talent, he will be harder to keep off the field. He won’t get the goalline touches in lieu of Matt Asiata but 10-15 touches a game isn’t out of the question. Against the weak Green Bay Packers run defense, McKinnon could be a nice flex play.

Lorenzo Taliaferro, Ravens- It’s really difficult to figure out the Baltimore Ravens RB situation right now. The only consistent theme at the moment is that Justin Forsett is slated to get the majority of the touches between the run and pass game. Bernard Pierce was healthy and didn’t manage to collect a single snap on Sunday, which can’t possibly bode well for his chances going forward. That aside, despite a pretty spotty performance outside of garbage time, I remain convinced Taliaferro is the best runner on the team and will be treated as such at some point relatively soon. In the meanwhile, just stash him.

Isaiah Crowell, Browns- Ben Tate is expected to return for the Browns in week 5. With Ben Tate’s decorated injury history and Crowell having passed Terrance West on the depth chart, there is a pretty decent shot Crowell offers RB2/flex value in many weeks going forward. He might also get goalline carries and is perhaps the most gifted back on the team. Saving a spot for him on the bench might pay off big time in the near future.


Brian Quick, Rams- Although St. Louis’ QB situation is largely unsettled, Quick has managed to put together a 16/235/1 line through three games. Given that he has seen 10 more targets than Kenny Britt, Quick could provide WR2 value some weeks depending on matchups. He is a physical specimen who seems to be coming into his own in his third year.

Andrew Hawkins, Browns- With the injury to Jordan Cameron, the Browns have become reliant on Andrew Hawkins to be a safety blanket of sorts for QB Brian Hoyer. Hawkins has been targeted 33(!!) times in the first three games and has posted a 21-244-0 line. Although Jordan Cameron coming back caps his upside a bit, the Browns next three games are against the Titans, Jaguars and the Steelers. Andrew Hawkins has some flex appeal in PPR leagues.

Marvin Jones, Bengals- The Bengals under Jay Gruden were a pass heavy team, and Jones took advantage of that to the tune of 51-712-10 despite only playing half the team’s snaps. While Sanu has a pretty good hold on the #2 job in Cincy for right now, I think Jones will take the position back from him in due time. If you have the space to stash him, do so.


Jordan Reed, Redskins- I know Jordan Reed is injury prone but his physical talents are worth marveling over. Reed might return to the lineup and Niles Paul’s concussion gives him a shot at the majority of the team’s snaps. This is a case of stashing and betting on the player’s talent in hopes that he avoids getting hurt.

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Buccaneers- Sefarian-Jenkins played 71 out of 71 snaps against the Steelers. He posted a relatively pedestrian 3-44-0 on 7 targets but his upside is about more than what he actually did on Sunday. WR Mike Evans is injured and Mike Glennon took over the QB job for the moment which means there is a good possibility that the extremely athletic TE gets a high volume of targets.

Owen Daniels, Ravens-Owen Daniels is the main benefactor of Dennis Pitta’s injury. He saw four catches for 43 yards on six targets. He’s a low ceiling but high-floor option at the current juncture.