A few Wide Receiver’s to draft earlier and later than their ADP suggests. (ADP courtesy of Mockdraftcentral.com)

By Mike Cannici

Draft Before (ADP in parentheses)

Legedu Naanee (187)

Naanee is being selected on average as the 70th WR amongst WR’s and 187th overall. The size and hands this guy has gives him all the makings of being a #1 for the Chargers. I can’t wait to see what this guy can do in a starting role with Jackson holding out. Legedu and Floyd have great size and should both perform admirably in this high-powered passing attack. Naanee is the better fit as a #1, and I would draft him well above his current status as a last round selection in 12 team leagues.

Dexter McCluster (158)

This rookie has a lot of potential in the gradually improving Kansas City offense. Look, I’m not saying Matt Cassell will ever become an elite quarterback, but if the line can just block for him a little bit, he’ll put up similar if not better numbers than his one year as the Patriots starter. McCluster has the ability to become a Wes Welker or Percy Harvin type. He’ll play the slot in this offense. Look for him to make some great catches and make some ridiculous moves on defenders with his speed and agility. McCluster right now is being taken in the 14th round of 12 team leagues. If you can get him there, kudos to you, but I’d reach a little for him in the mid-late 12th round. Jump on the bandwagon now before it’s too late.

Laurent Robinson (201)

Robinson is the new #1 WR in St. Louis now that Donnie Avery has been lost for the season. Rookie Sam Bradford is the QB and that may hurt Robinson’s value slightly, but they’ve got to pass to somebody. Also even the absolute worst QB’s throw for close to 2,000 yards every year. Therefore, Robinson will make plays and score TD’s if he can stay healthy. He was on a tear his first two and a half games in ’09 before breaking his leg mid way through week 3. He had 13 catches for 167 yds and a TD before that. Look for him in the later rounds of your draft as your #5 WR and reap the benefits of a potential # 3. Robinson could provide tremendous value in 2010.

Draft After ADP

Robert Meachem (74)

Meachem is a guy who has a lot of talent, but he’s had a problem with injuries and inconsistency over his first few years in the league. He plays in one of the most prolific offenses in the league but Brees also has Lance Moore, Colston, Shockey, Henderson, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush to get the ball to, thus the inconsistency may continue. Meachem is a guy I wouldn’t touch based on where you will need to select him as he’s going in the middle of the 6th round in 12 team leagues and that’s just too high. There are more consistent players such as Donald Driver, Terrell Owens, Derrick Mason as well as some high upside rookies like Mike Willams and Dez Bryant who should still be available. I’m hoping I am wrong with this prediction because I have liked this guy since his Tennessee Volunteer days. His injury history and lack of consistency just doesn’t give me much hope of Meachem becoming a WR2 anytime soon.

Steve Breaston (91)

This 4th year receiver has had a productive season in 08 but was plagued with injuries during the ’09 season. Kurt Warner is no longer there and a guy by the name of Early Doucet is lurking right behind him as he is coming off a few productive games in the playoffs. I’m also a fan of rookie Andre Roberts and expect him to take time away from Breaston at some point this season. I wouldn’t touch Breaston as any more than a late round pick this year. He is going to high being picked in the 8th round.

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